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IPL 2014 Live Cricket Score, KKR vs KXIP Qualifier 1: KKR through to the final

Umesh Yadav's performance defined the match
Umesh Yadav’s performance defined the match

May 28, 2014

Catch Live Scorecard of the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab here

(Kings XI Punjab will take on Kolkata Knight Riders in Qualifier 1 of playoffs at Eden Gardens on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the game was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to heavy rain. So, the game is taking place on the reserve day)

They have emulated KXIP’s run — by beating them!
OUT! Bailey smashes it, but the ball goes straight to Manish at long-on! ONE. Desperate attempt, but only finds cover. DOT. Mitch swings and misses. DOT. Slow bouncer, the umpires discuss, not a wide. DOT. A swing and a miss again, Gauti applauds. DOT. Too close to the body, KKR through to the final.
OUT! Bailey c Manish b Umesh 26(17)!
DOT. Huge turn, misses. DOT. Huge turn outside off-again, Mitch never had a chance. TWO. Rushes through fast. ONE. Outside edge. ONE. Tries to pull, drops in no-man’s land. DOT. Comprehensively beaten, KXIP being pushed out of the encounter.
TWO. Plays well to deep extra-cover. SIX! Umesh jumps early at deep square-leg, misses it, can this be it? OUT! Spoke too early, Rishi is beaten by a mile, Shakib strikes! SIX! And Mitch goes big, times perfectly, ball soars over deep mid-wicket! ONE. They switch ends, over to Bailey. SIX! Full toss, Bailey hits the THIRD six of the over!
OUT! Rishi st Robin b Shakib 14(15)!
FOUR! Final throw of the dice for Bailey, creams it through extra-cover! ONE. Doesn’t time it well, gets a single to long-on. DOT. Tries a slog-sweep and misses. ONE. Single to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Lovely turn, beaten comprehensively. SIX! Hits against the turn, clears boundary!
ONE. Sweeps. ONE. Plays to mid-off. ONE. Deep mid-wicket fields. DOT. Steps out and hits back to Shakib. ONE. Sweeps again. ONE. Easy run, but things are looking difficult for KXIP.
DOT. Rishi defends, the match is slipping. ONE. Steps out and tries to push, takes insideedge, Bailey calls for a single. ONE. Drives to long-off, Bailey needs to take the initiative here. ONE. Plays to cover, KKR doesn’t mind that. ONE. Hit to deep extra-cover, still no boundary. DOT. Strange shot, top-edges, Bailey doesn’t run.
ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Bailey tries to step out, Shakib pulls it back. OUT! Bailey sweeps hard amd runsbut Piyush is extremely accurate, Robin whips off the bails, Akshar is well short. DOT. Rishi plays softly. DOT. Rishi blocks softly. ONE. Pushes to long-off, Rishi keepsstrike, excellent comeback from Shakib.
OUT! Akshar run out 2(2)!
TWO. Miller hits against turn, straight to deep cover. OUT! Misses the HUGE leg-break, it hits middle-stump! DOT. Bailey blocks. TWO. Bailey pushes to long-on, they run well. ONE. Plays to cover. ONE. Plays to deep point.
OUT! Miller b Chawla 8(12)!
ONE. Pulls to square-leg. ONE. Plays to fine-leg. ONE. Adjusts well, Miller steps out, Morne cramps him. DOT. Plays to point. DOT. Slow,short one, Wriddhi misses. OUT! Wriddhi holes out to Umesh at Yadav, Morne strikes with his last ball!
OUT! Wriddhi c Umesh b Morne 35(31)!
DOT. Cuts and misses. ONE. Plays to deep square-leg. SIX! Huge slog-sweep, clears deep mid-wicket easily! ONE. Long-hop, straight to deep-wicket. ONE. Easy run to long-off. DOT. Cuts and misses.
FOUR! Wriddhi goes after Umesh, slogs past mid-wicket! DOT. Nice comeback, straifght on the stumps. DOT. Beats him outside off. ONE. Flicks to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Manish FLIES at point but doesn’t get the catch, excellent stop nevertheless. TWO. Plays to deep mid-wicket and runs, they needed a direct hit.
ONE. Plays to cover. LEG-BYE. That was absolutely plumb, S Ravi doesn’t give it out. ONE. Sweeps for a single. ONE. Plays to long-on. ONE. Plays to deep square-leg. DOT. Sweeps and misses.
Pushes to cover.
LEG-BYE. Umesh cramps Maxi there, loud appeal, got away because of the bounce. ONE. Bounces, top-edges, Arun Lal says it will be a four, it runs tamely to deep fine-leg. DOT. Tries a heave and misses. DOT. Encore, though that kept a tad low. OUT! Tries to shuffle across, Umesh appeals, Llong finally gives out, Maxi departs for six, Eden Gardens roars!
OUT! Maxwell lbw b Umesh 6(9)!
DOT. Tries to pull, the mistimed stroke goes to long-on. SIX! Creams beautifully over long-on, that was exceptional batsmanship! DOT. Hit hard to mid-off. DOT. Steep bounce, lovely comeback from Morne, beaten by bounce. OUT! Manan perhaps overdid things a bit, that had more height than distance, well-judged catch by Umesh at mid-on! The D/L equation changes now. WIDE. Down leg-stump. D/L target 49/2 from 6 overs. DOT. Plays to mid-on.
OUT! Naman c Umesh b Morne 26(19)!
SIX! Hit over deep mid-wicket, huge! SIX! An encore, this was well-adjusted, bigger! ONE. Pushes softly. DOT. Cut hard, but no run. ONE. Pulled to deep square-leg. ONE. Plays behind square-leg.
DOT. Horrible long-hop outside leg, gets away with it. DOT. Again down leg, no run. It drizzled, they ran in with the covers and retreated. ONE. Plays to square-leg. ONE. They ran hard, decided against the two, misfield, but it was too late for the extra run. ONE. Plays to long-on. FOUR! Sweeps well, over backward sqaure-leg, lovely shot!
ONE. Plays past mid-on. DOT. Plays softly to cover. DOT. Plays behind point. TWO. Nice placement to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Loud appeal, was perhaps missing leg. SIX! Pitches up onleg, Wriddhi swings hard, straight over square-leg boundary!
OUT! Hit very hard, but straight to Shakib at short cover, he didn’t have to move a millimetre there! DOT. Plays to extra-cover. WIDE. Down leg-side. DOT. Beaten outside off, excellent delivery. ONE. Plays to third-man. ONE. Hits hard, mid-off runs to left and fields. DOT. Goes for a surreal slog and misses completely.
OUT! Viru c Shakib b Umesh 2(3)!
TWO. Ball flies over cover. LEG-BYE. Ball strolls to square-leg. DOT. Ripper, pitches on a length and sways away, Manan left clueless. DOT. This one came in, Manan doesn’t have a clue. TWO. Tries to heave over mid-wicket, they run a brace as Shakib picks it up. DOT. Edges, but falls short of Yusuf at first slip.

KKR spinners will hold the key on a wet outfield. Can they restrict KXIP — an outfit that includes Viru, Maxwell, and Miller — on this huge ground?

Robin 42(30) Gauti 1(3) Manish 21(20) Shakib 18(16) Yusuf 20(18) Tendo 17(10) Surya 20(14) Piyush 17*(9) Narine 0(0) Morne 0*(0)
Awana 4-0-33-0 Mitch 4-0-31-2 Akshar 4-1-11-2 Rishi 4-0-44-0 Karan 4-0-40-3
FOUR! Full-toss, leg-glanced, good one! FOUR! Hooks, top-edges, four more! TWO. Hits to long-on, good running from Narine. DOT. Hits back to Awana. OUT! Runs hard, overthrows, close one, Bailey had knocked off one of the bails, but the other one stays, nice call. FOUR! Piyush goes on one knee and the ball soars over fine-leg!
OUT! Narine run out 0(0)!
ONE. Tendo plays it to fine-leg. ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Mitch bounces, Tendo never got close. OUT! Overpitches, Tendo gets it right, but hits straight to Manan at deep square-leg. DOT. Beaten outside off. ONE. Plays to mid-on.
OUT! Tendo c Manan b Mitch 17(10)!
SIX! Straight over long-on! SIX! Bigger, huge, humongous, over long-on! ONE. Ugly hoick, goes to long-on. DOT. Sweeps and misses. FOUR! Slog-swept ON THE GROUND against the turn, places perfectly! OUT! Terrible dismissal, moves outside off and tries a slog-sweep, missed the ball by a furlong!
OUT! Surya b Karan 20(14)!
SIX! Terrible length-ball from Rishi, dispatched over deep square-leg! FOUR! Hit straight over Rishi’s head! DOT. Nearly yorks himself. ONE. Leg-glances, that one raced. TWO. Plays with soft hands, excellent running. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket and takes another run.
DOT. Plays and misses, stifled appeal. ONE. Plays to long-off.
MSD (c/wk), Wriddhi (wk), Shikhar, Pujara, ViKo, Ajinkya, Rohit, Jaddu, Ish, Gauti, Aaron, Pankaj, Bhuvi, Ash, Ishwar.



The skies are clearing. Chants of korbo lorbo jeetbo and Kay Kay Aar at Eden Gardens.


Raina (c), Wriddhi (wk), Robin, Ajinkya, Pujara, Rayudu, Tiwary, Kedar, Rasool, Akshar, Vinay, Umesh, Stu, Mohit, Mishra.
Robin 42(30), Gauti 1(3), Manish 21(20), Shakib 18(16), Yusuf 20(18), Tendo 0(2), Surya 4(5)
Awana 3-0-18-0 Mitch 3-0-28-1 Akshar 3.4-1-10-2 Rishi 3-0-30-0 Karan 3-0-23-2
DOT. Plays and misses. LEG-BYE. Misses, the ball goes towards square-leg. DOT. Plays to short cover. DOT. Plays to short cover again, as the covers come on.
FOUR! Hit very hard, ball eludes long-off. OUT! Shakib tries to clear ground, holes out to long-on, nice running catch by Miller! OUT! Yusuf tries an encore, once again caught by Miller, this time a straight one at long-on, that is his third catch of the match. DOT. Blocks, saves the hat-trick. FOUR! Nicely streered by Surya! DOT. Blocks again, lovely bowling from Karn.
OUT! Shakib c Miller b Karan 18(16)! Yusuf c Miller b Karan 20(18)!
DOT. Calls for a single, Shakib sends him back, third umpire called, not out. DOT. The ball hit the pad SIX! YP goes big, straiiiiiiiight over long-off. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Easy single to mid-off. DOT. Plays it back to Rishi.
DOT. Plays to point. FOUR! Comes down the track and slams over extra-cover! ONE. Plays to third man. DOT. Slower one, looked pretty plumb, Llong says no. LEG-BYE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Plays to mid-off.
ONE. Easy one. ONE. Plays to square-leg. ONE. Plays past point, lovely stop at point. FOUR! Tries an ugly slog, takes outside-edge and rushes to the fence! DOT. Plays to mid-wicket. TWO. Comedy of errors, plays to long-off, they decide against the single but runs as there is an overthrow.
WIDE. Down the leg. DOT. Hits back to Mitch. TWO. Plays nicely to deep extra-cover. ONE. Sweeper picks up. DOT. Yusuf tries to pull, but Mitch is too fast. FOUR. Pitches short, Yusuf easily places it over gully, one-bounce. DOT. Loud appeal, pitched outside leg.
DOT. Inside edge. ONE. Mistimes to point. ONE. Plays with soft hands toleg. ONE. Plays to long-on. ONE. Sweeps comfortably. WIDE. Way outside off. DOT. Plays to point.
DOT. Pushes off back-foot. OUT! A nothing shot really, Miller’s there at long-off, the big man departs. DOT. Pushed to off, good change of pace. DOT. Nice one from Akshar. OUT! Oh dear, it hits the pads and lobs up, Manish tries to return to the crease, the ball hits the STUMPS, that was unfortunate. DOT. Yusuf blocks (yes, you’ve read it correctly).
That’s a double-wicket maiden from Akshar, may as well decide the match.
OUT! Robin c Miller b Akshar 42(30)! Manish b Akshar 21(20)!
ONE. Plays against turn to long-on, easy run. ONE. The slog-sweep goes straight, falls between FOUR fielders safely. ONE. Flies past Bailey again, they’re leading charmed lives. FOUR! Glorious drive past extra-cover. ONE. Easy one. ONE. Mitch dives at point to stop that.
They’re surely discussing a lot of strategies over there. What fun.
DOT. Tries to steer and is beaten. ONE. Plays to off. DOT. Plays to off. ONE. Plays to long-on. DOT. Steers hard, but SEHWAG pounces on the ball, Arun Lal calls him a panther. ONE. Easy run.
SIX! Ho ho ho, Rishi is dispatched straight over his head first ball! ONE. Plays softly to off, easy run. DOT. Appeal for stumping, he’s home. FOUR! Wonderful bowler’s back drive, that’s the fifty-partnership for KKR! ONE. Pushes to mid-on and sprints. DOT. Plays to mid-wicket, Robin keepsstrike.
DOT. Shuffles and tries to play cross-batted, misses. FOUR! Woah, look at that, steps out and lofts over cover! ONE. Steers to third-man. ONE. Got away with that, Bailey’s throw misses the stumps. FOUR! Hooks hard, almost a six! ONE. Inside edge, they steal a single.
FOUR! Balloons towards mid-off, goes past a flying Bailey, that was close. WIDE. Down leg. ONE. Plays to third-man. SIX! Pulls over square-leg, that’s a WOW shot! FOUR! Plays through mid-on. ONE. Plays to third-man. DOT. Shoulders arms.
LEG-BYE. Plays to on. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket again. ONE. Mid-wicket again, they seem to have a penchant for that zone. LEG-BYE. Played to square-leg. FOUR. Lovely improvisation from Robin, takes advantage of the vacant fine-leg, first boundary of the match.
DOT. Loud appeal from Mitch, a tad high. OUT! Mitch bowls a long-hop, Gauti pulls hard, but the ball goes straight to Bailey at mid-wicket! ONE. Played past point. ONE. Flicks to fine-leg. ONE. Plays to third-man. DOT. Plays to short mid-wicket.
OUT! Gauti c Bailey b Mitch 1(3)!
Dot. On the legs, hits the pads, they attempt a single but decide against it. One. Uthappa steers to third man, they’re off. One. Gauti pushes to gully, slight hesitation, they get the single. Dot. Robin plays it back to Awana. Dot. Awana attempts a bouncer, the ball passes close to Robin’s armpits, Llong doesn’t call a wide. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket.
Bailey (c), Wriddhi (wk), Viru, Manan, Maxwell, Miller, Akshar, Mitch, Rishi, Karan, Awana.
Gambhir (c), Robin (wk), Manish, Yusuf, Shakib, Tendo, Surya, Piyush, Morne, Narine, Umesh.
KXIP goes unchanged. KKR brings in Chawla for VK.

Tanmay Mukherjee has just sent in a picture from the ground. We can hope it’s temporary.

Let us hope this is a passing phase.
Let us hope this is a passing phase.

George Bailey, an Australian captain, is wearing a hat with the word Britannia written on it. That is some irony.

Okay, a cloud has just passed the ground. I hope this is a passing scare.

People are pouring into the Eden Gardens as I type this. We’re getting plenty of emails regarding the bright sunshine and the dramatic change in weather in the City of Joy over the past hours. This is, as they say, going to be a serious encounter here.

Hello and a warm welcome to the live blog of the Qualifier 1 of the IPL 2014 playoffs played between Kolkata Knight Riders and the form team of the tournament, Kings XI Punjab at the Eden Gardens. We will be bringing you the live updates of the match. Catch the Preview of the match here

The game was schedule to take place on Tuesday, but heavy rain meant that the game was abandoned. So, the game is taking place on Wedensday on the reserve day. Both teams look strong. Punjab were the form team going into the playoffs. On the other end of the spectrum, Kolkata have shwon great resilience to qualify for playoffs by winning seven in a row. Robin Uthappa and Glenn Maxwell will be the key players to watch out for.

Catch ball-by-ball commentary of the match here

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