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IPL 2014 Live cricket score, KXIP vs RR: Kings XI win by 16 runs, battle for the playoffs continues

IPL 2014 Live cricket score, KXIP vs RR: Punjab aim to finish in top-two
Kings XI Punjab finish at the top of the table © IANS

Catch live scorecard of the Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) vs Rajasthan Royals (RR) match here

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Royals +0.247 Indians -0.086 Sunrisers -0.231 Royal Challengers -0.362
Rahane 23(26) Karun 11(6) Sanju 30(29) Watto 0(1) Stu 7(10) Tewatia 16(13) Hodge 31(18) Faulkner 35*(13) Cooper 2(2) Malik 1*(2) Balaji 4-0-37-1 Beuran 4-0-57-0 Rishi 4-0-25-2 Akshar 4-0-24-3 Karan 4-0-16-2
Dot. Misses the full-toss completely. SIX! Slogs over deep mid-wicket! Dot. Drives to long-off, declines the single, net run rate at stake. SIX! Bigger! Huge! Over mid-wicket! One. Pulled to deep fine-leg. One. Pulled to deep mid-wicket.
FOUR! Full-toss outside off, hit past extra-cover! SIX! Short outside off, clobbered over long-on! One. Hit to long-off, Malik runs well, beats direct hit, umpires call one short. SIX! Full-toss, clears sight-screen! One. Slogged to long-off. Dot. Driven to long-on, Faulkner declines the single.
One. Slog-sweeps, back to Hodge. Two. Slog-sweeps, easy couple. OUT! Steps out, tries the slog, Wriddhi whips off the bails! Two. Cooper plays to deep extra-cover, comfortable runs. OUT! Cooper mistimes, and Marsh runs in to end up with an outstanding catch diving forward! One. Places to deep mid-wicket.
OUT! Hodge st Wriddhi b Akshar 31(18)! Cooper c Marsh b Akshar 2(2)!
SIX! Rank long-hop, and Hodge dispatches him over deep mid-wicket! FOUR! Makes room, reaches out, well-placed through extra-cover! FOUR! Driven to long-on, the ball bounces in front of Marsh and goes over his head! Two. Brutal swipe, ball rushes to third man, Balaji fields. Dot. Slow bouncer, excellent variation from Beuran. SIX! As clean as it gets, hit straight over long-on!
One. Plays to off. One. Sweeps. One. Plays to mid-wicket. SIX! Tewatia goes big, slog-sweeps cleanly! OUT! Tries an encore, easy catch at deep square-leg! Two. Places to mid-wicket.
OUT! Tewatia c Karan b Akshar 16(13)!
One. Plays to point. Two. Moves across and hits above Wriddhi, misses the helmet. Leg-bye. Shuffles and misses. Two. Leg-glances, Karan picks it up. Wide. Staight down leg. One. Full-toss, plays to leg. Dot. Makes room and misses.
OUT! Tries to play against turn, misses, Wriddhi whips the bails off! Dot. HODGE, finally out to bat, defends. Dot. Defends. Dot. Cramped for space. Dot. Tries to place through point, beaten. One. Nudges behind square-leg.
OUT! Sanju st Wriddhi b Karan 30(28)!
Leg-bye. Tries to sweep and misses. One. Slogs, edges, finds third-man. One. Plays to extra-cover. One. Drives to long-off. Leg-bye. Reverse-sweeps and misses. One. Single.
OUT! Stu tries to clear long-off but sorts of checks it, finds Marsh! One. Sweeps to deep square-leg, the second run is prevented. One. Steps out, edges, third-man fields. Two. Tewatia pulls with panache, well-fielded by Rishi. Two. Slogs to deep extra-cover, stopped by Miller. One. Almost an encore.
OUT! Stu c Marsh b KV 7(10)!
One. Lofts to long-on. Dot. Inside edge. Two. Plays to third-man, Balaji picks up. Two. Almost an encore, more work for Balaji. Dot. Plays back to Rishi. One. Pushes to long-on.
Dot. Plays to mid-wicket. Two. Steps out, not timed well, good running. One. Plays to long-off. Dot. Plays to extra-cover. Wide. Terrible line outside leg-stump, long-hop to boot, lucky to have got away. One. Pushes with soft hands, they scamper for a single. One. Plays to long-off.
OUT! Pitches up, Ajinkya misses comprehensively, ball hits timber! OUT! Off-cutter, Watto misses completely, ball passes through the gate! Dot. Keeps out. One. Plays to third-man, gets off the mark. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket. One. Plays to long-off.
OUT! Rahane b Rishi 23(26)! Watson b Rishi 0(1)!
Dot. Turns, bounces, misses. Dot. Defends. One. Plays to cover. One. Plays to deep extra-cover. Dot. Plays to extra-cover. Dot. Plays to extra-cover, excellent over by Karan.
One. Plays to third-man. One. Plays with soft hands, quick single. One. Beuren comes round the wicket, Rahane pulls to deep mid-wicket. Dot. Leaves that alone. SIX! Bounces, hooks hard, top-edges, still soars over deep fine-leg! One. Plays to extra-cover.
FOUR! Steps out and dispatched through the vacant mid-off! Dot. Plays to mid-wicket. Leg-bye. Shuffles across, Rishi appeals, not out. FOUR! Seven fielders inside the circle, guided through the vacant third-man! Dot. Pushes to point and tries a run, sent back by Ajinkya. FOUR! Easy placement through mid-wicket, that’s three boundaries in that over!
One. Plays past cover-point. One. Plays to extra-cover. Dot. Plays to cover-point. Dot. Plays to cover-point. One. Pushes to long-on. Dot. Plays back to Akshar.
Dot. Sanju keeps it out, nice in-dipper. One. Plays to third man. Dot. Doesn’t time, ball goes to point. Dot. Down the legs, not called a wide. One. Balaji dives at fine-leg, just a single. One. Guides to third-man. One. Plays with soft hands and runs.
One. Plays to third-man. FOUR! Cut violently, flies over point. Dot. On the stumps, blocks. OUT! The ball goes more up than far, and the ball lands safely into Bailey’s hands at cover! Dot. Outside off, lets it go. Two. Leg-glances, brilliantly fielded at deep fine-leg.
OUT! Karun c Bailey b Balaji 11(6)!
One. Excellent yorker, somehow manages to excavate. Three. Brilliantly fielded by Balaji at deep square-leg. Dot. Cramped for room. Three. Flicks through mid-wicket, Balaji runs again. Dot. Bounces, Karun somehow avoids the edge. FOUR! Karun thumps it to the extra-cover fence.
Dot. Plays softly to mid-wicket. Dot. Outside off, Ajinkya plays and misses. Dot. Plays to point. FOUR! Lofted over mid-on, doesn’t time it well, still reaches the ropes. Dot. Excellent leg-cutter, beaten comprehensively. One. Plays to point.
Viru 18(8) Manan 25(20) Marsh 40(35) Wriddhi 27(20) Miller 29*(20) Bailey 26*(18) Malik 3-0-29-1 Watto 2-0-16-0 Faulkner 3-0-39-1 Cooper 4-0-25-0 Tewatia 4-0-24-1 Tambe 4-0-36-0
Bye. Misses completely, they get the bye as Sanju misses the run out. One. Slammed to long-off. Four leg-byes. Pitches on leg, brushes Miller’s pads, fine-leg was inside. Two. Terrible leg-stump line, Miller misses out. Bye. Misses the ball and they steal a bye, Sanju misses again. Bye. Bailey shuffles across, misses, almost a wide, not given, excellent decision.
FOUR! Bailey goes inside out, doesn’t time well, but there’s no fielder, KXIP need more of these. SIX! That seemed too high, but still clears long on! Two. Tries to smoke it over point, mistimes, just a couple. No-ball and two. Once again Faulkner overpitches, once again Bailey slogs. FREE HIT! One. Mistimes to third man. SIX! Full-toss on leg-stump, dispatches over deep mid-wicket. One. Bounces, hooks, mistimes, they run a single.
One. Plays to deep mid-wicket, excellent throw from Faulkner. Two. They were not gettng the boundary, Miller calls for a second and just about beats Ajinkya’s throw from long-on. Two. This time to deep mid-wicket. One. Tries to blast through long-off, just a single. One. Steps out and pushes to long-off. SIX! He has connected, steps out and gives it the full throttle! The ball sails over the sight-screen behind Tambe!
Two. Pushes to long-on, excellent running. One. Nails to long-off. One. Drives to long-on. One. Plays to extra-cover. One. Drives to extra-cover. One. Manages a single to fine-leg.
One. Drives to long-on. Two. Cuts, but there’s a sweeper. Dot. Plays to cover. One. Tries an inside-out stroke, not the best of shots. One. Plays to long-on. One. Flicks to fine-leg.
Dot. Plays to cover. One. Pushes to long-off. Dot. Edges. OUT! Saha tries to clear long-on, but cannot go over Ajinkya! One. Pushes to long-on. Dot. Misreads the googly.
OUT! Saha c Ajinkya b Tewatia 27(20)!
One. Plays to cover. One. Top-edges, the ball lands between Faulkner and Watto. One. Plays to off. One. Plays to fine-leg. One. Guides to third-man.
That will be the end of the road for MI, SRH, and RCB.
Unusual slog from Marsh, Ajinkya runs to his right and takes a nice catch at long-on.
OUT! Marsh c Ajinkya b Malik 40(35)!
One. Plays to point. One. Plays to cover, fifty-partnership. Dot. Good one from Faulkner, Wriddhi is completely beaten. Dot. Excellent bouncer from Faulkner, Wriddhi tries to hook and misses. FOUR! Excellent shot through cover-point, not much wrong with that one, amazing adjustment. FOUR! Tries to bounce, Wriddhi hooks, ball runs towards fine-leg.
One. Plays to third-man. Dot. Plays and misses outside off, lazy effort. FOUR! Driven beautifully through extra-cover, what a shot! Two. Flicked behind square, easy pickings. One. Plays to third-man. One. Slower one, inside-edges.
Dot. Plays straight, Tewatia fields well off his own bowling. One. Plays to deep extra-cover. One. Plays to deep mid-wicket. Two. Plays to deep extra-cover. SIX! Goes down on the knee, the ball sails over deep mid-wicket, that’s perfect! Wide. Short, very wide, in other words, terrible. Dot. Plays to cover.
One. Plays to deep mid-wicket. FOUR! Marsh steps out, hits past Tambe, straight to the fence! Dot. Plays to third-man. Dot. Beaten outside off. Two leg-byes. Tries to sweep, bottom-edges, they scamper along. One. Plays to deep mid-wicket.
One. Plays through point. One. Plays through extra-cover. Dot. Marsh steps out, almost carries to Watto at slip. FOUR! Outside edge to the googly, ball rushes past Watto. One. Plays past point. One. Tosses up, plays to long-off.
One. Plays to long-on. Dot. Plays to point. FOUR! Tambe’s a tad short, and Wriddhi pulls mercilessly. FOUR! Paddle-swept, beautiful from Wriddhi. One. Places to deep mid-wicket. One. Places to long-on.
Dot. No footwork, hit on the pads. Dot. Tewatia is slow through the air, beats Vohra. OUT! Terrible, terrible running; they appealed for leg-before, Manan runs for a second and forgets to ground the bat, the bat was in the air, excellent work from Binny, Sanju is elated! One. Places well. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket. One. Drives to long-off.
OUT! Vohra run out 25(20)!
Two. Ugly slog to mid-wicket, falls safely. FOUR! Down on one knee, plays beautifully through extra-cover. One. Cramped for space, still manages a single. Dot. Tries to glance, misses. Dot. Plays back to Cooper. Dot. Plays to point.
That is a strategic timeout.
One. Plays to deep mid-wicket. Dot. Blocks on the back-foot. FOUR! Gorgeous, plays beautifully through mid-off. Dot. Plays to mid-off. Dot. Plays to extra-cover. FOUR! Smokes through extra-cover.
FOUR! Flicks easily as Watto strays. SIX! Huge hoick over long-on! Dot. Plays to mid-off. Dot. Plays to extra-cover. Dot. Steep bouncer, wide not called. One. Plays to mid-on.
FOUR! Steps out slightly, driven boorishly past mid-on. OUT! Tries to play across the line, the ball takes the top-edge and balloons in the air; mid-on comes in and takes an easy catch; the danger-man goes. Dot. On the stumps, defended. Dot. Plays back to Faulkner. One. Plays to third-man. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket.
OUT! Viru c Malik b Faulkner 18(8)!
Dot. Plays back to Watto. FOUR! Goes down on the knee and plays beautifully through cover-point. Wide. Watto’s all over the place here, somehow stopped by Sanju. Dot. Outside off, beaten. Dot. Bounces, tries to pull, beaten. Dot. Plays half-heartedly, never close to the pitch of the ball, beaten. Dot. Wild, wild attempt outside off, beaten completely: you’re not a Viru, kid.
Dot. Driven to cover-point. Wide. Terrible short delivery, down the leg. Dot. Played and missed, that keeps low. Dot. Nice outswing, play and miss. FOUR! Outside off, Viru goes big, lofts over cover, almost a six! FOUR! This is vintage Sehwag, cut over third-man, just short. SIX! Goes all-out, ball soars over point, maximum!
Bailey (c), Wriddhi (wk), Sehwag, Manan, Miller, Marsh, Akshar, Rishi, Karanveer, Beuran, Balaji.
Watson (c), Sanju (wk), Rahane, Karun, Hodge, Binny, Faulkner, Cooper, Tewatia, Malik, Tambe.

News is that KXIP has decided to leave Maxwell out instead of Miller.

Watson wins the toss and elects to bowl.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of the 52nd match of IPL 2014 between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals at Mohali. I will be bringing all the action to you from this crucial encounter.

It has been Punjab’s season so far, with them losing only three matches so far. On the other hand, after losing five matches, Rajasthan has slipped one place down in the IPL Points Table, to fourth position. With Punjab suffering a loss at the hands of Mumbai Indians (MI) in Mohali on Wednesday, Cheteshwar Pujara admitted that fortunes fluctuate in the T20 format.

The Royals, champions of the inaugural edition, have been performing as per the expectations with some little-known players contributing massively to their success. However, they are coming into this match after a 25-run loss against Mumbai Indians, paying the price for resting key players such as Steven Smith and Ajinkya Rahane. Barring opener Karun Nair‘s 48 and Brad Hodge‘s 40 and James Faulkner‘s 31 down the order, none of their other top-half batsmen contributed significantly as Mumbai won by 25 runs after setting a target of 179 for the Royals.


Kings XI Punjab: Manan Vohra, Virender Sehwag, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, George Bailey (c), Rishi Dhawan, Akshar Patel, Sandeep Sharma, Shivam Sharma, Mitchell Johnson, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Shaun Marsh, Parvinder Awana, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Cheteshwar Pujara, Mandeep Singh, Anureet Singh, Karanveer Singh, Murali Kartik, Shardul Thakur.

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson (wk), Shane Watson (c), Stuart Binny, Brad Hodge, James Faulkner, Kevon Cooper, Rajat Bhatia, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pravin Tambe, Ankit Sharma, Steven Smith, Abhishek Nayar, Ben Cutting, Kane Richardson, Tim Southee, Unmukt Chand, Ankush Bains, Iqbal Abdulla, Dishant Yagnik, Vikramjeet Malik, Rahul Tewatia, Amit Mishra, Deepak Hooda.

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