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The unfinished game between The Lee and a select XI who will represent the Manor House of the village will take place on August 9 © Getty Images

In a rare instance in the world of sports, a match that was abandoned over a century ago due to the outbreak of the First World War is all set to be resumed for play on Sunday. Rajarshi Majumdar brings you more on this unique event.


A cricket match was played at Buckinghamshire between The Lee CC and Manor House, on August 3, 1914, just before the World War I rang its ominous bell. This village cricket match was abandoned due to rain. The players promised to continue with the match after the war, but few of them could eventually make it back home.


There may be wars that may jeopardize the lives of people, it may ravage an entire country, it may topple the economy of a country but cricket could never be stopped. Once Rabindranath Tagore wrote a poem which was not related to cricket but it said no matter what may come in people’s way they keep on doing what they were doing. Come what may, people would never give up. Similarly, cricket lives on forever even if there was a World War which rampaged everything, killed people but they could not kill cricket in people’s heart.


According to BBC news, the Lee CC chairman Matt Line said that this will be a perfect tribute to the men who were a part of this match and never returned after the war. This 100 year old match was brought to prominence by a member of the cricket club who read about it in Michael Senior’s book ‘No Finer Courage’, which portrays life of people in the village during the War.


“It was The Lee versus the Manor House and back in those days the house was the biggest employer and most of The Lee players were estate workers,” said Mr Line. “No doubt there would have been a bit of an edge to the game. In the war one [player] lost a leg and was severely injured. The Lee’s fast bowler was killed by a sniper. But another chap – GD Roberts – did survive and went on to play rugby for England. We all sat around and thought, we just have to do this. I think it will be a fitting tribute.”


This unfinished game between The Lee CC and a select XI who will represent the Manor House of the village will take place on Sunday.


(Rajarshi Majumdar is a reporter at CricketCountry. He played cricket for all age levels under the Cricket Association of Bengal for over 12 years. Apart from cricket he is an avid follower of football, supports Manchester United and a foodie at heart)