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Australia vs England Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013-14 2nd Test Day 2: England trail Australia by 535 runs at close of play

Mitchell Johnson celebrates the wicket of Alastair Cook (not in photo) © Getty Images
Mitchell Johnson celebrates the wicket of Alastair Cook (not in photo) © Getty Images

Dec 6, 2013


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Eng 35/1 | Overs 21 | Carberry 20*, Root 9*


Johnson digs one in short and it hits Root on the chest. Root played it well as he took his hands out of the way quickly. There is a mini mayhem right at the end as Root plays the ball to extra-cover and takes off for a single. Carberry is nowhere near the striker’s end, but the fielder misses with a direct hit. Stumps are called and England trail Australia by a massive 535-run margin.



Eng 33/1 | Overs 17 | Carberry 20*, Root 8*


The scoring has slowed down a bit now. The batsmen are probably playing for stumps. Root pulls Lyon for a single towards square-leg. Carberry then sweeps hard to a Lyon delivery and gets a four in front of square-leg. Johnson is brought back into the attack for the last few overs.



Eng 21/1 | Overs 12 | Carberry 14*, Root 2*


Johnson bowls a very fast and accurate bouncer and Carberry has to duck quickly. Michael Clarke brings off-spinner Nathan Lyon into the attack. The reason being, because Carberry struggled against Lyon in the first Test at The Gabba. Lyon gets the ball to pitch on leg-stump and turns it away from the left-handed Carberry. The ball hits the top of his pads and the Australians appeal, but the umpire says not out. Clarke does not ask for the review and replays show that the ball would have missed the off-stump. Carberry looks very uncomfortable playing Lyon.


Peter Siddle gets a length ball to come in as Root leaves it. The ball was not far away from off-stump. Carberry gets a short delivery from Lyon and he cuts it away for a four in front of point. He then gets another short delivery and he whips it away in-between mid-wicket and mid-on for another four.





Eng 10/1 | Overs 6 | Carberry 4*, Root 1* | OUT! Cook 3 (11)


Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry walk out into the middle. Mitchell Johnson will begin proceedings for Australia. Cook plays a loose shot at a short and wide delivery, but misses. Johnson is bowling very fast as he is clocking speeds of over 150 kmph. The last ball of the first over is full and on leg-stump. Carberry just gets his bat onto that and the ball races away for a four towards deep square-leg. Ryan Harris bowls the second over in the innings. Johnson strikes as Cook is bowled. The ball pitched on off-stump and straightened a bit. Cook had his bat on a middle-stump line. The ball crashed into off-stump. The delivery speed was clocked at 148 kmph. It is very tough for any batsman to play such a delivery.


Joe Root is the batsman who will bat at No 3 for England.







Aus 570/9 | Overs 158 | Harris 55*, Lyon 17*


Harris clears his front leg and smashes a delivery from Panesar in-between deep square-leg and deep mid-wicket for a four. Harris reaches his half-century with a four through extra-cover off Swann. This is his second Test half-century. Lyon slog-sweeps Swann for a massive six over deep mid-wicket. Well that is it. Australia have declared their first innings at 570 for nine. They have not given England a small psychological edge of bowling them out.



Aus 542/9 | Overs 154 | Harris 40*, Lyon 4* | OUT! Haddin 118 (177)


The final session on Day Two begins. Haddin slog-sweeps Panesar but the ball goes to Carberry at deep square-leg at one bounce for a single. Later in the over, he slog-sweeps Panesar again and gets a six over square-leg. Haddin eventually departs for 118 as he edges one from Broad to Prior. Nathan Lyon is the last man in. Broad bowls one short and Harris crunches it through mid-wicket for a four. Nathan Lyon gets off the mark with a sweep that races away to the long-leg boundary for a four.





Aus 516/8 | Overs 148 | Haddin 108*, Harris 29* | OUT! Siddle 2 (9)


Stokes gets his second wicket as Siddle edges one to Prior behind the wickets. Ryan Harris is the new man in. He lofts Swann over mid-off for a four. Harris then whacks one from Stokes in front of mid-wicket for a four. Harris slog-sweeps Swann for back-to-back sixes on the leg side. Panesar bowls one outside off-stump and Harris plays a good looking cut shot off the back-foot in front of square on the off side to get a four. Tea is taken and Australia are in a commanding position.



Aus 482/7 | Overs 142 | Haddin 104*, Siddle 2* | OUT! Johnson 5 (13)


Swann bowls a flat delivery and Johnson hits that through cover for a four off the back-foot. Haddin then lobs Stokes over mid-on to get another four. Stokes then bowls a back of a length delivery and Haddin slashes hard at it and gets a four very fine through third-man. Swann gets another wicket as Johnson mistimes a lofted on-drive straight to Broad at mid-on. Peter Siddle is the next batsman.


Haddin pulls a back of a length delivery from Stokes and gets a four in front of square on the leg side to reach his century. That is his fourth Test century and third against England.





Aus 462/6 | Overs 137 | Haddin 90*, Johnson 1* | OUT! Clarke 148 (245)


Haddin slog sweeps Panesar for a four towards deep mid-wicket. Next ball, he goes for the same shot again and connects much better and gets a six in the same region of the ground. There is a chance for a run-out as Haddin plays a lat cut to short third-man off Panesar. Michael Carberry is very quick to pick up the ball and throw it at the non-striker’s end. The throw lacked in a bit of power and that allowed Clarke to make his ground before Panesar could whip off the bails. Swann comes in and Clarke dances down the track and hits one on the up towards wide mid-off. Broad was positioned there, but let the ball go beneath him for a four. Haddin then slog-sweeps Swann for another six. Stokes tried his level-best to catch that at deep mid-wicket, but it had enough carry.


Clarke finally depart giving a sigh of relief. Stokes bowls one on the pads and the ball just stopped a little on Clarke. He tried to work it away on the leg side, but the ball lobbed up in the air of a thick top-edge and Anderson took a good catch diving forward at short mid-wicket. That was a brilliant innings from Clarke. The whole Adelaide Oval crowd applaud his effort. The partnership was worth 200 runs for the sixth wicket. Mitchell Johnson is the new man in. Haddin then gets to 90 with a four towards third-man.





Aus 429/5 | Overs 132 | Clarke 139*, Haddin 67*


Broad is brought back into the attack. He bowls a length delivery outside off-stump and Clarke hits a lofted shot over wide mid-off for a four. It was a slightly slower ball from Broad and Clarke did not get the connection he probably wanted, but it was enough to go over and evade Kevin Pietersen. Panesar then bowls one spinning slightly outside off-stump and Clarke charges down the ground and plays a lofted inside-out shot for a four towards wide long-off. Haddin paddle sweeps a full delivery from Panesar for a four towards fine-leg. Broad comes in from round the wicket to change the angle. But Clarke opens the face of the bat and guides a length delivery for a four in the third-man region.



Aus 402/5 | Overs 126 | Clarke 120*, Haddin 59*


Welcome back. Panesar bowls the first over after lunch. He gives away only three runs. Anderson comes in from the other end and gives away only one run. The bowling has been quite accurate in the first few overs in the afternoon session. England would have realised that the match has actually gone away from their grasp in that morning session. They conceded 116 runs and took no wickets. There were chances for them to do so, but the fielding has not been a strong point for England so far in the match. Anderson drifts one slightly on the pads and Clarke hits it straight back past him to get a four down the ground.





Aus 389/5 | Overs 120 | Clarke 109*, Haddin 57*


The scoring has just slowed down a little. But the bad balls were still put away for fours. Clarke cut a short delivery from Panesar in front of point for a four. It seems like the batsmen are just playing for lunch and want to make sure they don’t lose any wickets. The umpires call for lunch and Australia are in a very good position at the moment. The morning session on Day T20 has well and truly belonged to them and to a certain Michael Clarke.







Aus 373/5 | Overs 114 | Clarke 102*, Haddin 51*


Haddin slog-sweeps Swann again and he top-edges it, but he has enough on it to get it over the deep mid-wicket boundary for a six. Ben Stokes has been brought into the attack. He bowls one outside off-stump and Haddin punches it off the back-foot for a four through cover-point. Stokes bowls a bouncer and quite outside off-stump. Haddin opens the face of the bat and guides it away for a four through third-man. Haddin reaches his half-century with three runs off Swann towards fine-leg. That is his third half-century in-a-row. Stokes gets the breakthrough as Haddin edges one to Prior. But the umpires check for a no-ball and he steps over the line. So, it is not out.


Clarke gets to his 26th Test half-century with a single towards square-leg off Stokes. The whole Adelaide Oval crowd applauds as he acknowledges.



Aus 339/5 | Overs 106 | Clarke 90*, Haddin 31*


Panesar tosses one up and Haddin lofts a straight drive over the bowler’s head for a four. Anderson bowls one just outside off-stump and Clarke opens the face of the bat to guide it behind point for a four. Clarke is batting brilliantly now as he plays a delightful cover drive for another four to a length delivery from Anderson. Haddin then slog-sweeps Graeme Swann for a big six over deep mid-wicket. Anderson digs one in short and it rises on Haddin, who top-edges a hook shot. Panesar is late to react at fine-leg and the ball falls short of him. Drinks have been called.





Aus 302/5 | Overs 98 | Clarke 71*, Haddin 13*


Stuart Broad begins proceedings for the day and he gives away two runs in the first over on Day Two. It is going to be Monty Panesar who will bowl the second over. Michael Clarke gets to his half-century with two runs over cover off a huge outside edge. That is his 28th Test half-century. Clarke gets the first four of the day. He comes down the track and chips Panesar over mid-on for a boundary. Brad Haddin then gloves a short ball from Broad for a four past Matt Prior behind the wickets.


Clarke clips a full delivery from Panesar over mid-wicket. Graeme Swann slides in to stop the ball at the boundary, but touches the boundary line and it is a four. Panesar then drags one short and Clarke cuts one off the back-foot for a four in front of point. James Anderson comes into the attack and Clarke cuts a short ball for another four.





Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Day Two of the second Ashes 2013-14 Test at the Adelaide Oval. Australia won the toss on Day One and elected to bat first. Australia are at 273 for five at stumps on Day One. Michael Clarke is batting on 48 and Brad Haddin is on seven. Chris Rogers scored 72, Shane Watson scored 51 and George Bailey scored 53. Stuart Broad has taken two wickets for England.


Read the live blog of Day One here. For a quick review of Day One, go here.

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