Jacques Kallis © AFP (File Photo)
Jacques Kallis © AFP (File Photo)

Dec 28, 2013


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Umpires have decided to cut short Day Three and called off the play. The rain has played the spoilsport. Play is going to resume early tomorrow at 9 am local time (12:30pm IST).




SA 299/5 | Overs 104.5 | Kallis 78*, Steyn 0*


Steyn comes in and defends a few deliveries before rain intervenes. The players go off the field and are led by Kallis as he raises his  bat to the crowd. These are some memorable pictures as the Indian team waits for him to leave the field first.




SA 298/5 | Overs 104 | Kallis 77*, Steyn 0*  OUT!Duminy 28(82)


MS Dhoni’s decision to stay on despite bad light has turned out to be a good one. Ravindra Jadeja has trapped JP Duminy leg-before. Yet again Jadeja fires that ball in and Duminy is caught on the backfoot in his crease. South Africa have decided to send Steyn as a nightwatchman looking at the poor light and the play can stop any time.




SA 293/4 | Overs 101 | Kallis 77*, Duminy 23*


The light isn’t all that good. The umpires chat with Dhoni and then continue as he is still bowling Jadeja. The left-arm spinner is continuing from round the wicket to Duminy as well. Kallis has now moved past 74, which was Tendulkar’s score in his last Test innings. Rohit then comes back from the other end with the threat of bad light looming.




SA 287/4 | Overs 97 | Kallis 74*, Duminy 20*


Rohit Sharma is being persisted with. He is keeping it tight and making the batsmen defend. Later on, Ishant comes on to bowl and delivers a nice away going yorker, which is beautifully played by Kallis. Scoring rate has been slow and the umpires have taken their light metres out. The countdown for Kallis’s historic ton has begun. All eyes on him!




SA 283/4 | Overs 93 | Kallis 71*, Duminy 19*


Kallis and South Africa resume after tea. There is a sense of expectation as he moves into the 70s. A few clouds have gathered around the ground and there may be an interuption. One can also see a good wind blowing across.




SA 264/4 | Overs 86 | Kallis 58*, Duminy 13*


Two boundaries for JP Duminy, once in the previous over and another in this over of Jadeja. He struggled against Jadeja but looks settled now. Rohit Sharma is bowling along with Jadeja from the other end. The Indians have still not opted for a new ball.




SA 253/4 | Overs 81 | Kallis 55*, Duminy 5*


The new ball is now available, but Dhoni isn’t taking it now because Jadeja is getting some good purchase. There are a few that are turning away from the right-hander. That had been de Villiers’s undoing and perhaps Jadeja can get a bit more. Meanwhile, Kallis is batting very well and Shami is trying to bowl a few bouncers to him. After de Villiers’s wicket, South Africa have been more circumspect and measured.




SA 249/4 | Overs 75.2 | Kallis 53*, Duminy 4*


Kallis gets his half century. He drives Jadeja through the off-side and gets his half-century. The whole crowd is on their feet and cheers all round. The next ball immediately turns away from Kallis. Jadeja is in a good rhythm.




SA 240/4 | Overs 74 | Kallis 48*, OUT! de Villiers 74(117)


AB de Villiers gone! Ravindra Jadeja has done the trick here. He bowls one that turns away from de Villiers and he is forward to defend. Instead it takes the edge and Murali Vijay takes the catch at first slip. Earlier in the over, he had reverse swept Jadeja for a four.




SA 235/3 | Overs 71 | Kallis 47*, de Villiers 70*


Ishant comes back into the attack and Kallis welcomes him with a good cover-drive for a four. He moves to 47 with that. He then takes a single as Ishant strays on his pads. The crowd is waiting for the Kallis milestone! Ishant then bowls on de Villiers’ pads and he merely helps it along to the fine-leg boundary.


Earlier, it was near disaster for South Africa! De Villiers defends the ball and Kallis calls him for a single. However, by the time Kallis reaches the striker’s end, de Villiers is yet to set off. And, he does go as Zaheer comes around to collect and has a shy at the stumps. The ball misses the stumps as de Villiers dives in to make his ground.




SA 222/3 | Overs 67 | Kallis 41*, de Villiers 64*


South Africa are now taking charge. There have been some good shots on show as de Villiers has targetted certain bowlers. They haven’t let Shami emerge on top or settle into a rhythm. As a result, Dhoni turns to Ishant Sharma. Zaheer is persisting with the line from over the wicket and there were occasions when he strayed a bit widish.






SA 203/3 | Overs 62 | Kallis 33*, de Villiers 54*


De Villiers gets his half century. Shami is first smashed through the off-side for a four. It was a bit overpitched and de Villiers flays his hands at it with all power and it goes through for a four. He then takes two to run through and complete his half-century. It has been a very good knock here by de Villiers. Came at a crucial time. He then carts one through the one-side as Shami strays onto his pads. South Africa are now past 200.




SA 192/3 | Overs 60 | Kallis 33*, de Villiers 43*


Shami comes in to bowl and gets Kallis one edge through the vacant slip region. The ball goes through to the boundary as Shami sighs. Kallis then drives one beautifully towards mid-off and sets off for a single. He is looking in very good touch now. The key for the two batsmen is to get back into their groove post lunch.




SA 181/3 | Overs 57 | Kallis 26*, de Villiers 39*


De Villiers and Kallis have done a fine job after the initial wickets. The unbeaten 68-run partnership has helped South Africa surge ahead. They are still trailing by 153 runs. Read the lunch report here.





SA 175/3 | Overs 53 | Kallis 24*, de Villiers 35*


Both AB de Villiers and Jacques Kallis have now settled very well and are keeping the scoreboard ticking. De Villiers flicks one off his pads to the boundary off Ishant. Kallis is taking his time and getting right behind the line of the ball to defend with conviction.


Earlier, both had pierced the gaps in the off-side with Jadeja bowling. It is a very tight field and yet they found the gaps to perfection.




SA 160/3 | Overs 48 | Kallis 19*, de Villiers 26*


Rohit Sharma is introduced in to the attack and he comes from round the wicket. Kallis sweeps him fine for four off the second ball. South Africa are now past 150 and both these batsmen are gradually settling in well. They are knocking the singles at every opportunity and




SA 144/3 | Overs 44 | Kallis 11*, de Villiers 17*


Kallis charges to Jadeja and smashes him over long-off for a four. The crowd cheers as they expect another big innings for his farewell. Jadeja continues from over the wicket and he hits him over long-on now for another four. Positive signs for South Africa. He had looked in great touch during the second innings at Johannesburg. Kallis then punches down the ground for a single.




SA 124/3 | Overs 38 | Kallis 1*, de Villiers 10*


Kallis is yet to get off the mark in his farewell Test. AB de Villiers though has taken the charge to the bowlers and although Jadeja fired a quick one, he danced down the track and lofted him for a four down the ground. There was an appeal down the leg-side for Kallis, but it had taken the padsas it went through to Dhoni. Zaheer Khan now returns to the attack. He is coming from over the wicket. Quite a change from his approach in the previous game where he persisted with that channel from round the wicket. One ball kicks off a length and hits Kallis on the arm as he was trying to defend it. Kallis finally gets off the mark by pushing one through third-man.





SA 113/3 | Overs 33.1 | Kallis 0*, de Villiers 0* OUT! Amla 3(18) Petersen 62(100)


Shami is into the attack with the ball reversing a touch. He almost has Amla as he flicks one through the leg-side and the fielder close in almost gets there. However, he finally gets him as Amla plays around one and it holds its line and knocks the off-stump back. Big breakthrough for India! Amla goes for another low score at Durban.


Kallis gets a guard of honour from the Indians as he comes in to bat. The crowd at Kingsmead is on their feet and he is applauded onto the ground. He now looks across and gets ready to do his job.


Petersen is gone now too. He pokes at one from Jadeja and it takes the edge and Murali Vijay takes the catch at first slip. Good persistence from Jadeja with that line outside the off-stump.


Here is a picture tweeted by Sixolele Sotyelelwa, a South African journalist:






SA 110/1 | Overs 32 | Petersen 60*, Amla 2*


Jadeja is bowling very tight lines around the off-stump. He is making both Amla and de Villiers lean forward and defend or even drive. The two batsmen are merely working the singles over as Amla is trying to get his eye in. Dhoni is persisting with Jadeja and at some point, he may think about Mohammed Shami.




SA 103/1 | Overs 27.1 | Petersen 55*, OUT! Smith 47(82)


Graeme Smith is g0ne! He dances down the track to Jadeja and gets it high on the bat. The ball flies over the leg-side and Shikhar Dhawan runs back to take a magnificent catch. This was a very good catch as he had to run back and judge it to perfection. India get their first breakthrough of the day.




SA 103/0 | Overs 27 | Smith 47*, Petersen 55*


Alviro Petersen is gone! No he stays! Jadeja turns one away from him and Petersen comes forward to defend. The ball moves away and Dhoni takes the bails off in a jiffy. The third umpire takes his time and looks hard at the replays. one felt that there was nothing behind the line, but there was a lot of doubt. Thus, it is ruled in favour of Petersen and the South African openers move towards the 100-run partnership. Another good start here for South Africa.




SA 93/0 | Overs 22 | Smith 40*, Petersen 52*


The first ball of the day is edged by Smith and it goes through the third-man region and goes for four. Ishant Sharma then comes from over the wicket. Ravindra Jadeja comes from over the wicket and the first ball is hit by Petersen through mid-wicket and he reaches his fifty in the process. Positive start by South Africa.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of day three of the second Test between India and South Africa at Kingsmead, Durban. After a rain-hit start to the day two, India were entering in a position of considerable comfort, with Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay looking in good knick. But they and the rest of the Indian batsmen were blown away by a blizzard, who goes by the name of Dale Steyn.


Steyn took control of all the proceedings on day two as South Africa stole the advantage from India in the second Test. Rain delayed the start of the day and washed out the whole morning session. India resumed on their position of strength, but Steyn struck at regular intervals during his six-for and ensured India were bundled out for 334.


South Africa’s opening pair of Graeme Smith and Alviro Petersen looked solid from ball one, and ended the day at 82 for no loss. Both the batsmen showed positive intent, and scored at almost a run-a-ball in the first six overs.


The whole morning session on Day Two was lost due to rain and a wet outfield and early lunch was taken. However, post-Lunch, the sun had come out and the outfield was ready. Resuming on 181 for one, India were in great touch and wanted to extend their domination. But, little did they know that they would run into Steyn.


Having had a poor outing in the first Test by his standards, and also losing the No 1 ranking, Steyn looked like a man on mission. Like a ferocious reptile, he snaked through the Indian defences, and left them in utter misery.


MS Dhoni will hope that Ravindra Jadeja can juice out some turn from the track, as India’s hopes will largel depend on the old ball. Day three promises to be another exciting day of Test cricket, with both teams looking to go on top of each other. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and will take you through the day’s play.


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