Afridi finished things off in a way only he can.
Afridi finished things off in a way only he can. © AFP (File Photo)


Mar 2, 2014


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 (India take on Pakistan in a high-octane clash at Mirpur on Sunday. This is virtually the semi-final of the Asia Cup 2014 with Sri Lanka being in a very comfortable position to qualify for the final.  Catch live cricket scores of the match in our live blog below.)












Read our match report of the India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2014 Match 6

With 75 runs, two wickets, and two catches, Prof Hafeez is the Man of the Match. He dedicates the victory to his countrymen.



The Most Trusted player of the Match is Ajmal. He does not get a chance to speak, though.



Misbah says he’s happy. He had nice words for the Hafeez-Maqsood partnership. He brings out that divine smile to say that there’s nothing like winning, even if he does not score himself.



Kohli says he had used his bowlers in short bursts because he didn’t want the batsmen to get used to a single bowler. He says India were about 20-30 runs short. He lauded team India for his performance.



Here’s Harsha Bhogle with a lot of dignitaries.






What a man. Seriously, what a man. This is what cricket used to be about. Ridicule him you may, but you cannot hate him. Cricket needs more characters like Boom Boom. He may fail at times, but when he gets going he can win any match. Any.










Boom Boom from Boom Boom! Two sixes, and it’s all over!



Ajmal gets his own medicine! Ash bowls him round the legs!
OUT! Saeed Ajmal b Ravichandran Ashwin 0(1)



Talha’s inexperience showed as he holed out to Jadeja at long-off. Bhuvi takes two, but what’s worse, Afridi won’t be on strike…
OUT! Mohammad Talha c Ravindra Jadeja b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0(1)



Rahane, The Buddha of the 21st century, comes up with a jaffa at long-off!
OUT! Umar Gul c Ajinkya Rahane b Bhuvneswar Kumar 12




Afridi takes a single, 11 off 10



Gul drives to long-off, single, 12 from 11



Shami has done his job, conceding a mere four. 13 from 12 now.





Pakistan should win from here. Here’s Shami.



And boom boom goes Afridi! Picks Bhuvi from outside off and sweeps him for four. Gul joins the fun as well as the ball soars over mid-wicket into the stands…





Timing? What timing? You just need it to give it the full throttle, and you get a six! How about following it with a four as well?





Maqsood gets a dose of his own medicine. Ashwin’s throw is too accurate…
OUT! Sohaib Maqsood run out 38(53)



200 comes up, The Prof decides to slog-sweep Ashwin out of the ground but doesn’t pick the carrom ball: Bhuvi takes an excellent catch diving forward at deep square-leg.


Here’s Ash…



You can take the ball away from Mish, but you cannot take Mish away from the ball: he saved a definite four. But Hafeez strikes back with a violently pulled six…







What an over, Sirjee! Jadeja pulls things back by bowling a maiden.



Kohli has bring his leggie back: the wrong’un went for a wide, and Maqsood hits the first boundary off Mishra — a six over mid-wicket. Did Kohli err in holding back his two overs? We will see.





Yet another change of ends for Bhuvi. What is Kohli playing at?




Jadeja cuts down pace and holds the pair down. Hafeez had his heart in his mouth when the ball flew just past the diving mid-wicket…





Bhuvi gives way to Jadeja… Kohli has a slip for him…



This one is getting tighter and tighter. Ash keeps the batsmen down, bowling around the stumps. He hatches a plan with KD, bowls one down the leg-side, Sohaib is miles out, but KD muffles it. Will Maqsood do a Sanga now?



Maqsood pushes one through mid-wicket, and Hafeez, in hara-kiri mode, almost runs himself out. He decides, however, that enough is enough, and places the ball — in air — to Rohit’s right for four. That is the fifty-partnership as well.



Another innocent over from Ash. Three runs off it. Bhuvi gets a change of ends (why?).



PowerPlay time. Ash is back.



In case you’re wondering what the delay is about, dew is being roped off the ground.



Two wickets, two catches, dropping a sitter, running his captain out, warned by the umpire, and now a fifty. It has been all about Hafeez today.



Kohli probably intends to keep his spinners for the batting PowerPlay, and maybe even for the kill. Things are getting intriguing here at Mirpur.



Shami finds Maqsood’s edge, the ball flies, but unfortunately DK is human. He would have needed wings to have reached that one. 150 comes up…






Kohli has decided to give his seamers a go. He needs wickets now. Pakistan still have enough runs to play with. Meanwhile, the Asian Bradman looks on wistfully…




Partnership 31 in 52 balls. Bhuvi back on…



Ashwin and Jadeja keep the good work going as the gap between runs and balls have come down to 16. India needs wickets, though, and here’s Shami…



Mishra doesn’t bowl through. Jadeja on.



Mishra now has figures of 7-0-16-2. 36 dot balls out of 48. Hafeez has swept Ash for a four, but that’s about it.





The Mishra magic continues: 7-0-14-2 are the numbers. One may wonder whether the selectors have been missing out on a trick all along.









You just cannot put Jadeja out of the action. They may have taken him to the cleaners, but the blitz at the end was there, and now this! Umar lofts it in the air, Jadeja runs away from the batsman and pulls off a stunner. What a catch, Sirjee!
OUT! Umar Akmal caught Ravindra Jadeja b Amit Mishra 4(17)



Some extremely tight bowling from the Mish-Ash pair. Slow bowling seems to be doing the trick. India’s fielders have also backed their bowlers brilliantly.






It has certainly not been Jadeja’s day with the ball: he drops another short one, and Hafeez rocks back and cuts him past point. Ten off that over as Pakistan reach three figures…








Indians pull things back a bit, but Umar Akmal is the man they would want to see the back off. He has been in ominous form.



Misbah’s partners continue to betray him! Hafeez runs halfway, declines the single, Mishra collects Jadeja’s throw and almost dives full-length to hit the wickets at the non-striker’s end!
OUT! Misbah-ul-Haq run out 1(4)



Once his doppelganger fell, Kohli brings back Shami, possibly to see the back of Misbah…




Mishra strikes! It was really a nothing ball, but Shehzad tried to pull it against the turn and hit it straight to Ash at mid-wicket! Out comes Misbah
Ahmed Shehzad c Ravichandran Ashwin b Amit Mishra 42(44)


Mishra on. He has been getting substantial turn already with the new ball (remember, this is the seventh over bowled with this ball).







Where did THAT come from? Jadeja was doing nothing, minding his own business, bowling line-and-length, but Hafeez suddenly charged into him without a warning and dispatched him over long-on. SIX!



And Ash does cash! The carrom ball turns a mile and makes its way through the gate! Sharjeel’s cameo comes to an end.
OUT! Sharjeel Khan b Ravichandran Ashwin 25 (30)








Spin at both ends. Ash and Jadeja seems to have brought some sanity into the proceedings before Shehzad played a regal cover-drive off the back-foot for four. Still not content, he cut him for four more.








THAT’S HUGE! Shami bowls a tad short, and Sharjeel lifts it from outside off for a massive six to bring up the fifty-run partnership! Still not content, he pulls Shami to the mid-wicket fence for four more!



Bhuvi’s quest for swing does not work as Shehzad drives him beautifully past him. Almost immediately Sharjeel lofts Bhuvi over his head: four more. India need to break this partnership. Somehow.



Pakistan seems to be dealing in leg-byes here: Sharjeel has used his pads to great efficiency to acquire eight leg-byes from two conseuctive balls of Shami.





Shami keeps Shehzad on a leash for five balls, but the moment he bounces Shehzad hooks, and hooks with panache. Four. Bhuvi appeals vociferously against Shehzad, but Oxenford turns down the appeal. Replays suggest it had brushed the pad.


Sharjeel punches Bhuvi for four past point, but we have an issue there: he is clearly limping. Kohli may want to bring fielders in and dry out the singles.


Bhuvi has been wayward, straying down the leg. Sharjeel seems to have forgotten his injury while Shehzad looks in good nick too.









Pujara update: was spotted sitting on the sidelines. At least he could have done with some sight-seeing.



Jadeja update: Got a reprieve from Llong, was dropped by Hafeez, had a bash, made a fifty, batted like a king.




Akmal household update: All is well.


Oft-repeated trivia: Pakistan has not chased down anything more than 242 since October 2012.


Some serious hitting by Ravindra Jadeja (in his 100th ODI, may I remind you all) towards the end of the innings lifted India to 245 for 8. It could have been more, but Ajmal and Junaid pulled things back in the last two overs. There was pace to begin with, but the pitch got slower as the match progressed. Pakistan’s slow bowlers have impressed: how will India’s trio of Jadeja, Ashwin, and Mishra fare? Tune in for Pakistan’s chase in a short while from now.



Jadeja gets his fifty, but Junaid pulled things back as India finish on 245 for 8. Have they done enough?











Shami’s hoick lands in Maqsood’s hands at deep mid-wicket. Five balls, no run…
OUT! Mohammed Shami c Sohaib Maqsood b Saeed Ajmal 0(3)



Easy-peasy. Misbah decides to bowl Ajmal out, Ashwin steps out to hit him to the Bay of Bengal, and is caught miles outside.
OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin st Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 9(7)
Whadda smash from Ash! Caught-behind not given, and then he jumps in action! Pull, top-edged hook, you name a stroke, he hits it to the fence. And Jadeja finishes off things in a blast!


Jadeja avenges Rayudu by dispatching him over the mid-wicket boundary!



OUT! Ambati Rayudu c sub (Anwar Ali) b Saeed Ajmal 58(62).




Ravindra Jadeja gets Umar Gul decapitated, well, almost. Gul was fortunate to have had reflexes like that: he took his head away at the last moment from the scorching straight-drive as the fifty-partnership came up. Thus elated, Jadeja pulled Gul for four more the next ball.



Hafeez had been keeping it tight till Jadeja cut him to the right of point for four. The Indian 200 comes up…





Rayudu gets his second ODI fifty before Jadeja attempted to loft Hafeez out into the stratosphere. Fortunately for him, Hafeez drops one of the easier skiers that can come across him. One cannot really expect to expect Hafeez taking three catches in a match, given that he has dropped about 40% of all catches in recent past! Rayudu, meanwhile, marches on, cutting Gul past point ferociously…










India are trying their best to break loose: after a few frantic singles Rayudu eventually lofted Afridi into the stands over deep mid-wicket!


A lot has been happening! Rayudu lofted Hafeez deftly over mid-wicket for four, but Hafeez had a comeback when he trapped Jadeja plumb in front of the stumps — only for Llong to declare the 100th-ODI-man not out. Some tight, frantic running and close run out misses as India reach the 40th over. Have they got enough for the final launching pad?





Jadeja starts his 100th ODI in style, cutting Ajmal very, very late past third man for four. It is as good as it gets. Take a bow, Sir!









KD is gone! With the fine leg up he tried the slog-sweep again, and only ended up hitting it to Hafeez at fine-leg. India’s PowerPlay woes continue.
OUT! Dinesh Karthik c Saeed Ajmal b Mohammad Hafeez 23(46)


The first over of the batting Powerplay, and immediately Ajmal is summoned. DK waits for a while, then slog-sweeps a boundary — the first after NINE overs. The stroke also brought up the 50-run partnership. 8 runs came off that over: will India switch gears now?





Things are looking a bit tight for the Indians now. The Pakistani stranglehold is choking down the Indians Rayudu and DK. It’s probably time someone starts taking a couple of risks.










Slowly, very slowly, Rayudu and DK are trying to turn things around. It will take a heck of an effort to get things back in order, though. Meanwhile Afridi toils on in pursuit of his 500th international wicket…



Afridi keeps the Indians on a leash along with ace triple-jumper fast bowler Junaid. Rayudu and DK have been running hard, trying to build up a partnership of sorts…



Talha gets a well-deserved break as well: Misbah turns to Afridi. He has not allowed the Indian batsmen to settle down at all.


Ajmal taken off after a magnificent spell. With an assortment of doosras and off-breaks he has conceded 19 off 5, figures that do not tell the complete tale. Pakistan clearly dominating the contest.







Ajmal and Talha keep on building the pressure. Neither Karthik nor Rayudu has had international exposure for some time now. This is going to be difficult. Where art thou, MSD?













It was on the cards with Talha and Ajmal building the pressure on. Eventually Rahane’s patience gave in, and the wristy flick went straight to Hafeez at mid-wicket!
OUT! Ajinkya Rahane c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Talha 23 (50)



More tight bowling from Talha and Ajmal. Rahane and Rayudu cannot afford to throw it away at this point of time. The pressure keeps mounting.






First the wicket of Rohit, then keeping Rahane from scoring a runs. A brilliant wicket-maiden from Talha. Way to go, kid!







Rohit tries to clear the infield once too many, and Hafeez keeps his calm and pulls off a stunner as three fielders converge. First international wicket for Talha!
OUT! Rohit Sharma c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Talha 56(58)




A calm, sedate phase as Ajmal and Talha settle down and put a momentary leash on Rohit. The Pakistanis are fielding brilliantly, throwing themselves on the ground.





It’s Ajmal time, guys. Keep your seatbelts fastened: given Rohit’s touch and Ajmal’s class, we have a contest on our hands.









FIFTY for Rohit, and how! A dazzling cover-drive off Afridi that cantered to the fence. He looks determined now…




A neat first over from Talha, barring that single short ball: Rahane capitalised on it, and ended up ruining his figures.





Gul pulls back Rohit’s blitz a bit with an excellent over. Rohit has been magnificent today, showcasing to the world why he is considered among the most dangerous batsmen in the world.




Gul gets his man! Kohli tries to guide him to third man but the resultant edge lands up in Umar’s hands. Gul gets the big wicket and celebrates, and how!
OUT! Virat Kohli c Umar Akmal b Umar Gul 5(11)



Meanwhile, Rohit has gone bonkers. It”s raining boundaries here!


And Rohit hits a six! Gul bounces short outside off, and Rohit puts everything into it: the pull vanishes over square-leg!



Just when it seemed Rohit is about to hit Hafeez off the attack, the off-spinner justifies Misbah’s move by rapping Dhawan on his pads as the left-hander missed the line while trying to push off the back-foot.
OUT! Shikhar Dhawan LBW b Mohammad Hafeez 10(13)
Gul steams in from the other end. Misbah has two slips for him. The second ball rockets past Dhawan as the batsman ducks: it seems Gul means business here. Dhawan makes a comeback, playing a silken drive through cover for four.
Talha gets his cap. Dhawan and Rohit stride out. Misbah tosses the ball to Hafeez, and… and… Dhawan square-cuts him for four off the second ball of the match.


The anthems are done. The umpires are walking out. It’s showtime, folks. Ready to shout for your side?



Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq won the toss and elected to field against India in the sixth match of the Asia Cup 2014 match.




India Virat Kohli (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ambati Rayudu, Ajinkya Rahane, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Amit Mishra.


Pakistan: Sharjeel Khan, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Sohaib Maqsood, Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Talha, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan.



Hello and welcome to the live updates of the sixth match of the Asia Cup 2014 between India and Pakistan at Mirpur.  This is Abhishek Mukherjee and I will be bringing you the updates of this game. Read preview of the match here.


India take on Pakistan in a highly anticipated clash in the Asia Cup 2014 at Mirpur on March 2. This will be the sixth match of the Asia Cup. India and Pakistan have played two matches each. They have also won one and lost one so far.


Pakistan are second in the standings ahead of India on net run-rate. Sri Lanka lead the standings after beating both Pakistan and India. Pakistan beat Afghanistan in their second match. India had defeated Bangladesh in their first match.