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IPL 2014 Live Cricket Score, MI vs CSK Eliminator: MI knocked out, CSK to play KXIP in Qualifier 2

MS Dhoni © IANS (File Photo)
Yet another win for CSK and MS Dhoni © IANS (File Photo)

May 28, 2014

Catch the ball-by-ball live scorecard of the Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) match here

(Follow the live updates of the MI vs CSK Eliminator, IPL 2014 here.)

Dwayne 24(20) Faf 35(20) Raina 54*(33) McCullum 14(11) Hussey 40*(29)
PK 4-0-27-0 Corey 3-0-35-0 Bumrah 3.4-0-40-0 Harbhajan 4-0-27-2 Ojha 3-0-34-1 Pollard 1-0-10-0
ONE. Bumrah bowls a full-toss outside off, gets away with it. DOT. Raina pulls, picks out mid-wicket. WIDE. That was too high. DOT. Raina is beaten outside off, too late. FOUR. Raina seals it with a drive through mid-wicket, MI are eliminated.
WIDE. Why is Pollard bowling now? He strays down the leg-side. WIDE. Attempts a bouncer, a wide both in terms of height and line. FOUR! Easy picking for Raina, rank long-hop, straight to mid-wicket boundary. ONE. Raina pulls, gets a single. ONE. Hussey plays to deep square-leg. ONE. Plays down the ground to reach his fifty. DOT. Pollard bounces, Hussey hooks, it takes the edge, Tare’s acrobatics saves a certain boundary. ONE. Played to long-off, only four left now.
DOT. Punches to off. FOUR! Nothing going MI’s way today, the French-cut rushes to the fence. TWO. Easy couple to deep extra-cover. ONE. Hussey thumps to long-on. ONE. Raina drives to deep mid-wicket, easy run. DOT. Got away with that one, Hussey hit it back to Bumrah.
ONE. Ojha tosses up, Raina drives to long-off. SIX! Ojha drops an inch short, but Hussey is quick to pounce on it; he dispatches it over deep mid-wicket for maximum! DOT. Plays to mid-on. SIX! Hussey goes downtown again! Clears long-on comfortably! ONE. Hus places to deep point. SIX! Raina unleashes his famous slog-sweep, that over has decided the match.
ONE. PK’s form continues, Hussey’s inside-edge goes to fine-leg. TWO. Raina steers to deep third-man. TWO. Raina somehow plays a leg-side ball behind point, Bumrah is too slow. TWO. Flicks to deep square-leg, these guys run hard. ONE. He SWEEPS PK, easy single. SIX! Hussey joins the party now, huge six over deep extra-cover!
FOUR! Hussey steers it through the empty third-man space, they’re cruising. DOT. Hussey plays it to point. DOT. Inside edge, straight to Harbhajan at mid-wicket. ONE. Slower delivery, Hussey waits and plays to deep point. DOT. Bumrah bounces, Raina ducks (!), lets it go. FOUR! Short from Bumrah, Raina pulls, gets the placement right, CSK inch closer to victory.
ONE. Raina flicks to mid-wicket. ONE. Hussey finds a run finally, he pushes it long-on. ONE. The steer didn’t work, they still get the run. ONE. Hussey plays to mid-wicket. ONE. The edge flies to cover, Raina pauses but gets the single. ONE. Hussey attempts a pseudo-helicopter shot, just the single, though.
ONE. Raina misses out on that one, terrible delivery outside off. ONE. Cover-drives for a single. THREE. Well-placed by Raina, Dunk pulls off a nice save om the fence. DOT. Hussey blocks with ease, he’s taking his time. DOT. Hussey blocks again, they have things in control. DOT. Hussey pushes it softly to extra-cover.
DOT. Raina steers to backward-point. TWO. Raina swats it to deep mid-wicket, they run a brace. DOT. Defended. SIX! Raina goes big, plays with the turn, clears extra-cover fence by a distance. ONE. Drives to long-off for a casual single. DOT. Hussey is beaten comprehensively.
ONE. Raina plays it comfortably to deep mid-wicket. SIX! McCullum goes big, big, oh well, has he been caught by Dunk at long-on? He did not time the jump, the ball crosses the line! OUT! Baz tries another huge hit, misses it by a mile, Ojha does a gorilla celebration by hitting his own chest. ONE. Hussey jr plays it to deep point. ONE. Raina pulls to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Hussey pushes it softly mid-off.
OUT! McCullum st Tare b Ojha 14(11)!
DOT. McCullum tries to reverse-sweep, the ball brushes his shoulders, for some reason they go up in unison. DOT. McCullum blocked softly. SIX! McCullum cannot take it anymore, steps out and clears long-off with ease. DOT. McCullum plays to mid-on. ONE. Baz tries to flick it this time, gets the outside edge, they still get a run; “looking London, talking Tokyo,” says Sidhu. ONE. Easy single as Raina cuts behind point.
ONE. McCullum steers it to third man. ONE. Raina pulls it calmly. DOT. Whoa! The ball actually hits the grille of McCullum’s helmet, they needed to change the grille! Where did that come from? DOT. McCullum plays to backward-point. LEG-BYE. McCullum misses out on the pull, they run anyway. DOT. Wide down leg. FOUR! Raina waits and calmly places it behind point.
DOT. Good start from Harbhajan, Dwayne blocks. OUT! Dwayne tries to clear long-on, but does not time at all, Pollard takes an easy catch at long-on! WIDE. Bhajji strays down the leg-side, Faf doesn’t bother to play. WIDE. Nice off-break there, Faf is beaten down the leg-side, but it’s too wide. ONE. Faf leg-glances for a comfortable single. “Sardar asardar honewala hai,” says Sidhu. ONE. Harbhajan pulls it back slightly, Raina plays it to deep extra-cover. OUT! Faf tries to clear deep extra-cover, but only finds the substitute fielder Dunk. Double-blow for Harbhajan! DOT. Nice off-break, Raina defends.
OUT! Dwayne c Pollard b Harbhajan 24(20)! Faf c sub (Dunk) b Harbhajan 35(20)!
DOT. Bumrah brought that one in, no run. FOUR! Dwayne outside-edges, that ball runs past third-man. FOUR! Dwayne gets another four, this time through mid-wicket. FOUR! Ho ho ho, cut uppishly, four more! ONE. Dwayne mistimes but still gets a single. FOUR! Faf hits that one brutally past point!
ONE. Dwayne plays it to point. DOT. PK bowls wide, Faf chases it, but no run. ONE. Lovely inswing from PK, Faf still manages a single. ONE. Dwayne pushes lazily to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Faf plays behind point and runs. ONE. Another inswing from PK, another inside edge, Dwayne gets a run.
ONE. Faf places to point, lovely fielding from Dunk there. ONE. Dwayne steers it, easy single. FOUR! Faf launches it over mid-off past a flying Rohit. TWO. Rayudu find himself in a mix-up again; Faf mistimes, but the ball lands safely between Harbhajan and him, Faf survives. SIX! The timing wasn’t outstanding, but Faf cleans square-leg boundary with ease. FOUR! Corey tries to reduce the pace, Faf dismisses it to the mid-wicket fence.
DOT. Faf tries to go big, tries a heave and misses, good stuff from PK. ONE. Dwayne pushes to cover and runs. ONE. Faf rushes for a single. DOT. Huge, huge appeal, they all go up, maybe a faint inside-edge, maybe not, maybe not, probably not, the umpire certainly thinks it was not out. ONE. Dwayne flicks it off his legs, well fielded by Corey. ONE. Faf keepsstrike with a push to mid-wicket.
FOUR! Why did Rohit summon Corey? Faf eases into the drive, easy boundary. ONE. Faf’s edge runs to third man. ONE. Swings in, Dwayne plays it to mid-wicket. ONE. Faf pushes it softly. FOUR! Corey bowls short, Faf goes on the back-foot and gives it the full throttle! DOT. Faf lets it go.
DOT. That came in, Dwayne misses. FOUR! Dwayne inside-edges, but still has the momentum to take the ball to the fence! DOT. Mistimes. LEG-BYE. Inswing, brushes the pads, appeal turned down. DOT. Whooooa, outswing this time, excellent curl from PK, Faf completely beaten. LEG-BYE. Overthrow, that was utterly unnecessary, the ball richochetted off the stumps.
Lendl 67(44) Hus 39(33) Corey 20(10) Rohit 20(16) Polly 14(8) Amby 2(3) Tare 0(1) Bhajji 7*(2) PK 1(2) Ojha 1*(1)
Nehra 4-0-34-2 Ishwar 3-0-25-0 Mohit 4-0-42-3 Ash 4-0-26-1 Jaddu 4-0-31-2 Raina 1-0-13-0
OUT! Amby holes out to Hus jr at cover, they checked for the no-ball, Mohit had almost dragged his foot over the line! ONE. Completely random stroke from PK, they get a run. ONE. Slower one from Mohit, Bhajji checks the stroke (yes, you’ve read it right). OUT! PK tries an ugly hoick and misses the slower one completely! ONE. Steers to deep third-man. SIX! Harby goes big! Straight over long-on!
SIX! Polly finally gets it right, HUGE one over deep mid-wicket! DOT. Moves outside off, Nehra follows him, beaten. FOUR! Mistimes, but doesn’t matter, those forearms are too strong, goes past deep mid-wicket! OUT! Polly tries to clear the ground, but the full-toss hit him too high on the bat, Mohit runs back to take a nice catch at deep square-leg! ONE. Hit straight to long-on. OUT! Mistimes, easily caught by Faf at cover.
OUT! Polly c Rohit b Nehra 14(8)! Tare c Faf b Nehra 0(1)!
ONE. Plays to deep square-leg. FOUR! Rohit smokes it over extra-cover! OUT! Rohit tries an encore, gets the top edge, easy catch for Baz at backward-point! ONE. Hooks, but just a single. ONE. Plays behind point. ONE. Slower, Polly defends and runs.
ONE. Hit to deep extra-cover. ONE. Hit to long-on. ONE. Sweeper cover picks up. OUT! Lendl tries to clear long-on, but only finds Raina at long-on! ONE. Flicks. ONE. Plays to long-on.
ONE. Plays past cover, the sweeper picks up. ONE. Pushes to mid-wicket. FOUR! Steps out and smokes through extra-cover! DOT. Pitches up, does not get the single. ONE. Plays to long-off. SIX! Steps out and clears long-on!
SIX! Steps out and lofts it straight over the straight boundary! ONE. Plays behind square-leg. TWO. Plays to sweeper cover, nice running. DOT. Jaddu fields well off his own bowling. ONE. Hit very hard, but MSD had placed his fielder well at deep extra-cover. DOT. Hit back to Jaddu.
DOT. Lendl beaten by Ishwar’s pace and bounce. DOT. Baz is alert at point, that’s five dot balls in a row. DOT. Another play and miss, good job from CSK. FOUR! Lendl moves outside off and plays through fine-leg, reaches his FIFTY! ONE. Shuffles and flicks. FOUR! Rohit edges to open his account.
OUT! Ash holds that one back a bit, Corey goes for the big’un, well-judged catch by Ishwar at deep backward square-leg! SIX! Steps out and slog-sweeps, the ball goes straighter, HUGE! THREE. Cuts behind point, excellent running. DOT. Pushes and runs, sends back. DOT. Plays to short third-man. DOT. Nice stuff from Ash, Rohit is cramped for room.
DOT. Edges but survives. ONE. Reverse-sweeps. ONE. Pulls to mid-wicket. SIX! Corey goes downtown, clears mid-wicket fence! FOUR! Reverse-sweeps HARD, some timing and power there! ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket, keeps strike.
DOT. Plays and misses. ONE. On-drives. ONE. Flicks. DOT. Is cramped a bit but still manages a single to mid-wicket. ONE. Drives straight. ONE. Flicks.
ONE. Plays to deep point. ONE. Pushes to long-on. TWO. Hus misses out on the full-toss, just a two. OUT! Hus tries to play across, misses the line, and Sir hits timber! DOT. Corey plays it back. SIX! Sweeps over backward square-leg, eludes the leaping fielder on the fence.
OUT! Hus b Jaddu 39(33)!
ONE. Flicks to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Flicks to deep square-leg. SIX! And Hus goes big, stepping out and lofting it over deep mid-wicket! ONE. Easy single. DOT. Plays and misses. DOT. Drives hard to cover.
ONE. Pushes Jaddu to long-on. DOT. Plays to point. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Plays to long-off. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket. TWO. Pushes to deep mid-wicket.
DOT. Ash is steady first up. DOT. Pushes back to Ash. THREE. Extra-cover drive, Mohit stops it and starts swimming. DOT. No run. ONE. Steps out and drives to long-on. DOT. Stifled appeal.
FOUR! Hus tries to go over mid-wicket, the ball soars over slips! ONE. Places to deep point. FOUR! Lendl goes big now, steps out and smokes over extra-cover! SIX! Goes back on backfoot, times it brilliantly, over deep mid-wicket! FOUR! No footwork, but excellent timing, creams through extra-cover! DOT. Plays back to Mohit.
FOUR! Hus lofts it over Ishwar’s head, excellent timing. FOUR! Lovely flick from Hus past mid-wicket. DOT. Plays and misses outside off. LEG-BYE. Tries to flick and misses. ONE. Plays to point and runs. ONE. Plays to backward-point.
ONE. Plays to point and runs. DOT. Hus steps out and is beaten. FOUR! Class from Hus, creams past extra-cover. DOT. Driven to cover, Raina is electric out there. ONE. Plays to mid-off. DOT. Plays to mid-off.
DOT. Pushes to mid-on. DOT. Nehra gets bounce, falls just short of slip. ONE. Pushes to leg and runs. ONE. Inside-edges, close escape for Lendl. ONE. Steers to deep third-man. ONE. Pushes to mid-on.
DOT. Plays back to the bowler. DOT. Good length from Mohit. LEG-BYE. Tries to pull and misses. FOUR! Plays through the cover, excellent timing! ONE. Jaddu throws from backward-point, Hus would’ve been run out if it had hit. ONE. Plays to cover.
ONE. Lendl plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Hus plays to fine-leg. FOUR! Nehra strays, Lendl flicks, the ball races to mid-wicket fence! DOT. Nice comeback, beaten, that did a bit in the air. ONE. Outside leg, wide not called. DOT. Change in line, plays to off.
D Smith, B McCullum, S Raina, F du Plessis, D Hussey, MS Dhoni, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, M Sharma, I Pandey, A Nehra.
L Simmons, M Hussey, RG Sharma, K Pollard, A Rayudu, C Anderson, A Tare, H Singh, P Kumar, P Ojha, J Bumrah.

News from the middle is that, it may rain today in Mumbai, but let us hope it is a full match!

Hello and welcome to the live blog of this eliminator of IPL 2014 between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. We will be bringing you all the live updates from this do-or-die encounter.

While Chennai were shell-shocked and dropped to the third position by Yusuf Pathan’s heroics, Mumbai Indians recorded the most thrilling victory in the history of the IPL to dethrone Rajasthan Royals and seal the No 4 spot. Read the preview of the match here.

Mumbai had started their campaign with five straight losses, but came back brilliantly in the second half of the campaign to seal a spot in the playoffs. Their big-hitting allrounder, Corey Anderson coming to form will be a matter of great relief for the MI thinktank. CSK will be hoping their in-form openers, Dwayne Smith and Faf du Plessis can pump up their batting.

Chennai, on the other hand, have stuttered in the latter half of the tournament, but will be looking to win this match without any hiccups. The winner of this match will be playing the loser of the 1st qualifier between Punjab and Kolkata.


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aaditya Tare (wk), Michael Hussey, Sushant Marathe, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, Ben Dunk, Josh Hazlewood, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Shreyas Gopal, Jalaj Saxena, CM Gautam, Krishmar Santokie, Marchant de Lange, Jasprit Bumrah, Apoorv Wankhede, Pawan Suyal.

Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Francois du Plessis, Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Ashish Nehra, Mohit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Ben Hilfenhaus, John Hastings, Samuel Badree, Matt Henry, Mithun Manhas, Vijay Shankar, Ronit More, Baba Aparajith, Pawan Negi.

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