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Catch ball-by-ball Scorecard of India vs Bangladesh, 2014 1st ODI match at Dhaka here

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Mahmudullah is here to bowl the penultimate over of the match. Raina steps down the wicket and scoops the ball over extra cover to beat the long off fielder for a boundary. Scores level. Pitched short and Raina beats the off-side field to hand India a comfortable seven wicket victory.
13 required of three overs and Mushfiqur is still rallying his troops. Al- Amin is going to bowl and Raina gets an inside edge, the ball misses the stumps and goes to the boundary. Indian batsmen are strolling along. India need 7 runs of the last two overs to win.
Mortaza is into the attack and Ziaur Rehman puts Robin van Persie’s dive against Spain in the FIFA World cup 2014 to shame to take a superb catch. Rahane departs. The batsmen are rotating the strike but under the circumstances, its an excellent over.
OUT!A Rahane c Ziaur b Mortaza 64(69)
Shakib to bowl his last over. Its pitched slightly short and Rahane romps back and smashes it over the cow-cover boundary for a six! That should seal it. Yet again its short and Rayudu pulls and it beats the mid-on fielder. 15 needed of 24 now.
Mahmudullah comes in and bowls yet another wide. The first legitimate ball is cracked to the boundary Rayudu. The batsman comes down the track and beats the fielders. Rayudu and Rahane involve in a mix-up but the non-striker reaches home safe. Rahane goes inside out and its another four!
Bowlers can bowl a maximum of six overs and Shakib has bowled five. Rahane reaches his fifty. With fielders standing close by, the batsmen are running for every possible run. Bangladesh hare fired up and India need 38 off 36.
Its spin from all directions now…Mahmudullah is into the attack and moisture is giving him turn and bounce from the pitch. He bowls a couple of wides in the over and Rayudu is feeling the heat with the Bangladesh fielders appealing for everything/
Abdul Razzak is into the attack and the home side are cracking the pressure on India. Just three runs comes of the over. 47 needed of 48 needed now
play resumes. Shakib wraps Pujara on the pads and its given. The ball was so high that it would have knocked Mushfiqur’s head down. Bad decision.
C Pujara lbw b Shakib 0(5)


Rain has stopped in Dhaka

As rain slows down,India are ahead of the par score at this time the visitors can win the game with a ball being bowled as the team is already ahead of where there should be. Mind you, 20 overs is still a minimum for Duckworth/Lewis to come into play.

Uthappa’s stay is ended by a horrible decision by the umpire. The ball hits the bat first before wrapping Uthappa on the pads. The Bangladesh players go up and the Robin show is cut short. The covers are on due to a heavy downpour. We need atleast 20 overs of play for a result.
OUT! R Uthappa lbw b Shakib al Hasan 50 (44)
Ziaur Rehman’s medium pace is on and Uthappa plays a cracking pull shot and the ball goes over the ropes. Its the best six of the Indian innings so far. It made such a lovely sound off his bat. What a comeback! Robin Uthappa brings up his fifty.
Shakib puts the break on the score with yet another neat over. With clouds thickening over the stadium, Duckworth/Lewis will have a say and India are far ahead of the par score at the moment.
Rahane matcheds Uthappa’s class in the previous over and gently flicks it past short mid-wicket. The last ball of Razzak’s over was a bad delivery and Rahane effortlessly sweeps the ball fine for a boundary.
Yet again, the batsmen are showing extreme acumen and Uthappa yet again guides the ball over the ropes and India are cruising at the stage.
The batsmen take singles with utmost ease and minimal risks and five runs comes of the first five. Yet another single comes off the last ball.
Shakib is into the attack and Bangladesh need inspiration from this man. He is getting drift and his arm ball is difficult to put away. Three singles come of the over. Beautiful bowling.
Double change here and Abdur Razzak is also into the attack. Its a stunning six by Uthappa. He merely stroked the ball, using the pace of the bowler and 9 comes of the over. Powerplay overs are done.
Bangladesh talisman Shakib al Hasan is into the attack. Indian batsmen are steady and reach their fifty partnership. Just a single comes off a tidy over.
Al-Amin comes in to bowl another over and Batman/Robin steps down the wicket with authority and drives down the ground for a boundary. Both batsmen are timing the ball beautifully. Rahane then expertly guides the ball down to third man the batsmen take a couple.
Mortaza’s rhythm is broken by Rahane. The Indian opener steps down the track and hammers the ball over long off for a six. Its a stunning strike. Mortaza comes back with a good bouncer and then the bowler again errs in line, pitching it short. Rahane romps back and pulls away to the fence for another four.
Rahane and Uthappa are looking increasingly at ease at the moment and are looking for runs in every possible way.
Rahane gets on the act with a fine boundary too. There is nearly a mix up when Rahane got sent back nearly half-way down the track, but reached home safe.
Al Amin’s second balll brought out Uthappa’a class. The ball kept low and despite a first slip was stationed, the batsman steered the ball down to the third man boundary. First boundary of the innings. Then Uthappa plays a gorgeous straight drive for another boundary. 10 runs comes of the over.
Mortaza comes back after a superb first over and Uthappa is throwing caution. Just one run from the over.
Al-Amin Hossain is into the attack. The bowler started with a wide but has made an excellent comeback to bowl a tidy over. Rahane keeps the strike.
Mortaza bowls the first ball and Uthappa gets his first runs after trickling it down to third man. Its a couple and then beats the IPL 2014′s top run getter with an absolute peach. The fourth ball of the over was another lovely delivery and Uthappa is beaten again. He then tucks the ball away on to the leg side and gets another couple.
Mishra has bowled a good last over and only 4 of the over in five balls. There is a run out appeal of the last ball and Bangladesh get to a good total. 5 runs comes of the over.
Mortaza is going after the bowling in fine fashion. Akshar is the bowler and the first ball is sweetly struck and is into the gallery. Its a fantastic knock. He goes for another heave and is bowled. Akshar Patel has his first international wicket to his name.
OUT!Mashrafe b A Patel 18(10)
Umesh Yadav will bowl the 48th over and he muscles the ball down the ground for a boundary. Its a good shot off the next delivery too. Yadav is struggling and Razzak just slaps the ball to the boundary. Mortaza flicks the last ball behind short third man and its another four. Superb over for the hosts. 14 came off it.
Amit Mishra takes another! Trying for a big heave, the batsman tries to clear the fence and the ball falls safe into the hands of Ajinkya Rahane. He takes his second catch. Then Birthday boy Abdur Razzak smashes a four over extra cover.A near run out but Mortaza survives of the last ball.
After Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav is struggling with his foot. It is dangerous with the batsmen looking for the boundary. Oh What a catch! It is captain Suresh Raina at his very best. The batsman fails to time the ball but Raina dives full stretch and pounces on the ball,ensuring that it doesn’t touch the ground. Then Yadav bowls his sixth wide of the innings.
OUT!Z Rahman c Raina b Yadav 2(3)
Amit Mishra is back in for another over and Hossian is giving quite a beating to the bowlers. Sweep of the first ball and it beats Rayudu at deep mid-wicket. He then sweeps a little finer and its another four. Mishra bowls a googly of the last ball and he bamboozles the batsman, Mahmudullah for 41. Its a big wicket.
Mahmudullah b Mishra 41(45),
Akshar Patel is back for another over and Nasir Hossain brings the sparse crowd on its feet. He steps down the wicket and caresses the ball to the boundary.
After Umesh, Amit Mishra has been the next best Indian bowler and since the wicket is slow, the ball is tucked away for singles and two’s.
Suresh Raina brings himself on and a short delivery is slapped hard down the ground and the Indian skipper takes a smart catch. Its a crucial wicket. Mahmudullah trickles the last ball fine for a boundary.
Shakib c & b Raina 52(58),
Rasool is back for another over and the batsmen are unable to do anything of note in the first two deliveries. Mahmudullah then steps down the wicket and slaps it in the long-on region. Umesh Yadav sees the ball go between his legs and Rasool finishes with figures of two for 60.
Shakib cuts the ball away to the boundary off Akshar Patel. He then takes a single to bring up his fifty. Mahmudullah then takes the ball on the full and sweeps the ball for another boundary.
Umesh Yadav comes into the attack and Mahmudullah has had enough. He comes down the track and slashes the ball and the ball beats the third man fielder and it goes for a boundary. four dot balls to complete the over.
Akshar is back and his loopy deliveries produces four singles of the first four balls. Its yet another tidy over from the spinner.
The batting powerplay is taken and Mohit Sharma comes back into the attack. The ball is angled around leg stump and Shakib tucks the ball away with ease.and its a boundary. But Mahmudullah is going slow.
Rasool continues to leak boundaries. Shakib comes down the track and smokes it for another four down the ground. The IPL form is on display but he knows he has to be there till the end.
Raina continues and the batsmen are on the backfoot. Rain’s biggest plus is him finishing overs quickly and bowling to a tight line. Just three comes of the over.
Rasool bowls a bad ball. Its short and wide and the its cut away for a boundary. Yet again, the bowler comes back, varying his pace and restricting the batsmen.
Raina continues and oh, he is lucky! Shakib cuts the ball and ball beats two fielders on the off side to reach the boundary. It important that Shakib stays on for a while.
Mushfiqur has targeted Rasool from the start and steps down the wicket to hit a big six but he gets a leading edge and Ajinkya Rahane takes a safe catch, running in from mid-on. Shakib then keeps strike.
Mushfiqur c Rahane b Rasool 59(63),
Oh Mushfiqur has just decided to go for broke here. Every over is producing a boundary and Raina has now borne the brunt of it. Slog sweep and its another six. Fantastic batting
Shaikib now goes on the attack and sweeps a big six over cow corner.,Rasool was pretty neat otherwise in the over.
Suresh Raina has brought himself on and typically runs through the over with a short run-up. The last ball falls just in front of the fielder. Mushfiqur was the batsman.
Rasool is in for another over and Mushfiqur tucks it behind square for a single and brings up his 15th fifty. Its been a breezy knock from the Bangladesh captain.
With the batsmen going after the spinners, pace is brought back from Raina.The batsmen rotate the strike and its five singles of the over.
Mushfiqur is in slog mode and is finding the gaps at will now. Rasool is the victim and Shakib takes another single to keep strike.
Mishra continues and the batsmen continue their struggle for runs. Mushfiqur then gets full willow and sweeps it away for a huge six. Bangladesh bring up the best over of the innings
Anamul throws it away. In the quest for quick runs the batsman steps down the wicket and heaves away to deep mid-wicket for a well timed catch. Its Rasool’s first international wicket.
Anamul c Rayudu b Rasool 44(59)
Mishra continues and ball is tucked away to deep cover for a single. The batsmen are just running for singles and just keeping Mishra at bay.
Rasool continues and he gets some turn and bounce that outfoxes Anamul. The next ball, the fifth of the over sees some improvisation from Anamul who reverse-sweeps the ball to the boundary. Anamul keeps strike.
Mishra tosses up and congests the batsman. Just two runs comes of the over.
The Kashmiri Parvez Rasool is brought into the attack and Anamul steps down the wicket and lifts it down the ground for a boundary. seven runs comes of the first over.
After a average previous over, Akshar bowls a tidy over. Expect the scoring rate to change sometime soon.
Amit Mishra continues and Mushfiqur plays his favourite slog sweep. First he gets a couple but his nexts attempt beats deep square leg and its into the boundary.
Akshar continues and and the bangladesh captain dances down the wicket and plays it over long off and its the first six of the match. He plays out the other deliveries and then keeps the strike.
Mushfiqur is try to go after the bowling. Mishra has experience on his side and restricts the bowlers. The overs are being run through quickly.
The ball is angled to the leg stump and Mushfiqur tucks it fine for a boundary. The bastman played fluent shots throughout the over and looked positive. Seven comes off the over.
Amit Mishra is introduced into the attack for the first time. The batsmen are not able to get easy runs.
Akshar Patel is into the attack for another over. The pace is slower and the batsmen are not able to get the ball away. Its another tidy over.
Umesh Yadav continues and Mominul is beaten. Its a tame shot and Saha takes his second catch of the morning. The skipper comes to the centre and is forced to play out the pacer. and gets off the mark off the last ball.
Mominul c Saha b U Yadav 6(17)
Akshar, as we know is running through his overs and its yet another over complete. Just 2 comes off it.
Yadav continues. A little more control would be a sheer delight to watch from the pace. The off-side field is packed. The ball is pitched up and Anamul gets the ball to scoop silightly away from Umesh’s hands for a boundary. Anamul then nudges the ball to Suresh Raina at first slip and its dropped! That ball goes to the boundary too.
Akshar Patel is going to bowl in India colours for the first time. The left arm spinner offers width and Anamul spanks the ball through the off-side for a boundary.
Mohit is pitching it in the good length area. Mohit loses grip on his boots and loses footing. Guess who, Robin Uthappa will be bowling the last two balls of the over.
Umesh Yadav comes back for another over and is constantly getting into a good rhythm. The Pacer beats the bat time and again but also bowls the odd wide too. Mominul gets off the mark with a risky single of the last ball of the over.
Anamul flashes and flashes hard — copyrights not bought for that line by the way. Anyways the ball goes fine and into the boundary. Then he gently pushes the ball past extra cover and beats Akshar in the chase. another four.
Tamim is under severe discomfort at the crease. Umesh is getting some pace here but is bowling the occasional wide too. After nine dot balls, Tamim goes for a big heave. He does not connect. The last ball is slightly slower from Umesh and the batsman gets a faint nick and its through to keeper Wriddhiman Saha.
Tamim c Saha b Umesh 0(11)
Oh, Anamul is beaten by Mohit. Good line by the pacer. Akshar Patel displays his fielding prowess at short cover. Anamul almost chops the ball on to his stumps too. Its been a rather shaky start for the hosts.
Its going to be Umesh Yadav’s pace now and the second delivery goes for a wide and brings Bangladesh’s first runs on the board. Other deliveries are fine as Vidharbha express is on target. Anamul gets the first runs of the bat.
Tamim Iqbal takes strike to Mohit Sharma and the southpaw is unable to get him away. Most of the balls were aimed at middle and leg. It a maiden to start with.

The Suresh Raina-led Indian side will be eager to prove its mettle against a full strength Bangladesh in the three-match One-Day International (ODI) series at Dhaka from Sunday. While there has been a low interest in India thanks to the absence of big names, some new names in the team are pumped up to succeed in the little window of opportunity.

Even though it’s an inexperienced side, India have the required skills to match up. The batting looks solid as usual with Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Raina, Manoj Tiwary and Ambati Rayudu.

For the hosts this is an opportunity to redeem themselves after a forgettable Asia Cup and World T20, both played at home. Bangladesh have a strong batting line-up with plenty of experienced players inTamim Iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahim, Abdul Razzaq and Shakib Al Hasan. Bangladesh have wilted under the pressure of expectations and often fallen short. These four players will have to share most of the burden to find a confidence-boosting series win. Hi I am R Vishal and I will be bringing you live updates of this match.