ICC confident of T20 winning in new markets

ICC chief Haroon Lorgat said he was optimistic to see more teams from the qualifiers participate in ICC T20 World Cup © Getty Images


By CricketCountry Staff


Dubai: Mar 14, 2012


International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat has expressed hopes that the game’s shortest format Twetny20 will help cricket grow in western countries as well.


Citing Italy and the USA, Lorgat said ICC will try to promote the game in newer markets where the attractive format can potentially catch many eyeballs.


Lorgat was quoted by ICC’s website as saying, “We have all come to realise that this format is a fantastic format to introduce to new markets and new audiences. We have seen the success of it already.


“It is a wonderful format to go to countries like Italy and USA where the longer version of the game might be difficult for them to catch on very early. With this format, they can catch on to it quickly because it is attractive, enjoyable and fast and not that long. It blends itself to new markets.”


The ICC chief also said he was optimistic to see more teams from the qualifiers participate in ICC T20 World Cup. Currently only two teams from the qualifiers will participate in this year’s T20 World Cup to be held in Sri Lanka.


He said, “I am reasonably optimistic that we will see 16 teams in 2014. It is still a decision which the board must ratify. It is a recommendation that we managed to get through the chief executives’ committee meeting.”


Lorgat showered praises on UAE for hosting the qualifiers for the second time. He said, “The UAE can be proud that it has got fantastic facilities. It has hosted many tournaments and international matches, so it is nothing new for the UAE anymore.”


He further added that the qualifiers are important for nourishing some of the developing countries around the world.


“For the development programme, it is very important. We are very strong in our objectives to try and create opportunities for these developing nations. So, bringing them together in such an event is a great opportunity for the development programme,” said Lorgat.