Andrew Flintoff replaced Kabir Ali for Lancashire © Getty Images
Andrew Flintoff replaced Kabir Ali for Lancashire © Getty Images

Aug 23, 2014




Lancashire 177/8 | Overs 20

A Flintoff 20(8), S Parry 4(4)

Parry on strike. Woakes the bowler. 14 needed off the last over. And they get the single off a bye! Freddie dives in for his life and he makes it! They need 13 off the final five! And FREDDIE on strike. And he gets two runs here. 11 off four. Two more runs. Nine needed off three now. Oh just a single. Woakes has bowled a tremendous over. Parry on strike. Two more for Parry. Six needed off the last ball, but Freddie is not on strike. AND BIRMINGHAM WINS!

Lancashire 168/8 | Overs 19

A Flintoff 15(5), S Parry 1(1)

Woakes on now. And SIX for Brown, that’s his fifty as well! Top knock from him. And he follows it up with a superb boundary. AND WOAKES CLEANS HIM UP! AND HEEEEEEEEEEEERE’S FREDDIE! Single to get away. Hannon-Dalby again. Single off the first ball. Clark on strike. OH AND HE’S CAUGHT IN THE DEEP! In comes Parry. AND FREDDIE SMACKS THIS FOR SIX! AND ANOTHER ONE!!

OUT! K Brown 55(28) b Woakes, J Clark 10(8) c Bell b Hannon-Dalby

Lancashire 139/6 | Overs 17

K Brown 43(24), J Clark 9(6)

Here comes Jeetan Patel. OH HE GETS HIM WITH HIS FIRST BALL! And nearly gets another next ball! Jordan Clark is the new man in. Still no sign of Big Fred. Oh that’s six! Big shot. A single to end the over. Hannon-Dalby again. He has bowled quite well today. 43 needed off the last three overs.

OUT! P Horton 1(4) c Ambrose b Patel

Lancashire 120/5 | Overs 15

K Brown 34(19), P Horton 1(4)

The new man in is Steven Croft. Flintoff is actually scheduled to bat at No 8. Seems like a waste of entertainment. Anyway, Rikki Clarke comes on again. And Brown gets another six. This is very useful innings from him. He’s striking at nearly 200 at the moment. Good slower ball there. Oliver comes on again. That’s four to start off. AND HE KNOCKS HIM OVER!

OUT! S Croft 6(4) b Hannon-Dalby

Lancashire 102/4 | Overs 12.5

K Brown 23(13)

Javid continues now. And Brown smacks him away for another six! Buttler on strike now. And he whacks a couple of boundaries to end the over. Lancs still in this. Oliver Hannon-Dalby now comes on. Starts with a wide that gives Lancs their 100. Good over from Oliver (really, typing Hannon-Dalby every time is not going to work). He’s mixing up the slower balls quite effectively. Reminds one of Rajat Bhatia. OH THAT’S THE END OF BUTTLER! Huge wicket here.

OUT! J Buttler 11(8) c Ambrose b Hannon-Dalby

Lancashire 77/3 | Overs 10.1

K Brown 10(5), J Buttler 0(0)

Lancashire need to really pull up their socks now. They are way behind on the run rate. Someone will need to play an Evans-like scorcher. Will it be Freddie? Here’s Ranking again. OH AND ANOTHER ONE DOWN! Rankin is on fire tonight!

OUT! U Khawaja 16(17 c Evans b Rankin



Lancashire 62/2 | Overs 8.4

U Khawaja 11(14), K Brown 0(0)

Rankin again. Just five off that over. Here comes Jeetan Patel now. And he has Khawanja in trouble right away. Ooh he gets four off that one, top edge though. So eight off that over, but a good one from Patel. And Rankin continues. AND HE FINALLY STRIKES! Cleans up Ashwell Prince.

OUT! A Prince 30(24) b Rankin



Lancashire 44/1 | Overs 5.5

A Prince 25(19), U Khawaja 0(0)

Rikki Clarke into the attack. Just three off the first four deliveries, but Smith tonks this over long-on for six! And Boyd Rankin now comes on. Starts well, but Prince cuts him for four through point off the fourth delivery. Woakes again. AND HE STRIKES!

OUT! T Smith 19(16) c Evans b Woakes

Lancashire 24/0 | Overs 3

A Prince 14(10), T Smith 10(8)

Javid starts things off for the Bears. Prince and Smith open the innings. Good over, just four off it. Chris Woakes now. Oh that’s four for Prince! Seven off that one. Javid again. And Prince gets four off the first ball, but that was dangerously close to the fielder. Oh swatted again, just short of the fielder. And now Tom Smith carts the off-spinner over his head for a big six! Good start for Lancs.

Birmingham 181/5 | Overs 20

C Woakes 22(15), A Javid 2(2)

So Jimmy Anderson to bowl the final over. He has been a far cry from the lethal assassin he was to India over the summer. None for 41 in his first three. Single to start with. Oh full toss and he misses it! And Woakes finishes with a couple of boundaries!

Birmingham 170/5 | Overs 19

C Woakes 13(11), A Javid

Jimmy Anderson continues. Evans gets four off the first ball. OH SIX MORE! Short again from Anderson, and six more. Evans goes for another hit, lucky to survive that one. Tom Smith continues for the 19th over. Does that mean Freddie will come in for the final over? We shall soon see. And Evans greets Smith with a cracking six over covers! He jumps to 44. Goes leg side now, gets a couple. OHWHATAHIT! Wham! Six over long-on for Evans. That’s his fifty as well. AND now he’s out! Great innings though from Evans!

OUT! L Evans 53(30) c Prince b Smith

Birmingham 139/4 | Overs 17

L Evans 24(20), C Woakes 11(9)

Jordan Clark continues. And just five runs off that over. Parry again. OH Woakes survives a stumping chance by getting an outside edge that evades Jos Buttler, lucky break for the Bears. Clark again. And this is four for Evans. And now he gets another couple of runs. Short and wide ball, and six more! This over could be the turning point! Good yorker, just one.




Birmingham 109/4 | Overs 14

L Evans 6(10), C Woakes 0(1)

Jordan Clark again into the attack. Bowling to Rikki Clarke. Just five off that over. Tom Smith now.  No run to start with. OH NOW HE GETS HIM! Rikki Clarke gives himself some room, and misses the ball altogether. Slower one from Smith too. New man in is Chris Woakes.

OUT! R Clarke 27(27) b T Smith

Birmingham 100/3 | Overs 12

R Clarke 24(22), L Evans 2(4)

Laurie Evans is the new batsman. Croft to bowl out now. Just a few singles and he ends with figures of one for 17 in four overs. Great stuff from him! Parry again. The spinners are really tying down the batsmen. Oh this one is short from Parry, and Clarke whiplashes this for four through midwicket. And another big hit! Six more for Clarke. And now the 100 is up too.



Birmingham 84/3 | Overs 10

R Clarke 7(8), L Evans 0(0)

Croft again. He has bowled really well so far. Just nine off his first two overs, and a wicket. He continues beautifully, just three off that one. Parry continues. Porterfield trying to hit these really hard, he was better off timing them earlier on in his innings. Oh he walked past this one, luckily for him it took the pad on its way to the fine leg boundary. OH NOW HE GETS HIM! Porters bowled.

OUT! W Porterfield 31(23) b Parry

Birmingham 73/2 | Overs 8

W Porterfield 27(17), R Clarke 7(8)

Steve Croft continues now. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Varun Chopra is out. Rikki Clarke is the new man in. And it’s Stephen Parry into the attack now with his left-arm spin. Just a few singles now.

OUT! V Chopra 30(17) b Croft



Birmingham 63/1 | Overs 6

V Chopra 30(16), W Porterfield 24(14)

Freddie again. Oops, that was not one of his best balls! Full toss and Chopra hammers that for six! It was a no-ball too. Oh cracking shot from Porters to end the over. Six more. Not the best of follow-up overs from Freddie. He sticks out his tongue in disgust at himself. That’s also 50 up for Birmingham. Jimmy Anderson continues. Starts with a wide ball. And Porters cuts this one for four. Flicked away this time, good fielding in the deep. Good start for the Bears. Oh lovely shot to end the over, four more!

Birmingham 33/1 | Overs 4

V Chopra 17(11), W Porterfield 10(6)

And it’s Freddie Flintoff into the attack now! OH AND HE STRIKES FIRST BALL! Freddie Flintoff you absolute beauty. Ian Bell holes out first ball he faces from the big man! William Porterfield, Ireland’s skipper, is the new man in. Just four singles off the over. Tom Smith continues now. Oh that was hit beautifully by Chopra, but right into the stumps at the bowler’s end. Just a run. That’s four for Porterfield! And four more, this time on the leg side. Good over for the Bears.

OUT! I Bell 4(7) c Brown b Flintoff

Birmingham 19/0 | Overs 2

I Bell 4(6), V Chopra 13(6)

So we have begun! Steve Croft to begin. And that’s just five off that first over. Jimmy Anderson to continue. And it’s Anderson to Bell. This should be interesting! Oh Chopra absolutely thrashes this one! And another! Six for Chopra!

Birmingham have won the toss and have elected to bat first. Andrew Flintoff comes in to replace Kabir Ali. Curiously, Flintoff played his final Test match exactly five years ago as well. Freddie is back, folks!








Lancashire: Tom Smith, Ashwell Prince, Usman Khawaja, Karl Brown, Jos Buttler(wk), Paul Horton(c), Andrew Flintoff, Steve Croft, Jordan Clark, Stephen Parry, James Anderson

Warwickshire: Varun Chopra(c), Ian Bell, William Porterfield, Rikki Clarke, Laurie Evans, Chris Woakes, Tim Ambrose(wk), Ateeq Javid, Jeetan Patel, Boyd Rankin, Oliver Hannon-Dalby

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the T20 Blast Final between Birmingham and Lancashire at Edgbaston. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will be bringing you the updates of the match. Birmingham defeated Surrey earlier today to become the first side to get to the finals of the 2014 T20 Blast, while Lancashire trounced Hampshire.





I Bell 0(0), V Chopra 0(0)