Shoaib Akhtar's marriage got some endearing words on Twitter © Getty Images
Shoaib Akhtar’s marriage got some endearing words on Twitter © Getty Images

By David Sidrat

Please note this is a humour article

Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar recently got married to in what was reportedly a quiet ceremony. However, the age of his bride seems to be a topic of debate, with some sources claiming her to be 17 years old, while others estimate her to be 20. As expected, fans and detractors alike took to Twitter at the news. Some were happy for the paceman, others were mocking. Well, most of them were mocking.


Shoaib Akhtar himself had this to say on June 7, after rumours of his impeding marriage to a 17-year-old had surfaced:



He continued…



Well, that ought to settle things, oughtn’t it? It’s not like Shoaib has ever lied about anything. *cough*sachinscaredtofaceme*cough*


This person seemed to think the marriage was more of an… adoption, of sorts.




For some inexplicable reason, parallels were drawn between the mystery surrounding his bride’s age and a certain Pakistani teammate of his.


The comparisons didn’t end there.




There are some that think Shahid Afridi is a child. Clearly they haven’t been paying attention. Boom Boom is at least 20!


For some inexplicable reason, Bollywood supermegaheroheartthrobstar Salman Khan was the next one to be alluded to.


Shoaib pulls one over Sallu bhai. We live in strange times indeed.


Finally, someone invokes the spirit of the most famous scientist since Tom Cruise.


(David Sidrat is the pen name of a would-be comedian who tries his best to be taken seriously and inadvertently fails in the process. He doesn’t quite see the irony of his life yet. He can’t figure out Twitter, and does not know what a Face Book is. He can therefore be found on neither platform)