Aaron Finch ©  Getty Images (File Photo)
Aaron Finch © Getty Images (File Photo)

Mar 23, 2014


Catch Live Scorecard of the Australia (AUS) vs Pakistan (PAK) here


(Australia, who are on a resurgent note, take on Pakistan in the 16th Match of the ICC World T20 2014 at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. Catch Live Cricket Score of the match in our live blog below)


What a comeback it has been from Pakistan! Maxwell’s heroics were superb and sparked a remarkable comeback after losing two early wickets. But Pakistan have been splendid in the end. They win by 16 runs. As we catch out breath, we will gear up for the next game. It is India against West Indies. You can follow the live blog here.


Bilawal Bhatti comes on to bowl. His second over1 We remember the first one he bowled. Haddin hits down the ground and takes two off the first ball. And the second ball is then hit to cover. They go for a single and then Starc is run-out going for the second. And the third ball is a full toss and they get a single. Haddin takes strike then. And he holes out to the deep and is out. And Hogg can only take a brace and then gets bowled.
OUT! Starc 3(2) Haddin 8(8) Hogg 3(3)



Gul comes in and Haddin gets a single off the first ball through the leg-side. And Gul gets Coulter-Nile! He tries to go over the top and his stumps have been uprooted. Starc comes on and gets a single off the first ball. Haddin gets two then.
OUT! Coulter-Nile 0(3)



Ajmal comes on and Haddin misses the first ball as he tries to hit through the leg-side. He then takes a single to hand it to Finch. Pakistan get another dot ball as Finch moves across his stumps and tries to pull and misses. And Finch is gone1 He tries to loft it over the leg-side, but it is full and takes the leg-stump off. Coulter-Nile also comes in and misses as he tries to loft it over the leg-side. Only one run off the over!
OUT! Finch 65(54)



Umar Gul comes on to bowl and gets it full outside the off-stump first up. Hodge pushes it through the off-side for a single. He then goes full to Finch also and he pushes to long-on for a single. And Hodge is gone! He smashes a full delivery through the off-side and Ajmal takes a brilliant catch running in the deep. It was flat and hit hard. Brilliantly taken! Finch then pushes through the off-side for a double. Finch then hits it on the on-side and it is a boundary between square-leg and mid-wicket. Gul finishes off with a full toss. Now 31 required off 18 balls.



Bailey is bowled by Afridi as a googly castles him. Hodge is the new man! Finch gets a four through the leg side. Pressure on AUstralia.
OUT! Bailey 4(9)



Ajmal comes in and bowls round the wicket to Finch. He misses the sweep off the first ball. And then there is a leg-bye off the second ball. Bailey then pushes through the off-side for a single. Pressure building a touch! Bailey then moves across his stumps and takes a single as he sweeps. Finch then makes room and gets a thin-edge as it goes past Akmal for four. Big relief that!



Afridi continues and Bailey tries to work it behind point but doesn’t get a run. He then manages to keep the second one out and gets a single. After a few dot balls, Finch makes room and tries to loft it, but then it fles over Umar Gul at short third-man for a four.



Babar is here now as Pakistan want to put pressure. He hits Finch on the pads on the first ball and then bowls it outside the off-stump as Finch gives room. But then, he bowls a full toss and Finch sweeps it behind square for a four. He then takes a single as Bailey comes on strike. Bailey finally gets off the mark by pushing through long-on.



Shahid Afridi comes into the attack. Maxwell pushes it for a single and there is an overthrow. But then Maxwell is out as he holes out to square-leg as he attempts another. Hue relief for Pakistan! George Bailey is the new man.
OUT! Maxwell 74(33)





Gul is now into the attack. He gets it full and outside the off-stump. Maxwell misses it. He then smashes it to deep extra cover, where Ajmal comes around to take the catch. And he drops it! That was comic! He fumbles, and it hits his face and goes to the ground. A relatively quiet over here. Only five runs off it.



Ajmal comes on and then Finch takes a single off the second ball. Maxwell then sits on his knee and clobbers it over mid-wicket for a six. He then sweeps him behind square for a four. Ajmal finally gets a dot ball as a doosra beats him outside the off-stump. The 100 of this partnership is up.





Zulfiqar Babar is back into the attack as Pakistan aim to take the pace off the ball. He gets two dots first up and that is huge relief. Finch lofts it over mid-off, and takes a single as it doesn’t carry to Malik at long-off. Maxwell then takes a single. Finch then takes a single. A bit of a lull after the storm. Only three runs off the over.



Bilawal Bhatti comes into the attack and FInch lofts the first ball over cow-corner for a four. He then works a single. Maxwell then gets width and he has placed it between the inner ring for a four. That shows hit touch play! Bhatti then bowls on a length and Maxwell absolutely smashes it over mid-wicket for a six. There was a fielder there, but it has gone way over him. And then he lofts one over long-on for six. And that is Maxwell’s fifty. Only 18 balls required! Bhatti then bowls a beamer and Maxwell ducks with a grunt. Kamran Akmal cannot stop it behind the stumps. Wheels are coming off for Pakistan. And the last ball is smashed for a four through the covers. This over has gone for 30 runs! The 100 is up for Australia.



Shahid Afridi comes on to bowl with the crowd cheering him. Finch makes room and pushes for a single through the off-side. Maxwell then sweeps for a single. Finch then gets down on his knees and carts it over square-leg for a six. It just cleared the boundary and it went quite flat. And Maxwell is into the act! He sweeps Afridi for a six in the second tier at square-leg. So, they have taken 15 runs off the over.



Saeed Ajmal comes into the attack. Maxwell tries to loft it but it falls short of the fielder at deep midwicket. But then Finch sweeps him and gets six. Finch then moves towards the off-side to make room and then cut it through the off-side for a four. The 50 is up for Australia



Umar Gul is now into the attack. So some pace into the equation. Finch gets hold of the first three deliveries, but then he hits them straight to the fielders. The second one was a beautiful cover-drive, but it doesn’t get its rewards. He then smashes it down the ground, but it hits Umar Gul’s shin. He gets a single then. Gul then gives Maxwell a bit of width and he merely guides it through third-man for four. Gul had actually bowled it a bit slower. And then Maxwell gets a full toss and he guides it over the infield on the off-side for another four. What a start for him!



Finch is hit on the leg on the full by Hafeez, but it was outside the leg-stump. Finch then punches it through the off-side and takes a single. Maxwell then dances down the track and lofts it over mid-wicket for a six. That was a big shot and will help release some pressure. He tries another, but doesn’t get enough bat on it. Only a single through mid-wicket is a result of that. Finch then charges and takes a single through the leg-side. Hafeez then bowls on Maxwell’s legs and he is swept with disdain over fine-leg for six. Big over that!



Finch gets a single off the first ball. Later, Maxwell sweeps Babar well over square-leg for a four. The fielders were in the ring there. Maxwell then gracefully lofts one over the covers for a four. That was beautifully times and no risk involved. Maxwell then tries the reverse sweep but it hits him on the pads. That was going down the leg-side though, so no threat there.



Mohammad Hafeez starts from the other end. Pakistan are attacking them with spin. Finch stands way outside the off-stump and then moves in. Hafeez fires it down the leg-side but it isn’t given wide. Finch takes a single off the third-ball to get off the mark. Maxwell attempts a reverse sweep off the first ball and misses. He then gets a single off the next ball.



Zulfiqar Babar stars things for Pakistan and he is hit for a four first ball by David Warner. He charges and gets an edge through third-man for four. But then Babar hits back as he bowls Warner off the second ball. Warner tried to make room and was bowled as the off-stump was uprooted. Shane Watson is the new man. He lets the first ball go through and defends the second ball. Watson then gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it smoothly down the ground and it goes for a four. Malik cannot stop it down the ground. And there is another. Babar gets Watson as he tries to go over the top on the off-side and gets a thin-edge that is taken by Akmal.
OUT! Warner 4(2) Watson 4(4)




Mohandas Menon gives us an interesting breakup of the Pakistan innings:




Akmal is gone. He gets a full-toss from Mitchell Starc but spoons a catch to long-on. Glenn Maxwell takes the catch. Afridi then makes room and beautifully guides it through third-man for four. The fielder was inside the ring there. He then takes a single as Shoaib Malik readies to take his first ball. He gets an underedge as it goes for a four through third-man. Starc then gets away with a full-toss that is a bit wide. Malik tries to smash through mid-off and gets two. So they have scored 191 for five.
OUT! U Akmal 94(54)



Bollinger into the attack and bowls two valuable dots first up. Akmal moves across and tries to scoop but misses the second one! He then hits it in the air but it falls short of David Warner. Akmal then gets a full toss and he heaves it high on the leg-side and it falls in no man’s land. Another brace. Afridi moves across the stumps and misses! Decent over!



Mitchell Starc is back and bowls a full toss first up. Akmal makes room and lofts it over mid-off for a four. He now moves into the 80s. Is a ton possible now? Akmal then takes a single and hands it over to Afridi. He scoops one through point, where Hodge only gets a hand to it. Akmal then gets a full toss and he smashes it into the second tier at mid-wicket. He is now moving closer to the 90s.



Shane Watson is in and Afridi inside edges one and it goes to fine leg. They come back for two. That brings up the 150 for Pakistan. And he gets into the act! It was on a length and he smashes it over mid-wicket for a six! Afridi then smashes the last one over mid-off for a four.



Something from Shane Warne:




Akmal swats one from Coulter-Bile through cow-corner and it goes for a four. So far Maqsood only has rotated strike. Given the way Akmal is batting, he doesn’t have to do anything more does he? But then he gets out as he tries to loft a yorker from Coulter-Nile. It disturbs the woodwork! A good comeback by Coulter-Nile. Shahid Afridi is out in the middle and the fans welcome him! He gets off the mark first ball.
OUT! Maqsood 5(7)



Bollinger comes back into the attack and strays on Akmal’s pads. He is glanced beautifully for four past the short fine-leg fielder. Maqsood and Akmal then rotate strike well. Bollinger comes back well to restrict the damage. This is now Akmal’s highest T20 International score.



Maqsood tries to sweep off the first ball he faces from Hogg. It misses everything and goes through for four byes. Maqsood then gets a single to get off the mark. Umar smashes one through mid-wicket but gets only a single.



A change in bowling! Coulter-Nile changes ends and replaces Hogg. The first ball is worked by Umar through the on-side. Kamran also works a single. Although there has been some great hitting, they have rotated strike as well. Just when you felt they may only rotate strike, Umar latches on to some width provided by Coulter-Nile and places it behind point for a four. Australia under pressure! And a wicket for Australia at last! Kamran makes room and cuts it to deep extra cover, where David Warner takes a good catch.
OUT! K Akmal 31(31)



Aaron Finch has been summoned to bowl his left-arm orthodox. Umar welcomes him as he pulls him for a six over mid-wicket for six. He then cuts him behind point for a four. The fielders were in the ring at backward point and third-man. Finch is bowling a bit too short. Umar gets his fifty as he pulls another six. This time, he has gone into the stands. Fifty off just 28 balls.





Hogg continues and bowls one down the leg-side. Kamran tries to sweep it and it goes fine for four. The umpire rules that it was a wide. So they get five runs for that one. He then bowls it full, Kamran makes room and lofts it over the cover fielder and goes for four. Hogg isn’t getting his line right here and that has caused a few problems for Australia.



Watson is into the attack and Umar flicks it through the off-side for a single. Kamran then pulls it towards long-on for another single. Kamran is now dropped! What is happening! Ohh wait, it was a no ball. It wouldn’t have made a difference here. Watson bowls a full-toss on the legs and Kamran flicks it to Bollinger at short fine-leg, where he spulls it. The free-hit is a full toss and Umar pulls it high over mid-wicket for a six. These two have now put on 50.



Brad Hogg now comes on. He can make up for that catch by taking a wicket. Kamran moves across off the second ball and sweeps him behind square for four. The fine-leg was inside the ring and it went for four quite easily. The third ball is full and Kamran smashes it through the covers. David Warner dives, but misfields and it is another four. Kamran then cuts the last ball for a brace. That over goes for 13.



Coulter-Nile continues. Umar puts him under pressure immediately. He pulls one through mid-wicket and it goes through for four. Coulter-Nile then gets back well as he bowls an inswinging yorker, which is kept out by Umar. That brings up the fifty for Pakistan. Kamran then makes room and scoops it over the off-side for a single. The fourth ball is full and Umar drives it down the ground for four. That was very well timed. He then carts it to square-leg, it goes flat to Brad Hogg in the deep, and he has dropped it! How crucial would that be?





Watson continues with Kamran trying to make room to him. He then bowls a short ball as Kamran pulls it for a single. Umar then charges down the ground to take Watson on the full and carts it through cover for a four. In fact, he converted that into a full-toss.



Nathan Coulter-Nile now comes into the attack as Bailey looks to change things a touch. The first one was wide outside the off-stump and Umar cuts it to the fielder. off the third ball, he pulls it straight behind the bowler. It nearly hit his brother at the other end before going for four. Kamran pulls the last one through fine-leg for a single as Brad Hogg stops it at the boundary.



And he is gone! Hafeez tries to make room as Shane Watson comes into the attack. He tries to play through the off-side, but gets an edge onto the stumps. Great start for Australia. The other Akmal is out there. Umar in the centre. He gets a short one and it hurries onto him. He pulls it away for a double to get off the mark. He then charges down the ground and hits one high in the air through mid-off. But, it falls in no-man’s land and that gets him two more.
OUT! Hafeez 13(10)



Hafeez pushes the first one through the off-side and runs through for two. Off the third ball, Hafeez tries to flick one off his legs, but it hits his pads with Haddin taking it. There was an appeal, but it quite clearly came off the legs. Hafeez then makes a bit of room and pulls Bollinger through wide long-on for four. He then works it through mid-wicket for another four. In total control of that. It was quite well played as the ball was leaving him.



Starc starts off with a wide. Later, he pitches one outside the off-stump and Akmal drives it with the full flourish and it goes for four. Aaron Finch tries to get around in the ring, but didn’t stop it. Otherwise, Akmal plays this over quite well. He lets the last one go through as it was tempting him to play the upper cut.



Doug Bollinger stars off from the other end. He is getting the movement away from the two right-handers. Akmal gets off-strike as he edges one to third-man and Shehzad comes on. And he is gone! He tries to pull a short one and it takes the top edge. Bollinger settles underneath that and he is gone. Mohammad Hafeez comes in. He gets off the mark by pulling through square-leg for two. He did not hit it too well.
OUT! Shehzad 5(5)





Mitchell Starc starts the proceedings for Australia. Ahmed Shehzad smashes the first ball through the off-side for four. It was a bit outside the off-stump and he guided it between the gap very well. Starc then is on the money off the second ball as it comes into Shehzad. He gets an inside edge to fine-leg. Akmal faces his first ball and it was full and there was an edge as Brad Haddin takes it to his right. The umpires are not sure if it bounced after edging. They are going for the replay. But, the replays show that it bounced after the edge. Akmal later gets off the mark by guiding one to third man.






Toss: Australia’s captain, George Bailey has won the toss and elected to bowl first against Pakistan. He wants his pacers to make full use of the hardness of the pitch, and will also be wary of the slight dew which could come into play during the second innings.


Playing XI


Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Shane Watson, Glen Maxwell, George Bailey (c), Brad Hodge, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Starc, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Brad Hogg, Doug Bollinger.


Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal (wk), Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul, Bilawal Bhatti, Zulfiqar Babar.


Welcome to the live updates of the Group 1 encounter between Australia and Pakistan of the ICC World T20 2014 at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium at Mirpur, Dhaka. While an upbeat Australian unit will be playing their first match of the tournament, Pakistan will be hoping to bounce back from the defeat against India in their first match.


Both the teams have come into the tournament on a high note and are expected to go a long distance. While Australia will be without the services of their premier paceman, Mitchell Johnson, they still have enough firepower in their batting and bowling departments to win against any side. Pakistan, on the other hand, have quality spinners who can strangle any opposition.


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Australia: George Bailey (c), Daniel Christian, Nathan Coulter-Nile, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Brad Haddin (wk), Brad Hodge, Brad Hogg, Doug Bollinger, Glenn Maxwell, James Muirhead, Mitchell Starc, David Warner, Shane Watson, Cameron White.


Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal (wk), Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Zulfiqar Babar, Umar Gul, Bilawal Bhatti, Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Talha, Junaid Khan.


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