Cheteshwar Pujara has held the Indian innings together © IANS
Cheteshwar Pujara has held the Indian innings together © IANS (File photo)

Dec 20, 2013


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IND 284/2 | Overs 78 |  Pujara 135*, Kohli 77*


After a few tight overs, Kohli pulls a short delivery from Philander through mid-wicket for a four. The lead is over 300 runs now. Tahir comes from round the wicket and bowls a full-toss. Kohli hits that for a four between mid-wicket and mid-on. Another four runs come off the over through singles. Duminy bowls the last over of the day and gives only one run away.


That is stumps on Day Three. India lead South Africa by 320 runs. That is it from us today. Join us on Saturday for another action-pact day for Test cricket.



IND 261/2 | Overs 72 |  Pujara 130*, Kohli 59*


There was a bit of a lull. And, then Duminy comes on from round the wicket. Pujara waits for the ball to pitch and then simply guides it along to third-man for a four. It seems all too easy as one can see that they are picking the bowling very well.



IND 241/2 | Overs 65 |  Pujara 115*, Kohli 54*


It has been revealed that Morne Morkel has had a Grade One ankle sprain and will no longer bowl in this Test. He will bat only if it is absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, Pujara continues to attack and he guides one through the third-man region for a four. He also flicks one through the leg-side for a four. Imran Tahir now bowls a full-toss from round the wicket and he is carted by Pujara through wide long-on for four.




IND 224/2 | Overs 61 |  Pujara 101*, Kohli 52*


Pujara is a class-act! Kallis overpitches and he is driven through the gap between mid-off the cover for a four. He moves into the 90s with that stroke. There was a leg-before shout, but it was going to miss the leg-stump. Meanwhile, Kohli has moved past 50. Taking off from where he left in the first innings. Pujara gets his ton as he drives through the covers off the bowling of Steyn. Great knock there by Pujara!




IND 203/2 | Overs 57 |  Pujara 83*, Kohli 49*


Tahir comes from round the wicket and bowls a friendly full toss. There is some pace on it and Pujara merely scoops it away to the boundary for four. India’s lead is now well beyond 200 and these two are just building it up. Now, these two are in the zone. Kohli drives through the off-side for four and then Pujara late cuts Tahir through third-man. He then punches one through mid-wicket. Kohli then comes on strike and then carts it through the covers for another four. Tahir is bleeding runs. India move past 200.




IND 176/2 | Overs 54 |  Pujara 69*, Kohli 36*


Philander is now dispatched through the covers with disdain by Pujara. A little bit of width and Pujara stands tall to smash it through the off-side and it speeds away to the boundary. These two are well set now in the centre. Tahir still persists with the angle from round the wicket. he bowls one full outside the off-stump and Pujara tries to sweep. It takes his pad and goes very fine as the batsmen complete two. But, how close was it to the stumps?


Kohli inside edges one off Kallis, but it misses the stumps as the batsmen run for a single. Pujara given width again and he punishes Kallis through the covers for four. He rocks back and absolutely bludgeons it. He then cuts one behind point for another four.




IND 151/2 | Overs 50 |  Pujara 52*, Kohli 30*


Tahir continues from round the wicket and he gets a return catch from Pujara, but he drops it. What a miss! Pujara is well set in the centre and he just lobbed one back. This was Tahir’s chance to get a wicket, but he lets it go. Philander returns to the attack and deja vu. Kohli flicks the first-ball through mid-wicket for a four and Tahir in the deep can do nothing about it. Fifty partnership is up and in good time.


Tahir is then smashed by Kohli down the ground. That stroke had everything, style, authority. You name it and you have it! It was overpitched and he drove it with ease. India’s 150 is up.




IND 137/2 | Overs 46 |  Pujara 50*, Kohli 18*


JP Duminy comes into the attack and is easily worked for a few runs. Kohli is moving well at the crease. He places a straightish delivery from Steyn through mid-wicket and runs through for a triple. Tahir comes on to bowl and opts to go from round the wicket. Only two runs come off the over as Pujara and Kohli pick the gap through mid-wicket.  Duminy continues from the other end and he bowls his off-spinners from round the wicket. Pujara then works it beautifully between mid-wicket and mid-on. It was speeding to the boundary and du Plessis tried to dive, but could not stop it.




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IND 120/2 | Overs 41 |  Pujara 40*, Kohli 11*


Kohli starts the session by dispatching the first ball by Steyn through mid-wicket. It was full and on Kohli’s legs and he had no problems in placing it away. Pujara now moves into the 40s with a single through the leg-side. This has been a good innings by him so far, but a lot more is expected of him. After the break, these two have to regain their concentration and help India to a good score.


Steyn loses his line a touch when he bowled a short ball and it flew down the leg-side for a boundary. It was signalled a wide as well.




IND 109/2 | Overs 40 |  Pujara 39*, Kohli 6*


Virat Kohli almost gets out while trying to get off the mark. Steyn bowls a quick bouncer and Kohli goes for the pull. The ball is a little too high and Kohli gets a thin top-edge, but the ball goes just over de Villiers and into the boundary for four runs. India have also crossed the 100-run mark. Kallis then bowls a short and wide delivery and Pujara cuts that away for a four through point.


Interesting last over as AB de Villiers comes into bowl his right-arm mediums. Hashim Amla has donned the wicket-keeping gloves. He gives away five runs. That is tea on Day Three. India lead South Africa by 145 runs.



IND 93/2 | Overs 34 |  Pujara 26*, Kohli 0* OUT! 39(94)


Murali Vijay is gone. Kallis strays down his legs and he edges it as de Villiers goes down the leg-side to collect. It has been a good innings from him as he weathered the storm and fought out the tough periods. South Africa would now feel great as they can sneak back into the game. As we have seen here, you get a wicket, and it opens the floodgates for a few more.



IND 89/1 | Overs 32 | Vijay 39*, Pujara 26*


Imran Tahir is brought into the attack and starts off with a full-toss. Pujara smashes it to deep mid-wicket and can only get a single as there is a fielder there. Vijay then drives one through the covers for four as Tahir is unable to plug the flow of runs. He is then immediately taken off the attack and Kallis comes back on. Pujara cuts a short and wide delivery over point for four. He absolutely smashed it as it went way over the fielder there. Kallis later bowls short and Pujara pulls him four between the deep fielders on the leg-side.




IND 66/1 | Overs 27 | Vijay 29*, Pujara 14*


What’s happened there? A short ball climbs onto Pujara and he lets it go through. De Villiers doesn’t collect it cleanly. Pujara calls Vijay for a run and de Villiers hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Pujara gets in because of a dive and the batsmen run two more off the overthrows. They are picking every opportunity there is to score. Earlier, this pair also stole a double from a tough situation.


Philander then bowls a little on Pujara’s pads and he is flicked through mid-wicket for a four. India’s lead now goes beyond 100.




IND 49/1 | Overs 22 | Vijay 25*, Pujara 6*


Pujara was hit on the pads by Kallis and the ball trickled to fine-leg. He ran through for one and then called for the second. By the time the throw came in, he made his ground safely although he had to run around Amla, who came in to back-up de Villiers. Murali Vijay gets a full delivery from Steyn and he punches it through mid-on for four. He then works one through the leg-side for another four. He seems to be more confident.




IND 33/1 | Overs 17 | Vijay 14*, Pujara 4*


Pujara and Vijay return after lunch and the latter is tested a bit by Jacques Kallis. Morkel’s injury means that the all-rounder has to come into the attack earlier than expected. Vijay is hit on the pads in Kallis’ second over and there is a huge appeal. However, the umpire gives it not-out as there was a doubt whether it was sliding down the leg-side. Hawk-eye shows it would have clipped and we would have to go with the umpire’s call. Vijay then lets one go through and it jagged back in quite a lot. Cries of ‘Oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the slips!




IND 31/1 | Overs 14 | Vijay 12*, Pujara 4*


Steyn bowls a maiden over to Pujara. Morkel then bowls on straight and Vijay clips it away for a four through mid-wicket. Steyn then bowls on the pads and Pujara works it away towards fine-leg. Morkel’s foot got stuck in the turf and he falls over. He is in serious pain and is clutching his ankle. He has been stretchered off the field. Not a good sign for Morkel and South Africa.


Lunch has been taken on Day Three. India lead South Africa by 67 runs.



IND 25/1 | Overs 11 | Vijay 8*, Pujara 2*


Pujara gets off the mark as he works Philander through the leg-side. It was quite close to Hashim Amla at short-leg, but he needed a super-human  effort to get there. Pujara also edges one, but it falls short of Jacques Kallis at second slip.



IND 23/1 | Overs 7.1 | Vijay 8*, OUT! Dhawan 15(21)


Philander is getting some good shape away from Vijay. These deliveries are pitching around the off-stump and leaving Vijay. But, Dhawan falls to Philander as he edges one to the slips. This is Philander’s 100th Test wicket and he has become the fastest South African to do so.




IND 18/0 | Overs 4 | Dhawan 13*, Vijay 5*


Dale Steyn will start proceedings with South Africa 36 runs behind. The first ball is a bit short and outside the off-stump and Dhawan lets it go through. He gets off the mark by working one on the leg-side. It was angling into his pads and he pushes it to square-leg. Dhawan gets the first boundary of the innings by driving Philander’s first ball through backward-point for a four. Vijay gets off the mark by getting a single through the leg-side. Dhawan then pushes for a single and runs to the danger end. However, the throw is wide and India get four runs more through overthrows. Vijay then drives an overpitched delivery for four through mid-off. That would give him more confidence.




SA 244 | Overs 75.3 | Tahir 0* | OUT! Morkel 7 (9)


Zaheer bowls a full delivery and Morkel thumps that one straight back past him for a four towards long-off. Next ball, Zaheer bowls a yorker and Morkel takes a swing and misses. The ball crashes into the base of the stumps. So, South Africa have been bowled out for 244 in their first innings. They are 36 runs behind India.



SA 239/9 | Overs 74 | Morkel 2*, Tahir 0* | OUT! du Plessis 20 (77)


Zaheer bowls a length delivery to du Plessis and the ball moves away after pitching. The batsman played a defensive shot, but edged it to MS Dhoni behind the wickets. Imran Tahir is the new batsman and he fends of the first ball he faces.



SA 237/8 | Overs 72.3 | du Plessis 20*,OUT! Steyn 10(12)


Steyn essays a few aggressive strokes, but Ishant gets his man. He pitches it short to Steyn and he edges it to Rohit Sharma at first slip. South Africa are now eight down.



SA 226/7 | Overs 69.1 | du Plessis 19*, Philander 59(86)


Zaheer starts from the other end. There isn’t much movement here for the fast bowlers as the ball is a bit old. Philander is gone though. Zaheer Khan comes from round the wicket and has him poking at a delivery. It goes to Ravichandran Ashwin at first-slip and it taken comfortably. Big relief for India.





SA 223/6 | Overs 67 | du Plessis 18*, Philander 57*


Philander gets his fifty off the first ball of the day. Ishant is driven through the covers off the back-foot for a four. Philander gets more width and he punishes it off the back-foot through the covers yet again. There was a sweeper, but he cannot get to it. Philander then takes one run to hand the strike to Faf du Plessis. Good start by South Africa!




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third day of the first Test between India and South Africa at the Wanderers, Johannesburg. India vs South Africa — one of the most anticipated contest this year and it hasn’t disappointed in the Test match so far. It has truly been a fantastic game of cricket so far as both days have seen momentum shifts. Just when you felt one side was taking charge of proceedings, the other side would hit back with a fantastic performance. Early on Day Two, South Africa bowled India out for 280 and were going along well with Hashim Amla and Graeme Smith in the centre. But then, the Indian pacers struck and had them reeling at one stage. However, Vernon Philander fought fire with fire and helped South Africa end the day on a better.


This game has potential to be a fantastic Test  match and Day Three would be crucial in that regard.


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