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Bangladesh vs Australia Live Cricket Score ICC World T20 2014 Group 2 Match 31: Australia end campaign with 7-wicket win

Aaron Finch © Getty Images (File Photo)
Aaron Finch © Getty Images (File Photo)

Apr 1, 2014

Catch Live Scorecard of Bangladesh (BAN) vs Australia (AUS) match here

(Bangladesh take on Australia in the ICC World T20 2014 Group 2 Super 10s match. Catch Live cricket score and updates here)

And that’s it. Australia sign off with a comfortable win. Bailey finishes the match with a six. Solitary win for Australia. The came into this tournament tagged as favourites but the powerpacked side was outclassed by the opposition spinners.

Taskin gets his first wicket. After being hit for a boundary, he delivers a low full-toss and Maxwell misses the line of the delivery. The stumps are shattered. Skipper George Bailey comes in to bat. Need six runs in 18 balls.
OUT! Maxwell 5(3)
Finch’s fine innings comes to an end. Finch tries to go over covers, mistimes it. Nasir Hossain takes a good catch. Might have hurt his wrists a bit. Seven boundaries and four sixes in the innings. Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman. White pulls the last ball of the over for a boundary. 11 runs needed in 24 balls.
OUT! Finch 71(45)
Finch is in a hurry to finish this off. Hammers a boundary over extra cover off Mominul and then betters his effort with a huge six in the same region. 14 runs from the over. Need 19 runs in 30 balls.
Abdur Razzaq comes back in to the attack with Australia cruising to a victory. Four from the over. Need 33 runs in 36 balls.
Fifty for Aaron Finch. The first ball by Taskin is smacked through covers for four. The second ball is hit on the up by Finch and clears midwicket for four. Fifth T20I fifty. Cameroon White joins the party with a front-foot pull shot past mid-on for four. 14 runs from the over.
Breakthrough finally for Bangladesh. It was pitched in line of off-stump by Al-Amin and Warner tried to pull it. Didn’t get the height needed to pull, the ball crashed in to the stumps. New batsman Cameron White gets off the mark with a single. Umpires have a word with the bowler for the animated celebrations after getting the wicket. 100 up for Australia. Need 51 runs in 49 balls.
OUT! Warner 48(35)
The openers are going after the spinners. The second ball is hit over midwicket for a six. The next ball angles in and Finch tries to cut it. A huge deflection but umpire K Dharmasena gives it not out. Mushfiqur nods in disapproval and is visibly frustrated at that decision. Finch adds to the humiliation with a pull shot muscled through midwicket for four.
Warner has developed a liking for smashing left-arm spinners. The first ball was pitched in the slot and Warner unleashes his slog sweep to dispatch it in to midwicket stands. The next one too is hit high, didn’t get the timing right but still manages to clear the boundary.
Finch tries to cut the first two balls and is beaten twice. The next ball is good length and Fnch almost chopped it on to his stumps. The batsmen attempt a tight single. The nervous bowler runs and tries to run-out Finch but the wild throw flew over the wicket. Nervous moment for Warner on the last ball of the over. Umpire turns down the leg-before appeal but he was struggling to get back in to the crease.
Poor first over from Abdur Razzaq. Comes round the wicket on the first ball and Warner slogs sweeps him over midwicket for a six. On the third ball he pitched it short and wide of the leg stump, Warner slaps it past short fine-leg for a boundary. 12 runs from the over.
Debutant Taskin Ahmed comes in to bowl. Bowls at a good pace and keeps Warner, Finch quiet. Three runs from the over. Four singles from the over including a leg-bye.
Single for Warner on the first ball.The next one is short and wide, Finch muscles it past the covers for boundary. The third ball goes through the keeper for four. Finch chips the fifth ball over the infield and that’s a six! 16 runs from the over.
Switch-hit from Warner. Changes his grip and hits him towards thirdman. Tries to do the same on the third ball but it was outside off and fails to connect the late cut. Gets a boundary punched through covers on the next ball.
Shakib comes in to bowl. Entertaining over. Warner hits a boundary on the second ball. He is beaten on the fourth. Anamul drops a skier on the last ball.
Good over from Sohag Gazi. Keeps it tight and doesn’t allow any room for the explosive openers to get away.
Al-Amin Hossain starts from the other end. Finch picks a single on the first ball. Warner guides the short and wide third ball past covers for a boundary. Miscommunication on the fifth ball and Warner survives from being run-out. Seven from the over.
Aaron Finch starts off with a bang. Pulls the third ball for four and then hammered the fifth one over midwicket for a six, clean hit!

Good total for Bangladesh but they would have been hoping 20-30 more after that partnership of 112 between Shakib and Mushfiqur. Starc tries to keep it full and wide n the last over. Gets the fourth one wrong which was hit well by Nasir for four. A couple on the fifth ball. Nasir tries to make room on the last ball and fails to connect and his bowled.
OUT! N Hossain 14(10)
Tidy over from Shane Watson except for the boundary on the first ball. With the two set batsman out, Bangladesh are losing the momentum. Nine from the over.
Shakib had smacked a length ball for four against Bollinger. He smacked the third ball towards midwicket where Maxwell took a brilliant catch. The fans are disappointed. Bollinger finishes his spell with 1 for 31 in four overs.
OUT! Shakib 62(52)
Shane Watson starts off with a wide and follows with a fuller one which fails to fetch any run for Bangladesh. Mushfiqur tries to get to his fifty with a wild slog over midwicket, ends up holing out straight to Maxwell in the deep. Didn’t get the timing right. Watson welcomes Mahmuduallah with a wide. Already a dozen wides conceded by the Aussie bowlers so far. Watson bowls one more wide on the last ball of the over.
OUT! Mushfiqur 47(36)
Mitchell Starc comes back. The first one is a perfect yorker. Tries to do the same on second but delivers a wide full-toss. Umpire gives it a wide. Shakib on the third ball tries to scoop the fuller ball behind but manages to get it to deep fine-leg deflecting from the tor end of the bat. Couple on the fourth ball. Single on the fifth and Starc finishes the over with a yorker which is blocked well by Shakib.
Looked like a quiet over from Christian but Mushfiqur’s cut shot ensures he gets four on the last ball. Eight runs from it.

Maxwell continues with his third over. Shakib gets a single on the first ball. Mushfiqur fails to get underneath and struggles for two deliveries before picking a single. Shakib then gets to his half-century with a single. 100 comes up for Bangladesh. The last one in the over is a no-ball. Free-hit for Shakib as the batsmen rotated the strike. It was pitched full and Shakib goes for a wild swing. The ball flies high in the air and clears the straightish long-off fielder for a six.
Three singles followed by a dot ball. The next ball is hit on the up by Mushfiqur towards deep midwicket for a couple. The last ball was a slow off-cutter and Mushfiqur tries to cut it, is beaten and so is Haddin, runs down for a boundary.
Shakib chips the first ball over mid-off to pick a couple. Single on the next ball for Shakib with a pull shot down to deep midwicket. The fifth ball was short and Mushfiqur picked the length early. Pulled it past the short midwicket fielder for four. Nine from the over.The partnership is now 76 from 52 balls, 33 of them scored in last three overs.
Mushfiqur is starting to break loose as well. Maxwell comes round the wicket and bowls it full. The Bangladesh skipper comes down the track and whacks it over midwicket for a six. Complete authority displayed by Mushfiqur in that shot. Singles on rest of the five deliveries. Bangladesh are accelerating now.
Shakib’s timing today has been spectacular. It was at a good length wide of off-stump. Shakib’s short arm jab bounced over the point fielder for four. Mushfiqur pulls the last ball for a boundary as well. 13 runs from the over. And the duo have completed a fifty-run partnership as well.
Single on the first two deliveries of that Watson over followed by a dot ball. Mushfiqur comes down the track to cut it but misses completely. Single on the next ball. Good over from Watson, four from it.
With the wide range of strokes these two experienced batsmen posses, they have no difficulty in finding the gaps. After four singles, Shakib pulls the fifth delivery for four to deep backward square-leg. Shakib has changed the momentum of this innings.
With no specialist spinner, Glenn Maxwell comes in to bowl his off-spinners. Shakib comes down the track on the first ball and heaves it over the bowler’s head for four. Rotates strike with a single. Mushfiqur then dispatches a short delivery past point for four. That’s his strong zone.
Shane Watson in to the attack, startys with a wayward legside delivery which was clipped by Shakib but failed to clear short fine-leg. Shakib shows his aggressive intent on the second ball, Watson watching him, pulls back his length. The batsman is forced to defend it. Watson once again strays down the leg on the fourth ball and this time it deflected from Shakib’s pads to run down for a boundary. Takes on Watson on the fifth delivery, length ball and Shakib clobbers it over long-on for a six. 11 from that over. 250th six of the tournament!
Mushfiqur starts with a solid defense to a short ball from Bollinger and then plays back to the bowler on the second and then picks a single. Shakib unleashes his pull shot on the fourth delivery. It was short and climbing on him but he backed himself to connect it and does it successfully. Six over midwicket.
Rash shot and one more batsman bites the dust. This has been the highlight of Bangladesh’s batting display in this tournament, they have lost too many wickets early. This was pitched up by Coulter-Nile and Tamim goes for an expansive drive trying to clear mid-off but doesn’t get enough bat on it, flies straight to Bollinger who took a low catch. Skipper Mushfiqur gets off the mark with a cut shot executed from close to his body.
OUT! Tamim 5(11)
The wide balls continue. Starc starts with one away down the leg-side. Corrects is line and gets back to swirling it away from the left-handed Tamim for the next three deliveries. The fifth ball is solidly driven past covers for three runs. Was more of a firm push than a drive. Shakib hit the last ball with much more power to send it past the boundary
Nathan Coulter-Nile will share the new ball with Starc. He bowls two wides to Tamim. He then bowls one on the hips and Tamim turns it away towards mid-wicket for a single. Anamul then comes down the track and swings wildly at a good length delivery. He edges it to Shane Watson at first slip. Anamul is out for a duck. Shakib Al Hasan is the next batsman in.
OUT! A Haque 0(6)
Tamim Iqbal and Anamul Haque walk out to bat for Bangladesh. Mitchell Starc will begin proceedings for Australia. Tamim gets of the mark with a single towards third-man. Anamul is still to get of the mark.

Toss: Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim has won the toss and elected to bat first. Sohag Gazi, Mominul Haque and Taskin Ahmed come into the Bangladesh XI. Australia will be led by George Bailey. Dan Christian and Nathan Coulter-Nile come in for James Muirhead and Brad Hodge in the Australian XI.


Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (c & wk), Nasir Hossain, Mahmudullah, Sohag Gazi, Abdur Razzak, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain.

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Cameron White, Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, George Bailey (c), Brad Haddin (wk), Dan Christian, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Doug Bollinger.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of the second last match of the group stages of the ICC World T20 2014 between Bangladesh and Australia. It is unfortunately an inconsequential tie as both the teams have been knocked out of the tournament and have o hopes of a semi-final berth.

Australia, in particular, have been a disappointment as they lost all their matches so far – against India, Pakistan and the West Indies. Bangladesh were expected to play tigers in their home soil, but they too didn’t turn up for the party.

This is the last match of the tournament for both the teams, and they would like to register at least one win and end the tournament on a positive note.

Australia might try out a few fresh faces, and might give Brad Hogg his last T20 International match (possibly), whereas Bangladesh too might change a few things in the playing XI.

Read the preview of the match here.

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