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IPL 2014 Live cricket score, DD vs SRH: SRH win rain-curtailed match with ease

Shikhar Dhawan  © PTI
Shikhar Dhawan leads SRH to another victory  © PTI (File Photo)

May 10, 2014

Catch Live Scorecard of the Delhi Daredevils (DD) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), IPL 2014 match here

(Delhi Daredevils (DD) play Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in Match 32 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Live Updates of the clash at Delhi below)

Finch 4(7) Dhawan 4(8) Warner 12*(9) Naman 13*(3) Shami 1-0-6-0 Kaul 1-0-5-1 Tahir 1-0-7-0 Rahul 1-0-13-1 Laxmi 0.2-0-7-0
QdK 7(12) KP 35(19) Mayank 25(18) DK 39(30) Laxmi 21(22) JP 4(5) Kedar 5(11) Rahul 2(3) Steyn 4-0-20-2 Bhuvi 4-0-23-1 Karn 3-0-29-0 Moises 3-0-26-2 Mishra 3-0-23-2 Irfan 3-0-18-0
One. Played to mid-wicket. Six. Slogged over mid-wicket to finish the game!
One. Straight down the ground. OUT! Finch misses and is bowled! One. Plays to long-off. Four. Full-toss, cover-driven beautifully. One. Cover-driven again. Six. Into the stands over deep mid-wicket!
OUT! Finch b Rahul 4(7)!
One. Played to mid-wicket. One. Played to long-off. One. Played to long-off. One. Played to third-man. Two wides. Down the leg-side, DK fumbles, the batsmen cross over, Dot. Defended.
… which means they need 26 from 18 balls now.
… SRH will need to score 36 after 5 overs if they don’t lose another wicket. So that is 19 from 18 balls. Of course, a wicket will change the equation completely.
And it rains again. Again. Again. Yes, you have read it right.
Remember, the minimum cut-off is 5 overs. We need 18 more balls for a complete match.
Single. Edged to third-man. Dot. Tries to cut, but the ball keeps low. Two. Steps out, but Kaul adjusts well, and Dhawan can only edge it past point. OUT! Dhawan cuts ferociously, and the ball goes straight to JP at point! Dot. Warner prods and misses. Wide. Outside leg-stump. Wide. Almost an encore; Kaul is getting some swing, but is having problem with the line. Two. Flicks, but slips as he sets off. Wrong boots? Wet pitch?
OUT! Finch c JP b Kaul 4(8)!
Oh dear, the rain gods simply do not want to stop blessing us here. The covers are on YET AGAIN, and it looks like the number of overs will be reduced even further.
So here we go. Mohammad Shami to start proceedings for Delhi. Finch on strike. Flashes outside off, and misses. Just a single off the next ball. First runs on the board now. Dhawan to face now. WOW sharp bouncer this from Shami, it goes past both Dhawan and Karthik. That’ll be four byes, but it was really quick. And this is four, Dhawan gets cramped for room but still manages to pull this for four through midwicket. Good shot. Here’s another short one by Shami, but it is called a no ball. KP doesn’t approve the call by the umpire, but it was going over. Shami is bowling really quick here, but he is a little wayward. OH great ball to end with! Dhawan beaten all ends up.
Some more bad news now. The covers have come on yet again. The rain isn’t quite a downpour, but it’s enough to delay the start of the second innings. It seems we may lose a few overs after all. No official word yet though, we’ll get back to you the moment we hear definite news!
So DD end with a disappointing 143 for seven. After play resumed, Karthik looked like he was going to take the total to at least 160 the way he took on Karn Sharma, but DD were unable to sustain the hitting and eventually lost too many wickets. Their danger duo of JP Duminy and Kedar Jadhav were left with far too much to do at the death, and they suffered a rare failure. We’ll be back shortly with the SRH innings. Don’t go anywhere!
Steyn to bowl the final over. Just a single for Kedar. Rahul Shukla is the new man in, can’t make contact. Just a single now. Jadhav gets another single. Last ball is full toss, Jadhav gets one off the top edge, and Irfan Pathan at point takes a good catch running sideways, DD end with a sub-par 143 for seven.
OUT! K Jadhav 5(11) c Irfan b Steyn
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl his final over now. Starts well, just a single. Lots of changes in the field now that Jadhav is on strike. Doesn’t matter where the fielders are if you bowl a yorker like that. Jadhav manages to keep it out, but no run. And another good ball there, slower and wide, Kedar misses it entirely. And another. Right in the blockhole. Wonderful bowling from Bhuvi! Full toss, smashed down to long off, but it’s just one. So far they’ve only got two off this over. Last ball, can JP get this away? NO HE CAN’T! Bhuvi knocks out the leg stump! Sensational over from Bhuvi comes to an end!
OUT! JP Duminy 4(5) b Bhuvneshwar
Irfan comes back to bowl his third over. Just three runs off the first four balls. Is this a boundary? No, brilliantly done by Steyn! He dived and saved three runs for his side. But has he damaged his shoulder? He rubs it gingerly, but assures skipper Dhawan that he’s okay. Just a single off the last ball as well, just five off this over. Excellent one from Irfan.
Henriques on now to bowl the 17th over. AND HE’S GOT HIM FIRST BALL! DK mishits this slower ball down to long off. Steyn takes this centimeters from the boundary, it’s brilliantly done! He had to jump for it, and kept his balance wonderfully. JP comes in at No 6. Shukla on strike though, and he hits this slower full toss down to deep midwicket for a boundary. No run off the next two balls, but he goes for another big hit off the fifth ball. AND HE’S HOLED OUT. Warner takes a simple catch. Kedar Jadhav comes in now. This might not be a bad thing for Delhi. Last ball now, and Jadhav smashes this back at the bowler. No run, but it would’ve been four if it went past the bowler.
OUT! D Karthik 39 (30) c Steyn b Henriques, LR Shukla 21(22) c Warner b Henriques
Bhuvi to continue. DK looking for the big hits, but he’s not middling it this over. Karthik struggling to get the ball off the square this over, just six off the over so far, in spite of plenty of flailing from DK. And again, fails to capitalise off a full toss on the final delivery.
Irfan Pathan continues. Just a single off the first two balls. Fumble from Mishra allows a single off the third ball as well. Just another single off the next one as well. Good over so far from Irfan. OOOH another run-out chance, but it needed a direct hit, another miss. And they’ll take another run off the overthrow. DK goes for a big hit off the last ball, Warner dives forward for it, but it just falls short. Two runs to deep midwicket off the last ball. Seven off that one.
Welcome back folks! We now resume play. Karn Sharma, who had bowled one ball of the 13th over, will continue. And that’s a couple of dot balls to begin with. But HERE WE GO! Karthik thinks he’s had enough of sitting around, big six over midwicket. And that’s another boundary though midwicket again! DK looking very good. And he nearly gets another boundary off the reverse sweep. Delicately done by Karthik. It’ll be a couple.
News from the middle is that play is about to start, and luckily, there will be NO reduction in overs.

Good news from the middle, the rain has stopped and the skies are clearing up. The covers are being taken off now, and play will resume soon. Stay tuned, we’ll be back very soon!

Karn Sharma to continue now. Single off the first ball. But what’s this? Bad news folks, the covers are coming on now. Play will have to be interrupted due to rain. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with further updates as soon as we can!
Steyn steams in now. Leg bye off the first ball. WOW! Some innovation from DK there, walks across his stumps and uses Steyn’s pace against him for a six down fine leg. Good shot. And a single down third man off the next ball. Good stuff from DK. Good short ball from Shukla, and DK halfway down the track, wanting a single! Very interesting, DK seems to fancy his chances against Steyn! He isn’t on strike though, Shukla is. Steyn runs in but pulls out. Here he comes again. It’s a slower ball, and it’s a single. 11 off the over.
Irfan Pathan comes on now. Slower ball outside off to start with, Shukla slices it away for a single. DK on strike now. Well played on the off side, he gets a couple. Irfan bowling lots of slower balls, another single. AND DK HITS THIS IN THE AIR! Mishy comes underneath it, or does he? Nope, he fluffs it! Dhawan not pleased at all with that effort. DK completely misjudged this pull from DK. Should’ve been a wicket off that over.
Amit Mishra to continue now. Good bowling from him so far. Just a couple of singles off the first three balls. OOH some drama off the fourth one, is this stumped? Nope, the replays show Shukla is fine. WOW! Where did that come from? HUGE six over midwicket against the turn from Laxmi Shukla! It was the googly, well picked by Shukla.
Karn back on now. DD not able to get the ball off the square. Just a couple of runs off the over. SRH applying the squeeze now!
Mishy to continue. Oooh big turn, and Mayank gets an outside edge for four down third man. Good ball from Mishra though. Mayank drives down to deep cover off the third ball, but gets just a single. Another single off the next ball. AND HE’S GONE! Mishy is starting to get that loop going for him again! Mayank goes against the turn and pays the price. Easy catch for Davey Warner at deep midwicket. LR Shukla is in. Oh and a big googly nearly knocks him over. Saved by the umpire!
OUT! M Agarwal 20(14) c Warner b Mishra
Henriques to continue. Innocuous looking medium pace, no trouble for Mayank and DK to work him around for singles. Four singles off the first four balls. Mayank plays the fifth ball nicely, and gets two to deep covers. And another single off the last ball. Seven off the over. An uneventful one.
So Kevin Pietersen off to a blistering start for Delhi, but the big question is can he continue? We’re back from the strategic timeout now. Amit Mishra to bowl. This could be a make-or-break over for SRH. KP traditionally hasn’t done well against away-spinning deliveries. Here’s Mishra. And that’s a googly to start off with, good ball. Inside edge for a single. Mayank on strike now. Another single. Good start for Mishy so far. AND HE STRIKES! This is also his 100th IPL wicket. HUGE moment for SRH, that’s the big man KP out. Slower ball on off, KP goes for a drive, the bat turns in his hands and Dhawan takes it easily at short covers. DK is the new man in. And Mayank plays a lovely dab off the fifth ball for a boundary. Single off the last ball.
OUT! K Pietersen 35(19) c Dhawan b Mishra
Moises Henriques comes on now. Hello, says KP! BANG! Six over long on! And he’s followed it up with a boundary down to long off. KP really opening up now. Just a single off the next two balls, and now Mayank hits him over covers for four more! Delhi really picking up steam off these last few balls! Great shot from the youngster. That’s also the fifty for Delhi. And time for the strategic timeout.
Karn Sharma comes on to bowl now. He has been very impressive so far in this tournament. Couple of singles off the first two balls. And HERE GOES KP! Smashed over long off for six! And KP cuts really close to the stumps now, that’s four more. 12 off the over so far, one to go. And it’s a wide ball, so still one delivery to go. Just a single, but 14 off that over. DD on their way.
Bhuvi in to bowl the fourth over, and that’s four off the first ball. Driven well off the back foot through point. And that’s another boundary off the outside edge. Bhuvi keeping it tight, swinging the ball quite nicely, but this has been an expensive over, nine runs off it.
Steyn continues, and de Kock nearly knocked over off the second ball! QdK swings across the line, and misses. The ball inches from the stumps. Three dot balls to start this over. AND HE’S GONE! Quinton de Kock going for an uppish drive, and KL Rahul fielding at short cover takes an easy catch. Mayank Agarwal is the new batsman. Sharp bouncer to start off to Mayank, and he misses the hook entirely. Naman Ojha appeals, but it was probably more of a request than anything. And Mayank spanks a boundary off the final ball.
OUT! Q de Kock 7(8) c Rahul b Steyn
Purple Cap holder Bhuvneshwar to bowl the second over. OH nearly run out first ball! Needed a direct hit though, so KP is safe. Bhuvi drifts on the pads as well, and de Kock gets three down to deep mid wicket. Another quick single, KP not looking too comfortable. Bhuvi maintaining a line very close to the stumps, not giving any room to these two. Bhuvi has now bowled 98 dot balls in IPL 7. Tremendous stuff from him! ANOTHER run out chance off the last ball, but no direct hit. DD off to a nervy start.
Well well well, out comes KP to open the innings! Aggressive move from a man who has not been in great form. Dale Steyn to open the bowling, de Kock on strike. Here we go. First ball left alone outside off stump. And of the next ball DD are away with a couple, nicely played by QdK, flicked off his pads. And again, drifting on the pads, another single. Not quite a deadly first over from the SteynGun yet. KP on strike now, and he leaves a big outswinger well alone. Good ball. And again Steyn drifts down leg, another single to fine leg. Wayward first over from Steyn, but just four off it.

It’s time for the toss now. Pommie Mbangwa and Craig McMillan out with the captains Kevin Pietersen and Shikhar Dhawan respectively. Home-team captain Pietersen to toss the coin, and home-ground hero Dhawan to call it. Tails is the call. And it is tails. Dhawan wins the toss, and elects to bowl first. Delhi to bat. SRH to play with the same team, but three changes for Delhi.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014′s 32nd game between Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad at Delhi. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will take you through the entire match. Delhi have been struggling for form with only two wins in their eight games. On the other hand, Hyderabad have six points to their credit by winning three of their games. Delhi needs to up their game, as they have really been struggling in the tournament. Their star player and skipper Kevin Pietersen has struggled for form and consistency in IPL 7. Their bowlers too have struggled for form and consistency.

Hyderabad as well haven’t been consistent enough but they did beat Rajasthan Royals (RR) and in turn that should lift their sagging spirits. They have a fine bowling line-up. But their batsmen have been a touch inconsistent. They depend on the likes of Shikhar Dhawan, Aaron Finch and David Warner to score the bulk of runs for them.


Delhi Daredevils: Q de Kock, MA Agarwal, KP Pietersen*, KD Karthik†, JP Duminy, LR Shukla, KM Jadhav, Mohammed Shami, Imran Tahir, JD Unadkat, R Shukla

Sunrisers Hyderabad: S Dhawan*, AJ Finch, KL Rahul, NV Ojha†, DA Warner, MC Henriques, IK Pathan, KV Sharma, DW Steyn, A Mishra, B Kumar

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