David Warner plays a cut shot on Day Three © Getty Images
David Warner remained unbeaten on 83 at stumps on Day Three of the second Ashes 2013-14 Test © Getty Images

Dec 7, 2013


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Aus 132/3 | Overs 39 | Warner 83*, Smith 23*


Panesar gives some width to Warner and he cuts hard and gets a four through point. Smith guides the last ball of the day for two runs behind point off Panesar. So, at stumps, Australia lead by a massive 530-run margin.



Aus 119/3 | Overs 36 | Warner 75*, Smith 18*


Warner thumps one straight back over Stokes for a four. Warner comes down the track and mistimes a lofted shot, but there is no one at mid-on. Stokes bowls a good away swinger and Warner misses it.



Aus 107/3 | Overs 32 | Warner 69*, Smith 13*


Smith cuts a wide delivery from Anderson for a four behind point. Anderson bowls a fantastic in-swinger and Smith offers no shot as the ball hits his pads. The England players appeal and the umpire raises his finger. The ball hit the pads outside the line of off-stump, but he did not play any shot. Smith asks for the review and the replays show that the ball would have just missed the off-stump. So, not out. Warner comes down the pitch and finds the gap in-between cover and mid-off to get three runs. Smith comes down the ground to Panesar and hits the ball over the bowler’s head for a four.


Broad bowls a short delivery and Warner pulls through mid-wicket for a four.



Aus 86/3 | Overs 26 | Warner 58*, Smith 3* | OUT! Clarke 22 (51)


Panesar comes from round the wicket and pitches one on the middle-stump line and makes it turn away. The ball takes a feather edge off Clarke’s bat and knocks off-stump. Very good ball. Steven Smith is the next man in. This has not stopped Warner from playing his shots as he drives one from Panesar through cover-point for a four. Warner cuts a length delivery and Kevin Pietersen misfields at point and the ball races away for a four. That is Warner’s ninth Test half-century. He then cuts another delivery through mid-wicket for another four. It is drinks.





Aus 62/2 | Overs 20 | Warner 38*, Clarke 21*


Swann bowls a flat delivery and Warner flicks it towards the fine-leg region for three runs. Clarke then gets a single through square-leg and gives strike back to Warner. The left-handed batsman slog-sweeps Swann for a big six mid-wicket. Stokes drags one slightly short and Clarke pulls it in front of mid-wicket for a four. Monty Panesar comes into the attack. Warner takes a run off the last ball of the over. He then plays an inside-out shot over covers and gets a four off Swann.



Aus 33/2 | Overs 14 | Warner 20*, Clarke 11*


Not many runs in this passage of play as the England bowlers have bowled a tight line. A little pressure is off as Warner hits a tossed up delivery from Graeme Swann through extra-cover. Ben Stokes bowls a maiden over to Clarke as drinks are taken. Swann is getting the ball to spin quite a bit. So, it is essential for him to find the right line and length quickly.



Aus 18/2 | Overs 6 | Warner 10*, Clarke 6* | OUT! Rogers 2 (10), Watson 0 (2)


Chris Rogers and David Warner walk out to bat for Australia. James Anderson will begin proceedings for England. Rogers gets off the mark straight away as he pokes at one outside off-stump and edges it past gully for two runs. Warner gets off the mark with a single towards deep square-leg off Stuart Broad. Rogers then edges an away swinging length delivery from Anderson to Matt Prior behind the wickets. Two balls later, Shane Watson reaches onto a wide delivery from Anderson and hits it straight to Michael Carberry at point.


Warner punches one from Broad in front of square on the off side for a four. Clarke then gets off the mark with a four towards the mid-wicket region off Broad.







Eng 172 | Overs 68.2 | Bell 72* | OUT! Panesar 2 (35)


Siddle bowls a maiden over to Bell. Panesar gets a single off the first ball of Lyon’s over. Bell then comes down the track to Lyon and hits a big six over long-on. Johnson is back and he bowls Panesar to get his seventh wicket of the innings. Brilliant bowling from Johnson. England are all out for 172. Bell remains unbeaten on 72. Australia will bat again and will not enforce the follow-on.



Eng 165/9 | Overs 66 | Bell 66*, Panesar 1*


Panesar finally gets off the mark with a single through cover off Siddle. Then Lyon and Siddle bowl consecutive maiden overs. Then Lyon finds a thick outside edge off Panesar’s bat and Clarke drops it at first slip. Clarke seemed a little surprised as the ball came to him quickly in an awkward height above the stomach region. The ball lobbed up and fell just out of reach as Clarke was unable to spot it while it dropped. Panesar gets a few deliveries on the body as Siddle bowls a lot of bouncers at him.



Eng 159/9 | Overs 60 | Bell 64*, Panesar 0* | OUT! Swann 7 (7), Anderson 0 (1)


Swann gets another three runs as he punches a back of a length delivery from Johnson over covers. He then slashes at one wide of off-stump and edges it to Clarke in the slips. The Australian captain takes a brilliant catch high to his right. That is Johnson’s fifth wicket Next ball, James Anderson gets bowled through the gap between his bat and pads as Johnson is on a hat-trick again in a matter of a couple of overs. Johnson gives a long stare to Anderson as he goes past him while celebrating. Monty Panesar survives some short-pitch bowling from Harris next over.


Bell is on strike for the hat-trick ball and nearly gifts a catch to the short extra-cover fielder. Bell then plays another upper-cut to a bouncer from Johnson and gets a four over the slip cordon. Panesar survives an entire over from Harris. Siddle comes into the attack and Bell pushes one off the back-foot through the covers for a single. Panesar then gets through another barrage of bouncers, but this time from Siddle.


Bell cuts a short and wide delivery from Harris through point to get to his half-century. That is his 38th Test half-century. Next ball, Bell clears his front foot and hits a lofted drive over covers for another four. Harris follows that with one on the pads and Bell flicks it away for a four in the fine-leg region. Next ball, Bell hits an inside-out shot over covers for a six. That is 18 runs from that Harris over.





Eng 131/7 | Overs 54 | Bell 39*, Swann 4* | OUT! Stokes 1 (12), Prior 0 (4), Broad 0 (1)


Welcome back. Johnson begins the post-lunch session and bowls a maiden over to Bell. Lyon comes in from the other end. Stokes gets his first run in Test cricket with a single driven towards mid-off. Johnson comes steaming in and bowls a quick in-swinging delivery to Stokes. The ball crashes onto the pads and the Australians appeal. The umpire says not out and there is an overthrow that reaches the boundary in the cover-point region. The umpire signals four runs which means that he thought Stokes got an inside edge on the ball.


Michael Clarke asks for the review and there is no edge and the ball would have hit the top of leg-stump. There was a doubt whether Johnson landed his foot in front of the crease. But it looked like there was something behind the line. So, Stokes had to back into the dressing room. Matt Prior was the new man in and Johnson tests him with a couple of quick bouncers. He then bowls one across Prior and he edges it to Brad Haddin behind the wickets.


Stuart Broad is the next batsman and he gets bowled round the legs by Johnson first ball. Broad shuffles across towards the off side and missed. The ball crashed into leg-stump. Johnson is on a hat-trick. Graeme Swann faces the hat-trick ball and he chips it over mid-wicket over three runs. Bell then plays an upper-cut to a bouncer from Johnson and gets a four over the slip cordon. Bell then drives Lyon through the covers for another four.







Eng 116/4 | Overs 48 | Bell 29*, Stokes 0* | OUT! Carberry 60 (144)


Harris bowls a maiden over to Bell. Shane Watson has been brought into the attack. He too bowls a maiden over. Harris then bowls another maiden over. Watson then bowls five dot deliveries to Carberry, before the batsman pulls the last ball of the over to David Warner in front of square on the leg side. That was a stunning left-handed catch by Warner to dismiss a well-set batsman.


Ben Stokes is the new man in. For those who do not know, Stokes is a left-handed batsman. Johnson is back and he bowls one straight to the slips. The Barmy Army start singing. Bell then gets a back of a length delivery from Johnson and he punches that off the back-foot over gully for a four. Lunch is taken with England trailing Australia by 454 runs.



Eng 111/3 | Overs 42 | Carberry 60*, Bell 25*


Siddle bowls one on Bell’s pads and he works it away for a four in front of square on the leg side. Lyon drops one short and Carberry cuts that off the back-foot in front of point for a four. Then he cuts one in front of point for a single and reaches his first Test half-century. A few deliveries later, Bell comes down the pitch again and lofts Lyon for another six. This time it is over long-on. Carberry gets a thick edge while driving off Siddle but the ball goes in-between point and gully for a four. He then drives Siddle for a four through covers.


Harris bowls a full delivery and Bell leans onto that and drives through covers for a four.





Eng 75/3 | Overs 36 | Carberry 42*, Bell 8* | OUT! Root 15 (80), Pietersen 4 (12)


Carberry comes down the pitch and drives Lyon for a four through covers. He then takes a single behind point. Next ball, Root plays a slog-sweep but does not connect all that well. Chris Rogers takes a simple catch running forwards at deep square-leg. That was a poor shot from Root just as England seemed to be getting some momentum. Kevin Pietersen is the next batsman. He guides a length delivery through the slip cordon for two runs to get off the mark.


Peter Siddle dismisses Pietersen. He came down the pitch and clips the ball straight to short mid-wicket. George Bailey juggles with it but takes the catch in the third attempt. He played straight into the trap set by Australia. Again a very poor shot from an England batsman. Ian Bell is the new man in and he gets off the mark with two runs through covers. He then comes down the track and lofts Lyon for a six over long-off.





Eng 52/1 | Overs 29 | Carberry 31*, Root 15*


It has been slow going on Saturday morning. Ryan Harris begins proceedings on Day Three. He bowls a maiden first up to Joe Root. Mitchell Johnson comes from the other end and he too bowls a maiden over to Michael Carberry. Root gets the first run of the day with a single behind square on the leg side off Harris. Carberry gets his first runs with a two towards the third-man region. He then tucks a straight delivery from Harris for two runs through square-leg. Johnson bowls three maiden overs in-a-row.


Nathan Lyon has been brought into the attack quickly. Carberry whacks a sweep for two runs through square-leg. Root leans in and drives Johnson for a four through the covers. Johnson drifts one on Carberry’s pads and he gets his bat onto that and the ball races away for a four towards the long-leg region.





Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Day Three of the second Ashes 2013-14 Test at the Adelaide Oval. Australia won the toss on Day One and elected to bat first. Australia declared at 570 for nine. Michael Clarke top-scored with 148 and Brad Haddin scored 118. Chris Rogers scored 72, Shane Watson scored 51 and George Bailey scored 53. Stuart Broad took three wickets for England.


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