By The Flying Freak


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


Andy Flower took England to some glorious victories as coach like the No one ranking and winning the Ashes. However, all hell broke loose when the team slumped to a whitewash Down Under. Flower left his post only for former coach Peter Moores to take up. Unlike Flowers, Moores is least worried about England’s loss at Lord’s. Surprisingly he is even confident of keeping his job as England continues to slide further and being bounced out by Ishant Sharma. In fact, Moores has hardly been heard during the series and after the loss. In this conversation, an inquisitive Flower digs more only to find Moores taking guidance from a legend in dealing with pressure and losses. Find out who’s the boss for the England coach.


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(The Flying Freak eats, lives, drinks cricket, but likes to mix up the sport with everything. An aspiring vocalist, he is aiming to win the Ghanta Awards soon)