Indian coach Duncan Fletcher and skipper MS Dhoni shares a healthy relationship © Getty Images
Indian coach Duncan Fletcher (right) and skipper MS Dhoni share a healthy relationship © Getty Images


Jul 26, 2014


In cricket, the captain and the coach, come together to build a team and help the team to stay on the path of success. The relationship between the coach and the captain matters a lot as it can make or break a team. The Indian skipper MS Dhoni registered a victory over England at Lord’s last week in the ongoing series and India won at this venue came after 26 years.


In order to learn more about the relationship between Dhoni and Duncan Fletcher, BCCI TV interviewed the Indian coach just ahead of the third Test which is to be played at Southampton from Sunday.


Fletcher went on to praise Dhoni, “He is a very, very honest man. He would quietly sit down and discuss the point that he wants to make. He likes clarity when he is discussing something with you. What I really admire about him is that he is a very principled man. And because of his principles, he wants to give everyone a fair chance, sometimes to his own detriment.”


Fletcher shares a professional friendly relation with Dhoni as he knows their relationship is very crucial for the Indian team. They also share ideas on and off the field. Fletcher said, “He was very good with me in terms of offering advice about how things worked on and off the field — dealing with the administrative aspect like selection as well. Culturally it was very different for me but MS helped me ease into the camp.”


Fletcher further praised Dhoni when asked about Dhoni’s captaincy, “He leads from the front. When he comes out to bat under pressure, that’s when he is very, very good. He is the first one to get out of the trench and is basically saying, ‘guys, I am going to do it and you just have to follow suit’. I have seen many captains who are good leaders when things are fine. But when pressure comes on, things start to fall all over around them. That’s where MS [Dhoni] is outstanding. He soaks in the pressure and leads the path for the team to follow.”


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