How the number 7 played a big part in Dhoni’s innings against Pakistan in the Chennai ODI

MS Dhoni scored an unbeaten 113 against Pakistan at Chennai on Sunday © PTI

Chennai: Dec 30, 2012

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s fantastic ton at Chennai was in vain as Pakistan sealed a comfortable victory. However, there is no denying the quality of Dhoni’s knock as he rescued India from a hopeless position to give them a fighting chance. During that knock, he flirted with a particular number and numerologists from across the globe would say that it was no co-incidence.

The number seven is of immense significance to the Indian captain and it was omnipresent during his vigil at Chennai and

IY Prathik explained that at length on his Facebook wall.

Dhoni is born on July 7 – which can also be read as 7/7. He also wears the jersey number seven. Now, let us see how the number seven played its part at Chennai.
Batting position: Number seven.

Trivia: Dhoni hit three sixes during the innings and took his ODI career tally of maximums to 142. If one adds the digits i.e. 1+4+2 it totals to seven.   

Highest partnership of the Indian innings with Dhoni involved: 125 for the 7th wicket.

Milestone achieved: 7000th One-Day International run. With that, he became the 7th Indian to complete the milestone.

Any numerologists out there who would like to add to the numerical significance of No 7 to the Indian captain?