Shoaib Malik’s household stands divided ahead of India-Pakistan Asia Cup clash
Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Star Pakistani batsman and former captain of their national team, Shoaib Malik is a popular figure not only in his country, but also in India. Irrespective of how Indian fans feel about it, the fact remains that he is nation’s ‘Son-in-law’ after marrying Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza. However, there are both pros and cons of sharing this relation with India, which Malik is fast learning. WATCH: Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza get the ‘party’ rolling on Dubsmash

Whenever India and Pakistan meet on the cricket field, the atmosphere in the families on either side of the border gets tense. However, nothing can beat the hysteria produced in the Malik household, where the husband is on the field representing Pakistan while the wife is left in a quandary as to whom to support? Her motherland India, whom she represents in tennis, or her husband and Pakistan?

Malik recently opened up on this dilemma ahead of the high-voltage India-Pakistan Asia Cup 2016 clash on Saturday. He told India Today, “”We maintain the same status; she supports Team India and wants her husband to do well, perform well in the middle if he is playing,”. Well, the batsman might have dealt with this bouncer for now, but the real test awaits him when the two teams actually play.

India and Pakistan haven’t played each other since their last meeting in World Cup 2015, where India thrashed them. When they meet on Saturday, Indians will look to keep their unbeaten World Cup record against archrivals intact while Pakistan will hope their bowlers stop India’s batting juggernaut. Malik too hopes the same happens. One thing is for sure though; whatever the outcome is, the Maliks are going to celebrate.