Nuwan Pradeep (right) got out in a comical manner during the first Test at Lord's © Getty Images
Nuwan Pradeep (right) got out in a comical manner during the first Test at Lord’s © Getty Images


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Nuwan Pradeep’s hilarious dismissal during the first Test between England and Sri Lanka at Lord’s had a tinge of Inzamam-ul-Haq and Muttiah Muralitharan, reports The Flying Freak.


How does one outperform Inzamam-ul-Haq when it comes to bizarre dismissals? Misbah-ul-Haq may be one man who may have crafted a few freakish dismissals, but Inzamam is miles ahead when you consider some of his run-outs, or that famous hit-wicket off Monty Panesar. But, ask Nuwan Pradeep how he managed to get out during the first Test between Sri Lanka and England at Lord’s. He may tell you that it was a combination of Inzamam and Muttiah Muralitharan’s innovation.


Go back to 2006 in England, when Inzamam and Muralitharan crafted something extraordinary — oblivious of the fact that someone would combine their feats to invent a novelty. During the Nottingham Test between England and Sri Lanka, Muralitharan braced himself to face a fast bowler. Having seen a short ball, his whole body swiveled as he pulled the ball to mid-wicket. As a result, Muralitharan fell down as he executed that shot. You can watch the video here:



Inzamam’s predicament was comic to say the least. As Pakistan fought at Headingley later in the summer, the then Pakistan captain unleashed the famous hit-wicket. In an attempt to sweep Panesar, Inzamam was hit on the midriff. But, the momentum of his body took him onto the stumps as he rolled over to disturb the bails.



A young Pradeep was influenced by these events and now he is a proud man. He said, “I am happy to emulate the feats of Inzamam and Murali. They are true legends and it is great to combine the prowess of a batsman and a bowler.” Eight years on at Lord’s, Pradeep not only fell down as he tried to awkwardly pull a short ball, but his body turned towards the stumps and the bat crashed into it. It was a perfect combo of Muralitharan’s shot and Inzamam’s embarrassment.


Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri said this about the dismissal and the game: “Something had to give there. He didn’t see it coming and couldn’t give it the full monty. As things stand, the match is very much in the Balance.”


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