Murali Vijay © Getty Images
Murali Vijay © Getty Images

Jul 11, 2014


(Catch live cricket score and live updates of the first Test between India and England at Trent Bridge)


Last over of the day. Broad to bowl and Kohli hits a boundary. That will make him feel better. He then takes a single to hand it to Rahane. That is it from us today! What a day it has been today! Momentum swinging one way to another. But, given the way the tail wagged, it is England’s day for sure. They would take the honours home. Do join us tomorrow for the final day. Until then, good bye.



Rahane hits two boundaries off Plunkett. He pulls one and then punches the other off the backfoot down the ground. Kohli finally gets off the mark off his 17th ball as he works Stokes through the leg-side.



Rahane comes in and gets off the mark by working one through the leg-side off Plunkett. England now have slips in place and a couple of men around the bat. Kohli is yet to get off the mark though.






Pujara is gone! And in uncharacteristic fashion. Plunkett gives him width and he cuts it, but straight to Ben Stokes, who fumbles but manages to hold on to it.
OUT! Pujara 55(101)



Vijay is gone! He charges down the track to Ali and misses. They wanted to put Ali under pressure and England get the wicket. It is in fact caught behind as Vijay got an edge onto that.
OUT! Vijay 52(119)



Liam Plunkett gives Pujara a bit of width and he latches on to that very well. He has cut that behind point for a four. There was a third-man and a point, but they had no chance at all. And that is his fifty! Plunkett comes from round the wicket and pitches it short. Pujara pulls it for a four. A very good knock. India moving along well.






Half-century for Murali Vijay. He gets it with an easy single off Moeen Ali. Pujara also calmly goes about his job at the other end and has moved into the 40s. They have made sure that the run-rate is good and haven’t got bogged down because of the bowling.



Moeen Ali is back into the attack. And, he is attacked by Vijay as he uses his feet off the fifth ball and launches him for a six over long-on. There was a fielder there, but he could do nothing about it. Indians are growing in confidence.



India are now past their 100. Anderson now bowls with Prior standing up to the stumps. The fielders are all close to the bat on the leg-side. And, Pujara opens the face of the bat and guides one through third-man for a four. That was very well played.



Broad is now coming in with the wicketkeeper standing up. Vijay had earlier played one through third-man for a four. Again, the batsmen have been watchful for a major part. However, the run-rate has been above three. On one occasion, a ball keeps really low from Broad and Pujara managed to keep that out.



Stokes comes in and he pitches it a bit outside the off-stump. Pujara opens the face of the bat and lets it go for a four through backward point. Both batsmen have applied themselves very well today.



Broad overpitches and Vijay drives it beautifully down the ground for a four! Pujara too has picked some runs around the leg-side. India are building a partnership here and need to continue.



Both Vijay and Pujara have now gone into a more watchful phase. They are calmly seeing the swinging deliveries and letting them go through to the wicketkeeper.






Ben Stokes now comes into the attack just after tea. The first ball is on the pads and Pujara gets a single to the deep. Vijay then latches onto the second ball and places it behind point for a four. The slip comes out and moves into a gully position and as soon as that happens, Vijay edges it past Prior for four.



As Pujara walks in, Alastair Cook packs men around the bat. He smashes the first ball for a four through cover and then the second ball is hit down the ground for another. Good start for Pujara. That is tea now!



Dhawan is gone! Moeen Ali strikes in his first over. Ali tosses it up and Dhawan charges and lobs back the catch. Earlier, he had hit a boundary to get going, but he has now fallen to the spinner. So first wicket for England.
OUT! Dhawan 29(29)



India drew level with some good batting from the openers. They have attacked every opportunity that has come their way. Dhawan has been very positive and is fearlessly playing through the off-side. And India take the lead with a graceful cover drive from Murali vijay off Broad for a four.



Vijay and Dhawan have approached this positively. One ball is driven by vijay for a four through cover . Dhawan also gets a boundary later. They have also rotated strike with a few singles every now and then. Anderson strays on Dhawan’s pads and he is hit through the leg-side for a four. A decent start for India.



Broad bowls it a full outside off stump and Dhawan pushed at it off the front foot. The edge goes between the slips and it is a boundary. Edgy, but helps Dhawan pick up four!



Vijay gets a life! Anderson bowls it a bit back of a length and Vijay plays at it tentatively and is dropped by Prior. It nearly carried, but Prior could not hold on. Vijay does manage to get off th mark as he had hit a cut shot earlier.




Dhawan gets going for India. Though he edges the first ball towards point, he then plays one from Broad through the leg-side for a brace. He then cuts one for a four behind point. Dhawan has started positively and Vijay will look to occupy the crease.







Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to bat and it has become a bit dark here. Anderson is bowling after his miraculous knock. The first ball is outside the off-stump and Vijay lets it go. Vijay calmly plays out the first over. They have a big task on theor hands and it would be interesting to see how they approach it.



The agony ends for India at last! This partnership of 198 has come to an end. Bhuvneshwar has his fifth wicket as he bowls it a bit outside the off-stump and Anderson plays at it. He edges it and it is taken by a diving Shikhar Dhawan at first slip. England have a lead of 39.
OUT! Anderson 81(30)



Root gets his 150. He plays one down the ground from Ishant and that has gone for a four. And he chases a wide one and there is a sound! Indians appeal, and the umpire turns it down! And Ishant and Root exchange a few words! Root then drives for a single. Anderson then edges one, but it falls short of the slips.



England begin the proceedings after lunch. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back in the attack. He concedes three runs.



That is lunch! Just before that Anderson drives for four and moves into the 80s. This is an amazing session for England. What batting! India would go back very disappointed! Records galore!! In these 40 minutes, there will be some intense discussions in the Indian dressing room. They need to do something quick, but the game seems gone. Do join us after lunch.



This is now misery for India! The batsmen are just piling the pressure. Root is nearing his 150. Binny is getting a somewhat extended spell. And Root latches on a full delivery and drives it for a four. What can Dhoni do now?






Write the names in the record book! Joe Root and James Anderson have now added 164, going past Phil Hughes and Ashton Agar’s stand at this very ground in the Ashes 2013. Take a bow!






Stuart Binny is back after a long time! It was almost as if he wasn’t on the field. This has come at a time when India have conceded the lead. This pair is now closing in on the record stand for the last wicket.



England have taken the lead. Though Root continues to deny a few singles, he does play one through cover and runs. A huge cheer around the ground. How has this game turned!





And the scores are level! England can now take the lead. Anderson dances down the track to Vijay and smacks him for a four through long-off.



It is now quite funny that Root isn’t giving Anderson strike. There are some reactions from the crowd when the single is turned down. And now they are inching towards the highest stand for the 10th wicket. Last year, Ashton Agar and Phil Hughes had added 163. Murali Vijay has also come to bowl. No Stuart Binny though!!









There is an umbrella field set for Anderson and yet he cannot get them out. The edges are also going through the slips. What a sterling partnership this has been. Do have a look at the photo below that shows what India are doing.




This is how the field to Anderson looks like. Photo courtesy: Arunabha Sengupta.
This is how the field to Anderson looks like. Photo courtesy: Arunabha Sengupta.





Anderson and Root are scoring runs quite freely here. They are now inching towards India’s score and all the pressure has been lifted off them. Now, India can almost leave heir hopes of winning this game as their sizeable advantage has been lost.








This is the highest score by an English No 11. Anderson makes room and smacks Shami for a four over the off-side. And then he works one behind point for a single. He has gone past John Snow now. And has Dhoni dropped a chance? Down the leg side, it took something from Anderson and Dhoni spills it.



Anderson has got his half century.He charges to Shami and smacks him over mid-wicket, What a knock by Anderson!



This partnership is now past 100. Root has played a drive and gets two. An amazing partnership.Anderson then plays one down the leg side and it goes for a four. That brings up the 400 for England.






Anderson has now got his highest Test score! And boy, in some style! It was short and wide from Ishant and Anderson upper-cuts it for a four. That must be one shot he learnt from Sachin Tendulkar. Anderson then places one through the covers and it has gone for a four. That has taken him in the fourties.



Joe Root gets a hundred. Shami pitches it outside the off-stump twice and that has gone for two fours. It takes him to his fourth Test ton. What a knock!!






Root edges the fifth ball of the over and that has gone for a four through third-man. He then works the last ball to mid-on and they get a single. Shami throws from mid on but then, it misses the stumps. Root was in trouble had it hit.



This is now the highest partnership for the last wicket for England against India. Root pulls a short one for a four from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. That takes him closer to the 90s now. Pressure on the Indians as they are chipping away at the lead.






England are moving along well with Anderson approaching his highest score in Test cricket. The lead is under 100 for India now and they really have to break this partnership soon. Anderson is batting with great confidence though. Who knows, he could extend it a little further!



Root pushes the first ball through the off-side. He tries for two, but is not able to get back. Anderson takes strike and Bhuvneshwar comes from round the wicket. Anderson then pushes one through mid-wicket and that goes for a four.



The 54-run unbeaten 10th-wicket partnership between James Anderson (23 not out) and Joe Root (78 not out) helped England salvage some pride at stumps on Day Three of the first Test against India at Trent Bridge. Reeling at 202 for seven, England’s tail-end added 152 runs for two wickets to take them to 352 for nine. England are trailing by 105 which still gives India the upper-hand.

The second sessions on Day Two and Three have proved to be game-changing so far. After the 10th-wicket Indian pair of Mohammed Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumarpiled on 111, England lost six wickets in the second session to give India the edge at stumps for the third consecutive day. Some may give credit to Ishant Sharma for delivering a testing spell while some others may point to an average batting from the England middle-order. Hi I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing you live updates of the fourth day’s play here.