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Anushka Sharma’s birthday party ended up in being a huge surprise for Virat Kohli. Uday Chopra, representing Yash Raj Films, had got both Kohli and Anushka to sign up for their new venture. Humjee Break-Sheikh, who was present at the party, has more…


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


Nobody had seen it coming — despite the presence of Uday Chopra at Anushka Sharma’s house on her birthday. When Virat Kohli reached her house Chopra greeted him with that trademark smile of his that had made him a regular feature of the physics-defying Dhoom trilogy, where the antagonist predictably jumped off the cliff at the end.


Chopra, who had retired from acting at the same time as Sachin Tendulkar had from cricket (albeit in a manner somewhat less majestic), had laid down a proposal in front of the cricketer who has won the respect of males and hearts of females across the lengths and breaths of the country (and beyond): would Virat be interested in acting in a movie against Anushka?


Few had expected Virat to agree to the proposal, but then, few can refuse Anushka, if she had placed a request with pouted lips and smiling eyes. Virat agreed on the terms that the shooting will have to be finished during the short off-season after India’s upcoming tour of England.


Chopra agreed to the proposal, but had added that the movie would cast English cricketers Danielle Wyatt and Katherine Brunt as well as renowned Indian model Sarah Jane Dias. As expected, Virat was sceptic about taking up the role, and cast anxious looks at Anushka before signing the contract.


Anushka, on the other hand, was surprisingly relaxed about entire thing. “I have read the script,” the Bollywood diva later said. “It is basically a remake of Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, where the man had cheated three women before eventually falling for Ishika, the role I had played in the movie. It will be a message of sorts to Virat’s fans, especially of the opposite gender,” she winked.


When asked about the name of the upcoming project, Chopra replied with his famous wooden smile: “Ladies vs Virat Kohli: I thought that was obvious.”

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