Rohit Sharma, Ritika Sajdeh photo-bombed at the traffic signal

Seldom do cricketers get time for their household chores, as bulk of their time is spent playing cricket either at home or overseas. So when star Indian opener Rohit Sharma got a break just after the Sri Lanka series and ahead of the Asia Cup, he planned a shopping date with wife Ritika Sajdeh.

The couple decided to go out and buy some stuff for their house and were quite excited about it. However, they were oblivious of the fact that someone else was excited about it. The guy turned out to be a stranger, who was driving alongside them and realising Rohit was in the car next to his, he turned into a photo-bomber and started clicking the couple’s pictures.

Rohit posted a selfie taken by Ritika while in the car, which incidentally captured the photo-bomber as well, through his official Twitter account. The caption with the tweet read: “She took me shopping for stuff for the house but the guy in the red car photobombing was most excited bout it..”