Vijay Manjrekar (left) and son Sanjay scored a total of 5,251 runs in Test cricket © Getty Images
Vijay Manjrekar (left) and son Sanjay scored a total of 5,251 runs in Test cricket © Getty Images


Rekha Manjrekar, the wife of Vijay and mother of Sanjay Manjrekar, passed away on June 4, 2014. Few families have produced father-son combinations as prolific at Test level as the Manjrekars. Abhishek Mukherjee looks into at the finest father-son combinations in history.


Rekha Manjrekar’s demise on June 4, 2014 at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, had left this columnist thinking. Mrs Manjrekar had witnessed two fine batsmen in husband Vijay and son Sanjay [arguably the ones with the soundest defence in their era]; how many others have done the same?


It will not be fair to compare the father-son combinations in terms of number of total runs scored, since that will skew things for pairs with one prominent batsman. A better idea would be to consider the minimum runs scored by a batsman from a father-son combination. The Manjrekars come third on the list, after the Mohammads and Nourses.



Most prolific father-son combinations in Tests (Minimum: 500 Test runs for each)
Father Tests Runs Son 1 Tests Runs Son 2 Tests Runs Minimum
Hanif Mohammad 55 3,915 Shoaib Mohammad 45 2,705 2,705
Dave Nourse 45 2,234 Dudley Nourse 34 2,960 2,234
Vijay Manjrekar 55 3,208 Sanjay Manjrekar 37 2,043       2,043
Chris Broad 25 1,661 Stuart Broad 67 2,010 1,661
Vinoo Mankad 44 2,109 Ashok Mankad 22 991 991
Lance Cairns 43 928 Chris Cairns 62 3,320 928
Ken Rutherford 56 2,465 Hamish Rutherford 12 611 611
Peter Pollock 28 607 Shaun Pollock 108 3,781 607
Lala Amarnath 24 878 Surinder Amarnath 10 550 Mohinder Amarnath 69 4,378 550
Walter Hadlee 11 543 Dayle Hadlee 26 530 Richard Hadlee 86 3,124 530
Special mention: Everton Weekes 4,455, David Murray 601


What about the bowlers, then? Let us choose a minimum barrier. At the time of writing this article, the overall runs-per-wicket ratio has been 32.11; if we use the number we should be using a cut-off of 16 wickets. Let us put it at 15, then. The number of bowlers is significantly less than the number of batsmen, but that has probably a thing or two to do about the fact that everyone in a side bats, but not everyone bowls or is allowed a bowl.


Rather surprisingly, of the four pairs who qualify, three are from the previous table, which probably says a thing or two about father-son combinations of specialist bowlers.


Most prolific father-son combinations in Tests (Minimum: 15 Test wickets for each)
Father Tests Wickets Son Tests Wickets Minimum
Lance Cairns 43 130 Chris Cairns 62 218 130
Peter Pollock 28 116 Shaun Pollock 108 421 116
Jeff Jones 15 44 Simon Jones 18 59 44
Lala Amarnath 24 45 Mohinder Amarnath 69 32 32
Surinder Amarnath bowled sporadically, but the Lala-Mohinder combination still works


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