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Dec 16, 2013


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Bell and Stokes’s 99-run partnership has given England some hope as they proceed to Day five. England would have fancied their chances if these two batsmen remained unbeaten. But Bell’s wicket has given Australia a firm control over the match. While Stokes will be eager for an Ashes ton, Prior’s mindset will determine how England face the pacers on Tuesday. England are 251 for five with Stokes on 72 and Prior on seven. Do read the day’s report here.




Eng 233/5 | Overs 62 | Stokes 60*, Prior 1*


Ian Bell is out but Stokes has still not given it up. He is playing freely and keeping the scoreboard busy. Maiden half-century for Stokes. Matt Prior who has had a tough time off late is looking tentative.




Eng 220/5 | Overs 60 | Stokes 48*  OUT! Bell 60(93)


They dug deep, worked really hard but the partnership has finally been broken. Peter Siddle drops one short and Bell tries to guide it over the slips but nicks it to Brad Haddin. Marais Erasmus turns down the appeal and Clarke immediately opts for a review. Yet again hot spot doesn’t detect any edge but snicko does. Bell is out for a well-compiled 60 but England needed more from him. A fighting 99-run partnership comes to an end.






Eng 203/4 | Overs 56 | Bell 49*, Stokes 42* 


This has been a refreshing innings from Ian Bell and Ben Stokes. They are batting positively and taking the bowlers on. They have not hesitated to score off the short balls. But the task is not yet done. They will look to take this to Day Five and start fresh.




Eng 177/4 | Overs 50 | Bell 43*, Stokes 23* 


Fifty partnership comes up between Ian Bell and Ben Stokes. They played positive cricket and kept the score moving with some brilliant strokes. The pressure is back on the bowlers for now.  Bell is surely the man in form, but credit to Stokes as well for a matured innings.




As the Ashes slips away, Michael Vaughan looks at the two positives.






Eng 139/4 | Overs 45 | Bell 15*, Stokes 13* 


Both Bell and Stokes are going for their strokes against the pacers. However, they been watchful to Lyon who is getting some turn and causing some discomfort for the batsman. Stokes in particular is being tested with deliveries that is leaving him close to the off-stump.




Eng 121/4 | Overs 40 | Bell 10*, Stokes 0*   OUT! Pietersen 45(57)


Kevin Pietersen is surely making his presence felt. Hit a six in the last over of Nathan Lyon. His feet movement indicates he was not going to hold himself back. But Lyon grabs the opportunity. Tosses the ball up and KP comes down the track. Doesn’t get the same timing as he did on the previous occasion. Caught in the deep by Ryan Harris. That ball was in the air for a long time. Big wicket for Australia.





Eng 106/3 | Overs 37 | Pietersen 32*, Bell 9* 


Bell clips one away towards mid-wicket. Ryan Harris from mid-on has a long chase to do and the batsmen collect three.


Pietersen has corrected his mindset in second innings. Hasn’t held himself back from attacking the loose balls.  Sweeps one from Lyon for a boundary and then drives one fluently through covers.




Eng 95/3 | Overs 34 | Pietersen 24*, Bell 6* 


England head to Tea with still some wickets intact and a determined pair of Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell are ready to put up a fight. Read our Tea Report here.




Eng 76/3 | Overs 28 | Pietersen 11*, Bell 0*  OUT! Root 19(88)


Mitchell Johnson breaks Root’s resistance. He is caught behind for 18. It was a brilliant catch by Haddin diving in front of the first slip. Root is unhappy like the first innings and goes for a review. Replays show he his bat hit the ground and the ball took the edge on its way to Haddin’s gloves. Ian Bell, the new batsman is beaten on the first delivery.


Haddin’s confidence reflects in the way he took that catch. Flung himself in front of the first slip and plucked it





Eng 76/2 | Overs 27 | Root 19*, Pietersen 11*


Siddle maintains a wicket-to-wicket line bowling to Pietersen. The batsman is in a defensive mindset and doesn’t take much chances. Been a quiet run so far.




Eng 68/2 | Overs 23 | Root 17*, Pietersen 5*


Michael Clarke brings in Peter Siddle to bowl from one mind. Perhaps to unsettle Kevin Pietersen who Siddle has dismissed 10 times. England content to take their time. Play out two consecutive maiden overs. Siddle has got his length right and keeping the batsmen on their toes.




Eng 61/2 | Overs 19 | Root 17*  OUT! Carberry 31(53)


Watson gets the breakthrough. Pitches it full and Carberry commits himself to play at it. The ball angles in and he is no position to play it comfortably. The ball hits his pad and rises on to Haddin behind the wicket. Billy Bowden waits for some time before giving it out. Replays show Carberry could have gone leg-before as there was no edge. Kevin Pietersen is the new man in.




Eng 61/1 | Overs 16 | Carberry 31*, Root 16*


Nathan Lyon is back and is right ion the money. He had Carberry coming down the track to a tossed up delivery. Carberry lofts it and the outside edge flies past the face of Michael Clarke in the slips. Lucky boundary for Carberry but that would fuel up Lyon in his next over.




Eng 55/1 | Overs 16 | Carberry 25*, Root 16*


Carberry is looking confident and defending comfortably. Both, Root and Carberry are ensuring that the pacers do not bottle them up and take the odd singles to release the pressure. It’s a resurrection process which might take a long time but they would prefer to take it session by session.




Eng 40/1 | Overs 12 | Carberry 16*, Root 10*


Mitchell Johnson is in the attack and suddenly the spectators come alive. Johnson keeps the ball fractionally short, the batsmen are comfortably defending it chest high. Both the batsmen appear comfortable against the pacer.




Eng 33/1 | Overs 10 | Carberry 11*, Root 9*


A disciplined Peter Siddle keeps the batsmen quiet. The cracks are widening and the occasional ball is changing its course after hitting the deck.

We are yet to see a Mitchell Johnson express delivery rising off the crack like the one below….





Eng 24/1 | Overs 7 | Carberry 8*, Root 7*


It’s lunch on Day four. Carberry and Root cautious to see out the pumped up Australian pacers. There’s not much one can hope for but a partnership between these two could insert some much-needed confidence in the England side, especially after the loss of their kipper Cook on the first ball.


Catch the lunch report here.



 There you go, the stumps are disturbed…



Eng 5/1 | Overs 1 | Carberry 0*, Root 5*   OUT! Cook 0(1)


Australia are smelling their victory here. Ryan Harris gets Alastair Cook bowled first ball. Perfect seam position and the ball straightens just enough to beat the defensive push of Cook. The Aussies are thrilled and Rhino begins his wild run. That wicket of Cook will further sink in England.




Aus 369/6 decl. | Overs 87 | Bailey 39*, Johnson 0*


After a 22-run over hit by Watson, Bailey now betters with a 28-run over. Australia have declared their innings and set a target of 504 for England. What a way to end. That last over would surely have demoralised England. 4, 6, 4, 6, 6. Most runs conceded by a bowler in Tests. Equals Robin Peterson’s record.



Aus 341/6 | Overs 84 | Bailey 11*, Johnson 0*   OUT! Haddin 5(6)


Well, England are having a terrible time out there. Bailey survives after offering a sitter and then Brad Haddin goes for a slog to be finally caught by Graeme Swann.


Bailey had blindly played an uppish shot. Anderson and Bell on the off-side have a look at each other while the ball focuses on landing safely on the ground. Cook is dejected, Bresnan is furious and the Australian camp is in splits.




Aus 333/5 | Overs 84 | Bailey 8*, Haddin 0*  OUT! Watson 103 (108)


Some extraordinary blunder committed by England and finally they manage to send back Shane Watson. The batsman hits one in the air. It was one of the easiest catches available and Bell dropped it. Tim Bresnan was sharp enough to pick it up and hit the stumps to run Watson out.




Aus 331/4 | Overs 83 | Watson 103*, Bailey 6*


Fourth Test hundred for Shane Watson. What an innings. He has smashed his way to a ton. Anderson gets a ball drifting on to Watson’s legs and he clips it away fine behind the wicket for a boundary.


Just a ball earlier, Watson got a bouncer that jumped right off the crack, indicating the awkward bounce that might be waiting for England when they come out to bat.




New ball available for England and Anderson swings it away from the batsmen…




Aus 303/4 | Overs 80 | Watson 85*, Bailey 1*  OUT! Smith 15(50)  


A wicket for England as Australia cruise through. Steve Smith pulls a short one from Ben Stokes straight to substitute fielder Jonny Bairstow at deep mid-wicket. Smith has played the short ball well but this time it was timed pretty well towards the fielder. George Bailey is the new man in.





Aus 295/3 | Overs 77 | Watson 82*, Smith 12*  


4,6,6,6 ! He started the day on 29 and Watson is now just minutes away from his century. Graeme Swann has turned out to be the target for Watson. After an explosive start to the day, Watson has now hit 22 runs from a Swann over.  Well that says why he is better off with his T20 mindset. After the boundary, Watson muscles three balls straight into the stands. Each of the shots are sweetly timed landing a few rows behind.




Aus 249/3 | Overs 71 | Watson 43*, Smith 5*  


The intentions are clear. Watson slams 14 runs in the first over of the day. Graeme Swann starts the proceedings. The fourth ball was smacked over mid-wicket for a boundary. Typical Watson shot. The next ball is a lovely straight drive for four more. And the last vall is pitched up and he dispatches it over the ropes.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the fourth day of the  third Ashes Test at Perth. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. Australia are well on course to set a huge target for England and move one step closer to regaining the urn. On Day Three England were completely outplayed yet again. After the pacers went through the England batting, it was a dominating innings from David Warner scoring his second century of the series and fifth overall in Tests. All eyes will be on Michael Clarke, what score is safe enough to have a go at England and seal the series here?


Moment of the day on Day Three


David Warner of Australia celebrates his century during day three of the Third Ashes Test Match8


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