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England vs Australia Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013 5th Test Day 5: Match ends in draw as umpires stop play due to bad light

England vs Australia Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013 5th Test Day 5: Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen going quickly

Kevin Pietersen (right) got to his 33rd Test half-century © Getty Images

Aug 25, 2013

Shane Watson has been adjudged as the Man-of-the-Match. Ian Bell is the Man-of-the-Series for England and Ryan Harris is the Man-of-the-Series for Australia.

So, that is it from us and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Ashes 2013.

Eng 206/5 | Overs 40 |  Woakes 17*, Prior 0* OUT! Trott 59, Bell 17

Trott gives himself room outside off-stump and flat bats Faulkner’s delivery towards the cover region for a four. Next ball he was out LBW to a straight delivery. Bell then hits a four off Faulkner, but the ball just went away from the mid-off fielder. The England batsmen are only able to take ones and twos with Australia having a spread out field and also bowling wide down the leg side. Starc then bowls a waist-high no-ball and Woakes gets a thick outside edge and the ball races away to the third-man boundary for four.

Bell then is run-out by Starc and then the umpires stopped play for bad light with just four overs left. The match has ended in a draw. So, that is it England have won the Ashes 3-0.

Eng 166/3 | Overs 35 |  Trott 55*, Bell 1* OUT! Pietersen 62

Australia are bowling in one-day mode now. The field is spread out and remember there are no field restrictions in Test cricket. Trott then hits a length delivery from Watson in the air over mid-wicket to get three runs and to reach his 18th Test half-century. Pietersen then dispatches a full-toss from Watson towards the mid-wicket region for a four. Clarke then brings Harris into the attack and he gets the breakthrough. Pietersen hits one in the air and David Warner takes the catch at long-on.

Andy Zaltzman tweets saying that if Australia lose the match, they would have lost the series 4-0, having had four first innings leads. And also without England scoring 400 runs in any innings in the series.

Eng 145/2 | Overs 30 |  Trott 48*, Pietersen 50*

After five dot deliveries in the 26th over from Starc, Pietersen hits a four of the last ball towards the mid-wicket. Lyon then bowls a short and wide delivery and Pietersen slams that one towards the point region for another four. Starc then bowls a bouncer at Pietersen from round the wicket. But Pietersen pulls the ball towards the square-leg boundary for a four. With that boundary, England have reduced the deficit below 100 runs. Pietersen then drives through the covers for another four. Starc then bowls full down the leg side and Pietersen hist another four towards the fine-leg region.

Eng 112/2 | Overs 25 |  Trott 43*, Pietersen 23*

Faulkner comes from round the wicket and Pietersen pushes the ball towards the mid-wicket region for a four. He then creams a full delivery past the wide mid-off fielder for another four. Pietersen then hits a full delivery from Starc straight back past him for a four. Starc comes back with a sharp delivery that hits Pietersen’s gloves, but falls short of Clarke at first slip. Pietersen then slaps a four off Lyon towards the extra-cover region.

Eng 86/2 | Overs 20 |  Trott 40*, Pietersen 0* OUT! Cook 34

The scoring has increased now. Trott in particular is finding the fence at will. But firs Cook cuts Lyon again and gets a four. Then Trott flicks a length delivery from James Faulkner for a four through square-leg. In the same over he pulls a short of a length delivery for another four in the same region. Faulkner then gets Cook out LBW. Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman.

Eng 61/1 | Overs 15 |  Cook 24*, Trott 25*

Cook cuts a Lyon delivery for four beating the second slip and a point fielder. Trott then pulls a short delivery from Peter Siddle for four towards the square-leg region. Trott looks to be getting in the groove as he is freely here. Clarke has come into the attack to bowl his left-arm spin.

Eng 43/1 | Overs 10 |  Cook 16*, Trott 15*

Jonathan Trott gets off the mark with a four through mid-wicket. Australia are bowling at the right areas and trying to get the England batsmen to play more. The atmosphere at The Oval is getting better as the fans are beginning to rejoice the end of the Ashes. Clarke has brought Nathan Lyon into the attack. He is bowling to Cook with two slips and a forward short-leg. Harris bowls one short to Troot, who hooks and gets a four towards fine-leg. That was close to the short fine-leg fielder though.

Eng 22/1 | Overs 5 |  Cook 10*, Trott 0* OUT! Root 11*

Alastair Cook and Joe Root have walked out to bat here. Michael Clarke has kept a very attacking field. Cook gets two fours off Ryan Harris in the very first over, which cheers up the home fans. The first is hit through mid-wicket and the second is also in the same area, but the first ball was fuller and the second was shorter. Root then glances one of the pads towards square-leg off Mitchell Starc. But Australia get the breakthrough they wanted. Harris finds the edge of Root’s bat and Haddin takes the catch. The world record is Haddin’s now. Most number of dismissals by a wicketkeeper in a Test series — 29.


Aus 111/6 | Overs 23 | Clarke 28*, Starc 13*

After a quiet few overs, Mitchell Starc hit a Swann delivery straight back at him. But there was not enough time to react and the ball raced away for a four. Clarke then drove one in the air off Broad, but the ball just went away from Anderson at mid-off and went for another four. The last ball before tea was pulled by Starc for a four towards the square-leg region. So at tea, Australia lead England by 226 runs. Join us after the break.

Australia have declared their innings. England need 227 runs to win the match.

Aus 86/6 | Overs 19 | Clarke 15*, Starc 1* OUT! Smith 7, Harris 1

The score keeps moving a little more slowly as the wickets have kept falling. Centurion from the first innings Steven Smith also follows his teammates and joins them in the dressing room while trying to up the ante. He hits a Broad length delivery across the line and is caught by Swann at long-on. Ryan Harris is then bowled by Broad with an in-coming delivery. This could get ugly for Australia.

Aus 68/4 | Overs 15 | Clarke 5*, Smith 1* OUT! Faulkner 22

Swann manages to hit Michael Clarke’s pads, but the appeal is turned down by the umpire. Cook asks for the review but the ball was hitting the pads outside the line of the off-stump. He then sweeps in front of square to get a four. Faulkner then hits a lofted on-drive and gets a six of Broad. Faulkner then edges Broad’s length delivery to wicketkeeper Prior, who takes a very good catch.


Aus 52/3 | Overs 13 | Faulkner 7*, Clarke 1* OUT! Watson 26, Haddin 0

England captain Alastair Cook has brought Graeme Swann into the attack. The off-spinner is getting the ball to spin. Watson then steps out and hits Swann’s length delivery in the air, but Kevin Pietersen caught it at long-on. Brad Haddin is the next batsman and he is dismissed for a first ball duck. He edges a Broad delivery to Matt Prior behind the wickets. So, Australia’s quick scoring has led them to lose three wickets.

Aus 36/1 | Overs 9 | Watson 22*, Faulkner 1* OUT! Warner 12

Warner square-cuts a short and wide delivery from Broad to get his second four. Watson then launches Anderson for a big six over long-on. He then hits a full delivery towards the wide long-on boundary for another four. Then off the last ball of Anderson’s over, Watson gets a thick edge and gets another four towards the third-man region. Warner then is caught and bowled by Anderson. Brilliant catch from Anderson diving to his right. The ball did stop a bit after pitching. James Faulkner is the new batsman.

Aus 7/0 | Overs 5 | Warner 4*, Watson 2*

Australia show that they want to win this game and decide to open their innings with David Warner and Shane Watson. Warner hits the first delivery of the innings from James Anderson for four through extra-cover. But apart from that first boundary, Australia have not scored much here. Stuart Broad then drops a simple chance at mid-off. Watson hits a drive off Anderson in the air and it went straight to Broad, but he could not hold on. England have bowled well and it has not been negative bowling.


Eng 377 | Overs 144.4 |  Kerrigan 1* OUT! Swann 34

Despite the loss of wickets, Swann is still getting his runs at a fair click. He gets two back-to-back fours off Siddle. First he edges one down the leg side and then pulls a short delivery towards the square-leg region. Simon Kerrigan then gets his first runs in Test cricket as he fends off a Faulkner bouncer towards the leg side. England are all out now. Faulkner bowls Swann. So, Australia will begin their second innings leading England by 115 runs.

Eng 368/9 | Overs 141 |  Swann 26*, Kerrigan 0* OUT! Prior 47, Anderson 4

Welcome back. Siddle bowles a straight delivery to Prior and the batsman plays an on-drive to get a four. Prior then hits two fours off Faulkner. First he flicks one fine down the leg side and then hits another towards the mid-on region. Next ball Faulkner dismisses Prior. The batsman goes for a pull and top-edges it. The ball goes high in the air and Starc takes a brilliant diving catch at mid-on. James Anderson is the new batsman and he edges one very first ball and gets a four between the slips and gully.

Haddin then drops a regulation catch low to his left as Anderson edges it. Australia need two wickets to bowl out England and Haddin needs two to break Marsh’s record. He later makes amends as he takes a regulation catch as Anderson edges Faulkner. Haddin is equal now with Marsh.

Eng 350/7 | Overs 137 |  Prior 35*, Swann 24*

Swann, being an off-spinner, would not like to get out to another off-spinner. So, he targets Lyon and smashes a four and six. This is not England from Day Three. They are scoring very quickly. So that is lunch on Day Five. England are 142 runs behind Australia. Join us after the break.

Eng 329/7 | Overs 135 |  Prior 30*, Swann 10* OUT! Broad 9

Stuart Broad gets off the mark with a confident square drive off Faulkner. The Australian fast bowlers are bowling short to Broad as he has been dismissed that way a few times this series. Lyon has been brought into the attack by Clarke. The off-spinner is getting some spin here. Starc then bowls Broad with an in-coming delivery. Graeme Swann comes out in the middle and smacks two fours in three balls off Starc.

The first was an edge towards third-man, the second was pulled towards the wide long-on region for two and the third was driven towards the covers. Then Starc bowls a bouncer from round the wicket and Swann ducks underneath it. The ball hits his shoulder and goes to the fine-leg boundary for a four leg-byes.

Eng 299/6 | Overs 129 |  Prior 25*, Broad 0* OUT! Bell 45

Peter Siddle has been brought into the attack. He has a very good record against Prior. But Prior gets a four off Siddle through the third-man region. England have avoided the follow-on, not that that was a concern as play began on Day Five. James Faulkner then dismisses Bell. He comes from round the wicket and angles one down the leg side. Bell goes across and edges the ball to Brad Haddin, who takes a brilliant left-handed catch on the dive. He is one behind Rodney Marsh’s world-record of 28 dismissals for a Test series as a wicketkeeper.

That is also Faulkner’s first Test wicket. It was not the greatest of deliveries, but he got the wicket of the highest scoring batsman in this Ashes.

Eng 289/5 | Overs 126 |  Bell 43*, Prior 17* OUT! Woakes 25

Harris gets the first wicket of the day. He bowls a good length delivery that is moving away and Woakes goes for the drive. He edges it to Michael Clarke at second slip, who takes the catch. Matt Prior is the new batsman. Harris bowls a bouncer at the out of form Prior and he is surprised. The ball hits the bottom glove and falls just short of the fielder at short extra-cover. He then plays a drive off the back-foot and the ball races away to the backward point boundary for a four.

Prior looks to have come out with clear instructions. He gets back-to-back fours off Harris. First he pulls a short delivery towards the square-leg region. Then gets a thick outside edge that races away to the third-man boundary.


Eng 267/4 | Overs 121 |  Bell 40*, Woakes 23*

Mitchell Starc has begun proceedings for the day. Chris Woakes hits the first four of the day off the last ball of the first over. Starc bowls a full delivery outside off stump and Woakes leans in drives. The ball takes the outside edge and goes through the gully region. Ian Bell then clips a full delivery from Ryan Harris in the air towards the short mid-wicket region. But the ball just falls short of a fielder positioned there. Next over Woakes gets another four towards the gully region. Starc’s delivery takes a thick outside edge and flies just over the head of Nathan Lyon at that gully region.

Bell then glances a straight delivery from Harris towards deep square-leg to get two runs to get his first runs of the day. Next ball he drives straight down the ground to get a four. The positive beginning continues as Bell then plays a delightful cover drive off Starc to get another four. Quite a enterprising beginning to the day after a no show on Day Four and a slow show on Day Three.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the most-awaited blockbuster series of the season, the Ashes 2013. I, Shrikant Shankar, will bring you momentary updates of the action from Day Five of the fifth Test at The Oval. England are chasing history while Australia will look to end the poor tour with a win before heading back home. This is the final day of the Ashes Test series which England is leading 3-0.

Check the fourth day report here.

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