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India vs South Africa Live Cricket Score, 1st Test, Day 5: Match ends in a riveting draw

Faf du Plessis is nearing his ton © Getty Images
Faf du Plessis was run out for 134 © Getty Images

Dec 22, 2013


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That’s it from us here at CricketCountry. What a Test match it has been at the Wanderers. India have truly played brilliantly and South Africa were fantastic on the final day. In the end, you cannot choose between the two side. But, what this does is that it gives India confidence before the next Test and South Africa would be fired up to hit back hard. So, do join us on December 26 when the second Test begins. If this game is anything to go by, we are in for an amazing contest.




We are getting you a few comments from the presentation now. Graeme Smith says, “We’ve played good cricket and shown mental strength. Faf and AB were incredible and they would go down in history as great. We played it beautifully before Faf got run out. Dale and Vernon made the decisions in the best interests of the team. We wanted to go to Durban in a position to win the series and we head there even stevens. Terrific innings by Faf. Lot of pressure on his shoulders going into the game. There is good camaraderie within the squad and good respect for each other. Both teams have to regroup and it sets up an exciting Test match at Durban. Hope we have a third one at Cape Town.”


MS Dhoni is here now. He says, “Yes, I am very happy with the performance. there are many things we can talk about. How much time we got to prepare is one of them. Good thing was that we played the ODIs. Away from home we play four bowlers, three fast-bowlers and one spinner. Virat was brilliant and Pujara of course. Vijay did well when the ball was moving around and that is why we got a good start. In the middle, we attacked a lot. I was confident if five runs an over were needed, our bowlers could defend. We could have lost easily at one point and it is a lesson for the bowlers. When you play outside the sub-continent, it is important to have experience. It is good to have Zak. One of the most important thing was his fitness and it looks different now. It is a short series, one we have played. Durban we have support. The wicket is good and a testing wicket for the batsmen. We are playing to gain out of the Test match. It is important the bowlers rest for three days before the next game.”


Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match. He says, “Yeah it was a challenge. Three tours test us, England, South Africa and Australia. We can be proud of what we have done. I didn’t feel good when I got out as I wanted to get momentum for the side. One shot I went to get to boundary and I got out. I would have taken 96, but hundred in two innings would have been special. Preparation is important, we didn’t get too much game time before the Test. The guys got used to the conditions during the ODIs and then the days after it. Pujara has been brilliant for us. He is another Wall for us to be honest. It was great batting with him. Unfortunately I was the culprit in his run-out and we made up for it later.”





SA 450/7 | Overs 136 | Philander 25*, Steyn 6*


Dale Steyn is the next batsman in. Shami bowls a barrage of short deliveries to Steyn and he ducks away from almost all of them. Zaheer is now bowling to a spread out field. Philander refuses to take any runs even as the ball goes to fielders at the boundary. So the penultimate over of the match is a maiden. Shami bowls the last over of the match.


Last over

1st ball — Short ball and Steyn leaves it

2nd ball — Back of a length delivery and it is a dot ball

3rd ball — Length ball and Steyn takes a swing but misses and takes a bye

4th ball — Length ball and it is a dot ball

5th ball — Full delivery and Philander takes a single towards deep cover

6th ball — Full-toss and Steyn hits it way over long-on for a six


The first Test ends in a draw.



SA 442/7 | Overs 132.5 | Philander 24* | OUT! du Plessis 134 (309)


Zaheer bowls a short delivery and du Plessis pulls it away for a four through wide long-on. Du Plessis plays one off Zaheer to mid-off and takes off for a single. Rahane is quick onto it and hits the stumps directly and du Plessis is short of his crease.



SA 438/6 | Overs 132 | du Plessis 130*, Philander 24*


Shami concedes two runs from his over. Ishant bowls a back of a length delivery and Philander punches it of the back-foot for a four towards the cover-point region. Zaheer has been brought back into the attack. Shami bowls a short delivery and Philander pulls it away for a four.



SA 418/6 | Overs 128 | du Plessis 125*, Philander 9*


Vernon Philander is the next batsman in. The field is spread out and the singles have become a little easy to get. Shami bowls a short and wide delivery and Philander cuts it away for a four behind point. Ishant then gives one run away in his over.



SA 407/6 | Overs 124.4 | du Plessis 123* | OUT! Duminy 5 (9)


JP Duminy is the next man in. Ishant bowls another delivery on a length and it bounces a little extra. Duminy does well to keep it down. He does get off the mark with a flick towards fine-leg. Shami comes in from the other end and Duminy plays a delightful straight drive for a four. Shami then bowls a full delivery outside off-stump and Duminy goes for a cover drive. He edges it onto the stumps.



SA 402/5 | Overs 123.1 | du Plessis 123* | OUT! de Villiers 102 (168)


Du Plessis goes down on one knee and lofts a full delivery from Ishant over wide mid-on for a four. The 200-run partnership between du Plessis and de Villiers has also come about. Brilliant batting. Finally Shami has been brought back into the attack. The first ball jumps up from a good length and du Plessis almost dislodges the bails himself. Ishant comes in and bowls a back of length delivery outside off-stump. De Villiers gets an inside edge and the ball clips the bails.



SA 392/4 | Overs 121 | du Plessis 116*, de Villiers 100*


Zaheer continues from round the wicket and Ashwin is in play at the other end. The South Africans are having no problems out there and are now set to achieve history. Ishant has bowled outside the off-stump and now things are much easier for South Africa. It is quite strange that Mohammed Shami hasn’t yet come on to bowl after tea. De Villiers gets to his ton with easy singles off Zaheer. The helmet comes off and there is a quiet celebration as there still is a job to do.



SA 373/4 | Overs 116 | du Plessis 109*, de Villiers 88*


For some bizare reason, Zaheer continues to bowl from round the wicket without much success. He then strays down du Plessis’s pads and is glanced to fine-leg for a four. South Africa are in total control of this game and it is their Test to lose from here. Ashwin bowls a wide down the leg side and it is too wide for Dhoni. It goes for four byes.




SA 359/4 | Overs 112.4 | du Plessis 101*, de Villiers 87*


These two are doing it easily and they get the singles. Du Plessis moved to 95 with a drive through the off-side. Zaheer comes from round the wicket and gives him room. He carts it easily through the boundary there for four. They then take a quick single and South Africa’s 350 is up. Ashwin is ineffective as they are easily working him around. Du Plessis gets to his ton by working Zaheer through mid-wicket. It has taken him 252 balls. What a ton!




SA 344/4 | Overs 109 | du Plessis 90*, de Villiers 83*


Virat Kohli starts off after tea and is trying to bowl those leg-cutters. Zaheer Khan follows with tight lines and then Ashwin comes into the attack. These two will not try anything silly now. Zaheer brushes past de Villiers off-stump and the Indian fielders sigh. He then gives de Villiers width outside the off stump on two occasions and is carted through the covers easily. Du Plessis has now moved into the 90s and the Indians are certainly under pressure now.




SA 331/4 | Overs 105 | du Plessis 88*, de Villiers 72*


Ashwin is bowling a middle-stump line and the batsmen are playing easily. Ishant finds the edge off du Plessis’ bat, but the ball does not carry to second slip. De Villiers then pulls a Ishant short delivery for a four towards deep mid-wicket. The last over before tea only sees one run. At tea on Day Five, South Africa only need 127 runs to win the Test.



SA 319/4 | Overs 102 | du Plessis 82*, de Villiers 67*


Ashwin gives one run in his over. Then Ishant bowls a maiden. But in the over, one delivery takes a leading outside edge and the ball falls at a place where short extra-cover would have been. A lot of edges have evaded the Indian fielders in this session. Luck seems to favour the South African batsmen so far. Du Plessis then plays a cover drive off Ashwin and gets a four. De Villiers plays a Ishant delivery to the off side and takes off for a run. Ajinkya Rahane, fielding at covers, is quick and throws at the striker’s end. Du Plessis is well short, but the ball does not hit the stumps.



SA 313/4 | Overs 98 | du Plessis 78*, de Villiers 65*


South Africa are doing well here and India must be getting nervous out there. De Villiers edges Zaheer through third-man for a our and Dhoni finally places a man there in the deep. Then, an inside edge misses the stumps and goes through fine-leg for another boundary. Ashwin returns into the attack and bowls a maiden to du Plessis.


Zaheer then gets one to get off a length and du Plessis edges it and it flies over the slips. He is safe! The 300 is up for South Africa. Ashwin bowls a full-toss and is driven through long-on for a four. Mid-on cannot get there. Du Plessis then works a boundary through fine-leg and the required runs are now under 150.



SA 289/4 | Overs 93 | du Plessis 60*, de Villiers 59*


Everything going South Africa’s way here. Du Plessis gets an edge off Ishant and it goes through third-man for a four. Zaheer continues to the right-handers from round the wicket. This is getting more and more intense with each passing minute. They don’t seem to be troubled by anything in the centre and are also working the strike over very well.




SA 280/4 | Overs 88 | du Plessis 53*, de Villiers 53*


AB de Villiers gets to a half-century! It has been a good innings. He first clipped Ishant Sharma through mid-wicket with ease and the ball carpeted along to the boundary. The next ball took the outside edge and went between Gully and Third-slip for a four. Shami then strays on his pads and de Villiers pulls him through fine-leg for a four. He then flicks it through mid-wicket for another four. South Africa are growing in confidence. Nothing can be ruled out at this stage.




SA 263/4 | Overs 86 | du Plessis 52*, de Villiers 41*


Du Plessis gets to his fifty pulling a short one from Shami over square leg for a four. It has been a gritty effort and has kept South Africa in the game. Zaheer and Shami are getting the ball to move. Shami has seen one or two rise and go through to the wicket-keeper at a very good height. De Villiers and Du Plessis have let deliveries outside the off-stump go through to the wicket-keeper.




SA 255/4 | Overs 81 | du Plessis 47*, de Villiers 39*


India have got through the overs pretty quickly as Ashwin and Kohli have bowled them at a fair clip. The second new ball is now available and it would be taken by Zaheer. Meanwhile, AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis have put up 50 on the board. Coming from round the wicket, Zaheer drifts onto de Villiers’s pads and he is worked away fine for four. This is the South African 250. The next ball is a full-toss and he is sent through the leg-side for four yet again.




SA 241/4 | Overs 76 | du Plessis 47*, de Villiers 24*


With six overs to go before the new ball is available, Dhoni starts after lunch with Ravichandran Ashwin. Only a single comes off the over as he is keeping it tight. Virat Kohli comes on to bowl the next over and is driven by du Plessis through the off-side for a four.




Watch Live Streaming of 1st Test between India and South Africa here




SA 236/4 | Overs 74 | du Plessis 42*, de Villiers 24*


The South African batsmen are playing for lunch now as they score only one run off Ashwin’s over. Kohli comes in again and concedes two runs. Ashwin then bowls a maiden to de Villiers. Shami has an appeal for LBW turned down against de Villiers. The ball was hitting the pads a little high, but replays showed that it might have clipped the bails. Next ball, de Villiers then plays a brilliant cover drive for four. That is lunch on Day Five. South Africa need another 222 runs to win the match. India need only six wickets.



SA 227/4 | Overs 70 | du Plessis 40*, de Villiers 18*


Ishant bowls a maiden over to de Villiers. Ashwin then bowls to du Plessis and gives away two runs. De Villiers hits a cover drive off Ishant on the up and holds a pose as the ball races away for a four. Ashwin then concedes two runs again in his over. Virat Kohli then comes into bowl. The South African batsmen take four runs from his over.



SA 214/4 | Overs 65 | du Plessis 35*, de Villiers 10*


AB de Villiers has also started off well. A highlight was a straight drive he played for four. Although the pitch isn’t the easiest, the two batsmen don’t seem too troubled out in the centre. Ravichandran Ashwin now comes to bowl and his role too would be crucial today.




SA 197/4 | Overs 60.4 | du Plessis 28*, de Villiers 0* OUT! Kallis 34(37)


Kallis’s fluent innings comes to an end. Coming from round the wicket, Zaheer gets it to hold its line. It hits Kallis on the pads and the umpire gives it leg-before. Replays show that the ball took the inside edge. However, Kallis has to go back and there is nothing he can do about it. Zaheer celebrates his 300th Test wicket. The Indian dressing room is up to applaud his effort!





SA 194/3 | Overs 59 | du Plessis 28*, Kallis 31*


Both the South African batsmen in the centre are feeling more confident. Kallis ddrives another full delivery through the off-side for four. Then du Plessis gets a full delivery on his pads and he works it to the leg-side for a four. Later, Kallis too pushes one through wide long-on for a four. He seems to be a man on a mission and is playing a free stroking knock. Coming from round the wicket, Zaheer gets one to climb on Kallis and the edge flies over slip. The 50-run partnership is up. It has come off only 58 balls.




SA 165/3 | Overs 55 | du Plessis 17*, Kallis 14*


Kallis is hit on the pads first up, almost similar to his first innings dismissal, but this time the ball was sliding down the leg-side. However, he gets off the mark later, with a classy drive through the off-side for four and when Zaheer comes into the attack, he welcomes him with a similar stroke. This is a much better start for the all-rounder. He gets more width from Shami and caresses him through the off-side. This is the Kallis we know! It is great to watch him in full flow.


At the other end, Faf du Plessis is holding firm and essaying a gritty knock. The two batsmen are taking the singles whenever the opportunity comes their way. Zaheer bowls a yorker to du Plessis and he defends it. It almost goes back into the stumps as it misses it by a whisker.




SA 143/3 | Overs 49.2 | du Plessis 11*, Kallis 0* OUT! Petersen 76(162)


India have their first breakthrough of the day. Shami bowls one on a very good day and Petersen defends it away from the body. However, he only manages to drag it back onto the stumps as India celebrate. Big wicket for India as Petersen was looking in good control of proceedings and was threatening to score big. Enter Jacques Kallis!




SA 140/2 | Overs 48 | Petersen 76*, du Plessis 11*


Mohammed Shami starts proceedings on Day Five and gets movement instantly. He is shaping it away from Alviro Petersen, but one ball comes in and hits him on the pads. However, the appeal is turned down as the ball was going down the leg-side. Ishant Sharma comes on from the other end. No Zaheer Khan first up!




Welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Day Five of the first Test between India and South Africa at Johannesburg. The visitors  will be aiming for their third win on South African soil as they need eight wickets on the final day. Needing 458 to win, the South African openers Graeme Smith and Alviro Petersen gave a solid start sharing a 108-run stand. The wicket has developed some cracks since the third day and Ravichandran Ashwin‘s role will become more crucial on the final day. India got Smith and then Hashim Amla late on the fourth evening. It’s an exciting day ahead as the Proteas look to stop India’s quest for a 1-0 lead in the two-match series.


Catch live streaming of the 1st Test between India and South Africa here


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