Suresh Raina's nephew clarifies, 'Tweet was for India & not Pakistan'!

Suresh Raina’ s nephew and many of his friends were disappointed by Indiaâ s inability to make it to semi-final © Getty Images


Please note: This is a humorous piece – pure fiction.

By Amrut Thobbi

Suresh Raina’s nephew who created uproar by using his uncle’s Twitter to send out naughty tweets has clarified that he intended to make fun of the Indian team and not neighbours Pakistan as suggested by reports.


When approached by media personnel outside his school, the young boy exclaimed, “Suresh Uncle is not telling the entire truth. I had written, ‘Ek din late gaye ghar!!!! Woh bhi besharam ki tarah Gaye…” Even as I was still writing, the most mischievous of my friends, Rohit, grabbed the phone and typed “Pakistan!!!” as opposed to India, which I wanted to. That gave a completely different twist to my tweet!”


Raina’s nephew is also disappointed with various rumours floating around that Raina is using him as a shield and also reports suggesting that he doesn’t even exist!


The disappointed kid said,” Dude, look at me, I exist for real. If anything doesn’t exist, it’s my uncle’s form!”


Raina’s nephew and many of his friends were disappointed by India’s inability to make it to semi-final after failing to restrict South Africa to stipulated 121 runs in their final match. The nephew revealed that he had intended to tweet at that very moment, but since he didn’t have a mobile of his own he had to wait for his uncle to come back to India to fulfill has mischievous desire.


Our source within Team India revealed that MS Dhoni wished he could have upstaged Raina  and posted tweets blaming India’s exit on Sri Lankan pitches, the cheerleaders, weather, etc and later deleting it after sufficient damage was done by blaming it on a school-going family member.


Meanwhile, Raina’s nephew has found support from unexpected quarters in Ajit Pawar, who voiced his anger at Raina. “All uncles are like this. They want their nephews to own all the blame for their own doing. Let Raina take the blame for the tweet. Why blame it on his nephew?”


Raj Thackeray, too, agreed with Ajit Pawar. “It’s unfortunate to be a nephew in today’s world!”


(Amrut Thobbi, an engineering graduate now pursuing Masters in journalism, is an ardent cricket fan who likes to write spoofs, like the one above. His passion for writing inspired him to give up a sales and marketing job, which he does not regret. By writing on cricket, he wants to relive his dream of becoming a cricketer. He has also worked as a freelance writer in education and technology sectors)