Andrew Flintoff © Getty Images
Andrew Flintoff pedalled along the Trans-Amazonian Highway for his TV venture © Getty Images


London: Mar 30, 2014


Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff has said that staying away from his children for a month was hard as he went on a cycling trip for his latest TV venture.


Flintoff, who will star in his latest TV venture entitled ‘Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere’, said that he probably found it harder staying away from his children for a month than they did.


According to the Daily Express, Flintoff, who has a daughter Holly, nine, and two sons Corey, eight, and Rocky, five, said that he missed his children as they were in the middle of nowhere while shooting for the show and he only had a satellite phone.


Flintoff was forced to retire early due to an injury, but he has carved out a successful TV career and is a team captain on Sky 1 panel show A League of Their Own and has fronted several documentaries.


Flintoff’s latest TV venture goes on-air later this week, the report added.