Cheteshwar Pujara © AFP (File Photo)
Cheteshwar Pujara © AFP (File Photo)

Dec 29, 2013


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IND 63/2 | Over 34 | Pujara 31*, Kohli 7*


Pujara and Kohli have set their sights at the end of day’s play. South Africa are not bowling their fast-bowlers because of the poor light. As a result, Robin Peterson and JP Duminy are on and the Indians are defending most of the deliveries. They can see it off today and then resume the battle tomorrow. Peterson was warned a bit about the negative bowling.




IND 53/2 | Over 28 | Pujara 28*, Kohli 0* OUT! Dhawan 18(87)


Dhawan has been dismissed due to a fantastic catch! Dhawan charges to Peterson and lofts him over mid-wicket and tries to get it high over du Plessis placed over there. Du Plessis jumped high and plucked it in the air and came down to the ground. It all happened in a flash and you’ve got to watch it to believe it. We are short of words! What can this man not do? He will fight hard with the bat in hand, can hit it around and also take a few screamers on the field.




IND 50/1 | Over 26 | Dhawan 19*, Pujara 25*


India’s fifty is up as Pujara works one off his pads to the mid-wicket boundary. Peterson dropped it a bit short and Pujara rocked back and flicked it away with those wrists. It has taken India 26 overs to get to the mark and as they approach the end of the day’s play, they are trying to build a decent stand. Meanwhile, the umpires have brought out their light metres and are measuring the conditions. Proceedings would go on though as the South Africans would continue to bowl. In this game we have seen this many times.




IND 39/1 | Over 23 | Dhawan 17*, Pujara 16*


Pujara now gets a few runs away. He guides one through third-man and it goes to the boundary. Gradually, these two are building a partnership. When the fast bowlers are on, they are watching it closely and letting the balls outside the off-stump go through to the wicket-keeper.




IND 22/1 | Over 16 | Dhawan 14*, Pujara 2*


Robin Peterson comes into the attack and Dhawan moves positively on the front foot. Later, Morkel comes in to bowl to Pujara and delivers a few short ones. When Peterson comes back, Dhawan charges at him and carts him through the covers for a four. This is a very good shot and would relase the pressure a touch.




IND 14/1 | Over 11 | Dhawan 7*, Pujara 1*


The seamers are testing India with movement and bounce. Morkel comes into the attack and Dhawan smashes the first one through mid-off. He got to the pitch of the ball and hit it a little uppishly, but it was safe. Earlier, Steyn hit Pujara in the armpit and then also had him leaving one, which climbed on him, took his chest guard and went to the fine leg boundary. The umpire ruled it a dead ball.




IND 9/1 | Over 6 | Dhawan 2*, Pujara 1* OUT! Vijay 6(13)


Vijay is gone! He plays at one outside the off-stump from Vernon Philander and it flies to Graeme Smith at first slip. So that’s first blood for South Africa. India are now eight for one. Cheteshwar Pujara would walk in and he would be under some pressure. The first ball to Pujara moves in and he gets an inside edge that goes through the leg-side. Overcast skies, the ball moving around. Who would want to bat?




IND 1/0 | Over 1 | Dhawan 1*, Vijay 0*


Steyn runs in to bowl the first over. He shapes the ball away from Dhawan a few times and the opener lets it go through. He then bowls one on the stumps and Dhawan pushes it through the off-side to take a run and get off the mark. The last delivery is a snorter as it leaves Vijay as it climbs off a length. He lets it go through.




SA 500 | Overs 155.2 | Vernon Philander 0*  OUT Morkel 0(2)


South Africa have been bowled out for 500.  Morkel drives the ball in the air and Ravindra Jadeja takes a neat catch running to his right.




SA 500/9 | Overs 155 | Vernon Philander 0*   OUT! Faf du Plessis 43 (70)


Play resumes and Vernon Philander accompanies Faf du Plessis. However it’s a short stay at the crease for Du Plessis. He is run-out by a brilliant throw from Rohit Sharma.




SA 497/8 | Overs 154.1 | Faf du Plessis 41*, OUT! Peterson 61(52)


Robin Peterson has been dismissed. He tried to loft Zaheer out of the ground and hit it high in the air. Murali Vijay came around from mid-off to take a good catch. That is the end of a magnificent innings of style and innovation. Earlier, we saw him play an audacious reverse-sweep off Rohit Sharma that went all the way for a six.


It has started raining and the covers are on. And Umpires have called for tea.




SA 476/7 | Overs 151.1 | Faf du Plessis 32*,Peterson 52*


In 11 overs since start of play after lunch, South Africa have scored 76. Peterson tried to pull Shami and it flies over the keeper’s head for a four. Peterson has now raced to 47 off only 41 balls and has been the dominant partner in this stand. This has been a sterling stand and South Africa may declare at any time.


Peterson now gets his half century with a lovely lofted short off Zaheer through mid-off.




SA 444/7 | Overs 147 | Faf du Plessis 15*,Peterson 37*


South Africa have taken the attack to India and their Peterson has been the one who taken the initiative. He has cracked a few good cover drives that have laced across the park for boundaries. And, India have finally taken the new ball. This is 66 overs after it was available. Quite a wait that one for India. Mohammed Shami would start with it. The first ball is guided by Shami through the covers for a brace. There is a huge appeal for leg-before, but the umpire is unmoved. To add insult to injury, it goes through for four as Dhoni was busy appealing. Peterson then carts one through the off-side for a four as he chases an overpitched delivery.




SA 407/7 | Overs 141 | Faf du Plessis 3*,Peterson 14*


And we are underway! Peterson works one through the covers and runs for three. Du Plessis then comes on strike and immediately takes a single. It is Zaheer Khan who is starting off and there is no sign of the new ball. Peterson then gets one through the covers and it goes for a four. South Africa are past 400.Zaheer then gets onto the pads and it goes for four through mid-wicket.




Rain delayed the start of the afternoon session, but we are getting news that the covers are coming off. We are not sure when it would begin though. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted.




SA 395/7 | Overs 140.1 | Faf du Plessis 2*,Peterson 5*


Jadeja bowls the final over before tea and it has been session dominated by Jacques Kallis.

Earlier, Robin Peterson got going by smashing a full delivery from Zaheer through mid-wicket. the ball was shaping into him and Peterson did well to work it away for a four. Faf du Plessis has quietly defended everything.




SA 387/7 | Overs 136.1 | Faf du Plessis 2*, OUT! Steyn 44(94)


Steyn is gone. Zaheer comes from over the wicket and has Steyn playing away from the body. It takes the edge and Dhoni takes a good comfortable catch towards his right. Steyn has gone for 44. These are crucial runs for South Africa.




SA 384/6 | Overs 134 | Steyn 43*, Faf du Plessis 0*   OUT! Kallis 115(316)


King Kallis is out. Fifer for Jadeja and a wonderful innings from Kallis comes to an end. It was slower one and Kallis went for a slog-sweep, he got a top edge and was caught easily by MS Dhoni. He gets an emotional farewell from his teammates who come down from the dressing room and greet him.




SA 374/5 | Overs 130 | Kallis 111*, Steyn 37*


Kallis is just three short of going past Rahul Dravid. Kallis will become the third The Indians have still resisted from using the new ball while Kallis and Dale Steyn are comfortably going ahead building on the lead.




SA 368/5 | Overs 125 | Kallis 107*, Steyn 36*


Ishant Sharma now comes into the attack. He is now in 149 wickets. After Kallis got to his ton, Steyn has taken the attack to the Indians and is making room and trying to smash them. Steyn edges it from Ishant and it goes to third-man for a four. The ball isn’t bouncing so much and even if the slip would have been in place, he wouldn’t have got it.






SA 342/5 | Overs 120 | Kallis 100*, Steyn 18*


The countdown to Kallis’s ton has begun and everybody is waiting for it. One can see the expectation in the eyes of the South Africans in the dressing room. Dhoni continues with the old ball and gets Mohammed Shami, who hits Steyn on the legs. Now, Jadeja continues and strays down the leg-side. He merely guides it for a four and moves to 98. The sparse crowds get up and cheer.


Now Kallis comes on strike to Shami again as Steyn pushes a single through mid-on. He then works one to the leg-side and moves to 99. Then Jadeja comes back on and Kallis defends the first ball from him. He defends one which pops off the ground and kallis stops it from going back into the stumps. And then he works it away to the leg-side and gets his ton. The crowd cheers and he raises his bat. Everybody claps a magnificent effort.




SA 326/5 | Overs 115 | Kallis 91*, Steyn 11*


It has largely been an atritional cricket since morning and Kallis is working along to that landmark ton with each passing run. It has been an overcast morning and we may be in danger of bad light sometime. Zaheer is carted over his head for a four by Zaheer Khan and then driven by Kallis through the covers for a four. He has now moved into the 90s.




SA 309/5 | Overs 109 | Kallis 83*, Steyn 4*


Jadeja continues as he is getting the ball to turn away from the right-handers. The ball is stil old and Jadeja is making use of it. Earlier, Steyn charged to Jadeja and lofted him over mid-off for a four. The intent was clear as Kallis is holding one end. There was a bit of a mix-up between the two as well, but there was no damage. Both Steyn and Kallis had a good laugh then. Zaheer started from the other end and is coming from round the wicket at times.




SA 299/5 | Overs 106 | Kallis 78*, Steyn 0*


Jacques Kallis faces Ravindra Jadeja first up and defends all the deliveries. The stands are still empty and it is surprising as this is Kallis’s swansong. We hope the excitement builds as the day progressed. South Africa would first target India’s score and take a lead soon. They still have Faf du Plessis to follow as Dale Steyn is in as the night watchman.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of day four of the second Test between India and South Africa at Kingsmead, Durban.


Playing in his final Test match, it was Jacques Kallis‘s outing as his 78 not out stole the show on Day Three of the second Test between South Africa and India. The hosts finished the day at 299 for five and India are still 35 runs ahead. There was some rain in the evening session and that saw an early end of the day.


India started the day under pressure as South Africa resumed on 82 for no loss. Early in the day, Alviro Petersen got to his fifty by smashing the first ball bowled by Ravindra Jadeja. While, both batsmen tried to build on the stand that had exceeded a hundred, it was Jadeja who continued to trouble the batsmen.


Jadeja ended the day with four wickets to his name, out of the five India have bagged so far.


Meanwhile, Jacques Kallis walked out to bat to a standing ovation. The Indian team formed a guard of honour and as Kallis strode out, he shook Dhoni’s hands and thanked him for the gesture. Soon, he was in business and South Africa needed another rescue-act in tandem with AB de Villiers. Both batsmen then stitched together an inspired partnership.


The crowd at Kingsmead today will be anticipating one last century from Kallis’s willow, whereas the Indians will be hoping to get the South Africans out quickly, and spoil Kallis’s party.


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