Chris Gayle first launched © Getty Images
Chris Gayle first launched his foundation in London © Getty Images


Jun 7, 2014


The Chris Gayle Foundation is now in its second year. The foundation, started in London, has assisted 18 boys who are now doing very well in their neighbourhood. The Jamaican branch of the foundation will host 20 destitute teenagers for a year.


According to a report on ndtv, the West Indian opener said, “Cricket is indeed a powerful sport; it has certainly changed my life. Through cricket, I was given the tools and support to succeed and I want to share this with the youth through my Academy.”


The academy’s goal is to try and convince children to stay in school and focus on their education. Cricket will be used as a tool for this purpose. Chris Gayle said, “This academy is about more than cricket. The young men here in the UK come from varying backgrounds and communities and have been able to group together and share their experiences and sharpen their life skills.” Gayle continued, “Not all these young men want to pursue professional cricket, but the Academy teaches them important skills that prepare them for the working world.”


Gayle concluded by saying, “Many of these boys have not had the greatest opportunities, and this Academy brings their talents to the fore and shows them who they can be. Some of these boys came into the Academy not expecting much but have received much more than they anticipated and some have even gone back to school to complete their education to better themselves and excel.”


Gayle recently played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014, and will now play in the upcoming home series against New Zealand.