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India vs England Live Cricket Score 2nd Test Day 4 at Lord’s: England 105/4 at stumps

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Jul 20, 2014

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(India aim to post formidable target while England look to restrict the visitors. Catch all the live cricket score and live updates of the match here)

Match summary so far

Stumps: India certainly on top. Couple of leg-before decisions going against them. Jadeja created the crucial chance off Moeen Ali when the ball ricocheted off his glove and bat to Dhoni which was dropped. England are still 214 runs away from their target and the spinners are looking threatening.

The leg-before that was turned down by Dharmasena

Two runs to Joe Root playing that towards deep and that brings 100 for England. Huge round of applause from the spectators. Still 219 runs away. around three overs left in the day. Dhoni still trying to sneak a wicket here.
Shami brought in from Pavilion end while Jadeja continues from the nursery end where there’s a patch to get some turn from. And Kumar Dharmasena has chosen to match Bruce Oxenford with a wrong decision. Jadeja gets one to turn across and Moeen was hit low on the pads. Indians were pleading for the wicket. Dharmasena took longer than Steve Bucknor did to finally rule it not out. Replays showed it was hitting bang on the middle stump.

Absorbing game going on as the floodlights have taken over the ground. Dhoni has brought back Jadeja and Bhuvneshwar is bowling from the other end. Moeen and Root are holding fort for England.
A long walk back to the pavilion. Ishant once again creates the inroads. It was bowled across to Ishant and he finally manages to draw Cook forward and finds the edge. Excellent bowling by Ishant. Hasn’t looked off-target today. Ishant’s bowling figures read 9-5-9-2. Moeen Ali gets off the mark with a neat cover drive for four.
OUT! A Cook c Dhoni b Ishant 22(93)

One gets two. Ishant Sharma bowls a brilliant delivery. He was looking in excellent rhythm and a wicket was due. Ian Bell, new to the crease gets one that angles in and then holds its line. Bell is forward on the defence and the stumps are disturbed. That’s Ishant at his peak. Once again effective against the right-hander. Joe Root is the new batsman. Even he is beaten on the fifth ball of the over.
OUT! I Bell b Ishant 1(4)
After an hour long spell from Ravindra Jadeja, it’s Mohammed Shami who strikes first ball. Coming in to bowl from nursery end, Ballance is lured in to a drive and nicks one to keeper. Breakthrough for India and the 58-run partnership has been broken.
OUT! G Ballance c Dhoni b Shami 27(59)
Ishant is bowling accurately from the pavilion end while Jadeja is asking all the question tirelessly from the nursery end. Ballance continues to nick more than he hit against Jadeja. In this over, he once again gets an edge and runs three. In the end, the edges are the ones fetching runs for England.
Dhoni, sensing the rough patches from the nursery end, gives Ishant an over and brings Jadeja from the other end. Gets a vicious turn on the first ball. Dhoni is standing a touch behind to Jadeja to close the runs conceded thanks to low bounce.
lack of bounce from the rough and the keeper is in real trouble collecting the balls from spinners. Jadeja and Murali Vijay are bowling in tandem. Cook has looked solid while Ballance is still looking edgy against the spinners.
Jadeja continues. He looks like he’s going to take a wicket at any moment. Three more off that one, but a good, probing one from Jadeja. Bhuvi again. Oh nicely played by Cook, that’s four. Cook looking reasonably good so far.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues. After a couple of dot balls, he bowls one wide and Ballance smacks one through point for four. And four more, this time leg byes. Bhuvi straying in line. Expensive over, this.
Jadeja continues. Ballance gets a single. First run in 20 balls. One more to Cook. And another single to Ballance.
Jadeja continues. And it’s a maiden to Ballance. Bhuvi back into the attack, and it’s another maiden.
Tea: India got a wicket and will go with their tails up. Cook and Ballance are the unbeaten batsmen at tea.
Masterstroke from MS Dhoni, gets Ravindra Jadeja early in the innings. The first one is an arm-ball that hits Robson in the pad. Kumar Dharmasena raises his finger after a long thought. Jadeja creating the chances. Cook almost gloved it to a fielder.
OUT! S Robson lbw Jadeja 7(27)

Shami starts from the other end, beats Cook on the first ball. The next one is short and wide, hammered to cover boundary. Cook is trying to go for the shots off his backfoot. But it’s back to square one as Shami almost finds the outside edge on the last ball of the over. Lourd appeal from the bowler and keeper and the umpire turns it down.
Good first over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Sam Robson. Yes, Cook has kept himself away from taking first strike.

England need 318 runs to win

Bhuvneshwar is caught in the slips after a well-compiled half-century. Tried to guide it towards thirdman and slices straight to Bell. England need to produce their second highest run-chase ever in Tests to overcome this. 318 runs to win.
OUT! c Bell b Stokes Bhuvneshwar 52(71)
Third Test fifty for Bhuvneshwar in four innings. Gets to the mark in style, pitched full and hammers straight over the bowler’s head for four. It’s his batting which holds the key on India’s lead. India now 318 runs ahead.
Moeen Ali it is who creates the chance. Pitches just outside off, Shami is forward in defence and the ball takes a feather edge. Well taken by Matt Prior. Didn’t turn at all. Shami played for the spin.
OUT! M Shami c Prior b Moeen 0(2)
And a sparkling innings finally comes to an end. Jadeja charges down against Stokes who pitches it short. Jadeja tried to pull and the top edge is caught by Alastair Cook again. Mohammed Shami is the last man in. Meanwhile, Bhuvneshwar is inching closer to his third fifty of the series. Slices this over thirdman for four.
OUT! R Jadeja c Cook b Stokes 68(57)

Dropped: That was pitched full by Ben Stokes and Jadeja flicked it with great timing straight to Ian Bell at short mid-wicket. Tough catch but put down. Lead is 309 runs.
Two contrasting innings going on here. Jadeja is playing a flashy innings while Bhuvneshwar is a calm batsman focused on his own game. Bhuvi is infact involved in a crucial partnership every time he comes out to bat. India’s lead is 300 after a short wayward bouncer runs to four. India must be thinking how much to accumulate before declaring. The scoring rate has been at over seven an over in this partnership. There’s no thirdman and Bhuvneshwar gets an outside edge which runs down for four more. Lead is 308 runs.
Is this the innings to remember for lifetime for Jadeja? He has left alone only three deliveries this innings. Anderson getting his frustration get the better of him. He hit the first ball on the up over the bowler’s head for four. The third one was even better, short and wide and Jadeja slashes it like an upper-cut to thirdman for four. Bhuvneshwar on the last ball plays a similar shot, upper-cut past thirdman for four. 13 runs from the over. Partnership is worth 67.
Maiden Test fifty for Ravindra Jadeja. Not a typical Test innings but the one only he can play and escape. Gets to the mark with a single.
Reaction after fifty: Jadeja swishes his bat like a sword and the entire dressing room is in splits. Well we would have never known this if he had not got to the mark. Waiting for more fifties from Jadeja. On a serious note, this innings has snatched the momentum from England. India are well on course for a 300-run lead.
Jadeja’s aggressive game is doing the trick here. He has disregarded the new ball and is trying to hit over. The fourth ball of the 90th over was lofted over covers for four. He is inching closer to fifty and has also posted his highest Test score. Both these batsmen are stealing quick singles which is adding to the lead which is 255 now.
Lunch: Jadeja’s aggression has ensured that India are heading towards their comfort zone of a 300-run lead. Four boundaries in the last four overs with two off them exceptional from Jadeja’s bat. This session might go to England in terms of wickets taken, but India have galloped to a lead of 243. Read the Lunch Report here
Bhuvneshwar looking tentative against the new ball. Broad and Anderson have gone past his outside edge for a few times now. He went for a tentative drive on the third ball and the ball flew off the bat towards Joe Root, drops it. He was standing too far close and the ball sped past his hands.
Meanwhile Jadeja is giving some nightmares for Broad. Shows the full face of the bat and lofts his straight back for four. The last ball of the over was short and pulled away fiercely for four. Two boundaries, confidence boosting ones.
Unfortunate! Vijay misses out on a century at Lord’s. He looked unperturbed for 246 deliveries leaving the balls away from off, somehow went after this one and nicked it to the keeper. Big wicket for England. Anderson swinging at will.
OUT! Vijay c Prior b Anderson 95(247)

All according to plan for Cook. Moeen Ali brought in for a brief period and he picks a wicket. They have the new ball in hand now. James Anderson starts with the new cherry. Jadeja is facing the new ball for the second time this series. But he up to his aggression again, Jadeja charges down to Anderson and hits it past square-leg for a couple. England will be sniffing a wicket every time he plays such shots. Lead is 204 runs.
Moeen Ali is enjoying picking ego wickets. He hits a four off full-toss and on the next ball, Jadeja comes down the track to hit it in the same way as Binny, somehow manages to hit it away past point. Picks three more. Silly shot under the circumstances. Couple for Vijay on the last ball.
Jadeja gets off the mark, works one away down to deep square-leg for a single. Vijay adds one more on the next ball. Two from that Plunkett over. Lead is 181 runs.

Poor batting from Stuart Binny, tried to hit his way out against Moeen Ali, ends up slicing it high in the air and Cook at mid-off takes an incredible catch running backwards. Came down the wicket to hammer it over for six, got that right from the bottom of the bat. That’s the last shot to hit under such circumstances. With three overs left for the new ball, the momentum has clearly shifted in England’s favour.
OUT! S Binny c Cook b Moeen 0(9)
Plunkett at it again. Strikes first. This one comes in and Dhoni is stuck on the backfoot. The ball kisses the outside edge and Ian Bell takes a sharp catch at second slip. Stuart Binny walks out ahead of Jadeja at No 7, the first ball is pitched up and Binny punches it straight past.
OUT! MS Dhoni c Bell b Plunkett 19(86)
Two bowling changes inside eight overs. Ben Stokes comes in to bowl for James Anderson. Vijay has already batted for over five hours and comfortably leaves the first four deliveries. The fifth one was over-pitched. in the slot and driven past covers for four, not one fielder moved. Vijay is completely focused, seems in a good stead for a hundred here.
A solid boundary from Murali Vijay in that first over from Liam Plunkett this morning. It was pitched up and Vijay extends his defensive shot and it ran straight bast the bowler for four. The lead now is 167 runs.


It’s the test of leaving the ball outside off. Murali Vijay is having no trouble but on the toher end, MS Dhoni is presenting great resistance being watchful against the ones pitched in corridor of uncertainty. Vijay picks a boundary off the outside edge which runs past thirdman. Lead now is 161 runs.

Groundstaff working on the run-up area near to the crease. It appears a bit soft and Stuart Broad was unhappy about it.

MS Dhoni faces James Anderson bowling from the other end. The first three balls are left away outside off-stump. The fourth one jags back in and Dhoni is up to it, playing it towards mid-on. Dhoni is comfortable playing off the backfoot on the last delivery.
First runs for India this morning, Broad finds the outside edge of Vijay and it runs down to thridman for four. The next ball is down the leg and it deflects off his thigh pad for one more boundary. Prior did well to get a glove to it but there was enough pace to take it to the fence. The fourth ball is flicked off his legs and they run two. The last ball is punched off his hips for two more. 12 from the first over. The partnership is past fifty and the lead is 157 runs.

Kapil Dev rings the five-minute bell

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the fourth day of India vs England second Test at Lord’s. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. The match is evenly poised with India on 169 for four having an overall lead of 145. The pitch is playing tantrums with uneven bounce and perhaps some turn on offer as the match progresses. At one stage India were cruising along at 118 for one. But Liam Plunkett’s twin strikes dismissing Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli turned the pressure back on India. England bowled well compared to the first innings, keeping it full and forced the batsmen to play.

In the post day chat, Pujara said that 300-350 will be an ideal target for India, but that is still 200 more runs away. India still have some batting to come, Ravindra Jadeja, Stuart Binny and the all important Bhuvneshwar Kumar! India would have been under far less pressure if Ajinkya Rahane was still out there. The centurion from the first innings got a horrible decision from umpire Bruce Oxenford who ruled him out after the ball ricocheted off his arm-guard and was caught by keeper Matt Prior.

The wicket has changed its colour better than a chameleon. Lush green on the first morning, it turned lighter when India were bowling. And on the third morning, it hard turned brown. And unlike the Lord’s wicket, there’s a lot of uneven bounce. An exciting day ahead at the Home of Cricket. Stay updated on this blog for all interesting statistics, updates and images.   Catch the Photo Gallery of the third day’s play here

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