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IPL 2014 Live cricket score, DD vs RR: Karun Nair takes Rajasthan to victory

Ajinkya Rahane © IANS
Ajinkya Rahane © IANS

May 3, 2014

Karun Nair awarded man of the match for his match winning knock.

Another slower delivery from Unadkat and another exquisite scoop from Karun for a boundary and its one needed. Karun also finishes things off by lifting the ball over the field for another boundary to lift Rajasthan to a comfortable win!
Parnell is brought in and Karun times the ball down to the third man boundary and Rajasthan are cruising in style. Walled Wayne almost smacks the ball on Watson. Then Jadhav shows how good he is on the field with a stunning direct hit from cover point which Watson narrowly escapes by a lick of paint. The last ball is clubbed in typical Watson style for a six and Rajasthan need just six to win.
After a miserable run in the UAE, Karun reaches his fifty. Unadkat is the one bowling the 17th over. The line is a little fuller and only four comes of the first four. Jaydev’s slow ball sees a smack over mid-wicket by Karun for a six — a mirror of Watson actually and Rajasthan edge closer to the target.
Nadeem comes into the attack and Watson cuts the first ball for a couple. The RR Skipper comes down the track and muscles over long on for a big six. Nothing comes of the other deliveries.
Shami is brought in for his last over with Delhi desperately needing breakthroughs. Two singles comes of the first three balls. Shami’s excellent slow ball deceives Bhatia and his off stump takes a walk.
OUT!Bhatia bShami 17(13)
Parnell come in to bowl after an expensive over from Rahul Sharma. With the fielders spread out by KP, the singles are easy to come by. Karun plays an exquisite cut short of the fourth ball of the over and its a boundary and the Rajasthan camp take a time out.
Rahul Sharma comes in and a heave by Bhatia falls safely despite Duminy’s valiant effort in the deep but no mistake in the next delivery by Bhatia, who comes down the track and wallops a big six. Karun then cuts the pall in the vacant backward point area for a boundary.
Jaydev is into the attack and gives only three comes of as many balls in the 12th over. A good slower delivery defeats Bhatia in the fourth one and Bhatia plays a one handed hook to deep square leg for a single. Another slow ball and this time Karun times the ball nicely and a scoop hits the boundary cushion and its six!
To the surprise of everyone, Rajat Bhatia comes in. Shami is brought in Karun is struggling to get a move on. The fifth ball is a good looking flick by the Banglorean for a couple and keeps the strike. Only five comes of the over.
Nadeem strikes for Delhi. After conceeding 11 of the over KP’s inspiring speech during the break seemed to have have an effect. Samson looses his footing and DK stumps him. Crucial wicket for Delhi.
OUT!Samson stDKbNadeem 34(28)
Rahul Sharma is back for his second over. The fourth ball sees an excellent inside out shot to the boundary. Its a good over as eight runs comes of the over.
With runs leaking of the last two overs, Nadeem is brought into the attack. Waleed a.k.a Wayne Parnell does some good work in the deep to cut off a boundary. Nadeem’s left arm orthodox bamboozles Samson and only five comes of the over.
Samson’s big six over long on off Parnell has been one of the highlights of the match so far. The seventh over starts with De Kock’s excellent fielding in the deep almost running out Karun. Rahul then expertly dispatches Rahul Sharma for a boundary.
KP is rotating his bowlers and Shami is back into the attack. Karun takes a single of the first ball and Samson mistimes a hook of a short ball which falls safely in no-man’s land.Shami is tying down Karun with a tight line in the corridor outside off-stump. Samson keeps the strike of a good over that yields only four runs.
Jaydev Unadkat is into the attack and there is some movement for India’s answer to Mitchell Johnson.Only a wide and a single comes of the first four balls. The last ball is a loosener and Samson effortlessly puts the ball for a boundary.
Wayne Parnell is into the attack and the Rahane almost runs himself out, trying to take a quick single. Short ball from Parnell and Rahane pulls the ball to the boundary. Brilliant from Vijay to hold on to a smart catch at short cover.
OUT!Rahane cVijaybParnell 12(10)
Slight width offered and Rahane cuts elegantly for a boundary off Shami. The fourth ball is drifted into the pads by Shami and Karun flicks nicely for another boundary. Shami comes back well with a bouncer of the next ball. Nine comes of the over.
Shahbaz Nadeem will bowl the first over Rahane sweeps the first ball to short fine leg for a single. Karun Sweeps to deep third man for the same result. Nadeem drifts the ball into Karun and its another single. Rahane keeps the strike of the last ball.
Richardson to bowl the last over and Jadhav smacks the ball down the ground for a single. Richardson tries an inswinger but it is pitched far too short and Duminy hits a magnificent six on the leg side. Slightly fuller delivery and Duminy goes for a six in the same area and Bhatia takes a great running catch, inches away from the boundary. Jadhav plays an outstanding inside out shot and the ball goes to the boundary. Richardson overpitches and the little Maharashtra man clobbers a gigantic six that hits the third tier of the stand. The last ball is hit down the ground for a single.
OUT!Duminy cBhatiabRichardson 39(31)
Faulkner bowls a delicious slow ball and Jadhav is beaten all ends up. The second ball is superbly tucked away for a boundary after Jadhav came down the track to take it on the full. Jadhav and Duminy take singles of the next two balls. Jadhav takes another single of the fifth ball. Duminy then smacks Faulkner straight down his head for a four. Last over coming up.
Richardson is back and Duminy taps the ball past short-third man for a four. The next two balls are dot balls and a leg bye comes of the fourth delivery. Still, the boundaries remain hard to come by. Richardson then bowls a wide down the leg side. Duminy heaves the last ball down to the fine leg boundary to take 12 of the over.
Dhawal Kulkarni is back and a wide delivery is caressed through the off-side and Richarson’s poor work in the deep sees the ball run through his fingers and through to the ropes. Jadhav flicks the third ball to fine leg for a single. Kulkarni bowls another wide delivery and Duminy slaps for a single. A slow bouncer of the last ball will see yet another single by Duminy
The impressive Faulkner is back for his third over and Delhi lose their fourth wicket. The frustrated Karthik goes for the big hit but only finds Binny’s safe hands at deep mid wicket. Kedar Jhadav is the new man in and hits the ball to short third man for a single. Duminy also does the same and rotates the strike. Jhadav hooks the last short ball over fine leg for a long awaited six!
OUT!D Karthik cBinnybFaulkner 12(16)
The go to man Tambe is into the attack. The first two deliveries sees batsmen coming down the wicket but Tambe is too smart for them and are only dealing with singles. The fouth ball is a gem and beats Duminy all ends up. Then the batsmen run expertly for a couple.
Runs have dried up after Tambe’s double strike. Even the unfancied Dhawal Kulkarni is looking good and the batmsen need boundaries. Just four runs comes of yet another good over for Rajasthan.
Rajat Bhatia is back into the attack after being taken apart by de Kock earlier. Karthik hammers the third ball of the over down the ground for a couple but Bhatia outfoxes DK with a slower one and the Tamil Nadu batsmen keeps the strike
The bearded fury Kane Richardson is back and starts with two superb deliveries that the batsmen test the close fielders for two singles. Duminy strokes the ball down to fine leg for a single of the fifth ball. Excellent over and only three comes of it.
The double breakthrough has begged Delhi back. Faulkner is back into the attack. Faulkner is tidy and the batsmen can only run singles and leg byes of the first few deliveries. Six runs comes of the over.
Tambe Strikes for Rajasthan. After settling in well KP misconnects a drive and the ball lands straight to Steven Smith at long on.KP is kicking himself after playing a poor shot and getting an early life. Tambe gets the big fish. The Mumbai spinner dives expertly to latch on to a catch of his own bowling and its a double strike.
OUT!Pietersen cSmithbTambe 14(13), OUT!De Kock c&b Tambe 42(33)
Bhatia continues with his slow medium pacers and the first two balls yield singles. De Kock yet again improvises brilliantly to beat fine leg for a boundary. The young South African is on for something special. The fifth ball his slapped to deep cover for a single. KP shows his class again after the ball is slightly overpitched by Bhatia. Its a boundary.
After a bad first over, Tambe comes back into the attack. De Kock digs the ball through the off-side for a single. Pietersen expertly strokes the ball through the off side for a boundary and keeps the strike.
Local boy Rajat Bhatia is into the attack. Madness! The ball hits KP’s pads and Sanju Samson hits the stumps and KP is short of the ground. But the umpire inexplicably doesn;t go upstairs and KP stays. The umpires are going to pay for this! Back to the action and De Kock taps the ball for a single. Bhatia’s slower one continues to restrict batsmen and only four comes of the over. The Rajasthan camp still can’t get over the decision.
The old warhorse Pravin Tambe is into the into the attack and KP takes a single. De Kock yet again shows his class by smacking the ball through the off-side boundary after provided with a hint of width. Silky work from de Kock pierces the fielders and it is another boundary. The last ball is hit on the leg side for a couple and its a couple more for de Kock.
Faulkner is brought into the attack and a lofted shot by Vijay doesn’t get the distance and it is a simple catch for skipper Watson at mid-off. Delhi captain Kevin Pietersen arrives at the crease. De Kock strokes the ball to the leg side for a single of the fourth ball. Kevin plays a defence of the first ball. KP strikes the ball down the ground and keeps the strike.
M Vijay cWatsonbFaulkner 13(11)
Watson brings himself into the attack and Vijay gracefully strokes the ball on the leg side and Binny does an excellent job cutting off a certain boundary. The batsmen run three. Watson is aiming for the pads and losing his control a little bit. De Kock takes a single. A good slow ball of the fourth delivery sees Vijay gently tapping the ball on the leg side for another single. The first six of the match! De kock moves to the leg side and paddles the ball down fine leg for a six.
Dhawal Kulkkarni is into the attack and De Kock hits the ball to deep mid wicket for a single. A good length deliveries congests Vijay and its only a forward defence. Another good ball in the same area produces another dot ball. The fourth delivery is slightly short and Vijay taps the ball on the leg side for a single. A good slower ball deceives De Kock for another dot. Kulkarni wastes his good work by a ball ball on the pads which is tucked away for a boundary.
The impressive Kane Richardson comes into the attack and Vijay’s favourite cover drive is in full flow and the ball reaches the boundary. Vijay runs a single of the next ball. De Kock, cautiously taps the ball to short third man for another single and Richardson finishes the over with an excellent bouncer which the batsman fends away.
After some success in the previous game Watson persists with Stuart Binny with the first over. De Kock looks good with a good straight drive that is traight to the fielder and his favourite cutshot that goes for a boundary. De Kock runs a single of the third delivery to give Vijay the strike. Vijay trickles the ball fine towards third man and the batsmen run two.Single for Vijay with a flick to fine leg and De Kock keeps strike.

Toss: Rajasthan have won the toss and have chosen to bowl first. Rajasthan have made one change as Dhawal Kulkarni comes in place of Iqbal Abdulla. Laxmi Ratan Shukla has been replaced by Rahul Sharma in the Delhi Daredevils side.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 match No 25 between the Delhi Daredevils (DD) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. This is R Vishal, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the game. Read the preview of the match here.

Both Delhi and Rajasthan will draw confidence from their last wins in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leg of the IPL 2014. While Delhi trumped a hapless Mumbai Indians’ side by six wickets, Rajasthan beat Kolkata Knight Riders in a thrilling encounter that went into the Super Over, eventually won by the Royals on the virtue of hitting more fours in the match.

For Delhi, JP Duminy and Murali Vijay have been among the runs, while wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik too has a half-century to show. But a lot will be expected from the rest of the batsmen such as opener Quinton de Kock, Ross Taylor and captain Kevin Pietersen. For the bowlers, pacer Jaydev Unadkat and spinner Shahbaz Nadeem have taken six and four wickets respectively so far, but the Daredevils will need other bowlers to fire as well.

Rajasthan, on the other hand, are on a roll with back-to-back victories and they would look to keep their momentum going on May 3. Shane Watson‘s side have been a cohesive unit and they have always contributed as a team. Ajinkya Rahane has been rock solid at the top, but he needs a good opening partner to give Rajasthan a good start.

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