Michael Clarke © Getty Images
Michael Clarke © Getty Images

Dec 15, 2013


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Aus 235/3 | Overs 70 | Watson 29*, Smith 5*  


There it is. A 369-run lead and two more days to go. Australia couldn’t have asked for a better position to be in as they look to seal the Ashes. Shane Watson and Steve Smith are unbeaten and will be looking to smash a few in the first session tomorrow. You can read the Day Three Report here.


Do  enjoy some of the interesting moments of the third Test in photos here.




Aus 224/3 | Overs 64 | Watson 26*, Smith 1*    OUT! Clarke 23(53) 


With about six overs left in the day, Ben Stokes gets the wicket of skipper Michael Clarke. Beautiful delivery from Stokes as he gets the length right and the ball nips back into Clarke and shatters his stumps.




Aus 206/2 | Overs 60 | Watson 24*, Clarke 8* 


Watson gets a boundary on the last ball of the over from Ben Stokes. Runs it past the second slip. He thought of directing it to thirmand but at the last moment plays a late cut.




This Ashes series has been a difficult phase for Alastair  Cook. The runs have not flowed from his bat and the captaincy too has been criticised.






Aus 200/2 | Overs 59 | Watson 19*, Clarke 7* 


Australia are satisfied scoring at their own pace. Watson too isn’t going after the bowling. The batsmen have played two consecutive maidens. James Anderson and Joe Root are bowling. Clarke scores a boundary on the fourth ball of the over off Anderson. It’s drinks now.




Aus 187/2 | Overs54| Watson 12*, Clarke 1* 


The scoring has slowed down for a while with Clarke and Watson being tied down by Bresnan and Swann. The overall lead is now 321 runs.







Aus 183/2 | Overs 49| Watson 9*, Clarke 0*  OUT! Warner 112(140)


Grame Swann finally gets his due. After Prior missed two stumping chance of his bowling, this time Warner goes for an aerial shot and is caught by Ben Stokes running in a few yards from long on.




Aus 171/1 | Overs 44| Warner 101*, Watson 8*


Yet another impressive innings from David Warner. Brings up his second Test hundred with a cut shot off Graeme Swann. The leap in the air after a ton is becoming a trademark reaction of Warner now.






Aus 157/1 | Overs 44| Warner 95*, Watson 0*  OUT! Rogers 54 (135)


Tim Bresnan has brought some life back in the England team. Bowls wide outside off stump, Chris Rogers casually plays it straight to Michael Carberry. Good breakthrough. Watson too survives a close leg-before appeal. Warner still stranded on 95. Earlier in the over, Warner had played a similar shot but timed it well to send over the ropes.




Aus 156/0 | Overs 38| Rogers 53*, Warner 95*


Warner hits a boundary on the last ball of that Stokes over. He tries to bounce out Warner, but Warner gets it right out of the middle of the bat for four. He has gone to 95 now.





Matt Prior has had a terrible day behind the stumps. Missed one more stumping chance of David Warner post tea….






Aus 143/0 | Overs 38| Rogers 50*, Warner 89*


Chris Rogers gets to his second half-century of the series with a cut shot past point for a four. Warner too is nearing his ton. A good opening partnership has further pushed England back.




The story so far…





Australia are on 123 for no loss at tea with a comfortable lead of 257. You can read the tea report here.








Aus 121/0 | Overs 31| Rogers 41*, Warner 80*


David Warner is making England pay by scoring aggressively. He is batting on 80 and Australia have an overall lead of 255. We are 10 minutes away from tea. England will be dejected at their performance in this session.




Aus 104/0 | Overs 26| Rogers 31*, Warner 73*


England are paying for two dropped chances as David Warner is starting to get into his groove. Within no time, Australia are past hundred and Warner is inching closer to a century. Roger earlier had edged it towards slips. The indecisiveness between keeper and slip ended into a wasted opportunity.







Aus 82/0 | Overs 20| Rogers 26*, Warner 56*


David Warner completed his half-century in 54 balls to power Australia ahead. He pulled the second ball of the over from Tim Bresnan and completed his half-century. Chris Rogers on the other end is looking positive as well. Bresnan and Ben Stokes along with James Anderson have a task at hand to pick some wickets in the absence of Stuart Broad. Warner looks settled and might just explode to a three-figure mark.




Aus 67/0 | Overs 17| Rogers 20*, Warner 47*


Warner has been fortunate to be let off and he is making the opportunity count. Four boundaries hit in the last two overs. Every run that Australia is scoring is taking the urn away from England. Everything seems to have gone against England today. The batsmen failed, Broad is out of attack and now Warner has started plundering runs.


Drinks being taken now.




Meanwhile, Shane Warne has some suggestion for Matt Prior




Aus 24/0 | Overs 11 | Rogers 11*, Warner 13*


The openers have been watchful so far. Graeme Swann in particular is getting the ball to turn effectively. But England will rue the missed stumping chance to dismiss David Warner.




Aus 22/0 | Overs 8 | Rogers 9*, Warner 13*


Stuart Broad is heading for an x-ray. England look uncomfortable with their new-ball pacer not available. Ben Stokes is playing Broad’s role from the other end. The Australian openers have looked comfortable.




Aus 4/0 | Overs 3 | Rogers 0*, Warner 4*


Sedate start from Australia. The only boundary scored came of an inside edge of David Warner’s bat. However, England have a little worry here. Stuart Broad has hurt his foot thanks to that toe-crushing yorker from Mitchell Johnson. He is seen practicing in the nets.




Eng 251 | Overs 87 | Swann 19*  OUT!  Anderson 2(9)


James Anderson is the last man to be dismissed. He fails to control the short ball and gives a simple catch to forward shortleg. Australia take massive 134-run lead. Umpires have decided to call for lunch.




Eng 233/9 | Overs 85 | Swann 4*, Anderson 0*   OUT! Bresnan 21(29)


Bresnan is gone. Tries to leave the delivery pitched outside off. But he is too late to react and the edge is taken by Haddin. Fourth catch for the wicketkeeper.







Eng 229/8 | Overs 82 | Bresnan 21, Swann 0*   OUT! Broad 5(13) 


England are falling apart here. Australia bag their first wicket with the new ball. Mitchell Johnson fuller delivery smashes into the boots of Stuart Broad. That’s one of the easiest leg-before you could have ever seen, the ball was crashing into the base of middle-stump. Australia are inching to a huge first innings lead.









Eng 208/7 | Overs 78 | Bresnan 4*, Broad 1*  OUT! Prior 8(24b)


Matt Prior goes for a pull stroke, gets a bottom edge and is caught comfortably by Brad Haddin. 11th time Prior has been dismissed by Siddle. England are in deep trouble now. Broad is welcomed with some short stuff by Siddle.




Eng 198/6 | Overs 74 | Prior 7*  OUT! Stokes 18(57b)


One more wicket and Mitchell Johnson has finally got a wicket. Earlier in that over he pitched one short and the ball zipped wide of off-stump after hitting the cracks. He tests Ben Stokes with one more short one. Finally gets one to move away from Stokes and he nicks it to Brad Haddin.


Tim Bresnan is the new man in.




Eng 191/5 | Overs 71 | Stokes 18*, Prior 1*  OUT! Bell 15(71b)


Australia get the wicket of Ian Bell thanks to DRS. Harris gets this one to move in. Bell tries to play for the away swing and the ball hits him on the pads. Marais Erasmus turns down the appeal. Clarke decides to review it. Replays show the ball smashing in to the top of off-stump and the decision is overturned. Big wicket for Australia.




Eng 186/4 | Overs 69 | Ian Bell 15*, Stokes 14*


Good start for England. Bell gets a thick edge which runs past gully and the batsmen run two. On the last ball, Bell tucks away a ball angling towards his legs for a boundary. The cracks are wide open on the pitch and another hot day expected at Perth today.


England have avoided the follow-on.


Here’s what Michael Carberry had to say about Kevin Pietersen’s batting.





Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Day Three of third Ashes Test at Perth. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. It will be a crucial third morning for England. Trailing by 205 runs, the visitors will resume the day with Ian Bell and Ben Stokes. To reflect back on the second evening, the two wickets of Alsatair Cook and Kevin Pietersen really fired up the Australian pacers. Pietersen completed 8,000 runs in Test cricket but fell for a poor shot against Peter Siddle (for record 10th time). Still it was a fighting effort by the batsmen under the torrid heat of Perth.
You can read the Day Two report here.