Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)
Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)


Mar 21, 2014

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(The ICC World T20 2014 main draw begins with the clash against arch-rivals India and Pakistan. Catch all the happening of the match in our live updates below)


Man of the Match:  Amit Mishra


Good to see a bowler bag a Man of the Match. While he took wickets, Mishra needs to be lauded for tossing up the deliveries and inviting the batsmen to hit him, you rarely see such strategy in T20s by bowlers.


Man of the Matches in Indo-Pak T20s:


Mohammad Asif, Irfan Pathan, Virat Kohli, Mohammad Hafeez, Yuvraj Singh, Amit Mishra




Well, this tweet has redefined exaggeration. Nevertheless, a true fact.






WC: 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011;  T20WC: 2007, 2012 India manage to maintain a clean sheet.



That’s it, Pakistan’s search for a win against India in World Cups continue. Raina was dropped by Hafeez on the first ball off Umar Gul. The next one was short but Raina had plenty of time to dispatch it for a six. Single on the next ball and India complete a convincing victory. India win by seven wicketsPartnership 66 in 50 deliveries.



Junaid Khan bowls the 18th over, Raina was prepared for a short ball and Junaid delivers to Raina’s expectations, the left-hander hits it in the air and manages to clear mid-off. Boundary. Kohli flicks the last ball over midwicket for a boundary. 7 runs needed in 12 balls.




Irrespective of format, Virat never loses an opportunity to impress, such is his class…



Fifty partnership between Kohli and Raina. They have matched each other with their sparkling strokes and snatched the match away from Pakistan. Raina plays the first two balls defensively and picks a single on the third. Kohli is beaten trying to cut on the fourth but misses it. No runs on the last two balls as well. Just one run from it. 16 needed in 18 balls.






Umar Gul comes back into the attack, but the batsmen are in no mood to take the chances. They have the required rate below six and the bowlers too are under pressure to be too threatening. Well that’s what Kohli can force the opposition to do. A couple on the second ball of the over and singles in rest of the over. The sixth ball was short but high enough to be called a wide. 17 runs needed in 24 balls.


Superb batting from Kohli. The first ball by Afridi, Kohli steps down the track and hits it to the right of long-off for a boundary. A couple ensues on the next ball. Well placed deep in the covers. Kohli comes down the track on the fourth ball and smacks it past the bowler for another boundary. 25 runs needed in 30 balls. Looks well under India’s control.



Raina’s aggression has allowed India to take the chase calmly. 37 needed in 36. The required rate well under control. Three singles on the first three deliveries of the over.



Excellent batting from Raina. He pulls the second ball for a boundary. A similar one on the last ball and Raina is not going to miss that. Inconsistent bowling from Bhatti.



It’s tough to keep Kohli quiet. Hafeez tied him down and even beat him once. But on the fourth ball, it was a touch short and Kohli quickly goes on to the backfoot and smashes it for a six. Dropped, Raina is dropped in the slips on the last ball. Raina goes for the drive and gets an outside edge, Afridi is late to react and misses it. India need 50 runs in 48 balls.



India are putting themselves in trouble here. Hafeez takes a gamble by bringing in Bilawal Bhatti and it pays off. Bhatti bowls a fuller delivery and Yuvraj just doesn’t read the length and yorks himself. The stumps are disturbed. Raina is the new batsman. Loose fourth ball, and Raina hits it for a boundary.
OUT! Yuvraj 1(2)


Poor batting. Both the openers have thrown their wicket away with poor shots. Against Ajmal, Rohit tried to rock on to the backfoot and cut him. There was no room for such a shot, gets the bottom edge and it hits the stumps. Yuvraj walks in. Doosra by Ajmal and the left-hander works away on the leg to open his account. There’s a loud appeal for a caught behind on the last ball but Kohli survives.
OUT! Rohit 24(21)


Afridi is testing Kohli with his variations. But India’s No 3 wasn’t going to keep quiet for a long time. The fifth ball is a wide and the keeper misses it as well. The batsmen run two. The next delivery is neatly placed past backward point by Kohli for a four. Nine runs from it.








That seems a good suggestion, Ganguly is in the commentary box, can amble across to the dressing room after the match.




First ball from Gul was defended by Rohit. The second one is a good length delivery, but Rohit is in fine touch, hits it with perfect timing to long-on for a six. Two singles in the next two balls and it’s 50 up for India. The fifth ball was pitched up and Dhawan hits it straight back, for a four. And Dhawan throws his wicket away on the last ball, it was pitched short and the left-hander once again couldn’t control the hook shot, easy catch to deep fineleg.
OUT! Dhawan 30(28)








Shahid Afridi comes into bowl with the powerplay gone. Rohit defends the first ball and then picks a single. Dhawan adds one more. Single on the last ball for Rohit.



Pakistan fan sandwiched between Tendulkar and Dhoni fan.




Umar Gul comes in to bowl after Rohit’s onslaught against Junaid. Rohit gets a bottom edge and hits the ball hits the pads, loud appeal and the batsmen run a single. Dhawan survives in the next three deliveries. Tries to go for the pull but misses. On the next ball he hits that typical upper cut with a little jump, the ball is in the air for a long time, Bilawal Bhatti does well to judge it and stop it from going for a boundary. Dhawan edges the fifth ball and it falls just short of Maqsood in the slips, hits the wrong part of his body. Maqsood is wincing in pain. There is a brief hold up in play due to that hit taken by Maqsood. The last ball is wayward on the legs of Dhawan and he hits it to the right of short fineleg for a four. 38 in the first powerplay. Well-planned chase from the openers.



Dhawan is barely surviving here. Saeed Ajmal comes in to bowl. He beats Dhawan with a traditional off-spin on the first and one the second ball delivers a straighter one which beats Dhawan again. In an act of desperation, Dhawan slog sweeps the third ball and manages to hit past midwicket for four. The fourth one is is smashed past the bowler on the backfoot for one more four. Dhawan is not known to play such shots. The last ball of the over was swept fine behind square for the third boundary. Three Boundaries, 12 from the over.



Spinners are tying batsmen down and Rohit decides to take his chance against Junaid Khan. The first ball is cleverly scooped behind on the leg-side for a four. On the second ball, Rohit charges down and hits the good length ball past point for a six. Rohit then picks a single. Dhawan tries to cut the fourth but there’s not much width and is beaten by the bounce. Dhawan is not looking comfortable at all. He is beaten by the short ball and manages to fend it in front of slips and they run through for a single.






Hafeez saw Dhawan coming down the track and pitches it short. He is almost beaten by the bounce. Dhawan picks a single on the next ball. Rohit tries to cut the third ball but misses it completely. A quick single ensues on the fifth.



It’s Junaid Khan and not Umar Gul who starts from the other end. Rohit defends the first two deliveries and picks a single playing the third towards thirdman. Dhawan then punches the fourth balls towards mid-off. The fifth ball was played towards mid-on by Dhawan and they set off for a quick single. Direct hit from the Afridi but Dhawan had dragged the bat in properly. Rohit tries to play away from his body on the last ball, it almost kissed the edge.



Mohammad Hafeez starts the bowling. He is almost like a regular new ball bowler now in limited overs format. Rohit works the first ball on the leg-side for a single. The second ball angles into Dhawan, finds himself in trouble but the leg-before appeal is turned down. Dhawan sneaks a couple on the fifth ball.







Though he doesn’t get far too many chances, but excellent performance from Amit Mishra





Well, this could looks like a possibility only in Book cricket or stick cricket! But you never know with Virat Kohli









It was a disciplined performance from Indian bowlers but the batsmen just about managed to squeeze out crucial runs towards the end. Maqsood provided the much-needed impetus in the last over with 15 runs. It’s a below-par score but Pakistan have three spinners with Ajmal and Afridi being the key bowlers. Read Pakistan’s innings report here.





Good finish for Pakistan. Maqsood hits the first ball for a six, just manages to clear the boundary. On the second ball, Maqsood plays it in the deep on leg-side. Kohli fails to give a flat throw to Dhoni, could have been an easy run-out. The third ball is smacked by Maqsood over the bowler’s head for a boundary. Maqsood picks two more on the fourth ball. The fifth one is a dot. He plays the last ball towards long-on and tries for the second, Dhoni whips off the stumps. Most expensive over of the innings: 15 runs.
OUT! Maqsood 21(11)



Nine runs in the first three balls of the over from Bhuvneshwar. Afridi squeezes the fuller ball towards deep midwicket. Shami at deep square is late to react and a frantic dive doesn’t help. Boundary. Maqsood then slaps the third one over the bowler’s head for one more four. The fifth ball is hit aerially on the frontfoot by Afridi, once again it is Raina in business and he takes an easy catch. Well-planned field set fro Afridi.
OUT! Afridi 8(10)








Shami reaping the rewards of the discipline maintained by spinners. Akmal is desperate for the big shots. Akmal goes for a wild swing and the ball hit the bottom of the bat and flew to Raina. He takes that regulation catch and kisses the ball. Big wicket. First wicket for Shami in T20Is. Shoaib Maqsood comes in. Only two from that over. Pressure mounting on Pakistan.
OUT! U Akmal 33(30)



Jadeja is darting the ball in. Good over from him. Afridi almost gave a return catch on the third ball. Umar Akmal gets impatient as he fails to get the gaps properly. Just two runs from it.






Breakthrough for India! Shoaib Malik comes down the track and tries to loft over long-off. It was tossed up but Malik fails to get the timing right and mishit towards long-off where Raina takes an easy catch. Boom boom is here — Shahid Afridi. Hundred comes up for Pakistan. Amit Mishra completes his spell 4-1-22-2
OUT! Malik



Both the batsmen have run the single sand twos well. Ashwin in his last over, continues bowling round the wicket. Dropped Again! Shoaib Malik heaved it on the leg-side, Bhuvi fails to reach in time, dives but misses the ball, it runs through for a four.



Bizarre fourth ball from Jadeja. Couldn’t get the release right and the ball pitches in his half and goes wide down the leg. Dhoni does well to cover it, blindly throws at the stumps, batsmen run a single. Umpire is surprised.



Look who’s watching the game…



Pakistan gets the much-needed push through quick singles and couples. Ashwin comes back to bowl. Misfield on the third ball by Amit Mishra fetches a couple. Malik plays the fourth one towards squareleg and steals two more. Carom ball by Ashwin on the fifth and sixth delivery. Seven runs from the over.



First six of the match! It was tossed up by Amit MIshra, Shoaib Malik comes down the track and smashes it over the bowler’s head for a six. Steady running between the wickets among these two batsmen. Akmal cuts the fifth ball fine past short thridman for a couple. Pakistan are accelerating. 13 runs from the over!



Dhoni has been proactive in shuffling the bowlers. With spin on offer, Yuvraj Singh comes in to bowl. The first ball is taken on the full by Akmal and driven to deep covers, couple for him. The next ball was pulled hard by Umar Akmal, Bhuvneshwar in the deep does a poor job, can’t cover the ball and lets it go through for a boundary. The fifth ball is hit wide of extra-cover fielder for a boundary by Akmal.



50 comes up for Pakistan but they are in deep trouble. There is spin on offer and they find it difficult to get away. Just three from that over from Jadeja.



One more gone. For the first time in the match we have seen some turn. Amit Mishra tosses it up and Shehzad came down the track to loft it, but the ball kept spinning away from him. Typical leg-spinner. He was way down the crease and Dhoni completes the easiest of stumpings. Excellent over, wicket-maiden from Mishra.
OUT! Shehzad 22(17)








Trivia: Kumar’s second catch: the previous was also of Hafeez off the bowling of Ishant, Bangalore 2012-13



Gone! Hafeez liking to play aerial shot leads to his downfall. Third spinner of India, Ravindra Jadeja comes in to bowl. Hafeez hits the third ball inside out towards extra-cover. It wasn’t timed well. Bhuvneshwar in the deep comes running in and takes a brilliant catch. Hafeez didn’t read the length properly, couldn’t come close to the ball.
OUT! Hafeez 15(22)



Amit Mishra into the attack. He isn’t afraid to toss the ball up; the batsmen tried to get underneath it but no fruitful results. Four runs on the first five deliveries. A tight couple on the last ball playing near the circle at mid-on gets them six in the over. Mishra’s only T20 wicket is Brendan Taylor




Netherlands were 34/0 in 1.5 overs earlier in the day, Pakistan have done that in their entire powerplay! 


The pacers are getting some bounce and Shami continues. Hafeez tries to go for a pull shot and the extra bounce flies in the air towards midwicket. Yuvraj comes running from the deep and does well to get underneath but keeps his body away from the ball and drops it. Looked like a tough one but it will still be considered as a dropped catch! Shehzad on the next ball cuts one past covers for four. On the fifth ball Hafeez flicks one past mid-on for a boundary.


The nervousness is clearly visible on Shehzad’s face, trying to hurry through with his shots. Change of ends for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, replaces Ashwin from the other end. Shehzad goes for a wild swing on the first ball but misses. The second one is a wide. The third ball takes the bottom edge and they take a single. Good change of pace on the fourth ball and Hafeez defends. The fifth ball is flicked aerially by Hafeez for a couple. Finishes of the over with a single. The uses of pacers will be interesting because Dhoni has just two options in this match.



Mohammed Shami replaces Bhuvneshwar. Shami, making his T20 debut starts well with good pace and delivers with upright seam. The ball is hurrying on to the batsmen. Hafeez charges down the wicket on the last ball but fails to connect, another miscommunication ensues but Shehzad survives at non-strikers end.


It was a quiet over until Shehzad managed to clear mid-on and got a boundary. Two singles in that over early on.








Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts from the other end. And Pakistan’s customary run-outs are here. Akmal tries to defend the fifth ball but it hit him on the body. Shehzad showed some interest in a single but turned it down later, Akmal was way down and Bhuvi does well to hit the stumps. Shehzad looking far too aggressive, he hurries for a single on the last ball and this time Hafeez called for the single but Shehzad decided to turn back, made it just in time. Earlier in the over, Bhuvi looks to bounce hard on the wicket. The first ball was worked away by Shehzad for a single. Akmal then defends two deliveries. There was a little width on offer on the third and he cuts it for a boundary.
OUT! K Akmal 8(10)



As expected, Dhoni starts off with a spinner in the form of Ravichandran Ashwin. The first ball is a quicker one and the second one is again on the leg but there’s a bit of bounce, Akmal works on the leg-side. The third ball is a short one outside leg and Akmal pulls it for a boundary, easy runs. Ashwin keeps the rest of the deliveries accurate. Just four from it.









Even the commentators are excited






Stat alert: 


India in WT20: Played 22, Won 12, Lost 8, Tied 1, NR 1


Pakistan in WT20: Played 26, Won 16, Lost 9, Tied 1



Alright let’s see who all are glued to the televisions 







Key Players: It’s loud and clear that MS Dhoni has been concerned about the bowling and with Amit Mishra performing well in the Asia Cup finds his way in the team. Similar to Pakistan, India now have three frontline spinners in Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin and Amit Mishra. These 12 overs will be interesting with some turn on offer in the past matches in this tournament. This center strip at Mirpur is relatively fresh and the batsmen can heave a sigh of relief and we can expect a high-scoring one. For Pakistan Shehzad at the top will be crucial, he has been on a fluent run.


Debut: Mohammed Shami



Well, if you are already feeling the tension, time to cool down a bit and read this piece on Why so serious about an Indo-Pak match!



Customary World Cup stat!






TOSS: India win toss, elect to bowl first


India will play with an extra spinner. MS Dhoni says the wicket will be on softer side and the pitch will hold itself throughout the match. Even Mohammad Hafeez backs Dhoni’s comment, says pitch won’t make big difference. Kamran Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad will open for Pakistan.


India’s gamble has worked. They had opted for an extra spinner and now they are bowling which reduces impact of dew. And in all lielihood you can expect him to open the bowling with spinner.


Playing XI


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.


Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal (wk), Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul, Bilawal Bhatti, Junaid Khan.




Welcome to the live blog of the first match in the main draw of T20 World Cup between India and Pakistan at Mirpur. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. It’s a tense encounter but the skippers of both teams, MS Dhoni and Mohammad Hafeez have played down the pressure factor. Both teams won one and lost one in their respective warm-up matches.


India’s problems start right at the top with Rohit Sharma struggling in both the warm-up matches. But our correspondent in Bangladesh, Gaurav Joshi has hinted that Rohit might get a go ahead to open as he was seen getting throw-downs from Ajinkya Rahane.


Meanwhile, Pakistan will be eager to get the monkey off their back of losing to India in all of the past eight World Cup matches. You can read the statistical preview on the match here.




India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Stuart Binny, Ajinkya Rahane.


Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Zulfiqar Babar, Umar Gul, Bilawal Bhatti, Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Talha, Junaid Khan.


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