CSA had contemplated to dismiss Haroon Lorgat from dealing with the BCCI  Getty Images
CSA had contemplated to dismiss Haroon Lorgat from dealing with the BCCI Getty Images


Mar 13, 2014


An independent Adjudicator, appointed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to look into the content and distribution of media comments made by David Becker about the ICC board and Haroon Lorgat has found no evidence to support the allegations made against Lorgat.



Becker at the time was acting as a legal consultant to Cricket South Africa (CSA) in respect of their ongoing dispute over the Future Tours Programme (FTP) Schedule. There were subsequent attempts to have them withdrawn, and, in particular, the role of Mr Haroon Lorgat, Chief Executive of CSA, in these matters


The Terms of Reference of the Inquiry provided that the allegations the Adjudicator was to inquire into were whether:


  • Mr Lorgat knew about the David Becker media statement and its contents prior to or at the time of its initial distribution


  • Mr Lorgat was involved in the preparation of the Becker media statement.


  • Mr Lorgat attempted to persuade a number of different journalists on separate occasions to delay and/or withdraw the story/Becker media statement by offering to do something for them in return, allegedly bribing and eventually threatening the journalists.


The Adjudicator has ruled that any restrictions on Mr Lorgat’s ability to perform his role as CEO of CSA should be immediately removed. This includes, but is not limited to:


  •  Restrictions on Mr Lorgat’s ability to represent CSA at the ICC’s Chief Executives’ Committee; and


  •  Restrictions on Mr Lorgat’s communications with or involvement in matters related to the BCCI.


As a consequence of the Adjudicator’s Report, Mr Lorgat’s role as Chief Executive of CSA is fully restored. A copy of the Adjudicator’s Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations is attached to this media release.


Commenting on the Adjudicator’s decision, ICC President Alan Isaac said: “The ICC notes and accepts the decision of the independent Adjudicator. We are pleased that the matter has been resolved and that all parties can now move on in a spirit of mutual cooperation, working together constructively for the good of cricket.”


CSA President Chris Nenzani said: “We are satisfied that this matter has been properly investigated and resolved. As a consequence of the Adjudicator’s findings, CSA has no hesitation in immediately lifting the previous restrictions placed on Mr Lorgat in his role as Chief Executive of CSA.”