Greame Pollock
Greame Pollock has been diagnosed with Parkinson disease and Colon cancer © Getty Images

By Sudatta Mukherjee


Aug 2, 2014


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Graeme Pollock, who went bankrupt and faced huge debt, is unlikely to get any kind of help from the South Africa Cricketers’ Association (SACA).


The South African cricketer, whose Test average is next only to Sir Don Bradman (when one considers 20 Tests as the minimum qualification), had requested the Indian cricket board and India to help him financially.


SACA Chief Executive Officer Tony Irish, was quoted as saying by MiD-Day, “In South Africa, our retirement fund covers players going back to 2002 when SACA was formed. Graeme Pollock played a long time before this.”


The 70-year-old suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with Parkinson disease and colon cancer.


“Each players’ association in different countries has different retirement/pension fund arrangements for its players and ex players,” he added.


Pollock made his debut in 1963, and played 23 Tests, after missing out on playing international cricket due to apartheid in South Africa.


Unlike the Indian cricket board, Cricket South Africa (CSA), does not have pension scheme.