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India vs England Live Cricket Score 1st Test Day 3 at Trent Bridge: England 352/9 at stumps

Ishant Sharma © Getty Images (File photo)
Ishant Sharma © Getty Images (File photo)

Jul 11, 2014


(Catch live cricket score and live updates of the first Test between India and England at Trent Bridge)

That is the end of day’s play! India majorly take the honours on the day. However, the last wicket partnership is doing to India what their No 9 and No 11 did to England. A good stand by Anderson and Root. This could prove crucial at the end. Do join us tomorrow. Until then, good bye!
The fifty run partnership is done! A good effort by the two here. This is now extending england’s fight and also reducing India’s lead.
Root is hit on the pads by Shami and there is an appeal. But, it was going down the line. At times, they are trying to bowl short to Anderson, as that is his weak area. But the runs are coming and that is the worrying thing. India need to keep a good lead.
Jadeja’s over goes for eight as Root picks up a couple of braces. And then, hits a four off the last ball. Anderson smashes one from Bhuvneshwar down the ground for a four. This is frustrating the Indians. Anderson ends a Jadejs over with a reverse sweep and that has gone for a four.
Anderson has played a brilliant shot. It was a back of a length delivery and he has carted it through mid-off. Later when Jadeja comes on, Root tries the reverse sweep and is hit on the wrist. There is treatment called for it.
James Anderson is the last man in. After three dots from Bhuvneshwar, Jadeja comes in to bowl to Root. He denies easy singles. He finally takes it off the fourth ball. One ball goes through Anderson and beats Dhoni as well. They get a few byes and the 300 is up. Anderson then unleashes the reverse sweep and that has gone for a four!
Root gets his half century. He plays for a single and runs across to get the run. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is now into the attack. And Plunkett is out! Bhuvneshwar bowls him with one that came in.
OUT! Plunkett 7(21)
Plunkett finally gets going as he hits Shami through the covers for a good four. That should give him confidence. Ealier, he was almost hit when he tried to play a short-ball.
England are now banking on Root to go on. He is gradually moving towards his half-century. If he can extend it, he could test India’s patience and that would be a good thing for England.
Broad is out! He plays at one from Bhuvneshwar that was pitched it line and hits his pads. That is out!
OUT! Broad 47(42)
And the hitting continues. Ishant is now creamed by Broad for a four through cover. That now takes Broad into the 40s and India may now be getting edgy. And then he smashed another ball for a four through cover. What a stroke!! There was a chance of a run out! And India have missed it! Broad hit it down the ground and it hit the stumps at the non striker’s end. Broad had charged out. The fielder came across and threw it, but it was away from Dhoni and it couldn’t flick it back.
Two boundaries for Broad in this over as Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack. Bhuvneshwar is first hit over cover for a four and then smashed down the ground, over the mid-off fielder for a four. Shades of 2011 coming back. Remember Broad smashing it around in the Nottingham Test then? His hitting changed the complexion of the game. And the over comes to an end with Root driving one gracefully through cover for a four.
Broad and Root have now put up 50-runs in tandem. This is a good stand for the hosts and helpes them a lot. And soon after getting the 50-partnership, Root opens the face of the bat and gets three through third-man.
Broad is scoring runs and India are frustrated. even the edges are going for boundaries. India are letting the advantage slip gradually. This is not a good sign by any means for MS Dhoni. Broad is playing a good counterattacking knock. Root too smashes Ishant through the leg side and that is another boundary.
Broad and Root are gradually getting the runs for England. Root has played some good shots and so has Broad. Root also gets an edge through fine-leg. India have to ensure they do not make this a big partnership. England on the other hand would hope they build this stand.
First ball of the session and Broad pulls Shami for a four through square-leg. Broad pulls one again and they get a single. Root comes to face and works one off his pads for a four.
Ishant had surprised Broad with a short ball. It hit his bat and went up in the air. However, it fell in no man’s land. That is tea. This is India’s session as they have taken six wickets. England now bank on Root to do the job.
And now Stokes is gone! Bhuvneshwar comes from round the wicket and Stokes pokes at it outside the off-stump. It has been taken by Dhoni. England wobble!
OUT! Stokes 0(2)
And he is gone! Prior is given out caught behind. Dhoni was standing up to the stumps and Bhuvneshwar bowled it a bit outside the off-stump. Prior flays his bat at it and is given out. There was a soung, but replays show it did not hit the bat.
OUT! Prior 5(6)
Shami has a second wicket! Moeen Ali is out. He tries to leave one, but it comes back. It hits the gloves and it goes to first slip.
OUT! Shami 14(30)
Mohammed Shami replaces Ishant after a long spell. And, he gets an edge off Root, but it goes through the slips for a four. Root is poking at those deliveries outside the off-stump and India would be looking to exploit that. Moeen is patient as usual and is taking his time to get his eye in.
Moeen Ali is the new man in the centre. Ishant continues to ask a few tough questions to the batsmen. It has been a fantastic spell from him so far and he needs to carry that forward.
Ishant is now hit four a four. Bell works it through square-leg and that has gone for a four. Ishant gets another! What a spell! What a wicket! It was a bit short and bounced off a length. Bell plays at it tentatively and the edge is taken.
OUT! Bell 25(37)
Ishant is bowling beautifully and he did hit Root on the pads. It is given not out as there were two sounds. Root was also troubled by some of Ishant’s good deliveries. Bhuvneshwar continues from the other end. He is also getting some swing. But, Bell plays him behind square. Opens the face of the bat and guides it well. That is a boundary! And then Dhoni comes up to the stumps. Bhuvneshwar strays on the pads and Bell plays it well to square-leg. Ishant puts in the dive in the deep, but cannot stop it. That is another boundary. Bell then works the last ball through fine-leg for another four.
Bell helps get the half-century for England. He smashes a length ball from Jadeja for a four through the off-side. Ishant strikes again! The ball is full and pitches in line and Ballance is hit plumb in front. They check with the third umpire if he overpitched, but he is fine. Second strike for Ishant.
OUT! Ballance 71(167)
Fans from a different era at Nottingham. Photo Courtesy: Arunabha Sengupta
Fans from a different era at Nottingham. Photo Courtesy: Arunabha Sengupta
England now have to rebuild. MS Dhoni is persisting with Ravindra Jadeja and Ishant Sharma. Ballance is now the more senior partner. But remember, Bell has a fantastic record against India. These two can take the challenge head on.
Ishant Sharma takes a wicket soon after lunch! Robson is given out leg-before. There were two sounds and he is given. Replays indicate the bat had hit the pad and hence the two sounds. Ian Bell is the new man and he gets off the mark with a boundary through the leg-side.
OUT! Robson 59(142)
Ballance is playing it quite well through the off-side. He waits for the ball and plays it perfectly. Robson then finishes the session on  a high by hitting a boundary. England go into lunch well placed at 131 for one. Both the batsmen have scored 50s.
Binny bowls it short again, outside the off-stump and this time it is Robson. He opens the face of the bat and guides it for a four. That is his half century. A good knock by Robson, crucial one after Alastair Cook’s early dismissal.
Ballance has a half-century. Binny did not give him width, but he has cut it late through point and that has gone for a four. Very well done by Ballance. A good knock. Ballance then plays a similar shot with Binny coming from round the wicket and that has gone for another four. That is the century stand by these two.
Jadeja comes around the wicket to Robson. There is one ball that almost caries to the leg-slip placed. That fielder is specifically placed for that opportunity. In fact, the ball had just caried and Kohli couldn’t take that low chance. The ball came out of his hand as it landed. Stuart Binny is now in the attack. Ballance essays a lovely cover drive for a four. It was full and hit very well. England’s 100 is up.

What is Chris Jordan doing meanwhile?

Ballance has gotten into Ishant to essay three amazing boundaries. One of them was carved behind point even when it wasn’t too short. Then one more was flicked very well for four. Ballance getting into the zone!
Jadeja and Ishant continue to bowl. Again, the batsmen have slowed down and are playing very calmly. Ballance is getting outside the line to play Jadeja as he comes from round the wicket. There was an edge, but it did not carry to slip. He works one to the leg side and runs a single, But, there are overthrows and they get one more.
Ballance plays one from Ishant through to third-man and they get three. Ravindra Jadeja comes in and he is bowling to Ballance. He comes from over the wicket and Ballance defends it well.
A very slow passage of play. In the last four overs, only five runs have been scored. Ishant Sharma has also come into the attack. Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues with Dhoni standing up to the stumps.
Both batsmen are now picking their opportunities. Robson works one through the leg side for a four and Ballance punches it down the ground for a few runs. Robson is particularly impressive as he has also essayed a few drives.
Cautious start. It’s cloudy but the wicket is still good for batting. No threat of swing as well. Only a single scored in the last two overs.
Under overcast conditions, England have started the innings. Bhuvneshwar and Shami start proceedings. Only a couple of runs are scored by Robson in the first two overs. And, Robson gets the first boundary of the day. He guides it to fine leg and Bhuvneshwar fumbles as it crosses the boundary.

India bagged honours at stumps on the second day as they kept England in check after posting a healthy first innings total of 457 in the first Test at Trent Bridge on Thursday. England are 43 for one, 414 runs behind. The day witnessed a potentially match-winning moment for India as their 10th-wicket pair of Bhuvneshwar Kumar(58) and Mohammed Shami (51 not out) shared a 111-run stand.

When things go wrong you can’t measure the extent to which it can go haywire. First the flat pitch, then a classy innings from Murali Vijay followed by a ray of hope with India nine down for 346. And then comes the humiliation of bowling to a last-wicket pair for close to three hours. After all that, skipper Alastair Cook is bowled round the legs to a pacer.

For the second consecutive day, India managed to recover after slipping in the middle phase of the day. The scenario could’ve been completely different if England had plucked the last wicket early. Rain may be expected on Day three with thick clouds hovering over Trent Bridge. Hi I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing you live updates of the third day.

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