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IPL 2014 Live cricket score, DD vs MI: DD win by 6 wickets

Vijay was named Man of the Match in DD's win © IANS
Vijay was named Man of the Match in DD’s win © IANS

Apr 27, 2014

Catch Live Scorecard of the Delhi Daredevils (DD) vs  Mumbai Indians (MI) match here

(Struggling teams, Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians will clash in an important game in Indian Premier League 2014. Catch live scores and updates of the match here)

(selected by Mpumelelo Mbangwa)
Malinga 4-0-17-2 Ojha 4-0-26-0 Zak 2.5-0-17-0 Bhajji 4-1-23-0 Corey 2-0-16-1 Rohit 2-0-20-1
QDK 16(24) Vijay 40(34) JP 19(24) KP 26*(18) KD 2(3) Jadhav 14*(10)
One. KP steps out, Zak bounces, but to no effect. One. Zak bounces again, KP late on it, ball falls just to right of mid-wicket. Dot. KJ takes a wild heave, misses altogether. Two. Places past point. Four. Leg-glances to bring up the winning runs.
One. Pushes to mid-wicket, Rohit may consider bringing the field in. One. A Malinga-special yorker, Kedar makes the straight-drive look easy. Two. Leg-glances, Tare dives too early but gets it, DD is almost there. Dot. Plays to mid-off. One. Full-toss, lofts to long-on. One. Another report, flicks casually.
Dot. KP hits hard but the shot is stopped at cover. One. Pushes to sweeper. Four. Zak strays a bit, Kedar shuffles and leg-glances beautifully. Dot. Plays to backward-point, the fielder slips but is in control. One. Plays to third-man. One. Lofted to long-on, Corey dives valiantly in front, just short.
Dot. Nice slower delivery. OUT! JP holes out to the substitute at cover! Two. Inside edge, they run a brace. Dot. Inside edge, survives. OUT! KD flicks to Rayudu at short-leg! Dot. Yorker, Kedar keeps out.
OUT! Rohit c sub (Wankhede) b Malinga 19(24)! KD c Rayudu b Malinga 2(3)!
One. Plays to deep mid-wicket. Six. KP steps out, and the ball vanishes straight over the bowler’s head. Four. KP means business here, excellent wristy drive past deep extra-cover, the sweeper’s drive goes in vain. Four. Driven straight, Corey dives full-length, but it’s still a four, hundred comes up. One. Pushes to short point. One. JP flicks confidently.
Dot. JP plays back to Ojha. One. Reverse-sweeps, but the ball is too slow, just a single. One. Plays to deep extra-cover. One. Steps out and plays to long-on. One. Plays to deep point. One. Plays to long-off.
One. JP drives to long-off. OUT! Vijay goes for the wild slog but misses completely, Rohit finds timber! Dot. Hurries on to KP, defends. Dot. Pushes to short mid-on. Two. KP’s off, tries to sweep, mistimes. Dot. Hits back to Rohit.
OUT! Vijay b Rohit 40(34)!
One. Soft flick. Six. Ojha tosses up, slog-sweeps, in the stands: Yes Bank Maximum. Two. Plays to deep extra-cover. One. Drives to long-off. Dot. Steps out but misses. One. Plays to long-on.
One. Plays to long-on. One. Flicks past square-leg. Four. Vijay picks it up through vacant long-off, clean hit, that. One. Plays with soft hands to short-cover. One. Plays off the hips to fine-leg. Four. Inches above a leaping mid-off’s head, that was risky.
One. Plays to deep point, DD reach 50. One. Plays through cover-point. One. JP paddle-sweeps. One. Plays to short third-man. Two. Plays to sweeper past point. Dot. Defends.
One. Plays to long-on. Dot. Plays to mid-off. One. Rohit misfields at mid-on, they run through. Dot. Nice loop there. Dot. Plays to point. Two. Plays to deep mid-wicket, nice running.
One. Flicks to square-leg. Dot. Blocks. Two. JP plays it past cover. One. Pushes to mid-on. Four. Nice one from Vijay, moves to the back-foot, and cuts past point. One. Flicks to mid-wicket.
Dot. Plays to backward-point. One. Pushes to mid-off and runs, Zak is too slow. One. Wide of mid-off, another single. One. Pushes to short-cover, Rohit picks up, throws and misses, QDK had given up; they run for an overthrow. OUT! QDK cuts and Hus pulls off a stunner at point, diving low to his left! Two. Pushes to mid-on, overthrows result in an extra run for JP.
OUT! QDK c Hus b Corey 16(24)!
Dot. Plays back to Bhajji. Leg-bye. Tries to pull and misses. Dot. Plays to point. Dot. Quicker ball, tries a slog-sweep and misses. Dot. No run. Dot. Cut to backward-point.
One. Nice slower delivery, plays with soft hands to third-man. Wide and FIVE PENALTIES. Down leg-side, brushes Gautam’s gloves, hits the helmet. Dot. Another slower, blocks with soft hands. Dot. Slower again, but well-negotiated. Dot. Pushes to cover. Dot. Inside edge, misses stumps. Dot. Plays to cover, nice comeback from Malinga.
One. Flat, pushes to long-on. Dot. Nice loop, QDK plays and misses. Four. Plays over extra-cover, lovely four. Dot. Tries a slog-sweep, misses. Three. Plays through extra-cover, Pollard stops with his boot. Dot. Plays to square-leg.
Dot. Plays to mid-off. One. Short cover misfields, and they take advantage. Dot. Plays to point. Dot. Pushes to mid-off. One. Pushes to short mid-wicket. Dot. Pushes to cover.
Four. Nice one from Vijay, inside-out over extra-cover. Dot. Defends. Dot. Ojha anticipates Vijay’s adventurous mood, Vijay misses the slog. One. Plays past point. One. Driven straight. Dot. Plays to cover.
Dot. QDK plays to mid-on. Dot. This time to mid-off. One. Attempts yorker, QDK plays well to mid-off. Dot. Well-bowled outside off, Vijay blocks. One. Yorker again, outside-edges. Four. Flicked past square-leg, and QDK is off.
Nadeem 4-0-19-1 Shami 4-0-36-0 JP 3-0-13-0 Parnell 4-0-17-1 Jaidev 4-0-29-2 Laxmi 1-0-5-0
Rohit 4(5) Tare 8(10) Corey 13(14) Rayudu 14(21) Hus 10(18) Pollard 33*(30) Gautam 22(18) Bhajji 10rh(5) Zak 0*(0)
Dot. Attempts a slog and misses. Dot. Almost an encore, why does he not give Pollard the strike? Four. This time he connects and gets four. Six. This has handed on the roof of the stadium… Leg-bye. Slow yorker, misses completely, they run anyway, and Bhajji RETIRES HURT. One. Plays through cover, Zak drops his gloves and runs, but it’s still just a single.
Bhajji retired hurt 10(5)
Dot. Sent back, direct hit from KP, Pollard just makes it. One. Mistimes to long-on. One. Plays to mid-on. OUT! Pandemonium of all sorts, bat flies out of Pollard’s hand again, they run a single, and Gautam is left stranded while attempting a second. Four. That’s a Pollard bazooka, times beautifully through square-leg. Six! Up, up, and away she goes, lofted straight over mid-on, “they’re dancing down the aisles of Sharjah” time…
OUT! Gautam run out 22(18)!
Dot. Mistimed pull. Dot. The bat flies and lands next to the stumps, Pollard asks for a fresh pair of gloves. No-ball and single. Hoicked to deep mid-wicket, FREE HIT. Free-hit. Gautam goes straight, clears long-off, hits the fence on the bounce, MI reach hundred. Dot. Beaten outside off. Dot. Slower, inside edge on the pad. Dot. Beaten outside off.
One. Plays to backward-point and they steal a single. One. Pollard flicks, but the ball only reaches deep mid-wicket on the bounce. Four. Steps out to play an agricultural shot, clears mid-off. Four. Gautam does a Suryakumar Yadav, reverse-somethings from outside leg, past third man, they need more of these. Four leg-byes. Tries an encore, the ball brushes his bottom and run down past DK. Dot. Gautam edges, DK dives and grasses.
Dot. Leg-before appeal, too high. Two. Slower, cuts, but there’s a sweeper. One. Slower, plays to sweeper again. One. Slower again, inside-edges. One. Shuffles and plays to square-leg. Six. Pollard hits straight, hard and clean, and clears the ground.
One. Places through mid-wicket. Dot. Edges. One. Sweeps hard, but there’s a fielder there. One. Skiddy one, bat comes down just in time. Three. QDK misfields at deep extra-cover, two extra runs. Dot. Inside-edges.
One. Pushes to long-on. One. Plays with soft hands and runs. One. Plays to deep mid-wicket. One. Drives straight. OUT! Ultra-super slower from Jaidev, Hus misses completely, bowled comprehensively. Dot. Plays to cover with soft hands.
OUT! Hus b Jaidev 10(18)!
Dot. Straight-driven. Dot. Loud appeal, replays show it has brushed the pad. Dot. Close one, hit just outside off, Pollard looks uncomfortable here. Dot. Good line and length, Pollard doesn’t time it, tries a desperate single and makes it marginally. Four. Hit over Laxmi’s head, Jaidev makes a diving effort but cannot make it. Dot. Once again rapped on the pad, stifled appeal.
Dot. Beaten. One. Somehow plays to third-man. Dot. Leading edge, almost run-out. Dot. Steps out, Parnell bounces, Hus ducks. Dot. Tries to pull, miscues. Wide. Strays down leg. One. Driven to mid-off, quick single.
Dot. Tries to reverse-sweep, misses. One. Nonchalant flick, brings up MI’s fifty. Dot. Plays softly to short mid-wicket. Dot. Steers. Dot. Blocks. One. Pushes to deep mid-wicket.
Dot. Parnell hits him on the body. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket. One. Plays behind square-leg. One. Plays to square-leg. One. Semi-flicks to long-leg. Dot. The expected bouncer comes, Pollard lets it go.
One. Pushes to long-on. One. Pushes to deep mid-wicket. One. Rayudu steps out, Nadeem drops short, he can only play through cover. One. Pushes to cover. Dot. Tries to flick, misses. OUT! Steps out to clear long-on, but they’ve got Laxmi stationed there…
OUT! Rayudu c Laxmi b Nadeem 14(21)!
Dot. Defends. Dot. Inside-edges. Dot. Takes the pace off, Rayudu attempts a slog-sweep and misses. Dot. Brings the off-break into Rayudu. One. Drives to long-off. Dot. Tosses up, Hus plays back to JP, excellent over.
One. Through square-leg. One. Through mid-wicket.
One. Flicks towards short mid-wicket, easy single. One. Pulls, doesn’t get the timing, straight to deep mid-wicket. Dot. Corey steps out, Jaidev holds back a bit, defends. OUT! A loose long-hop, Corey pulls, but once again it’s that man QDK taking an easy catch.
OUT! Corey c QDK b Jaidev 13(14)!
Dot. Inside edge. One. Close one, Corey has to dive to make it. Dot. Straight one, Corey defends. Four. Short, Corey gives it his all, pulls through mid-wicket. One. Spot on again, places to third-man. Dot. On the stumps, blocks.
One. Pushes through mid-wicket. Two. Nicely cut to deep-point. One. Plays to point. One. Plays to mid-wicket. One. Plays to long-on, JP is bowling well here. Four. Sweeps confidently in front of square, lovely stroke.
Wide. Parnell strays down leg-side. Dot. Inside edge. OUT! Tare’s struggle ends, pulls the ball to deep mid-wicket, QDK doesn’t have to move an inch. Dot. Rayudu looks uncomfortable, the ball rises from a length. Dot. Plays to point. Four. Fine-leg is up, leg-glances, as easy as they come. Dot. Pushes to mid-off.
OUT! Tare c QDK b Parnell 8(10)!
Dot. Blocks by Corey. Dot. Plays to cover. One. Plays to mid-on. One. Pushes to point, slight misfield, quick single. Dot. Steps out to hit, misses completely. Dot. No footwork, rapped on the pad, muffled appeal.
Leg-bye. Too quick for Tare, the ball rapped his pad and they steal a leg-bye. One. Shami is quick today, inside-edge, they ran for a single. One. Pushed to mid-on, good running. OUT! Rohit pushed, Tare calls for it and runs; Rohit hesitates; and Shami picked up and threw the stumps down at bowler’s end! Four! That one really climbed, Tare was late on the hook; the ball took the top-edge and flew to long-leg. Dot. Short of a good-length, blocked.
OUT! Rohit run out 4(5)!
One. Pushed past mid-wicket. One. Almost an encore, pushed to deep mid-wicket. One. Once again through deep mid-wicket. Two wides. Sort of attempted paddle-sweep, they run as KD misses. One. Rohit plays nonchalantly to mid-off. Dot. Played to square-leg. One. Played to long-on.

Toss: Mumbai Indians have won the toss and elected to bat at Sharjah. The captain of Delhi Daredevils is Kevin Pietersen.

Hello and a warm welcome to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 Match No 16 between Delhi Daredevils (DD) and Mumbai Indians (MI) at Sharjah. I am Abhishek Mukherjee here. I will be bringing the live updates of the entire game today. Defending champions Mumbai are in a spot of bother after losing all their three games so far. It has been a tough journey for them in IPL 7. On the other hand, Delhi Daredevils (DD) too have struggled for form this season. Their only victory in IPL 7 was against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and it came on the back of a fine knock by middle-order batsman, JP Duminy. Even the return of Kevin Pietersen for their last game against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) didn’t help their cause. The star batsman looked rusty, as he hadn’t played any competitive cricket for close to four months. Actually it has to be said that they showed some fight against SRH, but fell short by four runs, while chasing a huge target. Mumbai have tended to depend on captain Rohit Sharma for runs. The likes of Corey Anderson from New Zealand and Kieron Pollard from West Indies can be dangerous on their day, but haven’t yet fired in the tournament. Delhi will definitely miss the services of seamer, Nathan-Coulter Nile, out with a foot injury. They have tried to bring in some variation by playing left-arm medium pacers, but it hasn’t clicked till now.

So, it should be an interesting game between two sides that will look to get back on track in IPL 2014 with a victory. The track at Sharjah should be on the slower, and sometimes it can be difficult to play on the up on such tracks.

Read the Preview of the match here


Delhi Daredevils: Kevin Pietersen (c), M Vijay, Dinesh Karthik, JP Duminy, Kedar Jadhav, Quinton de Kock, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat, Wayne Parnell,Laxmi Ratan Shukla, S Nadeem.

Mumbai Indians: Michael Hussey, Aditya Tare, Rohit Sharma (c), Ambati Rayudu, Corey Anderson, CM Gautam (wk), Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Lasith Malinga, Zaheer Khan.

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