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India vs South Africa Live Cricket Score, 1st Test, Day 1: India reach stumps at 255/5

Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring his fifth Test century © AFP
Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring his fifth Test century © AFP

Dec 18, 2013

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IND 255/5 | Overs 90 | Rahane 43*, Dhoni 17*

Dhoni takes a run off Steyn towards the covers. There is a big appeal for LBW against Rahane as Steyn gets a length delivery to come back in sharply. The ball hits Rahane on the pads and all the South African players appeal loudly. But the umpire is unmoved and says not out. Replays show that the ball would probably have gone over the stumps. Both Philander and Steyn bowl a couple of tight overs as the scoring rate has slowed down now.

Morkel bowls the last over of the day and the first ball hits Dhoni on top of his pads. There is half-hearted appeal, but the umpire waves it off. So, that is stumps on Day One. Both teams have had their moments and it is 50/50 at the moment one would think.

IND 252/5 | Overs 86 | Rahane 42*, Dhoni 15*

Rahane is getting more and more confident in the middle. Steyn pitches it on a good length and Rahane punches it through the covers for a four. Steyn then pitches one short and it climbs over de Villiers to go into the boundary for four byes. Philander gets an edge off Dhoni’s bat and it flies over the slips into the boundary.

Steyn then pitches it in Rahane’s half and he drives it through the covers for a four. He has now moved into the 40s. These two are also watching the new ball as both Steyn and Philander are moving it well. It is important to leave deliveries outside the off-stump and also punish the bad ones so that the scoring rate doesn’t take a hit.


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IND 231/5 | Overs 81 | Rahane 31*, Dhoni 10*

MS Dhoni is the new man to the centre and he gets things going by smashing Morkel through the covers for four. It was short and wide and he flayed at it with all power. South Africa have taken the new ball and it immediately goes to Steyn. Things have slowed down after Kohli’s dismissal and now it looks like they want to see it through to the end of day’s play.

IND 219/5 | Overs 75.3 | Rahane 30*OUT! Kohli 119(181)

Tahir is certainly having a bad day in the centre. Rahane now hits him for four down the ground. This has helped him settle down well. Kohli is now gone! Kallis is the man as Kohli smashes it straight to cover. It was full and Kohli drove it straight into the hands of JP Duminy.

IND 213/4 | Overs 73 | Kohli 117*, Rahane 26*

Kallis has been brought back into the attack with Kohli past his ton. Dale Steyn has apparently gone off the field. Dumiony pitches short twice and is carted to the boundary, once by Rahane and once by Kohli. Tahir comes back and delivers a full-toss. Kohli flicks him through mid-wicket for another four.

IND 192/4 | Overs 68 | Kohli 105*, Rahane 18*

Rahane very nearly offered a catch. Morkel got him to hit it through the leg-side with a leg-gully close in. It fell short of the fielder and Rahane breathes a sigh of relief. He then very nearly chops it onto his stumps as he tries to withdraw his bat, but the ball takes the inner edge and just bounces away from the stumps.

Both batsmen are merely working the strike over with singles.

IND 183/4 | Overs 63 | Kohli 100*, Rahane 15*

The Indian batsmen are clearly playing the waiting game as Kohli is also building towards his century. JP Duminy now comes into the attack. Kohli pushes him through the off-side and runs through for two. Rahane gets on strike and also picks up a single through the off-side. Kohli then cuts Duminy through third-man for four and moves 98. He then works one through the leg-side and runs two and gets his ton. This is his fifth Test ton.

IND 173/4 | Overs 60 | Kohli 91*, Rahane 14*

The first few overs after tea pass off very quietly as both batsmen are watchful. However, once Philander gives him width, Kohli pushes it to the boundary through the covers for four. Kohli then moves into the 90s.

IND 164/4 | Overs 55 | Kohli 84*, Rahane 12* | OUT! Rohit 14 (42)

Philander gets the breakthrough as he dismisses Rohit for 14. Philander pitched the ball outside off-stump on a good length and the ball just moved away. Rohit went for a drive, but edged it to de Villiers behind the wickets. The partnership between Kohli and Rohit was worth 38 runs for the fourth wicket. Ajinkya Rahane walks into bat at No 6.

He gets off the mark with four through mid-wicket off Philander. He then takes one on the full from Tahir and gets another four in the same mid-wicket region. Next ball is also full and Rahane hits it down the ground for another four. That is tea on Day One.

IND 149/3 | Overs 52 | Kohli 82*, Rohit 13*

Kohli punches Kallis down the ground and it goes all the way for four. Later, Kallis hits Kohli’s pads and de Villiers collects it down the leg-side. There is an appeal, but it is turned down by umpire Rod Tucker. Kallis then tried a bouncer later on and it climbed down the leg-side and de Villiers could not stop it. The next short ball was then pulled through mid-wicket for a four.

IND 124/3 | Overs 46 | Kohli 70*, Rohit 5*

Rohit starts off by facing Morkel. A few deliveries climb and he lets them go through. He then pushes a full delivery through the covers to take a single and get off the mark. Kallis comes into the attack as there is a new batsman at the crease. Rohit pushes through the off-side and Kohli starts off. However, there is no run as Duminy runs in from point and throws it to the non-striker’s end. As the throw came in, it took the edge of Kohli’s bat and went for four overthrows.

Steyn returns to the attack and is dispatched for four through mid-off as Kohli punches the full delivery down the ground.

IND 113/3 | Overs 43 | Kohli 65*, Rohit 0* | OUT! Pujara 25(98)

Pujara is run-out after a long effort! Kohli pushes it to leg and sets off, but Pujara had run down a long way. Kohli then sent him back, but it was too late. So all the hard work goes waste as Kohli got the call wrong. Earlier in the over, Kohli pulled another short one from Tahir and sent it for four.

IND 107/2 | Overs 42 | Pujara 24*, Kohli 60*

India’s hundred is up as Kohli flicks Morkel through mid-wicket and runs through for three. This has been a good performance so far by the two Indian youngsters as Kohli has been positive and Pujara has played the waiting game. Tahir then pitches it full and Kohli strides forward to drive him through the covers for another four.

IND 97/2 | Overs 39 | Pujara 22*, Kohli 52*

Kohli pulls Steyn well through square-leg for four. It was rising and he kept it down well by rolling his wrists. Morne Morkel then gives him width and Kohli smashes it past point for a four.  Imran Tahir comes back into the attack. Kohli gets his fifty by pulling a half-tracker from Tahir through the mid-wicket boundary.

IND 79/2 | Overs 33 | Pujara 21*, Kohli 37*

Kohli and Pujara has started off cautiously. The first five overs after lunch fetched them only seven runs. Steyn then decides to come from round the wicket. After one delivery, he moves back to over the wicket and bowls a short one first up. Pujara is ducking underneath these deliveries very well. And, then Steyn moves to round the wicket for the third delivery. The square-leg goes a little finer and is in a leg-gully position.

The 50 of the partnership is also up. Philander pitches it wide and Kohli dispatches it to the boundary for four.

IND 72/2 | Overs 28 | Pujara 20*, Kohli 32*

Pujara gets things going after lunch as he pushes through the leg-side and runs through for two. Dale Steyn is still getting some shape in the first over after lunch. Pujara lets go through most of the deliveries and gets behind those that are directed on the stumps.

IND 70/2 | Overs 27 | Pujara 18*, Kohli 32*

Kallis gets one to move outside the off-stump and Pujara punches it through the off-side with conviction to pick up four. Later, Morkel pitched one short to Kohli and he didn’t withdraw his bat in time. He inadvertently ended up guiding it over third-man for four. The next ball takes his inside edge as he tries to leave it, but it misses the stumps. Two lucky breaks for Kohli.

Later, Kohli pushes one through the off-side to collect three and Pujara guides one over the slips for four. Kohli flicks one through fine-leg for a four. Imran Tahir comes into the attack. Kohli hits the first ball of Tahir’s over for a four through mid-wicket. He then hits the last ball of the over for another four through the leg side. That is lunch.

IND 32/2 | Overs 20 | Pujara 8*, Kohli 4*

Kohli gets off the mark with a pull shot through square-leg. Kallis pitched it short and Kohli pulled it with authority to the boundary. That should give him immense confidence. Pujara edges one from Morkel and it falls short of Graeme Smith at first-slip. He would breathe a sigh of relief as he is working hard to get his eye in.

IND 24/2 | Overs 15.1 | Pujara 5*,  OUT! Vijay 6(42)

Murali Vijay is gone. Morne Morkel pushes him back with a few short ones and then pitches it full. Vijay pushes at it away from the body without any foot movement. Virat Kohli is in to bat now at No 4. Big shoes to fill into and the new guard will want to take charge here.

IND 24/1 | Overs 14 | Vijay 6*, Pujara 5*

Pujara and Vijay are battling a testing spell after the fall of Dhawan. Pujara has looked assured in defence so far and is getting behind the line of deliveries. Morne Morkel replaces Philander and is getting good bounce. He nearly had Vijay as an edge fell short of third-slip. Meanwhile, Steyn has been given a breather and Jacques Kallis comes in his place.

Morkel surprises Vijay with a short one and he wasn’t able to keep it down. Hashim Amla tries to run across from short-leg, but could not get there.

IND 17/1 | Overs 9 | Vijay 4*, OUT! Dhawan 13(27)

Philander strays on Dhawan’s pads and he flicks him away through square-leg for four. Anything on the pads, Dhawan will punish it. The line outside the off-stump is of prime importance as the batsmen are trying to leave it.  Steyn then stuns Dhawan with a short one and he is caught in two minds. He shaped to pull and then withdrew. The ball hit the bat and flew into the boundary between square and fine-leg. The next short one also unsettles Dhawan as it rises and it was a bit in the air as he tried to keep it down. And then he gets his man! He pitches it short, Dhawan pulls it high in the air towards fine leg and is taken.

IND 8/0 | Overs 5 | Vijay 4*, Dhawan 4*

Dale Steyn will start proceedings for South Africa with Murali Vijay taking strike.  The first few deliveries swing away from Vijay and he only pokes at one, but misses. The fifth ball is pitched full and Vijay merely punches it down the ground and it races away for four. India get off the mark. Vernon Philander starts off from the other end and strays on the pads first up. Shikhar Dhawan works it away to fine-leg for a single.

The bowlers are getting good movement and the Indian openers are very watchful. Vijay is moving his feet well to defend forward.

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bat first. Surprise, Surprise! India are playing  one spinner and three pacers, so there is no place for Umesh Yadav. Ajinkya Rahane would bat at No 6 and it seems to be a move to strengthen the batting line-up. Ishant Sharma, Zaheer Khan and Mohammed Shami form the fast-bowling attack with Ravichandran Ashwin being the spinner.

South Africa have a settled unit and Imran Tahir comes in as the spinner.


South Africa: Graeme Smith (c), Alviro Peterson, Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers (wk), JP Duminy, Faf du Plessis, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Vernon Philander, Imran Tahir.

India: Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin, Zaheer Khan, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma.

Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first Test between India and South Africa at the Wanderers, Johannesburg. This is a major test for the Indian team as they are moving into a new era as Sachin Tendulkar has retired. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and will take you through the game. There is a lot of interest for this series as India get a glimpse of their youngsters in these testing conditions against a quality pace attack. Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander would be itching to take on the Indians. In all likelihood, they may play four seamers.

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