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Jan 22, 2014


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Just one final word. There are some calculations and India have lost the game by 15 runs and not 19. The Duckworth-Lewis method confuses you doesn’t it?




So, that’s it from our coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between India and New Zealand. Kane Williamson has been named the man of the match!




IND 277/9 | Overs 41.3 | Shami 1*; Ishant 0* OUT! Bhuvneshwar 11(6)


Bhuvneshwar holes out to the deep. Shami offers a catch as it goes high in the air, but Ronchi dropes it. And it starts raining. That’s the end of the game. New Zealand by 19 runs by D/L method.




IND 275/7 | Overs 41 | Bhuvneshwar 11*, Shami 0* OUT! Ashwin 5(4)


Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets a single off the first ball. Ashwin smashes the second ball for a four through long-on. He then holes out to the deep with an easy catch to mid-wicket. Bhuvneshwar then gets a four as he guides one through third-man. Bhuvneshwar gets another four as he smashes a four over the covers. He finishes the over with a single.




IND 260/7 | Overs 40 | Ashwin 1*, Bhuvneshwar 1* OUT! Dhoni 56(44) Jadeja 12(8)


Dhoni is gone! He gets an edge and he is taken by Williamson. Ashwin now is at the crease. New Zealand are a lot more calm now as Dhoni is back in the hut. And Jadeja is gone now too. A slower ball has bowled him. That should be game, set and match!




IND 257/5 | Overs 39 | Dhoni 56*, Jadeja 11*


Southee, New Zealand’s best bowler today comes back into the attack. He swings it into Jadeja and he takes a single. Dhoni swings to the second ball, but misses. He then smashes a bullet to mid-wicket. Jadeja gets another single. India’s 50 comes up. Dhoni smashes it over long-off, but doesn’t get enough bat on it. Yet, it goes for six. That is his fifty.




IND 247/5 | Overs 38 | Dhoni 48*, Jadeja 9*


Jadeja gets Dhoni on strike off the first ball by gliding the ball to third-man. Dhoni offers a chance. Southee swirls under it and then palms it for a four. What a huge moment in the match. Dhoni then edges one and it goes past Ronchi for another four. Dhoni then takes a single as Jadeja comes on strike. Jadeja then gets a single.




IND 236/5 | Overs 37 | Dhoni 39*, Jadeja 7* OUT! Raina 35(22)


Raina is out! Mills comes in and Raina holes out to deep mid-wicket. India now slip further as they lose a wicket off the first ball. Dhoni then only manages a single off the third-ball. It gets tougher for India. And what to say about Jadeja! The first ball he faces, he charges down the wicket and smashes it over long-on for six. He then takes a single. Dhoni then goes over the top but can only get two as Taylor stops it on the boundary.




IND 226/4 | Overs 36 | Dhoni 36*, Raina 35*


The required rate is now touching 12 as Dhoni plays a dot. The second ball is worked fine through the leg-side for a four. He then gets a single off the pads to bring Raina on strike. Raina then places one between mid-wicket and long-on for a four. That was hit very well as he worked that overpitched delivery through that area. He gets a short one then and runs another single.




IND 216/4 | Overs 35 | Dhoni 32*, Raina 30*


Mills is coming from round the wicket to Dhoni and he gets a single off the second ball. Raina then gets a single as only two come off the first three. Dhoni then gets another single. Thats not enough! Only three off the first four. And then there is a dot! A brilliant over from Mills. Raina can only get two off the last.




IND 211/4 | Overs 34 | Dhoni 30*, Raina 27*


Dhoni gets a dot first up and then he pulls one fine down the leg-side for a four. That is an important boundary. India need quite a few of them. Dhoni then gets a single and wants two, but Raina isn’t ready. He then hits his pads, and they run a single. Raina clears the man at mid-on and gets a boundary.




IND 200/4 | Overs 33 | Dhoni 24*, Raina 22*


Raina carves the first ball to cover and sets off. The fielder throws, but it misses. Raina was miles out! Raina then punches a full-toss straight to Nathan McCullum at mid-off, but it went through the gate and four. Ohh we are going get a shock! Raina pulls another boundary! It goes over fine-leg for a four. The 200 is up for India as Dhoni gets a single.




IND 190/4 | Overs 32 | Dhoni 23*, Raina 12*


Southee comes back to bowl and Dhoni pushes for a single off the first ball. Ohhh surprise surprise! Southee bowls short outside the leg-stump and Raina pulls him for a four.




IND 182/4 | Overs 31 | Dhoni 21*, Raina 7*


Anderson is bowling and Dhoni gets a single off the first ball. Anderson then bowls a wide down the leg-side. Raina then makes room and cuts it between point and short third-man for a four. Dhoni then gets room and he upper-cuts it over third-man for a four. India have to use this batting powerplay. Dhoni then pulls a short ball through fine-leg for another four. The fielder hardly moved as Dhoni punished that slower ball.




IND 166/4 | Overs 30 | Dhoni 11*, Raina 2* OUT! Kohli 78(65)


So, India have taken the batting powerplay. Remember, only four overs for that as it is a reduced game! Dhoni has a change of bats, but misses the first one as it hits his body. Kohli calls and they run a quick single. Southee then pitches it and Kohli pulls it with disdain through mid-wicket for a four. And Kohli is gone! He pulls it straight to mid-on.


Raina is the new man. How many deliveries before the first short-ball! Raina clears his leg and goes after it. However, he can only get two as he only got the elevation.




IND 158/3 | Over 29 | Kohli 73*, Dhoni 11*


How has he played that? Corey Anderson comes in and overpitches. Kohli uses his wrists and swats it over long-on for a six. Amazing shot. Kohli then gets two as he hits through extra cover and sets off. Anderson bowls it a bit wide, but the umpire says it is okay as it was inside the line. Kohli finishes the over with a single.




IND 149/3 | Over 28 | Kohli 64*, Dhoni 11*


McClenaghan continues and the Indian batsmen are only taking singles here. The required rate is over 10 now. Dhoni is hit on the body a few times and this has been a good over for New Zealand.




IND 146/3 | Over 27 | Kohli 62*, Dhoni 10*


Dhoni charges to McCullum and smashes it over his head for a four. That was hit hard and it went very straight. That went too quick and just bounced before the boundary. Later, Dhoni takes a risky single and the stumps are down. But, Kohli was safely in and they get another run.




IND 138/3 | Over 26 | Kohli 61*, Dhoni 3*


Kohli pulls a short ball off McClenaghan but it fell way short off Jimmy Neesham at mid-wicket. Only singles and twos being taken here. Not enough as the rate has risen above 10. Kohli then charges to McClenaghan and smashes him over the off-side for four.






IND 130/3 | Over 25 | Kohli 54*, Dhoni 2*


Dhoni works a single off the first ball off McCullum. Kohli charges down the track, but cannot get hold of McCullum’s deliveries. Three dots in a row for McCullum. Kohli finally gets a single to get off strike.




IND 128/3 | Over 24 | Kohli 53*, Dhoni 1* OUT! Rahane 36(42)


Mitchell McClenaghan comes back into the attack. Rahane gets a single through the off-side and lets Kohli get the strike back. Rahane is gone! He tries to pull across the line and gets the edge. How often does McClenaghan strike!


Dhoni is the new man and it is the right decision. He gets off the mark by pulling through fine-leg for a single.




IND 125/2 | Over 23 | Kohli 52*, Rahane 35*


Kohli gets his fifty with a single through the leg-side. He raises his bat knowing that there is a long way to go. Rahane pulls McCullum in the air and Guptill tries to come around from mid-wicket and dives forward, but cannot reach there. Kohli then gets two by placing it through the leg-side and sprints through.




IND 120/2 | Over 22 | Kohli 49*, Rahane 33*


Kohli gets a quick double through the leg-side off the first ball. Kohli then pulls the next ball with his wrists and sends it for a four. The fielder could hardly move as it went into the boundary. Kohli has moved into the 40s. Kohli then flicks one in the air through mid-wicket and that bounces and trickles into the boundary. Not too well controlled, but gets the result. He then drives it through the covers for a single. Rahane finishes the over with a single. India get 13 runs from that over.




IND 107/2 | Over 21 | Kohli 38*, Rahane 32*


Nathan McCullum continues and Kohli gets a single off the second ball. Only three runs have come off that over.




IND 104/2 | Over 20 | Kohli 36*, Rahane 30*


Anderson bowls to Kohli and he works a single through long-off. Rahane then pushes through the covers for another single. It is imperative that these two keep doing this for India. Kohli then runs one fine towards third-man, but can only get a single as McClenaghan dives to stop it. Anderson then bowls short and Rahane pulls it for a four through fine-leg.




IND 95/2 | Over 19 | Kohli 33*, Rahane 25*


Nathan McCullum comes from round the wicket and Rahane comes down the track and lofts it over the covers for a four. It was a well controlled shot. Rahane shapes to pull a short one, but McCullum fired it in, He could only manage a single through long-on. McCullum then bowls two wides down the leg-side to Kohli before the batsman gets a single through fine-leg.




IND 87/2 | Over 18 | Kohli 32*, Rahane 20*


Corey Anderson is brought into the attack. Kohli drives the second ball to long-off for a single. Rahane tries to walk across his stumps and come down the track, but cannot get it away first up. Rahane then gets one on his pads and he flicks it for a single. However, there is a misfield by Southee at deep mid-wicket and they get the extra run. The 50-run stand is up.




IND 83/2 | Over 17 | Kohli 31*, Rahane 17*


Rahane edges McCullum and it beats Mills as it trickles into the third-man boundary. Rahane was trying to play it forward and went hard at it, but only managed an edge. McCullum then fires a wide down the leg-side. Kohli moves into the 30s now with a single through long-on. Rahane also gets a single later through the off-side. Actually, the fielder stopped it and that ensured it didn’t go for four.




IND 74/2 | Over 16 | Kohli 29*, Rahane 11*


Southee continues and Kohli gets a single off the first ball. Rahane charges to Southee and lofts it high over the off-side. The man runs back from the circle, but cannot get there, although he puts in the dive. Rahane then lofts the next ball over the covers for a four. He waited for it and it was a little overpitched and he went through with the shot. He then pushes for a quick single as he dabs the ball to mid-on. Kohli then pulls one to fine-leg, but it does not carry and falls well short of the man. Rahane completes the over with a single.




IND 64/2 | Over 15 | Kohli 27*, Rahane 3*


McCullum continues after the drinks interval. Kohli only manages dots off the first two and then gets a double through the covers. He then gets a single through fine-leg.




IND 61/2 | Over 14 | Kohli 24*, Rahane 3*


Southee continues to Rahane, and he gets a single through fine-leg off the second delivery. The ball actually took the inner edge and ran to fine-leg. Kohli has a scare as the ball takes the inside edge and goes onto his pads and nearly lobs back to Southee. Kohli then charges and smashes a six over covers for four. He then runs the ball to third-man for a single.




IND 53/2 | Over 13 | Kohli 17*, Rahane 2*


Nathan McCullum comes into the attack and Kohli gets off strike with a single off the first delivery. Rahane plays out the rest of the over and then gets the single through the leg-side.




IND 51/2 | Over 12 | Kohli 16*, Rahane 1*


Kohli charges down the wicket and carts it through covers. It goes through Jesse Ryder’s hands at cover. It was fast and a very tough chance. Kohli moving along well though. Kohli then pulls a short delivery through mid-wicket for a single.




IND 46/2 | Over 11 | Kohli 11*, Rahane 1*


Rahane pulls it to fine-leg to get off the mark. Kohli pulls it to mid-wicket, but doesn’t get hold of it and runs for a double. He then charges to Mills and then goes through with the shot. The ball goes between point and extra-cover for four. Kohli then takes a single by pushing through the leg-side.




IND 38/2 | Over 10 | Kohli 4*, Rahane 0* OUT! Rohit 20(34)


Southee pitches it short and Rohit pulls it around square-leg for a four. That is a stroke that assures confidence. And, Rohit is gone! That is Tim Southee’s hundredth wicket. He tries to cut it behind point and there was a small edge. The New Zealanders appeal and it is gone.




IND 33/1 | Over 9 | Rohit 15*, Kohli 4*


Rohit defends the first ball and then tentatively pokes at one outside the off-stump. After that wait, he goes through with the shot and lofts Mills over long-off for a four.




IND 26/1 | Over 8 | Rohit 8*, Kohli 4* OUT! Dhawan 12(21)


Tim Southee is into the attack and he starts with a good one that leaves Rohit. He then gets the edge off the second ball which goes for a single. Dhawan is gone! He charges to Southee and his woodwork has been disturbed. Kohli is the new man. He gets off the mark by driving one with authority through mid-on.




IND 21/0 | Over 7 | Dhawan 12*, Rohit 8*


Rohit still taking his time in the middle. He plays two dots before running it down to third-man for four.




IND 20/0 | Over 6 | Dhawan 12*, Rohit 7*


Rohit drives the first ball past the bowler and gets a single. McClenaghan pitches it very short and Dhawan lets it go through. It is a wide. Dhawan gets his first boundary as he smashes it through extra cover for a four. Dhawan drives the last ball through the covers for four. It was overpitched and gets it through the gap.


Meanwhile, Australia are still cheering for New Zealand:






IND 10/0 | Over 5 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 6*


Dhawan edges one through the slips and gets a single. Rohit then cuts one straight to point and it goes for an easy catch to Williamson. However, he drops it. Rohit then finally gets a run as he works a single through the leg-side. Dhawan then glances to fine-leg through for a single. Rohit runs the last ball to fine-leg for a single.




IND 6/0 | Over 4 | Dhawan 2*, Rohit 4*


Finally, a run. Dhawan works it to third man and sets off for a single. McClenaghan hits Rohit on the pads, but he is given not out. Replays show that it marginally pitches outside the leg-stump. Again, only one run from the over.




IND 5/0 | Over 3 | Dhawan 1*, Rohit 4*


Mills comes in and hols tight channels. He gave him a bit of width and Rohit couldn’t quite cling on. The Indian openers are quite content in blocking it, mainly because New Zealand are bowling very well. Another maiden.




IND 5/0 | Over 2 | Dhawan 1*, Rohit 4*


Mitchell McClenaghan comes into the attack. Dhawan chases one of the deliveries, but it zips through to the wicketkeeper. Dhawan isn’t able to get the ball away through the over as McClenaghan keeps him in check and bowls a maiden.




IND 5/0 | Over 1 | Dhawan 1*, Rohit 4*


Shikhar Dhawan to face the first ball. Kyle Mills starts off with one on a good-length and Dhawan plays it down. He gets off the mark off the second ball as he pushes to mid-off and runs across for a single. Rohit waits back and he essays a beautiful shot through the covers for a four. He stood tall and then essayed it beautifully. That is the Rohit we know.




Just in: The target has been revised to 297 in 42 overs. Certainly a tough ask for India.


NZ 271/7 | Overs 42 | Ronchi 18*, Mills 2*


Shami comes back to finish the innings. He bowls a bouncer, which Rochi cannot get away. he tried to play an upper cut, but did not connect. The next ball was on a length outside the off-stump, but he cannot get bat onto it again. The third ball is hit back to Shami as it was slower and Ronchi couldn’t smash it. He bowls another bouncer and it takes Rochi’s top edge and flies over fine-leg for a six. Ronchi then charges, makes room and smashes it through the covers for a four. Good footwork and timing on that one! And the innings is over with a single.


India need 272 to win in 42 overs.




NZ 260/7 | Overs 41 | Ronchi 7*, Mills 2* OUT! N McCullum 1(3)


Nathan McCullum is out as Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls him. Kyle Mills is the new man in. Rochi then coverts a full delivery into a full toss and carts it over the umpire’s head for four. That could have taken the umpire. He then smashes it again, but it hits Mills’s bat otherwise it would have been a certain four.




NZ 252/6 | Overs 40 | Ronchi 1*, N McCullum 1* OUT! Taylor 57(56) OUT! B McCullum 0(1)


Taylor takes a single off the first ball to take a single. Brendon McCullum is out first ball! Shami bowls it full onto his legs and he got an edge which flew back to Shami. Ronchi comes and gets a single first ball. And now Shami gets Taylor. A slowish bouncer goes past him and he edges it to Dhoni as he tries to pull. Nathan McCullum is the new man in the centre and he misses the first ball.




NZ 249/4 | Overs 39 | Taylor 56*, B McCullum 0* OUT! Anderson 44(17)


Ishant Sharma comes back and he starts with a wide. Anderson gets one in the slot and smashes it into the crowd at long-on. The man in the crowd takes the catch, 100,000 New Zealand Dollars to his name! What a sight that one! And then Ishant bowls another wide. And then, he bowls another full delivery in his half and it is carted into the crowds in the long-off.


Anderson then carts the last ball high in the air, it is swirling, but, Shikhar Dhawan takes a good catch. That is the end of a splendid knock.




NZ 232/3 | Overs 38 | Taylor 54*, Anderson 31*


Ashwin replaces Shami. He bowls the carrom ball first up and Taylor can only manage a single as the edge goes to the off-side. Anderon then smashes one through covers with all power. What an effort by Jadeja! He dives to his right and gets his hand, but cannot hold on. It was hit too hard. Great work by Jadeja though. Save a certain boundary. Ashwin then sees Taylor moving towards the off and fires it down the leg-side, but it is a wide.


Anderson then has a golf swing, carts it over mid-wicket and it has cleared the fence easily. And then there is another six. He now gets on his knee and carts it over long-on for six.




NZ 215/3 | Overs 37 | Taylor 52*, Anderson 17*


Bhuvneshwar is back into the attack. Only singles are conceded off the first two deliveries. The third ball is swatted by Taylor to long-on. The fielder there had hardly moved as it zipped past him. And, then, Taylor gets a bit innovative as he moves across his stumps and paddles it past short fine-leg for a four. He then edges the fifth ball and it goes for four past Dhoni. That is his fifty!




NZ 200/3 | Overs 36 | Taylor 38*, Anderson 16*


And now, Shami to bowl to Anderson! He comes from round the wicket and bowls a good yorker, which Anderson only manages to dig out. But then he gets it wrong marginally and Anderson lofts him over his head for six. Shami gets back with a dot ball as it was short and a bit slow. But then, he goes a bit too far with a bouncer that goes way above Anderson’s head. That is a wide. The 200 is up as Anderson carts the last ball, which is a full-toss, over the off-side for a four.




NZ 187/3 | Overs 35 | Taylor 36*, Anderson 5* OUT! Williamson 77(87)


Williamson dances down the track to Jadeja and misses. There is turn and bounce and Dhoni does the rest. Corey Anderson is in and this should be fun! Jadeja bowls it a bit short and he is pulled through square-leg for a four. He is the right man at this stage with only seven overs to go after this. Needless to say, he will give it a whack!


Taylor then waits for Jadeja’s delivery to reach him. It turns and bounces, but he plays it very fine through third-man for four. Taylor then lofts him over the infield on the off-side and it goes for four. Remember this is the batting powerplay.




NZ 174/2 | Overs 34 | Williamson 77*, Taylor 28*


The match starts with Ashwin completing his over. Taylor moves across the stumps and sweeps for a brace through fine-leg. He then tries a slog sweep but misses and runs a leg bye.




So, Duckworth and Lewis would be on show here.






Play about to start at Hamilton. We now have a 42-overs a side match.






And, the rain is back, just as we were getting ready for the match to begin.




The covers are off again. The groundstaff are getting the ground ready and the Indians are waiting outside the dressing room.




The rain has started again, albeit a drizzle. We can only wait and hope for it to clear.




The rain has stopped and play could start anytime soon. Stay tuned for more news.




NZ 170/2 | Overs 33.2 | Williamson 76*, Taylor 26*


Ashwin is back in the attack and the batsmen take a few singles before we go off again. The rain is back. This time it is heavier. Now, the bigger covers are on as there is some persistent rain.




NZ 167/2 | Overs 33 | Williamson 75*, Taylor 24*


Ishant Sharma starts off with two short balls. Williamson lets both go through and the second one was very wide. It was way above Williamson’s head and the umpire had no problems in signalling a wide. The 50-run stand is up as Taylor gets a leg-glance for a single. These two are building a very solid platform for the rest to take over.




NZ 161/2 | Overs 32 | Williamson 72*, Taylor 22*


Ashwin is into the attack and he still has that leg slip in place. Taylor gets a single off the first ball and takes a run. Cameras show that there is some rain in the offing. We just hope it stays away.



NZ 157/2 | Overs 31 | Williamson 70*, Taylor 20*


Ishant Sharma replaces Jadeja. Williamson gets right behind the first ball and defends it. Williamson then gets a single to get Taylor back on strike. Ishant surprises Taylor with a short one and the batsman pulls it. He gets a top-edge that flies to fine-leg. Shami doesn’t charge forward as it was way away from him and it is a single. Taylor tries to go over the top, but did not get enough bat on that. Only a single is possible.




NZ 153/2 | Overs 30 | Williamson 68*, Taylor 18*


Ashwin is using his feet well to Ashwin. He can’t get a single off the first ball and then charges again to loft it over the bowler’s head and runs for a single. Ashwin finally gets one to turn and it surprises Taylor. He manages to get a run though.




NZ 150/2 | Overs 29 | Williamson 66*, Taylor 18*


Jadeja has to do something as he was getting that turn and bounce. Williamson is in his zone though and is having no problems, even if Taylor has to watch it a bit. Taylor does manage to get off strike by getting a single through long-on.




NZ 147/2 | Overs 28 | Williamson 64*, Taylor 17*


Ashwin will now come from over the wicket to Williamson. He plays two dot balls and then places it brilliantly through the covers. It was a bit short and he rocks back and pushes it through the covers for a four. Shows the kind of form he is in. Williamson then charges down and takes a single.Taylor then gets a boundary as he sweeps to the boundary through fine-leg.




NZ 138/2 | Overs 27 | Williamson 59*, Taylor 13*


Jadeja now comes in place of Raina and Taylor gets anedge off the second ball and he will get two runs for that. There was some bounce on offer and it had turned a bit. Ashwin then saves a single with a good effort at mid-on. Taylor is tested a bit by the turn in this wicket and he can only get two runs in this over.


Off the last ball, Taylor is drawn forward and it moves past him. Dhoni whips the bails off and appeals. It is a tight call as it isn’t clear whether he lifted his feet once the the bails were out. In fact, he took his toe off when the bails were just taken off. So, the benefit of the doubt goes to him.




NZ 136/2 | Overs 26 | Williamson 59*, Taylor 11*


Ashwin now replaces Jadeja and comes from round the wicket with a leg-slip in place. Williamson charges to him and gets to the pitch of the ball before working it to mid-wicket for a single.The singles are all too easy and although Dhoni is saying, “Bahut Badhiya!” from behind the stumps, they need more wickets. Rahane stops a boundary in the deep.




NZ 130/2 | Overs 25 | Williamson 55*, Taylor 9*


Raina is now into his fourth over. Williamson moves back and pushes it through mid-wicket and takes a single to hand the strike to Ross Taylor. He then bowls a bit shorter and Taylor too works it to the leg-side for a single. Only three runs off the over.




NZ 127/2 | Overs 24 | Williamson 53*, Taylor 8*


Jadeja will try to get that turn and bounce out if this pitch. The batsmen merely push it around for singles. Williamson gets a leading edge, and it goes in the air, but it is way away from Jadeja.




NZ 124/2 | Overs 23 | Williamson 51*, Taylor 7*


Raina will continue and Williamson works the second ball through mid-wicket for a single and that is his half-century. here was turn for Raina that surprised Taylor. Only three runs off that over.




NZ 121/2 | Overs 22 | Williamson 49*, Taylor 6*


Ravindra Jadeja replaces Ravichandran Ashwin and he will bowl to Taylor first up. Taylor gets right behind the first three and defends them. Off the fourth delivery, he rocks back and cuts it behind point for a four. That was a beautiful late cut. And, he smartly takes a single down to long-off off the fifth. Williamson now on 49.




NZ 115/2 | Overs 21 | Williamson 48*, Taylor 1* OUT! Guptill 44(65)


Guptill is gone as he tries to sweep Raina, but only manages a top edge that is taken by Shami at short fine-leg. Williamson charges down the wicket to Raina, but it hits the pads. He then bowls it a bit short and Williamson tries to pull it, only to see the fielder to get it. Williamson then charges again and lofts it over mid-wicket and it goes well into the crowd. He then takes a single by pulling it through mid-wicket again.


Taylor gets off the mark with a single.




NZ 106/1 | Overs 20 | Guptill 43*, Williamson 41*


Ashwin continues and Williamson pushes the first ball back to him as he dives across to stop it. Williamson then pushes to square-leg and switches strike. This has been a feature of this partnership here at Hamilton. While they have attacked, they have rotated strike well.




NZ 105/1 | Overs 19 | Guptill 43*, Williamson 40*


Suresh Raina comes into the attack and Dhoni is trying to use his spinners a lot more here. The batsmen meanwhile, are having no problems as they keep working it around for singles and go for more when the chance is there.




NZ 101/1 | Overs 18 | Guptill 41*, Williamson 38*


Ravichandran Ashwin starts after the break and New Zealand’s hundred is up.





NZ 98/1 | Overs 17 | Guptill 40*, Williamson 36*


Kohli bowls one short and Guptill lofts him over mid-wicket and it nearly goes for a six. However, it only bouncers before the boundary and it is only a four. The batsmen then only work the singles as the rain comes down. The players are going off! It was a short break, but we are back on now.




NZ 92/1 | Overs 16 | Guptill 35*, Williamson 35*


Jadeja continues bowling and Guptill gets a single off the second ball through the covers. Williamson is in good form and confident. That is reflected in his batting as he is ready to dance down the track and work it for singles. Jadeja then gets him a little bit of width and Guptil cuts him behind point for a four. He too is getting into his groove.




NZ 85/1 | Overs 15 | Guptill 29*, Williamson 34*


Virat Kohli is into the attack and some New Zealanders may remember that action. Doesn’t it resemble Chris Harris’s walk to the wicket? Meanwhile, Williamson and Guptil are moving about solidly and are working the singles whenever they are on offer. The run-rate is very good as they have hit the boundaries whenever they can.


Wiilliamson hits one through the off-side, but Jadeja dives at cover to stop a certain four. He then gets a boundary through the leg-side.




NZ 79/1 | Overs 14 | Guptill 28*, Williamson 29*


All class from Williamson! He first gets beaten by one that turns and bounces outside the off-stump. Later, he punches one off the backfoot through the off-side and guides one to third-man. Both go through to the boundaries for four. No problems for the New Zealand batsmen in the centre. Williamson then walks down the wicket and takes a single.




NZ 70/1 | Overs 13 | Guptill 28*, Williamson 20*


Williamson gets on his toes and pushes it through the off-side very well. It was a classy shot and the batsmen then run through for three runs. That was some good running on show. And Guptill, finally gets a good one. Ishant is lofted over long on for a maximum. He is gradually warming up for a big innings. Dangerous signs for India.




NZ 59/1 | Overs 12 | Guptill 21*, Williamson 16*


Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. It is a good start for him as he only concedes three runs in the over courtesy singles. Early sightings of spin.




NZ 56/1 | Overs 11 | Guptill 21*, Williamson 14*


Ishant Sharma is into the attack and keeps Guptill quite until he bowls one short. Guptill gets hold of it, but it goes straight to the man at fine-leg and only a single is possible. Williamson then ducks underneath one that is short. Williamson then pulls the last ball of the over to fine-leg and gets a single. Steady build-up!




NZ 54/1 | Overs 10 | Guptill 19*, Williamson 13*


Bhuvneshwar is back into the attack and bowls a straight delivery first up. He tries to pull through mid-wicket, but gets it straight to the fielder. He is getting right behind the line of the ball and defends them with good balance. He then gets a single off the last ball and that is the only run to come off the over.




NZ 53/1 | Overs 9 | Guptill 18*, Williamson 13*


Ishant comes in and strays on the pads. Guptill merely guides it through fine-leg for a four. The man dives across at short-fine, but it is away from him. Later, Ishant bowls a wide down the leg-side. New Zealand have brought up their fifty and in good time. Ishant then strays on the pads again and is worked away quite easily. Is this a script we have seen all too often?




NZ 47/1 | Overs 8 | Guptill 13*, Williamson 13*


Shami bowls one short and Williamson pulls it in the air through square-leg and runs two before the fielder can come from fine leg to stop it. After trying that short one, Shami reverts to bowling around the off-stump and Williamson is quite happy to let them go through. However, he strays on his pads and Williamson works it through fine-leg for a brace. He bowls a short one off the last ball and WIlliamson pulls it through mid-wicket for a four.




NZ 39/1 | Overs 7 | Guptill 13*, Williamson 5*


Williamson pushes through the on-side and sets off for two. He then rocks back and pushes through the off-side for a quick single. While Williamson has started off well, Guptill was taking his time. However, he gets one through the off-side for four and that would give him tremendous confidence. He then lofts one through the off-side again for four.




NZ 28/1 | Overs 6 | Guptill 5*, Williamson 2* OUT! Ryder 20(11)


Ryder is gone! He first lofts it for four over wide long-on and then Shami pulls the length back. He tries to go for the upper-cut, but manages thin edge to the wicket-keeper. Kane Williamson is the new man, fresh from a good knock in the last game. He gets off the mark with a single through the leg-side.




NZ 21/0 | Overs 5 | Guptill 4*, Ryder 16*


Ryder finally defends one as Bhuvneshwar bowls on a right channel. The second ball is worked through third-man for a single. Guptill then gets back on strike and he calmly defends all the deliveries. This is a good comeback by Bhuvneshwar.




NZ 20/0 | Overs 4 | Guptill 4*, Ryder 15*


Ryder finally faces his second ball and punches it through the off-side for a brace. But, later, he is given a bit of width and he rocks back and smashes it through the off-side for a four. He has raced away to a good start already. Then, he gets more room and he carts it through point for another four. What a start for the big man! Shami follows those deliveries with a bouncer. He tries another, but it goes way over Ryder’s head. That is a wide.




NZ 8/0 | Overs 3 | Guptill 4*, Ryder 4*


Bhuvneshwar keeps Guptill on strike through the over. Guptill is trying to get his eye in and get a big score. He hasn’t quite matched the expectations since his prolific run last year and quite a lot would be expected of him. That is a maiden over. This would be encouraging for Bhuvneshwar, who would also want wickets.




NZ 8/0 | Overs 2 | Guptill 4*, Ryder 4*


Mohammed Shami starts off from the other end and Guptill defends the first ball. Shami gets a bit of bounce during the over as well.




NZ 7/0 | Over 1 | Guptill 3*, Ryder 4*


There is almost a catch off the first ball. Bhuvneshwar Kumar runs in and bowls it on a length. Guptill was through the shot and very nearly carried back to Bhuvneshwar Kumar off the edge. He dived to his right, but could not reach it in his follow through. Guptill gets off the mark with a brace through the leg-side. He then pushes to third man for a single. Ryder smashes the last ball of the over through extra cover for a four. Good start again for New Zealand.




India have won the toss and have elected to field first. There are no changes to their side. New Zealand have only one change to their side as Adam Milne is out injured and Kyle Mills comes in.




New ZealandJesse Ryder, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi (wk), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Mitchell McClenaghan.


IndiaShikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma.




New Zealand have some support from across the Tasman Sea. Who would have thought?








Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between India and New Zealand. The game is at Hamilton and India are eyeing a comeback after a defeat in the first ODI. It was a tough pill to swallow in the first game, especially after the Indians got themselves in a position to win the game. However, New Zealand were magnificent and held their nerve when Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were dominating proceedings. It is now an opportunity for both side, wherein, New Zealand can apply more pressure and India can hit back and level the series.


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