Faf du Plessis © AFP
Faf du Plessis © AFP

Dec 19, 2013


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SA 213/6 | Overs 66 | du Plessis 17*, Philander 48*


Rohit Sharma drops a sitter. Shami bowls one outside off-stump and du Plessis gets a thick edge on it and the ball goes straight to Rohit at second slip. But quite astonishingly he drops it. Du Plessis was batting on 17. In the last over of the day, Shami bowls one short and Philander pulls that over the in-field on the leg side for a four. So, that is stumps on Day Two. South Africa trail India by 67 runs. Philander is only two short of a half-century.



SA 195/6 | Overs 60 | du Plessis 14*, Philander 34*


Philander is looking very comfortable in the centre. Ravichandran Ashwin comes back into the attack. Zaheer also returns and is worked through square-leg first up for four. Du Plessis also gets into the act by moving across the stumps and sweeping Ashwin for a four.



SA 175/6 | Overs 55 | du Plessis 7*, Philander 20*


Things are quiet here as du Plessis and Philander are trying to rebuild the innings. There is more movement for the bowlers and they are working some good pace. Shami in particular has been brisk. Philander gets a two boundaries. An inside edge off Ishant misses the stumps and goes to the fine-leg boundary. Then, he pulls Shami for four through mid-wicket.


Philander later adds to his boundary count as he pushes one through backward point for four.




SA 151/6 | Overs 49 | du Plessis 4*, Philander 1*


Ishant gets warned again for running on the danger area on the pitch. He has to be very careful here as he is at the top of his mark and is doing very well. There was a small appeal for a bump catch, but it had clearly hit the ground before lobbing to the bowler. India  have to maintain the pressure as that is what will keep South Africa in check. They cannot let them go off the hook as they have them in trouble now.




SA 146/6 | Overs 44.3 | du Plessis 1*, OUT!  Duminy 2(12) du Plessis 13(21)


Mohammed Shami gets his man! He returns to the attack and bowls one from over the wicket that slightly leaves Duminy. He pokes at it and the ball goes at good height to Murali Vijay at first slip. South Africa are now struggling at 145 for five. This has been a remarkable turnaround for India. The seamers have got them back in the game.


And Shami gets one more! AB de Villiers is trapped in front. South Africa have now slipped to 146 for six.




SA 145/4 | Overs 44 | AB de Villiers 13*, Duminy 2*


Indians are more upbeat here. They have their tail up and there is a lot of chirp from the slips egging their bowlers. JP Duminy and AB de Villiers now have the task of rebuilding the innings after this flurry of wickets. They are watching it closely and are scoring off any available opportunity. Zaheer then strays on de Villiers pads and is carted through mid-wicket for a four.




SA 130/4 | Overs 39.3 | AB de Villiers 0*, Duminy 0* OUT! Smith 68(119)


Zaheer gets Smith! Yes yet again! This is the 14th time overall Zaheer has dismissed him as the ball comes into Smith and traps him in front. This is a big moment in the game. Smith was looking good and South Africa are now a bit on the backfoot. This was setup well by Zaheer as the first two balls of the over left Smith and then this one came back in. It was fuller and Smith was all over it.




SA 130/3 | Overs 39 | Smith 68*, AB de Villiers 0* OUT! Amla 36(74) Kallis 0(1)


Zaheer starts after tea and has Smith missing one. However, Smith extends his arms to reach one and hits it through mid-off for four. Ishant will start proceedings from the other end and Amla takes a quick single off the first ball. Ishant is straying close to the danger area and that isn’t helping India as the umpire is having a very close look. Amla gets a fortunate boundary as an edge flies through. Zaheer is still getting some bite off the pitch and moves past the edges a few times.


Ishant gets his man! Amla leaves a ball that comes in and it hits the stumps. It was a poor leave there by Amla. He was looking in great touch. And, he gets Kallis first ball. He pitches it full and Kallis doesn’t move. He is plumb in front. The hat-trick ball is away from the stumps and AB de Villiers lets it go.




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SA 118/1 | Overs 35 | Smith 62*, Amla 30*


Ashwin has been brought into the bowling attack for the first time in the match. After playing four dot balls, Smith hits one over mid-on for a four and gets to his half-century. Not the best of innings, but an effective on. That is his 38th Test half-century as well. Smith then hits Shami for a four as he gives him some width. That is tea on Day Two. South Africa trail India by 162 runs.



SA 99/1 | Overs 30 | Smith 46*, Amla 27*


No luck for Ishant again! Coming from round the wicket, he gets an edge and it goes between gully and third-slip for four. Smith is currently moving well towards his half century and is setting the tone for the innings. Zaheer gets back into the attack and Amla drives him gracefully through the covers for four. He pitches it a bit short and Amla drives it through backward point.



SA 77/1 | Overs 25 | Smith 39*, Amla 12*


Shami is maintaining a very tight line for India here and isn’t allowing much room to Amla. Smith is gradually establishing himself in the centre and he is driving them well down the ground. Ishant is sent through mid-off for a four. Smith then workds Ishant through mid-wicket and it goes to the boundary. He is growing in confidence. And then, Ishant gets an inside edge and it goes to the boundary near fine-leg. That was very fortunate for the South African skipper.




SA 59/1 | Overs 21 | Smith 27*, Amla 8*


Amla edges one through the slip cordon and it foes for four to bring up South Africa’s 50. Smith works one through the leg-side for a boundary. Zaheer then squares him up and gets the edge. But, the ball goes to the third-man boundary for four. Mohammed Shami comes back into the attack and replaces Ishant. Shami also troubles Amla as there are a few that shape away from him. Ishant replaces Zaheer at the other end. He also gets bounce and some movement away from Smith




SA 47/1 | Overs 17 | Smith 19*, Amla 4*


Ishant welcomes Amla with a barrage of short-ones. Smith continues to be tested by Zaheer as a few go past his outside edge. Smith then gets one away as an overpitched delivery is driven through mid-on for a four. Amla gets off the mark as he flicks one through fine-leg for four. Ishant strayed on his pads and Amla had no problems in sending it to the boundary. Zaheer finally gets an edge of Smith and Ashwin is unable to hold it at first slip. It was low and towards his left.




SA 37/1 | Overs 13.1 | Smith 11*, OUT! Petersen 21(41)


Zaheer Khan resumes after lunch and Ishant Sharma starts from the other end. Zaheer is hit down the ground by Smith for four. Runs are flowing after lunch as Petersen first hits Ishant for a boundary and a few overs later, he pushes it behind point for a four. Alviro Petersen goes! He is trapped plumb in front by Ishant.




SA 22/0 | Overs 10 | Smith 11*, Petersen 11*


Zaheer bowls a maiden over to Petersen. Smith plays a back of a length delivery from Ishant to fine-leg and gets a single. Petersen then plays away five dot deliveries. That is lunch on Day Two. South Africa definitely bossed that session. They trail India by 258 runs.



SA 21/0 | Overs 8 | Smith 10*, Petersen 11*


Zaheer is troubling Smith early. One ball from Zaheer hits Smith on the knees as it takes the inside edge. Petersen gets the first boundary of the innings as he hits one through mid-off for four. Shami overpitched and Petersen drove it very well. Smith finally hits a good stroke off Zaheer as he drives through mid-off for two. Petersen then gets one short and he pulls it through mid-wicket for four.



SA 8/0 | Overs 4 | Smith 6*, Petersen 2*


Smith vs Zaheer yet again! He hits him on the pads off the second ball, but it hit him outside the off-stump. Smith gets a single by pushing through the off-side. Zaheer also gets one to climb and move across Petersen. Mohammed Shami starts the second over and gets one to move away from Smith. Petersen gets off the mark by working a brace through the leg-side. There is a huge appeal from Zaheer as an over-pitched delivery hits Petersen on the pads. Replays show that he was hit outside the line.



IND 280 | Overs 103 | Ashwin 11*, | OUT! Ishant 0 (4), Shami 0 (3)


Philander strikes again as a length delivery leaves Ishant and hits off-stump. That is his 99th wicket in Test cricket. If people ever wondered how Philander has taken so many wickets in only his 19th Test, then they have to watch him bowl. He gets the ball to swing away from the right-handers and gets late swing. Lower-order batsmen and tail-enders cannot handle that for too long.


Morkel wraps up the Indian innings as he bowls Mohammed Shami for a duck. So, India are bowled out for 280. India have lost five wickets for 25 runs on Day Two.



IND 264/8 | Overs 100 | Ashwin 0*, Ishant 0* OUT! Zaheer 0(1)  OUT! Rahane 47(137)


Rahane is gone now! Philander gets him as Rahane edges one outside the off-stump and this is a big blow for India. Now, the tail has opened up for real. Zaheer Khan is the new man. This may be sooner than he expected. But, he goes first ball! Philander traps him in front of the stumps. Ishant plays the hat-trick delivery to third-slip, but it is on the ground.




IND 264/6 | Overs 99 | Rahane 47*, OUT! Dhoni 19(72)


It has been slow going for India since the start of play. Dhoni plays another maiden from Philander. Morkel now comes into the attack and gets the first one to climb to Rahane. Dhoni is gone! Morkel gets one to move away and there is a noise. South Africans go up. India lose Dhoni early. So, Ravichandran Ashwin would be the new man.




IND 261/5 | Overs 95 | Rahane 47*, Dhoni 18*


Steyn starts proceedings and strays on Rahane’s pads first up. It takes his body and he goes through for a single. One ball from Steyn stays a bit low and Dhoni keeps it out. Philander starts the second over of the day and Rahane pushes the first ball back. The second ball climbs and nips away from Rahane. Still some juice in the wicket!


Steyn comes in and bowls one on a length. Rahane rocks back and punches it through the off-side for four. Beautiful shot, with great balance! Philander later hits Dhoni on the back leg, but he was way outside the line of the stump.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second day’s play of the first Test between India and South Africa at Wanderers, Johannesburg. India had a decent day yesterday thanks to a ton by Virat Kohli. They finished Day One on 255 for five and Ajinkya Rahane is still batting on 43 not out and Mahendra Singh Dhoni is on 17. This should be a crucial day as India can rest the initiative here. They have a stern test as Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander would come into this day fresh and with their batteries recharged.


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