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India vs South Africa Live Cricket Score, 1st ODI: South Africa crush India by 141 runs


Dale Steyn (left) bowled well and finally got his first wicket by dismissing Bhuvneshwar Kumar © AFP (File Photo)
Dale Steyn (left) bowled well and finally got his first wicket by dismissing Bhuvneshwar Kumar © AFP (File Photo)

Full Scorecard

Dec 5, 2013

India  217 | Overs  41 | Mohit 0*    OUT! Dhoni 65 (71b) & Shami 0(4b)

Steyn finishes off in style. After conceding five wides, Steyn gets the wicket of Dhoni and Mohammed Shami in quick succession. Dhoni tried to punch the ball but the inside edge hits the stumps. Shami too didn’t last long as he was caught by Steyn off his own bowling.

India  212/8 | Overs  40 | Dhoni 65*,  Mohit 0*

Dhoni almost lobbed a catch to the wicketkeeper on the fourth ball but the ball landed just ahead of the keeper. The fifth ball is short and wide and punched by Dhoni past the covers for a four. He gets a single on the last ball and retains the strike.

India  206/8 | Overs  39 | Dhoni 60*,  Mohit 0*

After three dot balls, Dhoni finally manages to muscle the fourth one beyond the reach of square-leg fielder. The Indian skipper is waging a lone battle now.

India  201/8 | Overs  38 | Dhoni 55*,  Mohit 0*

Dhoni completes his half-century with a six over long-off. It was right in the arc of the batsman and he clobbered it. The next ball takes a fine edge of the handle of Dhoni’s bat and runs towards the boundary past the wicketkeeper.

India  190/8 | Overs  37 | Dhoni 44*,  Mohit 0*  OUT! Bhuvneshwar 0 (4b)

There goes one more. After some brilliant bowling Dale Steyn finally manages to get the first wicket. At 145 kmph, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has no clue about that delivery. He plays away from the body and the edge is neatly collected by Jacques Kallis in the slips.

India  190/7 | Overs  36 | Dhoni 44*,  Bhuvneshwar 0*

Apart from Ashwin, Dhoni too has negotiated the short ball well. On the second ball he pulls and times it well. The ball almost lands in the square-leg fence. Gets a boundary eventually.

India  184/7 | Overs  35 | Dhoni 38*,  Bhuvneshwar 0*    OUT! Ashwin 19 (19b)

Ryan McLaren strikes just before the powerplay. Ashwin is beaten by an incoming delivery. There was a sound as it passed between bat and pads. The umpire nodded but Ashwin was unhappy at being given out. Replays suggested it might have brushed his pad.

India  181/6 | Overs  34 | Dhoni 37*, Ashwin 19*


Morne Morkel comes in place of Kallis and bowls a tidy over keeping the batsmen tied down. Just a single from the over.



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India  180/6 | Overs  33 | Dhoni 36*, Ashwin 19*


On a pitch where everyone else is struggling, Ashwin is just easing through with great timing. The third delivery by Tsotsobe was short and Ashwin was quick enough to recognise and slap it on the leg-side for a four.  On the fourth delivery Ashwin plays an aerial shot over backward point for another boundary.




India  172/6 | Overs  32 | Dhoni 36*, Ashwin 11*


Ashwin continues with his fluent touch. He clips a pitched up delivery by Kallis on the leg-side for a boundary. Perfect timing. Eight runs from the over.




India  164/6 | Overs  31 | Dhoni 35*, Ashwin 5*


Ashwin gets a boundary off Tsotsobe. Hits it neatly past fine-leg. Only two more singles from that over. India are still 195 runs away.




India  158/6 | Overs  30 | Dhoni 34*, Ashwin 0*  OUT! Jadeja 29 (30b)


One more down for India. Jacques Kallis nips the ball back in to the left-hander and Jadeja is beaten completely as the stumps are shattered. A delightful sight for a fast bowler. Ravichandran Ashwin is the new batsman.




India  153/5 | Overs  29 | Dhoni 33*,  Jadeja 28*


Good over from Lonwabo Tsotsobe. Had conceded just one from first five deliveries. On the final ball Jadeja came down the track and smashed it over mid-on to pick a boundary.



India  149/5 | Overs  28 | Dhoni 32*,  Jadeja 24*


Jacques Kallis comes in to bowl. The pair of Jadeja and Dhoni are collecting some quick runs here. Dhoni picks a couple on the third ball and adds one more thanks to an overthrow. Jadeja later picked a boundary hitting square of the wicket.




India  140/5 | Overs  27 | Dhoni 29*,  Jadeja 19*


The first ball is there in the slot for Dhoni and he smashes it past mid-wicket for a boundary. On the fourth ball, Jadeja cashes in on a pitched up delivery by lofting it through the line for a boundary. 10 runs from that over.




India  130/5 | Overs  26 | Dhoni 24* Jadeja 14*

Jadeja gets a boundary from the second ball of the over from Parnell. It was a well-timed cover drive which raced towards the fence. Meanwhile the popping crease is still giving some tough time for the bowlers. Now Parnell to slipped after landing his foot.  Concedes two wides. Jadeja gets a boundary on the last ball driving past mid-on.


India  118/5 | Overs  25 | Dhoni 23* Jadeja 6*

Half-way through the innings, South Africa have already pushed India out of the game. Still 241 needed.

Jadeja once again edged one off Tsotsobe but the ball flew between slips and gully towards thirdman. Three runs from the over.

India  115/5 | Overs  24 | Dhoni 21* Jadeja 5*

Ravindra Jadeja poked at an away going delivery by Wayne Parnell and he was lucky that the edge went past to a boundary. Parnell conceded two wides at the start. Six runs from the over.


India  109/5 | Overs  23 | Dhoni 21* Jadeja 1* OUT! Raina 13 (19)

Just when Suresh Raina was looking confident at the crease, he gets himself run-out trying to take a quick two. It is the second run-out that Raina is involved him in the match after running out Rohit Sharma earlier in the innings. Seven runs scored off the over

India  102/4 | Overs  22 | Dhoni 20* Raina 13*

Raina plays a pull for a boundary to get the Indian innings moving. Wayne Parnell is erratic with his line and length. Yet the bounce extracted from the pitch is helping him trouble the batsman. Six runs scored off the over

India  96/4 | Overs  21 | Dhoni 19* Raina 8*

Dhoni dropped! David Miller who had just effected a stunning run-out to dismiss Rohit Sharma dropped Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Five runs scored.

India  91/4 | Overs  20 | Dhoni 17* Raina 6*

Dhoni is looking comfortable at the crease. He is looking to dominate the proceedings with some confident strokes. Suresh Raina flicks a bowl towards the leg for a boundary.

India  82/4 | Overs  19 | Dhoni 12* Raina 2*

Dhoni looks to break the shackles as he hits over the in-field for a boundary. Misfield at fine-leg by Morne Morkel allows Dhoni another boundary. The scorecard is ticking, but maybe a little late. 11 runs are scored off the over.

India  71/4 | Overs  18 | Dhoni 3* Raina 2*

Morne Morkel is brought back into the attack. Suresh Raina is looking messy against short-pitched bowling.

India  69/4 | Overs  17 | Dhoni 2* Raina 1*

Suresh Raina finally gets off the mark. An unnecessary throw allows Dhoni two to get off the mark.

India  66/4 | Overs  16 | Dhoni 0* Raina 0* OUT! Rohit 18 (43)

Rohit Sharma finds himself short of the crease after Suresh Raina tries to steal a quick single in order to get off the mark. David Miller does a fine job to get a direct hit. Wayne Parnell peppers Dhoni with some short deliveries

India  60/3 | Overs  15 | Rohit 11* Raina 0* OUT! Kohli 31 (34), Yuvraj Singh 0 (1)

Virat Kohli finds the edge off the bat as Jacques Kallis takes an easy catch at slips. Ryan McLaren had the better of Kohli with some extra bounce and movement. Yuvraj Singh is welcomed with a nasty bouncer and a nippy in-swinger that castles his stumps

India  59/1 | Overs  14 | Rohit 11*, Kohli 31*

Wayne Parnell is brought into the attack. India have slowly got their scoreboard moving faster. Kohli punches the ball towards the off for a boundary. Seven runs scored off the over.

India  52/1 | Overs  13 | Rohit 10*, Kohli 26*

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are running quickly between the wickets. Kohli is leaving a few balls, while playing deft shots to the the others and relying on picking singles and twos. He slapped a short-pitched delivery for a boundary towards the square-leg boundary. McLaren loses his line and bowls two consecutive wides

India  43/1 | Overs  12 | Rohit 9*, Kohli 20*

Rohit continues to look clumsy against the bounce of Morkel. Kohli is batting more sensibly with singles. Two runs scored off the over.

India  41/1 | Overs  11 | Rohit 8*, Kohli 19*

Ryan McLaren is brought into the attack and starts the over with a wide. He too manages to extract good bounce from the track. Rohit Sharma tries to break the shackles with an awkward slap, but only gets an edge over the wicketkeeper’s head which goes for a boundary. Five runs off the over.

India  36/1 | Overs  10 | Rohit 4*, Kohli 19*

Kohli is looking better settled against the bowling of Morne Morkel, who is generating steep bounce from the track. Kohli tries to clear the field, however manages to get a top edge. Nonetheless, he followed it up with a flat-bated slap off the next delivery to hit a brilliant boundary.

India  30/1 | Overs  9 | Rohit 4*, Kohli 13*

Virat Kohli will get a lot of confidence after consecutive boundaries off Steyn. A pitched up delivery was sweetly driven past an airborne AB de Villiers past covers. And the next ball he just punched it back past the bowler for four more. On the last ball he goes for a drive but edges it towards thirdman for a single.

India  20/1 | Overs  8 | Rohit 3*, Kohli 4*

Dropped! Excellent short one from Morkel has Kohli caught in two minds. He almost nicks it, Morkel sets off for a celebration but sees de Kock has grassed it. A ball later Kohli is hit near the rib cage. Gets a couple on the final ball. Will be interesting to see how the batsmen deal with the short ball from hereon.

India  17/1 | Overs  7 | Rohit 2*, Kohli 2*

Indian batsmen are all at sea against Steyn. After Rohit, now Virat struggles against the pacer. Full credit to Steyn for bowling excellently to such a quality batsman. Kohli on the third ball went for flick to a fuller delivery but the ball just moved away from him late and landed into the hands of Quinton de Kock. On the last ball Kohli managed to connect one towards leg and got a couple.

India  14/1 | Overs  6 | Rohit 2*, Kohli 0*  OUT! Dhawan 12 (13b)

With Dhawan easing against Tsotsobe, de Villiers got Morne Morkel in. First ball he pitches short and Dhawan lobs the ball behind the wicket and Quinton de  Kock takes a good catch. Rohit continued to struggle against the steep bounce of Morkel. Maiden over by the lanky pacer.

India  14/0 | Overs  5 | Dhawan 12*, Rohit 2*


16 balls it took for Rohit Sharma to finally make contact with the ball! Steyn is really testing Rohit’s patience. On the fifth ball, Rohit tried to clip the ball towards leg but got a leading edge and thankfully it flew between cover and extra-cover. They managed to get a couple.


On the last ball, Dhawan almost got himself run-out. The fielder couldn’t hit the stumps or else he was gone.



Rohit is really tying himself down into a complex web





India  12/0 | Overs  4 | Dhawan 12*, Rohit 0*


While Rohit is looking tentative, birthday boy Dhawan is fearlessly taking on Tsotsobe despite the swing. A pitched up delivery was driven by Dhawan for a boundary. Expecting a short ball next up, Dhawan set himself well for directing the short one over point for another boundary.




India  4/0 | Overs  3 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 0*


Looking at a tentative Rohit leaving the ball angling away from him, one can’t ignore but remember the 2012 IPL edition where Rohit was tested by Steyn on a bouncy Wankhede pitch.


Steyn in the meanwhile is consistently pitching up with the ball swirling away from Rohit.  Yet another maiden over from Steyn.




India  4/0 | Overs  2 | Dhawan 4*, Rohit 0*

India open their account with a boundary. A pitched up delivery is driven by Dhawan past the bowler and mid-off for a four. Some extra bounce extracted by both Steyn and Tsotsobe and they have already started asking questions to the batsmen.

India  0/0 | Overs  1 | Dhawan 0*, Rohit 0*

Good first over by Dale Steyn. Unlike the Indian pacers, Steyn has already got the ball to move around at 140+ speed. Looking at Steyn’s rhythm, De Villiers has given another slip. Good start from Steyn. It’s a maiden over.


South Africa  358/4 | Overs  50 | JP Duminy 59*, Miller 5*  OUT! de Villiers 77 (47)

Mohammed Shami finally gets another wicket not before de Villiers hit another six. The batsman shuffled across for a scoop and somehow managed to put the bat on to the ball and send it over fine-leg for a maximum. De Villiers tries a similar shot again and this time the fuller delivery crashes into the off stump. David Miller gets a boundary on the penultimate ball.

South Africa  345/3 | Overs  49 | de Villiers 71*, JP Duminy 57*

Both these batsmen are absolutely unstoppable. Duminy starts off the over with an uppish shot for boundary over thirdman. The duo run three on the next ball. De Villiers hits another boundary over mid-wicket on the third ball. On the fourth delivery, de Villiers comes down the track and connects the ball well to send it over deep point for a maximum. Incredible shot! He further smashes the fifth ball behind the bowler for a boundary.

Poor bowling by Mohit Sharma and the batsmen have grabbed the opportunity on offer.  23 runs from that over.

South Africa  322/3 | Overs  48 | de Villiers 55*, JP Duminy 50*


Three singles in the first three deliveries and again it was back to six-hitting spree. A slower ball by Shami is pulled awkwardly by Duminy but there was enough power in the shot to send it past square-leg fence. He brings up his 18th ODI fifty with a single on the last ball. He has scored this fifty in just 25 balls.




South Africa  310/3 | Overs  47 | de Villiers 53*, JP Duminy 40*


Three sixes in the over! Magnificent display of batting from Duminy and de Villiers. A full-toss by Bhuvneshwar is clobbered over long-off for a six. A length ball is again hit by de Villiers to bring the 300 for South Africa. Duminy on the last ball swings again over square-leg for six more. 20 runs from the over.


Indian bowlers have now conceded 300+ in six of the last nine encounters.




South Africa  290/3 | Overs  46 | de Villiers 40*, JP Duminy 33*


JP Duminy is on song here. After the sweetly timed six in the previous over, he hist two more in this over of Mohammed Shami. He lofts one straight back over the bowler’s head for a maximum. And then swings one over mid-wicket which lands way behind in the stands. It was in the slot for the left-handed batsman. 16 runs from that over.




South Africa  274/3 | Overs  45 | de Villiers 37*, JP Duminy 20*


Mohit Sharma comes back into the attack. After a single by Duminy on the first ball, de Villiers on the next comes down the track and hammers it past backward point for a four. Duminy continues the attack with a six over covers on the fifth ball followed by a boundary by playing a scoop behind the wicket.




South Africa  259/3 | Overs  44 | de Villiers 32*, JP Duminy 9*


Good running between the wickets by Duminy and de Villiers. Duminy takes a couple on the fourth delivery.  He follows it up with a drive along the ground which is well fielded in the deep by a diving Jadeja. Seven runs from the over.


South Africa  251/3 | Overs  43 | de Villiers 31*, JP Duminy 3*


New batsman JP Duminy is watchful against Ravichandran Ashwin. Three runs come from that over.




South Africa  248/3 | Overs  42 | de Villiers 30*, JP Duminy 1*  OUT! de Kock 135 (121b)


Virat Kohli, surprisingly comes to bowl. After conceding a six he is finally dismissed for 135. Kohli bowls a slower one on the pads and de Kock casually lobs back to the bowler. Good innings from the wicketkeeper-batsman. He hit 8 boundaries and three sixes.




South Africa  240/2 | Overs  41 | de Kock 129*,  de Villiers 29*


De Villiers and de Kock have started to free their arms. Three boundaries hit in that over by Jadeja. De Villiers chipped down the track and hit the ball straight back to get the first boundary. He followed it up with a sweep. De Kock later played an inside out shot to get the third boundary of the over.




South Africa  223/2 | Overs  40 | de Kock 123*,  de Villiers 18*


Fifty-run partnership between Ab de Villiers and Quinton de Kock. De Villiers gets a boundary in the over off Ravichandran Ashwin.




South Africa  215/2 | Overs 39 | de Kock 116*,  de Villiers 16*


Quinton de Kock slices the fifth ball past short thirdman for a boundary. Four more singles from that over by Ravindra Jadeja.




South Africa  207/2 | Overs 38 | de Kock 112*,  de Villiers 14*


Six singles in the over from Ravichandran Ashwin.




South Africa  201/2 | Overs 37 | de Kock 109*,  de Villiers 11*


Quinton de Kock hits a six on the second ball. Makes room for himself and smashes it over mid-wicket. Two explosive batsmen are set to increase the run-rate now.




South Africa  193/2 | Overs 36 | de Kock 102*,  de Villiers 10*


AB de Villiers gets a couple on the fourth ball. Three more singles in that over from Ravichandran Aswhin.




South Africa  188/2 | Overs 35 | de Kock 101*,  de Villiers 6*


After three dot balls, AB de Villiers finally drives the ball past the bowler and mid-off for a boundary.




South Africa  182/2 | Overs 34 | de Kock 100*,  de Villiers 1*


Mohit Sharma bowls a no-ball and allows de Kock to quickly progress towards his century. He comes over thee wicket for the free-hit delivery and de Kock dispatches it over long-on for a six. Takes a single on the next ball.  And on the final ball nudges the ball on the leg-side to complete his second ODI hundred.




South Africa  172/2 | Overs 33 | de Kock 92*,  de Villiers 0*    OUT! Kallis 10 (14)


Mohammed Shami has clearly been the most impressive bowler till now. He beats Kallis twice in consecutive deliveries. Gets good seam movement. On the fourth ball Kallis is standing wide of stumps. Shami pitches it full and he lofts him between backward point and cover. The next ball he tries a similar shot and hands a simple catch to Ravindra Jadeja.



Dark clouds are already hovering above at the Wanderers





South Africa  168/1 | Overs 32 | de Kock 92*,  Kallis 6*


Dhoni brings Mohit Sharma in place of Mohammed Shami. The first ball is cut uppishly by Jacques Kallis over the point fielder for a boundary.  That was a trademark Kallis shot. On the third ball Mohit keeps the length fuller and Kallis misses his shot. De Kock plays the last two balls defensively.




South Africa  163/1 | Overs 31 | de Kock 92*,  Kallis 1*


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back in the attack. Kumar bowls a wide. Kallis gets off the mark with a drive towards the cover. De Kock inches closer to his century with consecutive boundaries.




South Africa  152/1 | Overs 30 | de Kock 83*,  Kallis 0*  OUT! Hashim Amla 65 (88)


Batting Powerplay taken by South Africa.Hashim Amla cuts the ball by Mohammed Shami and the ball takes a thick inside edge and hits the stumps. Jacques Kallis is watchful and doesn’t for any shots first-up.




South Africa  150/0 | Overs 29 | Amla 64*, de Kock 82*


150 comes up for South Africa with a single on the last ball off Ravindra Jadeja. Five runs from the over. Though the batsmen are not running away with the game but have managed to keep the run-rate healthy.





South Africa  145/0 | Overs 28 | Amla 61*, de Kock 80*


MS Dhoni looking concerned now. Gets Suresh Raina to bowl. But the batsmen have no problems collecting the singles. De Kock — playing on his home ground — is looking solid. On the last ball he found the gap to perfection getting a boundary through covers.




South Africa  138/0 | Overs 27 | Amla 59*, de Kock 75*


Hashim Amla chips the first ball by Ravindra Jadeja over covers for a boundary. Usually the Indian slow bowlers are known to plug the leak of runs but the openers are breezing through here.




South Africa  131/0 | Overs 26 | Amla 53*, de Kock 74*


Amsla gets a single in the first ball. Quinton de Kock on the second ball sweeps and sweeps it fine to get a boundary. Ashwin tossed the last ball and de Kock chipped it cleverly for a boundary. 11 runs from the over.





South Africa  120/0| Overs 25 | Amla 51*, de Kock 65*


23rd ODI half-century for Hashim Amla. He pushes the fourth ball to long-off and completes a single to get to his half-century. This is Amla’s fifth fifty against India. Five runs from the over.




South Africa  115/0| Overs 24 | Amla 48*, de Kock 63*


Ashwin comes round the wicket and offers width to the right-handed Amla and hits it through the covers for a boundary. Good foundation laid by the openers. The home side is well on its way to a big score considering the explosive batsmen to follow.




South Africa  109/0| Overs 23 | Amla 43*, de Kock 62*


The first ball is driven by Amla for a single. On the fourth ball, de Kock comes down the track a drives the ball wide of covers for a boundary.




South Africa  103/0| Overs 22 | Amla 42*, de Kock 53*

Hundred comes up for South Africa. De Kock brings up the century partnership with a boundary off Ashwin. The short ball is slapped by de Kock towards mid-wicket.

South Africa  99/0| Overs 21 | Amla 42*, de Kock 53*

Ravindra Jadeja now into the attack. Tosses the ball up and Amla comes down the track on the second ball and gets a single. De Kock too gets a single on the third ball. Just the two from the over.

South Africa  97/0| Overs 20 | Amla 41*, de Kock 52*

Bhuvneshwar Kumar concedes three runs from the over. Amla gets two singles while de Kock gets one.

South Africa  94/0| Overs 19 | Amla 39*, de Kock 51*

Half-Century for Quinton de Kock. The batsmen are just content taking singles. Five more from the Ashwin over.

South Africa  90/0| Overs 18 | Amla 37*, de Kock 49*

The openers are consolidating the good start. Five singles from the Bhuvneshwar Kumar over. After the initial blitz, the batsmen have been watchful and ensured they have taken the singles to keep the scoreboard moving.

South Africa  85/0 | Overs 17 | Amla 35*, de Kock 46 *

Three singles from the Ravichandran Ashwin over. Quinton de Kock is slowly inching to his half-century.

South Africa  82/0 | Overs 16 | Amla 34*, de Kock 44 *

Amla has missed a sizable number of scoring opportunities. The first ball was short and wide, and Amla hits it straight towards covers in the deep. De Kock gets one on the third ball. Amla ends the over with a couple. The openers are slowly threatening to take the game in their control. Even though Shami has been good but the batsmen are in no serious trouble.

South Africa  78/0| Overs 15 | Amla 31*, de Kock 43 *

Spin for the first time in the form of Ravichandran Ashwin. Amla rotates the strike with a single on the first ball. De Kock then delicately stroked two consecutive boundaries. The first one is slashed and runs fine to the right of thirdman and the next one is a much more dominating one hit on the off-side past the point fielder.

Umpires have called for Drinks

South Africa  69/0| Overs 14 | Amla 30*, de Kock 35 *

Mohammed Shami continues to trouble the batsmen. A ball that bounced a bit off the surface, hit high on the pads of Amla and fell just short of Ravichandran Ashwin in the slips. Shami concedes a wide on the second ball. Amla gets a single two balls later. De Kock on the penultimate ball had an opportunity to dispatch a short ball but pulled it straight to Shikhar Dhawan at deep fine-leg.  The last ball is clipped on the leg-side for another single.


South Africa  65/0| Overs 13 | Amla 28*, de Kock 34*


Dhoni gets back Bhuvneshwar from the other end. Yet again Amla sets off for a quick single on the first ball. Good understanding between the openers.  Bhuvneshwar gets is line in place this time and concedes three runs.






South Africa  62/0| Overs 12 | Amla 26*, de Kock 33*


Mohammed Shami has been on target right from his first ball. He almost got de Kock playing on to his stumps but in the end the inside edge runs behind the wicket for a boundary. De Kock goes for a tight single on the fourth ball. Amla on the last ball gets a single. Seven runs from the over.




South Africa  55/0| Overs 11 | Amla 25*, de Kock 28*


Amla is beaten on the second ball by Mohit. Goes for a straight drive and the ball runs between bat-pad. He works the fourth ball for a single. Even de Kock gets one on the following ball. Indian bowlers have been bowling well and have tested the batsmen.





South Africa  53/0| Overs 10 | Amla 24*, de Kock 27*


First bowling change of the day. Dhoni brings Mohammed Shami to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Starts of with a maiden. Shami shuffles the length well and doesn’t allow de Kock to get away.




South Africa  53/0| Overs 9 | Amla 24*, de Kock 27*
South African openers are settling in and are having no problems going after the bowling. Another wide delivery by Mohit Sharma and Amla sends it past backward point for a boundary. De Kock in the meanwhile continues with his aggression and gets one more boundary. 11 runs from the over.




South Africa 42/0| Overs 8 | Amla 19*, de Kock 22*


Hashim Amla has been timing the ball well but failed to get value for his strokes. In this over by Bhuvneshwar he finally gets the desired result. A short and wide fifth ball is slapped by Amla through the gap for a boundary. And on the last ball he timed the ball excellently to send it over the fence for a six.




South Africa 31/0| Overs 7 | Amla 9*, de Kock 22*


Quinton de Kock continues with his aggression and almost lost his wicket away. He slaps the first ball for a boundary. He slashed the third ball straight towards thirdman. Mohammed Shami came running in and nearly caught the ball. Amla on the next delivery got a leading edge and even that bounced in front of Rohit Sharma. Eventful over from Mohit Sharma. Both the batsmen survive once.




South Africa 25/0| Overs 6 | Amla 8*, de Kock 17*


Bhuvneshwar with his upright seam position beats Hashim Amla. The ball just moves away from Amla offering a defensive stroke. A similar delivery follows but this time Amla is quick to judge the ball. Just a single from the over.




South Africa 24/0| Overs 5 | Amla 8*, de Kock 16*


Amla defended the first three balls before attempting a tight single. Lucky that the throw from mid-on missed the target. Two runs coming from that Mohit Sharma over.




South Africa 22/0| Overs 4 | Amla 7*, de Kock 15*


Bhuvneshwar Kumar had maintained a good line not allowing Quinton de Kock to stroke the ball freely. However on the last ball he offers width and the batsman plays a controlled cover drive and gets a boundary. Didn’t hit it hard but timed it to perfection. Both the batsmen looking solid.




South Africa 18/0| Overs 3 | Amla 7*, de Kock 11*


Amla gets a boundary in that over. Poor delivery from Mohit and it was smashed by the batsman through covers.  Amla drives the last ball for a couple. Appears to be a quick outfield.



South Africa 12/0| Overs 2 | Amla 1*, de Kock 11*


Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts off from the other end. First boundary for South Africa. Quinton de Kock clips the ball past mid-wicket for a four. On the penultimate ball he gets a couple in a similar fashion as he played the ball that went to the fence. And completes the over with a neat cover drive.


South Africa  2/0| Overs 1 | Amla 1*, de Kock 1*

Mohit Sharma begins the proceedings in the first ODI. Good bounce first-up. Hashim Amla gets a single on the third ball. Quinton de Kock is watchful and gets a single on the penultimate delivery. Tidy first over from Mohit



Indian skipper MS Dhoni has won the toss and elected to field in the first One-Day International against South Africa.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma.

South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wk), Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers (c), JP Duminy, David Miller, Ryan McLaren, Wayne Parnell, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Lonwabo Tsotsobe


Hello and welcome to the live blog of the first One-Day International of the three-match series between India and South Africa at Johannesburg. I am Abhijit Banare bringing you the live updates from the match. India are high on confidence coming at the back of their sixth consecutive ODI series victory. The South Africans too have done well this year but the loss against Pakistan at home might just have dented their confidence especially after that one-run loss.


One can expect this to be a high-scoring game unless rain plays spoilsport. Wanderers in known for big scores and India could just make this opening encounter count thanks to the explosive batting line-up.


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Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 24, 2014 (20:00 IST)   at Sharjah

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 25, 2014 (16:00 IST)   at Dubai

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 25, 2014 (20:00 IST)   at Dubai

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 26, 2014 (16:00 IST)   at Abu Dhabi

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 26, 2014 (20:00 IST)   at Abu Dhabi


Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 23, 2014  at Dubai

Chennai Super Kings won by 7 runs

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 22, 2014  at Sharjah

Kings XI Punjab won by 72 runs

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 21, 2014  at Abu Dhabi

Chennai Super Kings won by 93 runs

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 20, 2014  at Sharjah

Kings XI Punjab won by 7 wkts

Indian T20 League 2014

Apr 19, 2014  at Dubai

Delhi Daredevils won by 4 wkts


CSK vs DD, IPL 2014 Match 8 at Abu Dhabi


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