Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)
Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)



Jan 19, 2014


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IND  268 | Overs  48.4 |  Shami 7*  OUT! Ishant 5(10)


Ishant Sharma is bowled by a yorker from Tim Southee. New Zealand have won the match by 24 runs. Read the match report here




IND  263/9 | Overs  48 |  Ishant 3*, Shami 2*  OUT! Ashwin 12(10)


Tim Southee pulls off another stunning catch. Ashwin was dropped by Brendon McCullum but this time around, Ashwin lofts it towards long-on and Southee runs in and takes another fabulous catch. India’s hopes are all but gone.




IND  257/8 | Overs  47 |  Ashwin 10*, Ishant 3*


What a spell from Mitchell McClenaghan. Completes his quota of 10 overs. Meanwhile, Ashwin keeps India’s hopes alive with a six on the third ball of the over. Still a long way to go.


India need 36 runs in 18 balls.




IND  247/8 | Overs  46 |  Ashwin 1*, Ishant 2*    OUT! B Kumar 6(4)


Bhuvneshwar goes for a non-existent single and is run-out. India seem to be falling apart here. Nathan McCullum does well to restrict the tail-end batsman Ishant Sharma.




IND  244/7 | Overs  45 |  Ashwin 0*, B Kumar 6*  OUT! Virat 123 (111)


Kohli hit a four through mid-wicket and next ball slaps the ball straight to Jesse Ryder at extra-cover. If the shot had been a feet to the right or left it would have been a four. Ryder who dropped Kohli once, this time takes it comfortably. Three crucial wickets for Mitchell McClenaghan and he has put New Zealand in command.




IND  233/6 | Overs  44 |  Virat 119*, Ashwin 0*


Kohlis takes responsibility of seeing India through. The first ball of the over from Nathan McCullum is dispatched for a six. Even the third ball was well on its way for a boundary but a brilliant fielding by Southee in the deep restricts it to just two runs.


India need 60 runs from 36 balls.




IND  224/6 | Overs  43 |  Virat 110*    OUT! Dhoni 40 (46) & Jadeja 0(3)


Big wicket for New Zealand. Mitchell McClenaghan drops one short on the leg-stump line and he pulls it, but the balls brushes past his gloves and goes behind the wicket; Luke Ronchi runs and takes a brilliant low catch.


Jadeja is out as well. McClenaghan gets the ball to rise from good length and Jadeja edges it to Ronchi behind the wicket.




IND  223/4 | Overs  42 |  Virat 109*, Dhoni 40*


Two wides and five singles off that Tim Southee over. Been a while we saw some boundary-less overs!


India need 70 runs in 48 balls






IND  216/4 | Overs  41 |  Virat 105*, Dhoni 38*


Adam Milne comes in and bowls four deliveries. But his limping a bit, probably pulled a muscle. Kane Williamson completes the over. Just six runs from it including a short ball from Milne which was called a wide.




IND  210/4 | Overs  40 |  Virat 104*, Dhoni 36*


Move aside, MSD and Kohli are on song. Comes down the track and bludgeons the ball back past the Nathan McCullum for a flat six. 10 runs from that over. Suddenly the chase seems like a cakewalk with these two batsmen on song.


India need 83 runs in 60 balls.




IND  200/4 | Overs  39 |  Virat 100*, Dhoni 28*


There it is, the typical MS Dhoni slog. The bottom hand comes in to play as he smacks the ball over the bowler for a six. Corey Anderson is no more the bowler who kept India in check at the start. Singles of the last four deliveries of the over.


India need 93 runs in 11 overs.


51 runs scored in the batting powerplay.




IND  190/4 | Overs  38 |  Virat 100*, Dhoni 20*


Dropped! Kohli hits this high in the air and Jesse Ryder  tries to get underneath it. But he fails to judge it properly and floors it. On the next ball Dhoni shows why he is one of the best power-hitters. Pulls the ball for a boundary.


And then comes the signature cover drive to complete his 18th ODI ton. India have never lost when Kohli has scored a century in a run-chase. 


India need 103 runs in 12 overs.




IND  180/4 | Overs  37 |  Virat 95*, Dhoni 15*


The man for all chases for India — Virat Kohli is taking on the Kiwi bowlers. The fourth ball by Corey Anderson is slapped past mid-wicket for a boundary. Great wristwork.


India need 113 runs in 13 overs.




IND  173/4 | Overs  36 |  Virat 89*, Dhoni 14*


Another good over for India. Kohli slaps the first ball for a boundary off Mitchell McClenaghan. Even the third ball is smacked through the covers for two more. On the fourth ball he lofts the ball to send it past long-off boundary.




IND  162/4 | Overs  35 |  Virat 78*, Dhoni 14*


Kohli plays the ball towards extra-cover and sets of for a run. There is an appeal for run-out as the batsmen add one more through the overthrows. Kohli hits the next ball for two more runs. The penultimate delivery is lofted over covers for a boundary. An eventful first over of the batting powerplay.


India need 131 runs in 15 overs.


13 runs from the over




IND  149/4 | Overs  34 |  Virat 66*, Dhoni 13*


Tight over from Nathan McCullum. Dhoni fails to break the inner circle and finally gets a single on the fifth ball. Kohli adds one more to the total on the last ball. The required rate is exactly nine now.


144 runs required in 16 overs.


Batting Powerplay Taken after 34 overs.




IND  146/4 | Overs  33 |  Virat 65*, Dhoni 12*


Good over from Corey Anderson after drinks break. Concedes just two runs from it. Kohli takes a single playing towards thirdman. Dhoni is tested by a short ball and he rolls his wrists and places it towards square-leg for a single.


India need 147 runs in 17 overs.





IND  144/4 | Overs  32 |  Virat 64*, Dhoni 11*


Kohli takes a single on the first ball. On the second, Dhoni slaps it again with his strong bottom hand but it is fielded by Jesse Ryder. But he is beaten on the penultimate ball trying to defend on the back foot. Good over by Southee, just one run coming from it.


Drinks taken after 32 overs.




IND  143/4 | Overs  31 |  Virat 63*, Dhoni 11*


Adam Milne runs in and Dhoni smashes him for a boundary on the first ball. Dhoni defends the next two balls and then edges one to thirdman, gets two more runs.


India need 150 runs in 19 overs.




IND  137/4 | Overs  30 |  Virat 63*, Dhoni 5*


Tim Southee is back in t0 the attack. Dhoni hits one on the leg-side and picks up a couple. Plays out the next three balls defensively before rotating the strike. Kohli on the penultimate delivery gets a couple on the last ball. Five runs from the over.




IND  132/4 | Overs  29 |  Virat 61*, Dhoni 2*  OUT! Raina 18(22)


Same old story! Suresh Raina < Short Ball. Adam Milne pitches it short and Raina pulls it awkwardly; he doesn’t appear to be in control of that shot. Tim Southee comes running in from deep fine-leg and takes a low catch. MS Dhoni is the new batsman. It all depends upon India’s best batsmen in run-chases to take them through now. New Zealand have been brilliant in their fielding today.




IND  128/3 | Overs  28 |  Virat 59*, Raina 18*


Boundary for Suresh Raina. McCullum angles the ball in to Raina and he sits on his knee and sweeps it for a boundary. Four singles taken earlier in the over.




IND  120/3 | Overs  27 |  Virat 57*, Raina 12*


Adam Milne is back and Kohli gets a boundary on the first ball. It was a touch wide and Kohli lofts it over covers for a boundary. Milne is slightly on the slower side bowling between 130 and 140kph.


India need 173 runs in 23 overs.




IND  112/3 | Overs  26 |  Virat 50*, Raina 11*


Good use of the feet by Virat Kohli; comes down the track and lofts Nathan McCullum over long-off for a six. On the fifth ball he takes a single and completes his fifty. Once again Kohli stands out among the rest of the batsmen.




IND  103/3 | Overs  25 |  Virat 42*, Raina 10*


A few runs coming in this over by McClenaghan. Kohli easing into singles and twos and Raina is looking to settle in. Three singles and a couple coming from that over.




IND  98/3 | Overs  24 |  Virat 38*, Raina 9*


The batsmen are finding difficult to go after Nathan McCullum. Another two-run over and the required rate is moving up.


IND  96/3 | Overs  23 |  Virat 37*, Raina 8*


As expected, Raina has to face some music from Mitchell McClenaghan’s short balls. On one occasion he blindly fends it away and managed to get a boundary. McClenaghan follows it up with one more short one but this is declared as wide.


IND  86/3 | Overs  22 |  Virat 35*, Raina 1*


Kohli, Raina play out McCullum’s over defensively. Just two runs coming from it. We can expect some short balls to test Raina soon.




IND  84/3 | Overs  21 |  Virat 34*  OUT! Rahane 7(13)


Brilliant catch from Nathan McCullum! Rahane lofts the ball in the air towards mid-off and McCullum dives and plucks that out with one hand. Key wicket for New Zealand and it is Corey Anderson yet again gets the breakthrough.


Suresh Raina is the new batsman.



IND  80/2 | Overs  20 |  Virat 34*, Rahane 3*


Nathan McCullum’s part-time spin allows the skipper to save the overs of the key pacers for the end. The batsmen are content taking singles off his over. Rahane’s presence will be crucial for Kohli to move ahead aggressively. India need a partnership to get going as the required rate is increasing.




IND  76/2 | Overs  19 |  Virat 32*, Rahane 1*   OUT! Dhawan 32(46)


The 58-run second wicket partnership has been broken. Anderson bowls with a cross seam to get more bounce and Dhawan awkwardly pulls the ball in the air. Ross Taylor on the leg-side takes a simple catch. Yet again the short ball has done Dhawan in.


Ajinkya Rahane has come in to bat at No 4.




IND  73/1 | Overs  18 | Dhawan 32*,  Virat 31*


Spin introduced in the form of Nathan McCullum. Kohli and Dhawan appear comfortable on placing the ball in the gaps and collect the singles. Though these batsmen have not gone after the spinners, they are capable of demoralising the bowlers.




IND  69/1 | Overs  17 | Dhawan 30*,  Virat 29*


Lucky escap for Kohli, went for a drive but the ball nipped back in, hit his back leg and bounced beyond the stumps.  Anderson keeps testing Kohli before he manages to push one near mid-wicket and get a single. Just one from that over from Anderson.




IND  68/1 | Overs  16 | Dhawan 30*,  Virat 28*


Dhawan guides the first ball of the over by Milne to thirdman for a single. Kohli follows it up with a sweetly timed drive on the leg-side for a couple.  Dhawan on the last ball cuts hard but straight to the backward point fielder.


Drinks Break Taken after 16 overs.




IND  64/1 | Overs  15 | Dhawan 29*,  Virat 25*


Dhawan gets a couple on the second ball of Corey Anderson’s over. He tries to go after Anderson in the next ball but fails to connect, finally takes a single on the penultimate delivery.




IND  61/1 | Overs  14 | Dhawan 26*,  Virat 25*


Milne continues bowling consistently fast. Kohli has looked more comfortable than Dhawan against the pace of Milne. Dhawan takes an easy single on the second ball. Milne concedes a wide after pitching one pretty short and it flew over the batsman’s head. Kophli took a single on the last ball.




IND  57/1 | Overs  13 | Dhawan 24*,  Virat 24*


Kohli directs the second ball by Corey Anderson on the leg-side and runs a couple. He changes ends with a single down to thirdman. Dhawan also adds one to his kitty by fending away a short ball towards leg.




IND  53/1 | Overs  12 | Dhawan 23*,  Virat 21*


Adam Milne is lighting up the match with his scorching pace. This team reaches the 152 kph mark. But Kohli is adept at handling the pace and just pushes one straight behind the bowler for a boundary. The next ball he is beaten trying to flirt with a delivery moving away from the corridor of uncertainty.




IND  47/1 | Overs  11 | Dhawan 22*,  Virat 16*


Kohli plays out the first three balls and follows it up with a couple. The next ball bounces off the bottom edge and goes behind the keeper and the batsmen run two more.




IND  43/1 | Overs  10 | Dhawan 22*,  Virat 12*


There comes the most talked about pacer Adam Milne. Bowls around 147-150kph. Dhawan started with a defensive push and the ball bounced over the backward point fielder for a boundary. In the following deliveries, Dhawan was hurried to play the shots. Milne just seems to be warming up, looks good to deliver at that scorching pace for few more overs.




IND  38/1 | Overs  9 | Dhawan 18*,  Virat 12*


Dropped! There was a tough chance for Corey Anderson at square-leg. Dhawan had pulled the short ball from Tim Southee. Anderson manages to get his fingertips to it. Earlier he hit a well-timed shot for a boundary. Both batsman timing the ball very well.




IND  31/1 | Overs  8 | Dhawan 11*,  Virat 12*


McClenaghan tests Kohli with a short ball. But Kohli is in sublime form and he pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary. The pacer follows it up with yet another short one but this one rises a touch higher. Both the players exchange glances and return to their work. two balls later, McClenaghan pitches it up but the line is on the leg as Kohli flicks it for a boundary.




IND  23/1 | Overs  7 | Dhawan 11*,  Virat 4*


Dhawan is looking in good touch. Plays at most of the deliveries but not for runs. The third ball by Tim Southee was neatly pulled by Dhawan past fine-leg for a four. He was very much in control of the ball unlike on previous occasions where he ended up lobbing the ball up in the air.




IND  19/1 | Overs  6 | Dhawan 7*,  Virat 4* OUT!  Rohit 3(23)


After dragging his innings for 22 balls, Rohit has finally departed. He pulls the short one from Mitchell McClenaghan straight to deep fine-leg fielder Tim Southee. Virat Kohli is the new batsman and starts of with a sweetly-timed cover drive for four.




IND  15/0 | Overs  5 | Dhawan 7*, Rohit 3*


While Rohit struggles, Dhawan is going for his strokes. Hits one beautifully through extra-cover for a couple. On the last ball of the over, Rohit finally moves ahead taking a single in that over from Southee.




IND  11/0 | Overs  4 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 2*


Rohit Sharma is struggling yet again. He has faced 20 balls for his two runs. There was a loud appeal for a leg-before against him but since McClenaghan was coming over the wicket, the ball had pitched outside the line. A single from Dhawan and a wide is all India managed to gather in this over.




IND  9/0 | Overs  3 | Dhawan 3*, Rohit 2*


Southee comes over the wicket wide of the crease and keeps it tight near the off-stump. Rohit comes behind the ball and defends. There was an opportunity to put away a ball drifting on his legs but the ball brushed past his pad to the wicketkeeper. Maiden over from Southee.




IND  9/0 | Overs  2 | Dhawan 3*, Rohit 2*


First ball by Mitchell McClenaghan is pitched near the legs of Dhawan and he flicks it; Brendon McCullum dives but can’t stop it. The ball slows down in the outfield and they run three. A tidy over from McClenaghan with the length mostly around the leg-side.




IND  2/0 | Overs  1 | Dhawan 0*, Rohit 0*


India start off with two leg-byes. Rohit Sharma is watchful against Tim Southee. The pacer gets the ball to move away from right-hander Rohit Sharma.






NZ 292/7 | Overs 50 | Anderson 68*, Southee 3*


Finally some accurate bowling from Ishant Sharma. Keeps it full and Corey Anderson and Tim Southee only manage to squeeze it out and take singles and twos. On the last ball Southee shuffles across and scoops the ball behind the wicket for two runs. Good total for New Zealand, set up by a fifty from Corey Anderson which included four gigantic sixes.


Read the innings report here.






NZ 284/7 | Overs 49 | Anderson 64*    OUT! N McCullum 2(5) 


Yet another good over from Shami. Changes his pace and keeps his length full and Nathan McCullum fails to connect the deliveries. On the last ball he delivers a fuller one on the leg, McCullum hits it straight to Shami who takes a sharp catch. Just three runs from the over.




NZ 281/6 | Overs 48 | Anderson 61*, N McCullum 2*  OUT! Ronchi 30(18)


Corey Anderson continues his onslaught. He smacks Ishant Sharma over mid-wicket for a six. Ishant comes round the wicket and Anderson takes a single. On the next ball, Ronchi is caught by Bhuvneshwar Kumar at point. On the last ball, new man Nathan McCullum gets two.  Rahane’s direct hit is referred by the umpire but Anderson is well home.




NZ 269/5 | Overs 47 | Anderson 52*, Ronchi 29* 


Even Shami is on target bowling it full and denying the batsmen to free their arms. Six runs from that over. A quickfire half-century from Anderson in just 30 deliveries.




NZ 263/5 | Overs 46 | Anderson 47*, Ronchi 28* 


Good start to the over by Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He keeps it full on the stumps on three consecutive deliveries. The batsmen have no option but to dig it out and earn the singles. Anderson picks a couple on the fifth ball.


50 partnership between these two.




NZ 256/5 | Overs 45 | Anderson 42*, Ronchi 26* 


This time Ronchi attacks. Hits two six and boundary off Ravindra Jadeja’s over.  Goes for a slog sweep on the first ball and the umpires refer it to the third umpire before declaring it as a six. He smashes another one in to mid-wicket and follows it up with a similar shot which goes for a boundary.






NZ 236/5 | Overs 44 | Anderson 41*, Ronchi 7* 


Wow! Second six from Corey Anderson that has gone out of the ground. This time Mohammed Shami bears the brunt of Anderson’s aggression. Length ball and he swings it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Shami switches to round the wicket and beats Anderson. The left-hander struck back by going for a wild pull shot to a short one from Shami, the top edge flew behind the wicket for a boundary. The last ball too is dispatched by Anderson for a boundary. Mid-off was up and he lofted it over the fielder. Earlier in the over, Ronchi had earned a boundary and gave the strike to Anderson who launched the onslaught.


19 runs from the over.




NZ 217/5 | Overs 43 | Anderson 27*, Ronchi 2* 


Ashwin continues from the other end. Anderson picks up a single on the first ball. On the third ball, Ronchi called for a tight single by playing towards mid-off. Jadeja misses the target or else he would have been run-out.




NZ 213/5 | Overs 42 | Anderson 24*, Ronchi 0* OUT! B McCullum 30(25)


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back in the attack. Keeps his line and length accurate. MS Dhoni came up to the stumps to avoid McCullum coming down the track. The fourth ball is slightly short and McCullum puts all his strength behind that cut shot, but the ball deviates from his bat and Dhoni takes a brilliant reflex catch. The ball sticks to his hand and he might have hurt his finger. Big wicket for India.




NZ 212/4 | Overs 41 | B McCullum 30*, Anderson 24*


McCullum takes a single on the second ball. And then Anderson shows he can be equally aggressive against spinners. A length ball from Ashwin is smashed for a six. Four singles from that over.




NZ 202/4 | Overs 40 | B McCullum 28*, Anderson 16*


Anderson thrashes Ishant Sharma. The second ball of the over was in the slot and Anderson appeared as if he worked it on its way but that was brute strength from Anderson who sent the ball on the roof of the stadium. The fourth delivery is a low full toss and McCullum hits it for a boundary. The pressure further builds with another boundary on the fifth delivery.


17 runs from the over in the last over of batting powerplay.




NZ 185/4 | Overs 39 | B McCullum 18*, Anderson 9*


First Anderson-strike of the innings. Shami’s first delivery is hit for a boundary. The fifth ball of the over is driven through extra-cover for three runs. The powerplay is coming to an end but that wouldn’t matter much for these two explosive batsmen.




NZ 177/4 | Overs 38 | B McCullum 15*, Anderson 4*


Good over by Ishant Sharma. Just three runs from it. Anderson pulls ferociously on the leg-side for a single. The next two balls fetch a single each.




NZ 174/4 | Overs 37 | B McCullum 14*, Anderson 2*  OUT! Ross Taylor 55 (82)


Crucial breakthrough for India. Taylor was in good touch and looked like going after any delivery. But that did him in. He chased a wide delivery by Shami and the edge was taken very well by MS Dhoni diving to his right. The wicket brings another explosive batsman to the crease — Corey Anderson. The powerplay has fetched a wicket for India.


With that catch. Dhoni has become the fourth wicketkeeper to achieve 300 dismissals in ODI cricket. Adam Gilchrist, Mark Boucher and Kumar Sangakkara are the other three.




NZ 171/3 | Overs 36 | Taylor 55*, B McCullum 13*


First over of the batting powerplay is delivered by Ishant. The field placing was set for a bouncer and Ishant drops one short. Taylor goes for the pull but the bottom edge goes behind towards the wicketkeeper. The fourth ball is a slower one but McCullum picks it up well to drive the ball and the pair take three runs.


McCullum makes full use of the powerplay by coming down the track on the last ball against Ishant and smacks it over the infield for a boundary.




NZ 161/3 | Overs 35 | R Taylor 53*, B McCullum 6*


Pace is back in the form of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He is accurate and doesn’t allow the batsmen to free their arms. McCullum and Taylor get a single each. On the last ball McCullum cuts the ball for a boundary.


Umpire announces the start of batting powerplay from the 36th-40th over.




NZ 155/3 | Overs 34 | R Taylor 52*, B McCullum 1*


Tidy over from Ashwin.  Just two runs from that over. New batsman is Brendion McCullum.




NZ 153/3 | Overs 33 | R Taylor 51*    OUT! Williamson 71(88)


Taylor completes his fifty with a single to long-off. 25th ODI fifty for Taylor. He has been patient this innings scoring just one boundary in the innings so far. Williasmson on the other end looked impressive after cutting a short ball from Jadeja for a four. But he commits an error of playing the ball in the air n the off. The ball flies straight to Ajinkya Rahane. Good innings from Williamson.




NZ 146/2 | Overs 33 | Williamson 66*, R Taylor 49*


Dhoni seems concerned about keeping enough overs of his frontline bowlers till the end. Gets Virat Kohli to bowl one more over. Concedes four runs in that over.




NZ 142/2 | Overs 31 | Williamson 64*, Ross Taylor 47*


Taylor and Williamson are vigilant about picking singles and two at every possible opportunity. Taylor places the ball well to get a couple on the first ball of Jadeja’s over. They get four more singles in the over.




NZ 136/2 | Overs 30 | Williamson 63*, R Taylor 42*


A boundary for New Zealand after a while. With the singles and twos they did not allow the pressure to build up. This time, Williamson uses his feet, makes room for himself and lofts the ball over extra-cover for a boundary against Ashwin. Taylor gets a couple on the fifth ball.


100 partnership between the two.




NZ 126/2 | Overs 29 | Williamson 56*, R Taylor 39*


Virat Kohli is back in the attack. Continues with his deliveries wide of the crease. Both the batsmen have no problems in placing the ball and completing singles. Yet again a four-run over.




NZ 122/2 | Overs 28 | Williamson 54*, R Taylor 37*


Four singles from that over from Ashwin. Williamson and Taylor are content working the ball in the gaps and ambling across for one.




NZ 118/2 | Overs 27 | Williamson 52*, R Taylor 35*


Williamson changes end with a  single on the first ball of that Jadeja over. Taylor is tied down by Jadeja’s accuracy. Just one run from that over.




NZ 117/2 | Overs 26 | Williamson 51*, R Taylor 35*


Fifty for Kane Williamson. Remarkable efffort to absorb the pressure early on turn the pressure back on Indians. Meanwhile, the first three balls of Ashwin’s over fetches three singles.




NZ 112/2 | Overs 25 | Williamson 49*, R Taylor 32*


Jadeja and Ashwin are going through their overs quickly whereas the batsmen are content in picking up the singles. Tidy over from Ashwin; concedes three singles. Williamson is well-set for a half-century here as we complete the half-way mark of the innings.




NZ 109/2 | Overs 24 | Williamson 47*, R Taylor 31*


Taylor is forced to defend on the first two deliveries from Ashwin. He mixed his pace well. On the third ball he got some turn and bounce; the ball deflected sharply off Taylor’s bat and went past Dhoni and the batsmen got two runs. He gets an easy single on the fifth delivery playing towards long-on.





NZ 105/2 | Overs 23 | Williamson 46*, R Taylor 28*


This time Jadeja drops it short and wide. Williamson stays firm, watches the ball, rocks on to the backfoot and cuts it for a boundary. The fifth ball to0 his cut past point by Taylor and they pick up three more.




NZ 97/2 | Overs 22 | Williamson 41*, R Taylor 25*


Taylor and Williamson milk a single each in the first four deliveries. It was a tight single on the penultimate ball. Taylor set off for a single and Williamson could have been found short if that throw from Bhuvneshwar had hit the stumps. Four runs from that over by Ashwin.




NZ 93/2 | Overs 21 | Williamson 39*, Ross Taylor 23*


Jadeja is back in to the attack. The second ball is stroked towards long-on for a single. Jadeja comes round the wicket and pushes the ball in to the right-handers. Williamson gets another single. These two will look to get some easy runs against the part time bowlers and spinners.




NZ 90/2 | Overs 20 | Williamson 38*, R Taylor 21*


Williamson has been impressive against the spinners. Yet again he came down the wicket and lofted Ashwin over the infield for a boundary. That was a superb shot, hit it against the spin and timed it well. The ball fell inches short of the boundary. Couple of singles in that over.


Taylor and Williamson have brought New Zealand back in the game. These two look good for a few more.




NZ 83/2 | Overs 19 | Williamson 33*, R Taylor 19*


Some quick bowling changes from MS Dhoni. Virat Kohli is the sixth bowler to be used now inside 20 overs. Coming wide off the crease over the wicket, Kohli tried to bowl in to the right-handers. He dropped one short and Williamson’s eyes lit up. He rocked on the backfoot and pulled it through mid-on but got only a single.


50 partnership comes up between the two in 67 deliveries.




NZ 78/2 | Overs 18 | Williamson 31*, R Taylor 16*


First over after drinks break. Ravichandran Ashwin has been brought in to bowl. Williamson gets a single by playing past the bowler on the leg. Taylor defends twice before changing ends. Just the two from Ashwin’s first over. Not much turn seen from Ashwin in that over.





NZ 76/2 | Overs 17 | Williamson 30*, R Taylor 15*


Yet again straying on the leg-side and Williamson has no problems in sending it to the mid-wicket boundary. He manages to surprise Taylor on the fourth delivery with a short one. The righ-hander tries to go for a pull but he was in no position to play it. The next ball hits Taylor on the pads. Ishant is convinced with that leg-before appeal but not the umpire. Replays show the ball was clipping the top of leg-stump.


4,000 runs for Ross Taylor in ODIs.




NZ 71/2 | Overs 16 | Williamson 25*, R Taylor 15*


Williamson is showing his skill of playing against spin. Comes down the track on the first ball and chips it over mid-wicket  for a boundary. Great timing. He repeats the shot on the fifth ball, this time closer to the long-on. Bhuvneswar dives and stops the ball. Meanwhile Williamson is looking for three runs and Taylor is late to respond to that call for the third. However, Jadeja’s throw from the bowling end is way off target and Taylor survives. If that throw was accurate, Taylor would well have been home.


10 runs from the over.




NZ 60/2 | Overs 15 | Williamson 17*, R Taylor 12*


Ishant continues to be erratic, bowls mostly on the pads of the batsmen. The second ball is flicked beautifully by Williamson for a boundary. Gets a bit of bounce on the fourth ball and Taylor rises on his toes and defends it. Ishant errs again on the last ball and Taylor guides the ball n its way to a boundary.




NZ 50/2 | Overs 14 | Williamson 12*, R Taylor 7*


Second bowling change from MS Dhoni. Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced in place of Ishant Sharma. Typical start from Jadeja, darts the ball in to Williamson with that extra pace. Fields well on the first ball. Williamson comes down the track on the the third delivery and gets a single through extra-cover. He tries the shot once again on the last ball but fails to get to the pitch of the ball.




NZ 48/2 | Overs 13 | Williamson 11*, Taylor 6*


Taylor has some issue judging the pace of the ball from Bhuvneshwar. Gets committed early to play his shots. Finally gets a single off a thick edge which went to thirdman. Williamson gets a couple with a flick through mid-wicket. Gets a single on the penultimate ball by playing towards point.




NZ 44/2 | Overs 12 | Williamson 8*, Taylor 5*


Ishant continues from the other end. Williamson plays defensive shots on the first four balls. He then places the ball on the off-side for a couple and gets couple more on the last ball. The runs have dried up since Ryder’s dismissal. Both players giving themselves time to settle in.




NZ 40/2 | Overs 11 | Williamson 4*, Taylor 5*


Wayward first delivery by Bhuvneshwar and Taylor gets a single playing on the leg-side. Bhuvi bowls well t keep Williamson on the hook until he got a single on the penultimate ball.




NZ 38/2 | Overs 10 | Williamson 3*, Taylor 4*


Ishant Sharma has been introduced in the attack after Shami goes off the field due to some niggle in his back. Starts off with a short ball. The next one if on the batsman’s pads and Taylor guides it on the leg-side for a couple. the ball almost touched the fence. Three runs from the over.




NZ 35/2 | Overs 9 | Williamson 3*,  Taylor 1*


Bhuvneshwar gets the ball to move in to the right handed Williamson. He places the ball on the leg-side and goes for a quick single. Taylor too is off the mark with a single on the leg-side.




NZ 33/2 | Overs 8 | Williamson 2*, Ross Taylor 0*  OUT! Guptill 8(23)


Shami gets the reward for his fine bowling. He mixes his length well and keeps Guptill on his toes. On the fourth ball, he gets the ball to bounce a bit moving away from the right-hander. Guptill decides to thrash it through the off-side, but the edge flew to Ravichandran Ashwin at first slip who took a good catch.  Both the openers are back in the hut.




NZ 31/1 | Overs 7 | Guptill 8*, Williamson 1*


Williamson crosses over on the first ball. Guptill, on the second one guides the inswinger on the leg-side for a couple. Bhuvneshwar once again errs on the fourth ball conceding a wide. Guptill plays out rest of the over defensively.




NZ 27/1 | Overs 6 | Guptill 6*, Williamson 1*


Since Ryder’s dismissal, Shami has pitched the ball further up. New batsman Kane Williamson struggles to get off the mark. A tight over from Shami. On the fifth ball, he pitches it a touch short and Williamson tries to pull it. The bottom edge deflects after hitting his stomach; gets a single.




NZ 26/1 | Overs 5 | Guptill 6*, Williamson 0*


Bhuvneshwar is on target in this over. Keeps Guptill tied down with his swing. Guptill got a boundary on the last ball of the over. It was timed well off the middle of his bat. That will do good to his confidence.


Kane Willamson is the new batsman.




NZ 22/1 | Overs 4 | Guptill 2* OUT! Ryder 18(16)


First success. Ryder is gone. It wa s agood over from Mohammed Shmai. He kept his length just short of good length and got the ball to move away from Ryder. The left-hander looked uncertain with hardly any footwork. However, he slapped one ball past square-leg for a six. Ultimately Shami had the last laugh. Ryder looked to flick it again and was bowled.




NZ 18/0 | Overs 3 | Guptill 3*, Ryder 14*


Couple of wides from Bhuvneshwar who is trying to control his swing. He is trying to get the ball moving in the air and succeeded on a few occasions. He shapes the ball away from Guptill who tries to go for a shot but misses.




NZ 16/0 | Overs 2 | Guptill 2*, Ryder 14*


That’s vintage Jesse Ryder. The hand-eye co-ordination has been superb so far by the left-hander. Mohammed Shami bowls the second over and the third ball is glanced fine enough for a four. Ravindra Jadeja dives full length but he fell short. The next ball is slapped through the covers for another boundary. Shami gets his length right on the last two deliveries and Ryder is watchful.




NZ 7/0 | Overs 1 | Guptill 1*, Ryder 6*


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back in the Indian team and continues with his impressive swing. Martin Guptill manages to get a single on the first ball. Bhuvneshwar continues to go over the wicket to move the ball away from left-hander Jesse Ryder. He is bowling at round about  130kph. Looked like Ryder was going to be watchful. But then that’s Ryder for you; flicks the last ball over square-leg for a six.




India have won the toss and elected to field in the first One-Day International against New Zealand.




India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma.


New Zealand: Jesse Ryder, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi (wk), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Adam Milne, Mitch McClenaghan.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first One-Day International (ODI) between India and New Zealand here. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. India embark on yet another overseas tour. After taking on a formidable South African side, they face a rejuvenated New Zealand fresh from the Test and T20 series win against West Indies and an impressive show in the ODIs.  Napier is generally regarded as one of the best batting wickets in New Zealand. With a strong batting line-up India will be fancying their chances to go 1-0 up. However, it won’t be a walkover for the batsmen who aren’t used to playinmg on green tops.


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