Mohammad Shehzad © AFP
Mohammad Shehzad scored 68 runs for Afghanistan © AFP


Mar 18, 2014


Catch live scorecard of the Afghanistan (Afg) vs Hong Kong (HK) match here

(Afghanistan take on Hong Kong in the third match of the Group A qualifier of the ICC World T20 2014 at Chittagong. Catch live cricket scores of the T20 World Cup match in our live blog below.)


Mohammad Shahzad is the Man of the Match for his 68 runs off 53 deliveries. He struck six fours and three sixes.




Haseeb continues. He bowls a yorker and Shafiqullah scoops it behind the short fine-leg fielder for a four. Shafiqullah then slog-sweeps the last delivery of the over for a four towards deep square-leg. Shafiqullah also reaches his half-century with that shot. Afghanistan win by seven wickets.



Aizaz comes in. Shafiqullah smashes a low full-toss over deep mid-wicket for a six. Aizaz then bowls a back of a length delivery outside off-stump and Shafiqullah pulls that over deep mid-wicket for another six. Nabi turns one behind square on the leg side and the fielder does well to stop the four. The batsmen go for three runs and Shafiqullah just makes it in time before the stumps are broken at the batsman’s end. Shafiqullah then smashes one on the pads over deep square-leg for a six.



Haseeb comes into the attack. He bowls a full-toss at the stumps and Shafiqullah hits that over backward square-leg for a four. Haseeb bowls a slower delivery and Shahzad hits it to deep extra-cover. Irfan takes a brilliant diving catch. Mohammad Nabi comes into bat. He gets of the mark with a drive towards long-off.
OUT! M Shahzad 68(53)



Irfan to bowl. He flat-bats one over extra-cover for two runs. He then top-edges a lofted drive towards third-man. The fielder does not judge the flight of the ball well and cannot get to it. Shahzad pulls a short delivery for a four through mid-wicket.



Nadeem continues. Shahzad hits one on the off side and takes off for a single. The throw comes in and it hits Shahzad on the gloves. The Hong Kong players appeal tentatively, but Shahzad did not do it deliberately. Shafiqullah sweeps one for a four and that is the 100 up for Afghanistan.



Aizaz comes in and bowls a front-foot no-ball. It is a free-hit and Shahzad plays a helicopter shot like MS Dhoni and gets a six over long-on.



Nadeem is back into the attack. He bowls a yorker at leg-stump and Shafiqullah goes across and sweeps it through fine-leg for a four. Shahzad reaches his half-century with two runs towards mid-wicket.



Aizaz comes into the attack. Stanikzai pulls a short delivery high in the air. Haseeb takes the catch at long-on. Shafiqullah is the next batsman in. He gets of the mark with a pull towards deep square-leg.
OUT! A Stanikzai 13(21)



Nizakat bowls one the leg side and Shahzad whacks that over wide long-on for a six. Shahzad then smashes one over the bowler for another six. Nizakat then bowls a wide delivery down the leg side and the ball goes to the fine-leg boundary.



Irfan continues. Only four runs come in the over.



Nizakat Khan comes into the attack. Stanikzai hits one through the cover and Irfan does well to stop the four. But his throw is wayward and the batsmen get two runs.



Irfan to bowl. He gives away only three runs in the over.



Nadeem Ahmed comes into the attack. He is a left-arm bowler. Shahzad hits one straight in the air and Aizaz Khan drops a dolly.



Tanwir bowls a short delivery and Shahzad goes for the hook. The ball takes the edge and deceives the wicketkeeper and goes to the boundary through the vacant slip cordon. Shahzad then slices one through point and gets another four.



Haseeb comes in. Stanikzai hits one to short mid-on and takes off. Irfan Ahmed throws from three yards and misses as Shahzad is well short of the crease. In fact, Irfan could have knocked the bails while running, but he chose to throw. Shahzad then hits two fours in the over. One through mid-off and one over mid-on.



Tanwir continues. He bowls one full and Tarakai smashes it over the bowler for a four. Tarakai then hooked a short delivery to Nadeem Ahmed at long-leg. Asghar Stanikzai is the next batsman in.
OUT! N Tarakai 7(6)



Haseeb Amjad shares the new ball. He bowls one short and wide and Shahzad cuts it away for a four.



Najeeb Tarakai and Mohammad Shahzad will open the batting for Afghanistan. Tanwir Afzal to bowl the first over. Both batsmen get of the mark with a single each in the over.





Shapoor to bowl the last over in the innings. He bowls one short and Tanwir Afzal top-edges his pull to Gulbadin at long-on. Aizaz Khan is the next batsman in. Haseeb hits the last ball for a four through cover-point. Hong Kong post a competitive 153 for eight.
OUT! T Afzal 11(6)



Dawlat continues. Afzal hits one to mid-off and takes off. Dar gets run out at the batsman’s end with a direct hit. Haseeb Amjad is the next batsman in. Dawlat bowls a short delivery and Afzal cuts the ball over third-man for a six. Afzal then hits one over wide mid-off for a four.
OUT! M Dar 3(6)



Hotak to bowl. Nizakat plays a lofted cover-drive for a six. He tries to hit one over cover again and Nabi takes the catch inside the 30-yard circle. Tanwir Afzal is next into bat. He gets of the mark with a single on the leg side. Hotak then bowls one wide down the leg side and that races away to the fine-leg boundary.
OUT! N Khan 9(4)



Dawlat comes back into the attack. He bowls one on the leg side and Chapman walks across on the off side and misses with a swing. He gets bowled. Munir Dar is the next batsman in.
OUT! M Chapman 38(43)



Nabi continues. Hayat drives through the cover and gets a four. He then top-edges a sweep and Asghar Stanikzai takes the catch at long-leg. Nizakat Khan is the next batsman in.
OUT! B Hayat 5(3)



Shapoor comes back into the attack. He bowls a full delivery and Chapman gets a top-edge up and over point and gets a four.



Nabi to bowl. Chapman takes a single towards long-on and that is the 100 for Hong Kong. Barkat then scooped a straight delivery to Dawlat at short fine-leg. Babar Hayat is the new batsman in.
OUT! W Barkat 32(32)



Hotak comes in. There is a chance for a run out, but Hotak crashes the stumps without collecting the ball and Chapman comes back into the crease. CHapman then comes down the track and lofts one back over the bowler for two runs.



Nabi continues. Barkat comes down the pitch and hits one over extra-cover for a four. There is a shout for a stumping and the appeal has been referred to the third umpire. But Barkat had dragged his leg behind before the wicketkeeper could flick the stumps.



Shenwari comes back into the attack. Chapman pulls one high in the air and it is dropped at the deep mid-wicket boundary. To add to the misery, the fielder behind does not stop the ball and it races away for a four. The next ball is down the leg side and Chapman flicks it away for a six over deep square-leg.



Mohammad Nabi comes into bowl. He is a right-arm off-spinner. Barkat sweeps one on the leg side for a four behind square.



Dawlat Zadran comes into the attack. He is a right-arm fast-medium bowler. He bowls one on a length. Chapman advances forward and flat-bats it through cover for a four. Dawlat replies with a bouncer and Chapman gets hit on the helmet while trying to pull. Chapman is down on the ground, but gets up quickly. He needs some treatment from the physio.



Shenwari continues. This has been a slow phase for Hong Kong after the wicket of Atkinson. Only four runs come from the over.



Hotak comes in. The batsmen exchange four singles in the over.



Samiullah Shenwari to bowl his leg-spin. He gives away only two runs in the over.



Hamza Hotak replaces Shapoor. He is a left-arm spinner. Atkinson hits a straight delivery through fine-leg for a four. Hotak then hits the front pad with one that goes straight. Atkinson is out LBW. Mark Chapman is the next batsman in.
OUT! J Atkinson 31(20)



Gulbadin continues. Atkinson pulls a short delivery over deep mid-wicket for a six. He then lofts one over mid-on for a four. Barkat gets a four through cover.



Shapoor comes in and Atkinson pulls a short delivery for a four. The next ball is pitched up and Atkinson drives through wide mid-off for a four.



Gulbadin Naib will share the new ball with Shapoor. He bowls one outside off-stump and Atkinson plays a square-drive and gets a four behind point.



Irfan Ahmed and Waqas Barkat walk out to bat for Hong Kong. Shapoor Zadran will open the bowling for Afghanistan. And he strikes first ball. He bowls one straight and Ahmed plays across the wrong line and gets bowled. Jamie Atkinson is the new batsman in.
OUT! I Ahmed 0(1)





Toss: Hong Kong captain Jamie Atkinson has won the toss and has elected to bat first. Afghanistan will be led by Mohammad Nabi.




Afghanistan: Mohammad Nabi (c), Dawlat Zadran, Aftab Alam, Karim Sadiq, Mohammad Shahzad(wk), Najibullah Zadran, Samiullah Shenwari, Shapoor Zadran, Asghar Stanikzai, Gulbadin Naib, Hamza Hotak, Mirwais Ashraf, Najeeb Taraki, Nawroz Mangal, Shafiqullah Shafiq.


Hong Kong: James Atkinson (c & wk), Waqas Barkat, Aizaz Khan, Mark Chapman, Ehsan Nawaz, Haseeb Amjad, Babar Hayat, Irfan Ahmed, Roy Lamsam, Munir Dar, Nadeem Ahmed, Najeeb Amar, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Tanwir Afzal.


Hello and warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live updates of the ICC World T20 Qualifier match between Ireland and Zimbabwe. I am Shrikant Shankar and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match.

and Hong Kong clash in a do-or die contest in Chittagong in the Group A match of the ICC World T20 2014 to stake a claim for playing with the big boys.


Afghanistan have been a revelation in recent times. From ducking bullets in their war-torn homeland, the team has come a long way and go into the match as favourites against Hong Kong.


Hong Kong, like Afghanistan put a shambolic performance in their first game against Nepal. Although their bowling impressed in parts, Hong Kong’s batting and fielding was rather comical and amateurish and depend heavily on skipper Jamie Atkinson and the talented 19-year old Mark Chapman.