Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)
Virat Kohli © Getty Images (File Photo)


Mar 23, 2014


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(India, on a high after winning their crucial first match against Pakistan, are upbeat and now face the defending champions and explosive West Indies. Catch Live Cricket Score of the match in our live blog below)


Amit Mishra is adjudged Man of the Match.



Bizarre this, Yuvraj tries to work away the last two deliveries fails, Repeats the same and ends up edging to slips. Unnecessary tension for India. Raina had lined up for handshake moment, now has to wear pads and walk up to score that run. Raina hits a boundary to finish off.
OUT! Yuvraj 10(19)


India are happy to finish this in singles. Not much focus on the net run-rate. four runs from the over. scores leveled.



India are ambling across to a victory. Four singles and a couple in that Sunil Narine over. Yuvraj looked much settled against the spinner in this over.


Four dot balls and Yuvraj finally manages to get one to long-on for a single. Next one is a wide. Rohit places the last ball from Russell between deep mid-wicket and long-on for a boundary. 11 runs required in 18 deliveries.



Narine comes in and Yuvraj struggle against him his well-know. beats him with a off-spinner turning away from the left-hander.After four dots, picks a single on the last ball.


Out! Kohli went for an expansive drive and the inside edge crashes into the stumps. That was a wicket gifted than earned for Andre Russell. And as usual, Kohli is furious at himself. New batsman is Yuvraj Singh. Another batsman struggling in the Indian innings. The first ball is short and wide, there was no need to fiddle with it but Yuvraj flashes and misses. The last ball is pulled past mid-on for a boundary. 19 runs needed in 30 balls.
OUT! Kohli 54(41)



First ball from Narine is a wide. Single on the next ball for Kohli. After two dot deliveries, Rohit picks a single to get to his half-century. Well-compiled innings. He was struggling and this innings will give him a lot of confidence.



The first ball is fuller outside off by Santokie and Kohli guides it to the right of point fielder for a four. Completes his fifty on the fourth ball of the over. 50 from 34 deliveries for Kohli. His aggression has gone unnoticed, picked up a lot of singles and twos. And as usual, makes batting looks easy. Five singles and a four, nine from the over.


Rohit pulls the first ball from Samuels. It almost runs to the boundary but the fielder manages to stop with his foot. After three singles, the last ball is pulled by Rohit over midwicket for a six.



Last over from Samuel Badree. Four singles from the over. 4-0-28-1


Relaxed Indian camp now. Marlon Samuels comes into the attack. Kohli delicately places towards thirdman for a couple. Single on the next ball. Rohit plays out the four deliveries from the over.


First five balls from Darren Sammy fetches three singles and a couple. On the last ball, Rohit almost ‘dilscoops’ it behind the wicket for a boundary. It was short and moving towards leg, good shot.



Indian have scored at a brisk rate and have no need to take on Narine. Quietly milk him for singles placing in the gaps.


West Indies are gifting India the match. The first ball by Dwayne Bravo is full toss and Worked away by Kohli for a boundary. Picks a single on the next ball. On the third ball, Rohit cuts and Santokie over-runs, the ball skids of his palms for a boundary.



No-ball first-up from Narine and Rohit gets to take the free-hit. Usually free-hits are hardly dispatched for sixes but Narine gives a dolly, full-toss outside off and Rohit carves it over long-off for a six. Earlier in the day, even Umar Akmal had hit a free-hit for six. three more singles and 10 from that over.


West Indies are allowing the batsmen to free their arms. After two dot balls from Badree, the third ball was overpitched and Rohit times it sweetly over extra-cover. Badree pulls back his length and pitches it short, Rohit rocks on to the backfoot to hit it past point for a boundary. Two singles on the last two deliveries. 10 runs from that over.


Easy pickings for Kohli. Santokie was too straight on the fourth ball and Kohli guides it for a boundary. The next one too is one the legside and Kohli works it away past short fine-leg for another boundary.


Well that was the one going down the leg-side and Umpire Illingworth raised his finger © Getty Images
Well that was the one going down the leg-side and Umpire Illingworth raised his finger © Getty Images







Anything short and Kohli is not going to let it go. Attempted googly from Samuel Badree and Kohli pulls it past midwicket for a boundary. The next one is short and he smashes it for a six. Badree fights back and beats Kohli on the next two deliveries. Two singles on the last two balls.


Krishmar Santokie starts from the other end. Medium pace with lot of slower deliveries. Three singles from the over.


Samuel Badree strikes! Dhawan goes on the backfoot and the quicker ball skids to hit his pads. Looked like a tough decision, the ball would have missed leg-stump. Nevertheless, Richard Illingworth raises his finger. . Earlier in the over, Rohit Sharma had picked a single on the second ball of the over. Kohli picks a single on the first ball.
Out! Dhawan 0(3)




So it’s final, India are chasing 130 runs, stays as it was earlier.



Hold up in the play. The players are ready, umpires are ready and so are the West Indies players. So why the delay? The giant screen shows India’s target as 131 instead of 130. So the scorers, third umpire Nigel Llong are digging into it and taking a really long time working on it. You don’t want this match to go down the wire, someone from the match officials is going to get a flak! In the meanwhile, news coming in that Stuart Broad has been fined 15 per cent of his match fee for criticising match officials after that bizarre D/L method costing England the match.




Stat Alert: Bhuvneshwar Kumar has equalled the record of best spell in T20Is in terms of economy rate (min 18 balls). Alex Cusack is the other bowler.


MS Dhoni now has 599 dismissals in international cricket across formats.





Two wickets and . Russell slogs and is caught at midwicket by Virat Kohli. Simmons smashes two consecutive sixes off Jadeja before he gets a leading edge and is caught by Dhawan. He almost spilled the catch before pressing the ball to his body. Narine hits a six on the fifth ball. 20 runs from the last over! Three sixes and three wides. 48 runs conceded by Jadeja but this is his best T20I performance 4-0-48-3.
OUT! Russell 7(5), Simmons 27(22)



Excellent spell comes to an end. Amit Mishra 4-0-18-2. Just two runs from the 19th over. Consistently pitches it on the off-stump and turns it. The batsmen has to reach for the ball is beaten in defence. Mishra has been growing in confidence.



Wicket for Jadeja. Sammy slogs the ball straight to long-off. Was a tough catch but Rohit manages it perfectly and Lendl Simmons follows suit with a heave which is well caught by Suresh Raina in the deep. The umpires check for no-ball and replays show, Jadeja has landed his foot ahead of the line. And the free-hit is smashed for a six over long-on by Andre Russell.
OUT! Sammy 11(7)



No runs on the first two deliveries for Simmons, gets a single on the third playing towards cover in the air. Rohit Sharma dives but fails to latch on to the tough catch. Can be considered as dropped chance. Sammy manages to squeeze the fuller delivery past thirdman for a boundary. The last ball of the over is struck well by Sammy to the right of long-off for a four. Best over of the match for the Windies. 13 runs coming from it.




There comes the first stinging criticism for the defending champions



Jadeja continues. Boundary on the first ball for Simmons. Makes room and smashes it past extra-cover. Couple on the next ball. Single on the fourth ball. Seven from the over. West Indies are struggling to score now.





One more down. The pressure built in the past overs is reaping rewards now. Amit Mishra strikes twice in consecutive deliveries. Samuels comes down the track to launch over long-on but the turn does him in and Dhoni whips off the bails in a flash. Samuels was down on the ground with his legs searching for the crease. And Mishra does well to slip in a googly on the next ball and Dwayne Bravo fails to read, easy leg-before decision for Umpire Illingworth. Sammy plays the hat-trick ball to long-off for a single. Four runs and two wickets.
OUT! Samuels 18(22), D Bravo 0(1)






As soon as Gayle departs, Dhoni brings in Jadeja. Two boundaries from that over. Lendl Simmons is the new batsman in.


Gone! The pressure was building and Mohammed Shami with a good throw has run-out Gayle. Samuels cut the ball and set off for a single, Gayle was jogging towards the strikers end and Dhoni does well to dislodge the bails. Mishra had mixed up his deliveries well in that over.
OUT! Gayle 34(33)



New ploy from Dhoni. He is bowling out Ashwin. The off-spinner does well to annihilate the batsmen. All the hard work gets undone on the last ball when Shami misfields in the deep and concedes a boundary. Ashwin’s overall 4-0-24-1.



Clever captaincy and bowling as well. Dhoni is holding back a left-arm spinner in Jadeja and focusing on Raina’s delivery darting into the legs of Gayle. And the ploy seems to have worked.


Excellent bowling from Ashwin. He has tied down Gayle. On the third ball of the over, he deliberately pitches it wide off Gayle who is coming down the track. Gayle does well to get his bat on to it and gets it past slips. Ashwin is bowling slower through the air. Marlon Samuels is beaten on the last ball by Ashwin’s carom ball.



Tidy over from Suresh Raina. Just three runs from it.



Finally someone has taken a catch. Smith is done in by a ball which stops before coming on to him. Ashwin dives and takes a good catch. A rusty innings from Dwayne Smith comes to an end. 11 from 29… could hurt West Indies in the end.
OUT! D Smith 11(29)






Dropped Again! Either Gayle has carried a bag full of luck or Indians are too sloppy. After a six from Gayle against Amit Mishra on the first ball, he is deceived by a googly and the aerial shot is heading to Yuvraj at deep midwicket. Regulation catch, but Yuvraj is way forward, covers his face with palm facing the sky and spills it. The next ball drops in no man’s land at midwicket inside the ring, Smith survives.


Spin test begins. Ashwin’s first ball is defended by Gayle and then turns the second ball towards deep midwicket for a single. Single on the third ball. Smith finally gets a boundary with a sweep shot. Length delivery on the legside, was easy runs for Smith there. Carom ball on the last two deliveries. Seven runs from the over.






After an impressive second over, Dhoni persists with Bhuvneshwar. Leg-bye on the first ball. Gayle is beaten on the second and then picks a single on the third playing to fineleg. But Dwayne Smith is still not able to read the incoming deliveries of Bhuvneshwar. He is beaten on the fourth and fifth deliveries. Solidly defends the final ball of the over. Smith is 2 from 19 balls! Unusually slow.



And Gayle begins his scoring with a six! Shami pitches it a touch short and Gayle comes down the track, hits it on the up for a six. The fifth ball is whipped away past mid-on for a boundary. Just two fielders on the onside. 10 runs from that over.




There comes the praise from the Aussie bowler Jason Gillespie…



Dwayne Smith survives! This is the typical Bhuvneshwar wicket-taking ball. After the outswingers, this one cuts back in and almost takes the bails off. Lucky to survive. Beats Smith for three consecutive deliveries with the away going one. Both the bowlers are getting the ball to move effectively. Just a wide from the over.



Indeed… The Pakistani players are watching this match from the stands as well…



Shami starts from the other end. Pitches it on good length anging into the body of Dwayne Smith. He misses the pull shot on the first ball. A wide on the second. No runs on the second and third. A single taken by Smith playing that towards squareleg. Some drama on the last ball. Regulation catch dropped! A edge from Gayle flies to Ashwin at first slip. Ashwin raises his hands, the ball pops out. Kohli far away in the slip tries to go for the rebound.








For a change, Dhoni starts with a pacer, Bhuvneshwar Kumar. There is a hint of swing on the first two deliveries. The third one keeps low and goes behind after finding the bottom edge. The fourth ball is driven tentatively towards cover.First run for West Indies on the fifth ball with a single down to thirdman. And the last ball keeps low as well, swinging away from left-hander Gayle. Good start from Bhuvi and lovely seam position.




So Indian spinners are already in the limelight and have three again in this playing XI. Here’s what you need to read on Indian spinners and what to expect against West Indies.



History alert!


India had lost the World final to Australia in 2003 on March 23 and were knocked out of the 2007 edition by Sri Lanka, also on March 23! So the records don’t favour India in World Cup on March 23. Can they turn it around?






This match will be played on the same pitch as the high-scoring one between Australia and Pakistan. The pitch is likely to last and not much deterioration expected. But spinners are going to be the key for India, whereas the Windies will be focusing on their medium pace to trouble the Indians. Sunil Narine will continue to be the bowler to watch out for. 




Yes, that is seriously a news after his recent appearances in the playing XI!




Toss: India win toss, elect to bowl


India are playing with unchanged side. West Indies have left out Ravi Rampaul.


Playing XI


IndiaMS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.


West IndiesDarren Sammy (c), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Dinesh Ramdin (wk), Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith.




Welcome to the live updates of the crucial Group 2 encounter of the ICC World T20 2014 between India and West Indies. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing the live updates of this match. India, after winning their first match and the ever-so-important clash against Pakistan, will be upbeat and hoping to register another important victory today, against the defending champions.


West Indies, on the other hand, are playing their first match of the tournament and will be looking to start the campaign on a positive note. They won the last edition, come into this tournament on the back of a T20 series win over England and have some of the biggest hitters of the cricket ball in their camp.


Both the teams have enough reason to believe they can emerge victorious, but only one will. Read the preview of the match here.




India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Stuart Binny, Ajinkya Rahane.


West Indies: Darren Sammy (c), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Sheldon Cottrell, Andre Fletcher, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Dinesh Ramdin (wk), Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith.


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