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Ravindra Jadeja © Getty Images


Jan  24, 2014


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IND  314/9 | Overs 50 | Jadeja 66*, Varun 2*


IT’S A TIE! Take a bow Ravindra Jadeja;  a four, a six helps India reach 314 in 50 overs. With MS Dhoni’s dismissal who would have thought India had a chance. But kudos to that 85-run partnership in 55 balls between Ashwin and Jadeja sealed the deal for India.




IND  297/9 | Overs 49 | Jadeja 43*, Varun 2*


Dropped! Short one from McClenaghan and Jadeja plays an upper-cut, it was simple catch on offer but Hamish Bennett misjudged and floored the catch. Earlier Jadeja lofted one over long-on for a six.




IND  286/9 | Overs 48 | Jadeja 43*, Varun 0*  OUT! Shami 2(7)


Shami is on strike and he struggles to get bat on to ball for the first two deliveries. The next ball as expected was tapped in front and they run a close single, next ball Jadeja hits on the off but has to be content with a single. Shamiwas tested with a short delivery and the top edge is taken by Kane Williamson.




IND  284/8 | Overs 47 | Jadeja 42*, Shami 1*


Shami had to face the second ball of the over and he slashed and missed. But managed to take a single and Jadeja survived a run-out chance. But the next ball was in the slot and Jadeja lofted it over long-on for a six. On the last ball Jadeja tried to pull and edged it. A half-hearted appeal was turned down by Rod Tucker. The players engaged in an argument but nothing matters, Jadeja survives.




IND  276/8 | Overs 46 | Jadeja 35*, Shami 0*  OUT! B Kumar  4(3)


Bhuvneshwar Kumar shows that he is no muck with the bat. Hits a boundary, but India lose his wicket. Bennett pitches it short and pulls it and mid-on takes a simple catch. Jadeja’s presence crucial for India. But New Zealand have fielded brilliantly to cut down runs.




IND  270/7 | Overs 45 | Jadeja 34*, B Kumar  0*  OUT Ashwin 65(46)


Ashwin starts off the over with a bang, comes down the track and lofts it for a really huge six. He gives the strike to Jadeja next ball. McCullum in a hurry darts the ball in while Jadeja isn’t even looking. But McCullum gets the key wicket with a brilliant catch from Martin Guptill. Ashwin slogs it over deep mid-wicket but Guptill catches, flungs the ball in the air while he stepped past the boundary and then casually came inside the field and caught it.


India need 45 in 30 balls.






IND  261/6 | Overs 44 | Ashwin  58*, Jadeja 32*


Hamish Bennett is back and Jadeja slashes on the second ball and it falls just about a foot away from the thirdman fielder and goes to the boundary. Jadeja on the next ball taps the ball and attempts a single but refused by Ashwin, he struggles to get back and manages to survive. On the next ball he taps it again and this team the two take a single. The fifth ball was short and Ashwin tries to hook and Billiy Bowden declares it as a wide. Bennett is not impressed at all and has some words for the umpire. Meanwhile Ashwin is looking for an uppercut since the fielders are inside the circle but fails.


India need 54 runs from 36 balls.




IND  254/6 | Overs 43 | Ashwin  57*, Jadeja 27*


Jadeja was almost caught in the deep by Southee but missed it. The next ball, Luke Ronchi missed a simple stumping chance but he was blinded by Ashwin who had stepped out in front of him.


India need 61 runs in 42 balls.




IND  249/6 | Overs 42 | Ashwin  56*, Jadeja 24*


India are slowly getting in control of the chase. Southee concedes a wide on the fourth ball and Ashwin gets a boundary on the next ball with a thin edge running past wicketkeeper. This chase is surely on. Good over for India. 10 runs from it.




IND  239/6 | Overs 41 | Ashwin  51*, Jadeja 20*


50 partnership comes up between Ashwin and Jadeja in 30 balls, that’s 10 an over. These two can bat and they are displaying their skill to great extent. Ashwin reverse sweeps McCullum and gets it just away from short thirdman for four.




IND  231/6 | Overs 40 | Ashwin  45*, Jadeja 18*


Southee bowls the third ball short and Ashwin was shaping up to play on the leg-side. With fine-leg inside the ring, Ashwin had no issues going for it and earning a boundary. Ashwin takes a single on the next ball. Jadeja was not done yet and the last ball of the over was smashed for a six over long-off.




IND  218/6 | Overs 39 | Ashwin  39*, Jadeja 11*


Mitchell McClenaghan drops it short and wide and Ashwin tries to go for a cut, the ball takes the bottom-edge and runs past slips for a boundary. Lucky boundary for Ashwin. The next ball is a wide. Ashwin then cover drives beautifully for three runs. Jadeja then further adds salt to McClenaghan’s frustrations by authoritatively pulling one past mid-wicket for a boundary.


India need 97 runs from 66 balls.




IND  206/6 | Overs 38 | Ashwin  32*, Jadeja 7*


Some crucial runs coming for India. Anderson in the quest for bowling short concedes two wides before the left-hander Jadeja gets a single. Ashwin then guides a wayward leg-side ball for a boundary. On the last ball Jadeja guides a delivery past the short thirdman fielder for another boundary. 13 runs from that over.


India need 109 runs in 72 balls.




IND  193/6 | Overs 37 | Ashwin  26*, Jadeja 2*


Ashwin guides one past backward point off Mitchell McClenaghan for a boundary. Single each ensues in the next two deliveries. Ashwin takes a single from the final ball. Seven from that over.




IND  186/6 | Overs 36 | Ashwin  20*, Jadeja 1*  OUT! Dhoni 50(60)


That virtually seals the deal for New Zealand. MS Dhoni smashes a six to complete a fifty and the clobbers one to square-leg where Tim Southee takes a screamer. It was travelling fast but the fielder takes it comfortably. India are all but floored with this wicket. Yet again it is Corey Anderson who gets the breakthrough.




IND  177/5 | Overs 35 | Dhoni 44*, Ashwin  18*


While Nathan McCullum isn’t a wicket-taking bowler but is extremely effective in restricting the run-scoring. This time he concedes just three runs.


India have a batting powerplay ahead from Overs 36-40.




IND  174/5 | Overs 34 | Dhoni 43*, Ashwin  16*


Bennett continues his eight over and Ashwin gets a boundary. He just drives an incoming delivery to the right of mid-on for a four. The next one is a short ball, Ashwin half-heartedly pulls it but falls away from the mid-wicket fielder.




IND  169/5 | Overs 33 | Dhoni 43*, Ashwin  11*


Dhoni takes a tight couple on the first ball of the Nathan McCullum over. Two balls later he wants another couple but Ashwin slips and the skipper is furious.




IND  165/5 | Overs 32 | Dhoni 40*, Ashwin  10*


Hamish Bennett comes back in to the attack and dries up the runs again. Just three singles from that over and the required rate has gone past 8.5 mark.




IND  162/5 | Overs 31 | Dhoni 38*, Ashwin  9*


Yet again a good over from Nathan McCullum. Concedes just three runs from it. Ravichandran Ashwin was in a spot of bother when he casually ambled across for a tight single but survived as Kane Williamson failed to collect the ball in one go.




IND  159/5 | Overs 30 | Dhoni 36*, Ashwin  8*


Dropped! Corey Anderson puts down Ravichandran Ashwin. Ashwin saw the short ball coming and pulls it confidently. Anderson at deep mid-wicket is standing well inside the fence and is air-bound but the ball brushes past his stretched hand for six.




IND  152/5 | Overs 29 | Dhoni 34*, Ashwin  3*


It’s all up to MS Dhoni and the support he receives from Ashwin. Four singles come for the Nathan McCullum over. It’s drinks after 29 overs.




IND  148/5 | Overs 28 | Dhoni 32*, Ashwin  1* OUT! Raina 31(39)


Suresh Raina survives a caught behind appeal. Tim Southee bowls one down the leg-side and Raina tries to have a go at it. Replays show it might have brushed the gloves but Umpire Billy Bowden declares it as a wide. And finally Raina goes in a way he usually does. A slightly shorter bowl and Raina tries to fetch it from outside off and gets a bottom edge. And Ashwin has been promoted up the order ahead of Jadeja.






IND  141/4 | Overs 27 | Raina 30*, Dhoni 30*


Nathan McCullum is in to the attack. Indians love to go after spinners but McCullum is known to dart it in and tie down. Raina struggles to score against him until the last ball was chipped in the air which was stopped on the boundary and the batsmen run two.




IND  137/4 | Overs 26 | Raina 24*, Dhoni 25*


While Raina struggles against short balls, Dhoni pulls one confidently for a boundary. Seven runs from that Tim Southee over.




IND  129/4 | Overs 25 | Raina 24*, Dhoni 25*


For a change it is a short ball and the result is a boundary for Raina!  It was a top edge which went wide of Tim Southee at deep fine-leg.




IND  123/4 | Overs 24 | Raina 18*, Dhoni 25*


Dhoni is eager to go after Kane Williamson. Charges down the wicket and hits him towards mid-wicket but gets just a single. Even the next time he faces, the ball is just around good length and he is forced to tap it and go for a single. Third time around he gest it in the slot and clobbers it for a six.






IND  113/4 | Overs 23 | Raina 16*, Dhoni 17*


Sweet timing from Dhoni on the second ball of the McClenaghan over, goes past mid-on and the batsmen run two. Dhoni plays his strokes on the next three deliveries but fails to get any run. Finally guides one on the leg-side and collects a single.




IND  110/4 | Overs 22 | Raina 16*, Dhoni 14*


Some scoring opportunities for Raina. Kane Williamson drops it short and wide, Raina cuts it between the fielders for a boundary. The batsmen take three singles apart from that boundary.




IND  103/4 | Overs 21| Raina 11*, Dhoni 12*


Raina’s short-arm jab towards mid-wicket fetches him three previous runs. Five runs from that over.




IND  97/4 | Overs 20| Raina 7*, Dhoni 12*


Dhoni clobbers a six off Corey Anderson and then plays watchfully to the rest of the deliveries.




IND  91/4 | Overs 19| Raina 5*, Dhoni 7*


Raina has been struggling and finally manages to get some bat on to the ball. Just a punch through the covers off Bennett and the ball speeds to the fence. But that was it. The final ball was a short one and Raina gets back to ducking underneath. It was called as a wide. The required-rate is inching close to eight now.




IND  83/4 | Overs 18| Raina 2*, Dhoni 4*  OUT! Rahane 3(14) 


Gone. Corey Anderson again. Anything that Anderson bowls turns in to wicket. Bowls down the leg-side, Rahane tries to guide it fine and gets a feather edge. India are four down.




IND  78/3 | Overs 17| Rahane 3*, Raina 2* 


Indians are struggling to score and the required rate has started it’s upward journey. Crossed the seven-run mark with just one run coming from it.




IND  77/3 | Overs 16| Rahane 2*, Raina 2* 


This is just a replay of what happened earlier. Raina comes in to bat and Brendon McCullum gets his fielders on the leg-side and Corey Anderson tests him with short balls. Raina somehow manages to grab a single.




IND  75/3 | Overs 15| Rahane 1*, Raina 1*   OUT! Kohli 6(20)


Kohli is unusually tentative and there was a fear that something might go wrong. Struggling to play his shots against the pace of Bennett. he defends the third ball and it almost rolls on to his stumps. Finally he edges one behind the wickets and Bennett gets the reward for his hard work.






IND  72/2 | Overs 14| Kohli 5*, Rahane 0*   OUT! Rohit 39(38)


Corey Anderson and his Midas touch continues. This time Rohit goes for a shot and is caught at thirdman by Bennett. Rohit will have to blame himself for that casual shot. Rahane, the new batsman is being further squeezed by Anderson with short and good length deliveries. Wicket-maiden over from Anderson.




IND  72/1 | Overs 13|  Rohit 39*,  Kohli 5*


Kohli is being tested by Bennett with some short of good length deliveries just outside off-stump. He patiently left alone a few and defended the others. Perfect line from the pacer. Two maiden overs in a row from Bennett.




IND  71/1 | Overs 12|  Rohit 39*,  Kohli 5*


Rohit defends the first ball and then takes a single. Virat Kohli after being watchful got back to his usual gracious touch flicking the pitched up delivery from Anderson outside off-stump. Gets off the mark with a boundary.




IND  66/1 | Overs 11 |  Rohit 38*,  Kohli 0*


Bennett comes in from the other end. Kohli is watchful and solidly defends against him. Bennett from this end gets that extra yard of pace touching the 144 kph mark. Kohli plays out the entire over cautiously. Maiden over from Bennett. Meanwhile, Southee has gone off the field.




IND  66/1 | Overs 10 |  Rohit 38*,  Kohli 0*  OUT! Dhawan 28 (25)


Dhawan took the shorter boundaries a shade lightly.  Short ball and he pulls it to deep mid-wicket where Martin Guptill takes a brilliant catch. The ball was dipping on to him and he dived full length to grab it just inches above the ground. Rohit on the last ball gets a couple.




IND  64/0 | Overs 9 |  Rohit 36*,   Dhawan 28*


The openers are making a mockery here. Dhawan shuffles across and drives one past cover. The fielder stationed there tried to have a go but the ball flew to the boundary. The next ball, Dhawan came down the track and dispatched it past covers for a boundary. The last ball is guided towards thirdman for a single.




IND  55/0 | Overs 8 |  Rohit 36*, Dhawan 19* 


Hamish Bennett is in to the attack and Rohit earns his fourth six  of the innings. The pacer gives a length ball on the leg-side and ohit lofts it over long-on for a six (Effect of shorter boundaries). The last ball of the over was glanced fine by Rohit for a four.




IND  45/0 | Overs 7 |  Rohit 26*, Dhawan 19* 


Southee ties down Rohit for three balls, forcing him to defend on a good length deliver and then bowls a short ball. The next ball was dabbed towards point. He finally manages to tap one towards thirdman and get a single. Dhawan then uses his feet to clobber a six over long-on. Rohit and Dhawan looking like a changed batsmen this time around. Have looked confident and refused to be bogged down.




IND  38/0 | Overs 6 |  Rohit 25*, Dhawan 13* 


Rohit Sharma, the matured version is back. After struggling against the pacers in previous matches, Rohit is confident against McClenaghan smashing him for a six and a four. He lofted one high in the air and got enough distance to send beyond the fence. Two balls later he was well in control of a frontfoot pull shot hitting it for another six.




IND  25/0 | Overs 5 |  Rohit 12*, Dhawan 13* 


Tim Southee has done well to cramp Dhawan for room by bringing the ball in to him bowling over the wickt. Dhawan finally managed to get one away with a sweetly timed short-arm jab past square-leg for boundary. Meanwhile, Rohit escaped a close call trying to pull a delivery on the front foot. the Ball ballooned in the air but fell in no  man’s land inside the circle.




IND  19/0 | Overs 4 |  Rohit 11*, Dhawan 8* 


Good length deliveries by Mitchell McClenaghan was solidly defended by Rohit. His confidently pulls the fourth ball which was fielded brilliantly by Corey Anderson. Dhawan also added one more to his kitty with a single played towards mid-on.




IND  17/0 | Overs 3 |  Rohit 10*, Dhawan 7* 


Good accuracy by Southee. Keeps it just short of good length. The fifth ball was a short one and Dhawan has no hesitation of going through with his shot. He didn’t get it from the middle of his bat but he managed to get it away for a four. The last ball of the over was flicked for a couple.




IND  11/0 | Overs 2 |  Rohit 10*, Dhawan 1* 


Good start for India. Rohit just plays the second ball with a high backlift and lofts it over mid-off for a six. Positive start against Mitchell McClenaghan. Rohit is beaten on the next ball.  On the final ball he gets his placement right and picks up two more.




IND  3/0 | Overs 1 |  Rohit 2*, Dhawan 1* 


Rohit is struck on the body first ball by Tim Southee. Two balls later he flashes and edges it to Jesse Ryder at slips. The burly all-rounder jumps and the ball just brushes past his fingertips. A tough chance gone down. Rohit takes a single and Dhawan too adds one to his account.




NZ 314| Overs 50 | Bennett 3* OUT! Southee 27 (23)


Mohammed Shami has been impressive but in patches. He bowled the yorkers and short balls well but conceded the length balls and full-tosses as well. Southee takes full advantage and smacks a six. On the final ball Southee goes for a second run and is well short of the crease. New Zealand have been bowled out for 314.




NZ 306/9 | Overs 49 |  Southee 20*,  Bennett 2* 


Southee has capitalised by some short deliveries from Bhuvneshwar. He hit a  boundary n the fourth ball and the slogs a short one over mid-wicket for a six.




NZ 295/9 | Overs 48 |  Southee 10*,  Bennett 1*  OUT! McClenaghan 3(6)


McClenaghan was struggling to connect the ball. He tried to shuffle across and scoop but failed to connect. Finally one delivery ppitched outside off was awkwardly played by McClenaghan. He was in a mood to scoop that one but at the last moment changed his shot and ended up giving a catch to Jadeja at point.


On the last ball, Bhuvneshwar drops a skier in the deep and concedes a six. New Zealand could have well folded up but that six keeps things going.




NZ 288/8 | Overs 47 |  Southee 4*,  McClenaghan 3*


Southee is being tested with some short balls and he is unable to get it away.  Jut three runs coming from it.






NZ 285/8 | Overs 46 |  Southee 3*,  McClenaghan 1*


Shami has mixed his deliveries well. Tim Southee struggles to get his bat to the ball. On the fifth ball Shami follows Southee and drops one short towards the leg. Surprisingly the umpire Rod Tucker declared it as a wide.  Southee gets a couple on the last ball with a flick between deep fine-leg and square-leg.




NZ 282/8 | Overs 45 |  Southee 1*,  McClenaghan 1*


Tidy over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Just two runs from it. Suddenly New Zealand look like they are struggling to reach even 300.




NZ 280/8 | Overs 44 |  Southee 0*  OUT! N McCullum 1 & Ronchi 38(20)


New Zealand have squandered the platform set by Williamson and Guptill. Lose two wickets in this over by Jadeja. Nathan McCullum’s needless run results in a run-out and the next ball, Ronchi slogs one in the air and Dhawan at deep mid-wicket takes an easy catch.




NZ 277/6 | Overs 43 |  Ronchi 36*, N McCullum 0*  OUT! Taylor 17(18)


Yet another brilliant piece of fielding from Ajinkya Rahane. Taylor goes for a tight single and Rahane hits the stumps at the non-strikers with clinical precision.


But there’s no stopping the in-form Luke Ronchi. Hits two sixes in the over. Two full-tosses, one dispatched over mid-wicket and another over the bowler’s head.




NZ 262/5 | Overs 42 |  Taylor 16*, Ronchi 22*


Dhoni took a gamble by giving Raina another over, but it has failed as he has been smashed for 13 runs. Ronchi smashes the fifth ball straight over Raina’s head for a six and then plays deftly past the wicketkeeper and short thirdman for a boundary.




NZ 249/5 | Overs 41 |  Taylor 14*, Ronchi 11*


Few runs coming in for New Zealand. Taylor drives the first ball and then gets a thick outside edge for four.  On the fourth ball, Ronchi pulls a ball, and the top-edge goes high in the air. MS Dhoni runs back but the ball lands ahead of him and crosses the fence. The last ball of the over fetches a boundary as well. 16 runs from the over.




NZ 233/5 | Overs 40 |  Taylor 9*, Ronchi 1*


Suresh Raina introduced in to the attack  and keeps things tight. There was a run-out chance on the last ball. The umpire refers it upstairs and replays showed Luke Ronchi was well home by the time the bails were dislodged.




NZ 231/5 | Overs 39 |  Taylor 8*  OUT! B McCullum 0(7)


Another wicket for India. Brendon McCullum is caught by Ashwin off Varun Aaron’s bowling. India have done well to restrict the Kiwis and picked up wickets as well.




NZ 229/4 | Overs 38 | Taylor 7*, B McCullum 0*   OUT! Guptill 111(129)


Nelson curse for Guptill. Smacks one off Jadeja and is brilliantly caught in the deep by Ajinkya Rahane. The fielder moves a few stemps back and times his jump perfectly to catch it. Brendon McCullum is the new batsman. Taylor late cuts the fourth ball for a boundary.




NZ 222/3 | Overs 37 | Guptill 111*, Taylor 1*  


Guptill has already broken the shackles after a century. Pulls one straight out of the middle of the bat for a six over square-leg. Shami on the penultimate delivery misses his length and Guptill hits it for a four through wide long-on.




NZ 210/3 | Overs 36 | Guptill 100*, Taylor 0*  


What an innings from Martin Guptill. Century off 123 balls. But that one run was hard to come by. He ended up placing the ball straight to fielders and finally on the last ball drives straight to long-off and completes his ton.




NZ 209/3 | Overs 35 | Guptill 99*, Taylor 0*  


Guptill was almost gone there in the quest for his 99th run. Plays it to mid-off and sets off for a single. Ajinkya Rahane’s throw passes just inches away from the stumps. Guptill was well short there. Earlier in the over Guptill played two pull shots for a boundary off Buhuvneshwar’s bowling.




NZ 198/3 | Overs 34 | Guptill 88*, Taylor 0*  OUT! Anderson 8(5)


BIG  Wicket for India. Anderson had already made his intentions clear by hitting a flat six off Ashwin. The off-spinner bowls a faster one on the middle stump, Anderson makes room and tries to cut but misses it completely and is bowled. Ross Taylor is the new batsman in.




NZ 190/2 | Overs 33 | Guptill 87*, Anderson 1* OUT! Williamson 65(74)


Wicket finally for India. Shami keeps his line in place and Williamson backs off to hit him past point but misses the ball and the stumps are disturbed.


Meanwhile, Guptill is clearly the man who is going to go after the bowling. Shami drops one short and he is quick to judge the length and smcak it over mid-wicket for a four. It prompts Dhoni to put the fielder back on the fence.


Corey Anderson has been promoted up the order ahead of Ross Taylor.




NZ 183/1 | Overs 32 | Guptill 81*, Williamson 65*


A relatively quiet over for New Zealand. Williamson takes two singles and Guptill gets one.  The batsmen work the ball on the leg playing on the backfoot.




NZ 180/1 | Overs 31 | Guptill 80*, Williamson 63*


Mohammed Shami is back in to the attack and WIlliamson welcomes him with a booming drive over cover and extra-cover for a four. DROPPED! On the next ball, the batsman pulls it straight to Suresh Raina at mid-wicket and Raina drops it. Was a striaght catch and he has missed the opportunity. The Indians haven’t been the best in the field today. The Kisiws torment further after Guptill smashes one straight above the b0wler for a six. On the last ball he hits a straight drive for a four.




NZ 165/1 | Overs 30 | Guptill 70*, Williamson 58*


Williamson gets a single on the first ball. Guptill then plays and middle and leg ball fine behind the wicket for a couple. Good fielding by Bhuvneshwar who chased it down.


We are five overs away from powerplay and New Zealand still have wickets in hand. Stage well-set for a 350+ score with Corey Anderson still to come..




NZ 160/1 | Overs 29 | Guptill 67*, Williamson 56*


Very few batsmen in the world can shape their innings as beautifully as Williamson. He defends well and also ensures the scoreboard is moving. The use of feet against spinners too has been exceptional. On the second ball he does through with his shot and clears the in-field and gets a boundary. Got that right out of the middle of the bat.




NZ 153/1 | Overs 28 | Guptill 65*, Williamson 51*


Fifty for Kane Williamson, his third in a row. Places the ball towards deep mid-wicket for a single to get to his half-century. Three runs from that over.




NZ 150/1 | Overs 27 | Guptill 64*, Williamson 49*


Pace is back in the form of Varun Aaron. The pressure is back on India as Guptill hits a boundary with a flick over mid-wicket. Gets a single on the next thanks to a misfield. Wonder whether those three run-out chances could have changed the game. Guptill finishes off the over with another boundary. It was a shorter one from Aaron, Guptill stands tall and places it over covers for a four.




NZ 139/1 | Overs 26 | Guptill 55*, Williamson 47*


100 partnership between Guptill and WIlliamson after the latter places one fine between fine-leg and square-leg for a four. Anothe rfour was in the offing when Guptill pulled one through mid-wicket off Raina’s bowling. However, some nice footwork from Mohammed Shami in the deep stops the ball well inside. Two runs from that ball.




NZ 131/1 | Overs 25 | Guptill 52*, Williamson 42*


That’s fifty for Martin Guptill. Steady half-century. He has ben tentative at the start of the innings and eased in as time passed by. Guptill got to his fifty with a pull shot for four. Rare bad delivery from Jadeja. Despite the boundaries, the batsmen have not let their focus waiver away from the singles.




NZ 123/1 | Overs 24 | Guptill 46*, Williamson 40*


A bowling change after a long time. Another slower bowler comes in the form of Suresh Raina.  Two singles each for Guptill and Williamson. Compared to Williamson, Guptill has found it difficult to get the singles.




NZ 119/1 | Overs 23 | Guptill 44*, Williamson 38*


Williamson gets a single on the first ball of Jadeja’s over. Guptill struggles to get off strike. Jadeja bowls a flatter one on the fourth and Guptill is struck on the pads but it was drifting down the leg. Guptill gets a single on the last ball. Just two runs from it.




NZ 117/1 | Overs 22 | Guptill 43*, Williamson 37*


Williamson has done this time and again this series. Dances down the track and makes room for himself to loft that one from Ashwin for a six over long-off. Since the last two overs, the run-rate has climbed a bit. Good strategy to score a boundary on the first ball and then rely on placing the ball in the gaps for singles. Ten runs from the over.




NZ 107/1 | Overs 21 | Guptill 41*, Williamson 29*


Guptill gets a boundary. Jaedeja bowls round the wicket and Guptill chips it over covers for a four. Nice follow thorugh of the bat, more of a jab than a fliurishing drive. He pushes for a single on the next ball. Eight runs from the over.




NZ 99/1 | Overs 20 | Guptill 35*, Williamson 27*


Williamson comes down the track and flicks it on the leg for a couple. He defends on the next and adds one by playing towards long-on. Guptill is watchful on the last three deliveries.




NZ 96/1 | Overs 19 | Guptill 35*, Williamson 24*


Guptill cuts the first ball to thirdman and picks up two runs and then adds one mor eon the third ball by driving it past the bowler to long-on. Williamson too struggles to get one past the fielders. On the last ball he glances one past mid-wicket for a single. He was thinking of a second but Rahane was quick to get to the ball.


It’s Drinks after 19 overs.




NZ 92/1 | Overs 18 | Guptill 32*, Williamson 23*


Ashwin consistently keeps the line between off and middle. Both the batsmen pick a single each before Williamson sweeps one fine between fine-leg and square-leg for a boundary. Eight runs from the over.




NZ 84/1 | Overs 17 | Guptill 30*, Williamson 17*


The first two deliveries fetch a single each for Williamson and Guptill. Williamson is forced to defend on the next two balls and finally gets one more playing towards the short thirdman fielder. Yet again just three runs from it.




NZ 81/1 | Overs 16 | Guptill 29*, Williamson 15*


Another tight over from Ashwin. Just three runs coming from it. Jadeja and Ashwin have put the brakes on New Zealand’s scoring.




NZ 78/1 | Overs 15 | Guptill 28*, Williamson 13*


Jadeja continues his habit of coming round the wicket and darting the ball in. Touch of turn on offer for him.  On the last ball, Williamson chips the ball in the air and it falls short of the long-off fielder. Williamson is known to play such shots but both these batsmen have offered some close chances to the Indians.




NZ 75/1 | Overs 14 | Guptill 27*, Williamson 11*


Ashwin has been introduced in the attack.  Both the batsmen using soft hands by placing the ball and going for a single. But the off-spiinner starts off well to keep things in check.




NZ 73/1 | Overs 13 | Guptill 26*, Williamson 10*


Nice and straight from Jadeja, doesn’t allow the batsmen to come down the track.  Williamson does manage to sneak a couple on the last ball by cutting it off the backfoot. Five runs from the over.




NZ 68/1 | Overs 12 | Guptill 24*, Williamson 7*


Third run-out opportunity missed in as many overs. Guptill taps the ball close to the wicket and sets off for a single. Ajinkya Rahane at point dives and throws at the stumps but misses, Williamson could well have been found short. Earlier, Guptill smashed one through the covers. Raina put his hand but the ball flew to the boundary.




NZ 61/1 | Overs 11 | Guptill 19*, Williamson 7*


Ravindra Jadeja is in to the attack. Guptill defends the first ball and follows it up with a single. Four singles from the over. The Indians have been able to exert pressure but have failed to grab the close run-out chances.




NZ 57/1 | Overs 10 | Guptill 17*, Williamson 5*


Aaron has been comparatively accurate and quicker than Shami and Bhuvneshwar.  Guptill flicks the third ball and gets a couple. The pacers have slowed down he scoring after Ryder’s dismissal. Guptill though has been scoring but has struggled against a few short ones. On the last ball Guptill attempted a tight single by playing towards mid-on. Could have easily been run-out if the fielder had hit the stumps.




NZ 53/1 | Overs 9 | Guptill 14*, Williamson 4*


Good over from Bhuvneshwar. Concedes just two runs. Kane Williamson on the fifth ball attempts a tight single by playing towards mid-on, could have been a close call if the fielder had managed to hit the stumps.




NZ 51/1 | Overs 8 | Guptill 13*, Williamson 3*


Varun Aaron is in to the attack and starts off with good pace. Bowls at around 138-140 kph and has been pretty accurate. Guptill drives one through the covers gets a couple. He adds one more thanks to a misfield on the last ball of the over. 50 up for New Zealand.




NZ 45/1 | Overs 7 | Guptill 10*, Williamson 2*


Bhuvneshwar beats Guptill once in the over and then drifts down the leg-side on the next ball conceding an extra run in the form of a wide. Guptill gets a single on the next ball.




NZ 43/1 | Overs 6 | Guptill 9*, Williamson 2*


Shami has been brilliant but equally wayward. Drifts down the leg-side and Guptill just pokes his bat and it runs behind the wickets for a boundary.




NZ 37/1 | Overs 5 | Guptill 9*, Williamson 1*  OUT! Ryder 20(12)


Once again, Ryder departs after quick start. Bhuvneshwar’s delivery just comes in a touch and Ryder tries to flick it and is bowled. The bowler appeals for a caught behind and then realises the bail has fallen off. New batsman Williamson pulls one short ball and the top edge falls just short of fine-leg. Aaron in the outfield looked a bit nervous and fumbled in picking up the ball.




NZ 32/0 | Overs 4 | Guptill 9*, Ryder 16*


Ryder is not going to wait. Lofts one over cover for a boundary and then Shami bowls down the leg and he directs it fine for a four. Ryder takes a single on the fourth ball and Shami tests Guptill with a bouncer.




NZ 23/0 | Overs 3 | Guptill 9*, Ryder 6*


One more boundary for New Zealand. Ryder just flashes tentatively and the ball flies past thirdman fine enough for a boundary. Contrasting bounce from both ends. Shami is getting that extra bounce while Bhuvneshwar’s end is on the slower side.




NZ 17/0 | Overs 2 | Guptill 9*, Ryder 2*


The ball is flying all over the place. Mohammed Shami bangs one short and Martin Guptill is hit on the helmet. Later in the over, Shami bowls a short one to Jesse Ryder as well and this time the ball just flies through the leg-side and over the wicketkeeper for five wides.




NZ 8/0 | Overs 1 | Guptill 8*, Ryder 0*


New Zealand are off the mark straight away with a flashy cover drive from Martin Guptill for a boundary. He follows it up with another one down the leg-side. The bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is to be blamed for that poor line. Short boundaries and the outfield is quick.



So there it is, Dhoni has finally decided to drop Ishant but surely not his decision to chase scores. Maybe Dhoni is confident his batsmen can clear the field comfortably at Auckland and the 10-run required rate towards the end may not be a problem! Yet the Test will be for the bowlers. With short boundaries, Corey Anderson might as well give more opportunities for spectators to earn a bounty.



India have won the toss and have elected to bowl once again. As expected, Ishant Sharma makes way for Varun Aaron while New Zealand bring in Hamish Bennett for Kyle Mills.




New Zealand: Jesse Ryder, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Brendon McCullum (c), Luke Ronchi (wk), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Hamish Bennett, Mitch McClenaghan.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Varun Aaron.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third One-Day International between India and New Zealand. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing live updates of the match. It’s a must-win match for the Indians. The first two defeats had many things in common right from poor start to faltering later in the chase after the dismissals of Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. But the change in this match is likely in the bowling especially Ishant Sharma. Suresh Raina has injured his elbow and there’s doubt over his participation.


Auckland is a small venue, with short boundaries and enough opportunities for the batsmen to go big. It is basically a rugby ground, so there aren’t many long boundaries and it isn’t symmetrical to a cricket field. Thus, India have more worries for their bowling department as that is one area where they have bled profusely. What are the changes on the cards?


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