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IPL 2013 Live cricket score, KKR vs MI at Kolkata: Mumbai beat Kolkata by 5 wickets

IPL 2013 Live cricket score, KKR vs MI at Kolkata: Mumbai go past 100 in 13 overs

Rohit Sharma  © PTI

Kolkata: Apr 24, 2013

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MI 162/5  | Overs 20 |   Ambati Rayudu 13*, Harbhajan Singh 7* ( MI win by 5 wickets)

Harbhajan Singh and Ambati Rayudu do it with the bat! Harbhajan walks out after Pollard’s wicket and redeems himself after a poor show with the ball. He slams a six over long on and Rayudu finishes with a boundary through covers. Harbhjan’s first over that went for 26 runs is lost in bad memory as Mumbai celebrate a much-needed victory. Rohit Sharma is a victorious captain. Its a five-wicket victory for the Mumbai Indians. They will take two crucial points.

MI 150/3  | Overs 19 |  Kieron Pollard 33*, Ambati Rayudu 8*

Kieron Pollard and Ambati Rayudu see off Balaji’s over with singles and twos as they crawl towards the target on the slow wicket. They need 10 runs off the last over. Can Pollard take Mumbai through? Do we have another Super Over on the cards?

MI 142/3  | Overs 18 |  Kieron Pollard 31*, Ambati Rayudu 2*

Senanayake continues to endure a tough night as Pollard launches him for a huge six.Ten runs come off his last over, 50 off his four. Mumbai need 18 runs from two overs.

MI 132/3  | Overs 17 |  Kieron Pollard 23* OUT! Rohit Sharma 34 (28)

Sunil Narine ends his brilliant spell with a crucial wicket of Rohit Sharma. Narine finishes with three for 17 and Mumbai are in trouble. They need 28 off the last 18 deliveries.

MI 124/3  | Overs 16 |  Rohit Sharma 29*, Kieron Pollard 20*

Lakshmipathy Balaji gives away eight runs but the match continues to hang in the balance. Mumbai still need 36 off the last four overs. With Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard in the middle, it shouldn’t be as tough as it looks but Mumbai have imploded in the past from similar situations.


MI 116/3  | Overs 15 |  Rohit Sharma 26*, Kieron Pollard 15*

Sunil Narine bowls a lovely over in the context of the game. He concedes just three runs. Mumbai need 44 runs to win from 30 deliveries.

MI 112/3  | Overs 14 |  Rohit Sharma 24*, Kieron Pollard 13*

Pollard starts Bhatia’s over with a boundary as McCullum made a hash of an attempt at long off. He seemed to get under it on time but failed to spot the ball the last moment. The over fetches eight runs for the visitors. They need 48 off 36 deliveries.

MI 104/3  | Overs 13 |  Rohit Sharma 22*, Kieron Pollard 7*

Rohit Sharma takes the onus of carrying his team forward and steps down to Senanayake and times the ball beautifully over long on. He advances down the track off the last delivery and adjusts himself to a short delivery and hoicks one over deep midwicket for another six. Mumbai go past the 100-run mark.


MI 90/3  | Overs 12 |  Rohit Sharma 8*, Kieron Pollard 6*

Rajat Bhatia continues to bowl at an irritating pace and comes agonizingly close to rock back Pollard’s stumps. To his misery, the ball goes to a four down the fine leg.Eight runs come from the over.

MI 82/3  | Overs 11 |  Rohit Sharma 3* OUT! Dwayne Smith 62 (45)

Substitute fielder Brendon McCullum takes a good catch to dismiss the dangerous Dwayne Smith. Big big wicket for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Smith departs for a well-made 62, handing the purple cap to Sunil Narine. Mumbai are in trouble. The big West Indian Kieron Pollard comes out to bat.

MI 79/2  | Overs 10 |  Dwayne Smith 51*, Rohit Sharma 3*

Rajat Bhatia uses the lifeless wicket to his advantage and takes every bit of pace from the ball. He goes for just four runs. Mumbai are going even-stevens with the Kolkata Knight Riders at the half way stage. They’ve managed to put 80 runs on the board. They need as much in the remaining 10 overs. The ability of these two batsmen will determine Mumbai’s ability to pull off a victory at the Eden Gardens.

MI 75/2  | Overs 9  |  Dwayne Smith 51*, Rohit Sharma 3*

Dwayne Smith hits a big, straight six off Abdullah to keep the runs going. 10 runs come from the over.

MI 65/2  | Overs 8  |  Dwayne Smith 51* OUT! Dinesh Karthik 7 (6)

Kolkata get lucky with a Dinesh Karthik’s wicket as the umpire gets is horribly wrong. The ball the struck Karthik on the back pad was going way down the leg side but the umpire lifts his finger to send him back to the dugout. Meanwhile, Dwayne Smith has reached his half-century in just 34 deliveries. Karthik’s wicket brings skipper Rohit Sharma to the middle. Mumbai will need him to do what he did against the Delhi Daredevils on Sunday night.

MI 51/1  | Overs 7  |  Dwayne Smith 38*, Dinesh Karthik 7*

Dwayne Smith goes on one knee and slams a six over deep midwicket. Abdullah concedes just 3 runs in the rest of the over as Mumbai go past 50.


MI 42/1  | Overs 6  |  Dwayne Smith 30*, Dinesh Karthik 6*

Gautam Gambhir continues to attack as he unleashes his second mystery spinner Sachitra Senanayake. But Dinesh Karthik and Dwayne Smith get a boundary each to get a much needed move on.

MI 30/1  | Overs 5  |  Dwayne Smith 22* OUT! Sachin Tendulkar 2 (6)

Gautam Gambhir brings on one of his two ‘mystery’ men, Sunil Narine who gatecrashes the birthday boy’s party! He bowls a couple of short deliveries and tosses one up which goes right through Tendulkar’s defense to uproot his middle stump. Narine ends his first over with just two runs and a huge huge wicket.

MI 28/0  | Overs 4  |  Dwayne Smith 22*, Sachin Tendulkar 2*

There seems to have been some confusion over the designated substitute fielder. Ryan McLaren, who was on the field for Jacques Kallis in the previous over, was not on the designated list. McLaren goes off the field and the cricket continues. Smith continues to be rooted to his crease but it does not matter when he can clear a short delivery over deep midwicket. He makes up for the lack of runs in the first two overs and slams another maximum, this time over long on. Mumbai take 15 runs off the over.

MI 13/0  | Overs 3  |  Dwayne Smith 7*, Sachin Tendulkar 1*

Bad start from Balaji in the third over. Bowls one down the leg and all Smith has to do is guide it down to the fine leg boundary. It’s given leg byes. Substitute fielder Ryan McLaren throws himself to stop a certain boundary through the offside. Smith struggles but manages to get the crowd cheering as he takes a single to bring Tendulkar on strike. Balaji comes very close to bringing a cruel end to Tendulkar’s birthday as he appeals for a leg before, only to be turned down by another birthday boy, Kumar Dharmasena

MI 6/0  | Overs 2 |  Dwayne Smith 6*, Sachin Tendulkar 0*

Iqbal Abdullah starts well as Smith clearly struggles against the left-arm spinner. Smith has no clue of what he is up against and takes a single off the last ball. Tendulkar will continue at the non-striker’s end.


MI 5/0  | Overs 1 |  Dwayne Smith 5*, Sachin Tendulkar 0*

Dwayne Smith does a Yusuf Pathan! Hits Lakshmipathy Balaji for a four over the infield towards the cover boundary. Balaji comes back well. The third ball was coming into Smith and kept slightly lower than the previous delivery. Smith does well to bring his bat down on time. Smith takes a single off the last over. The wait to watch the birthday boy on strike continues. The crowd however, keep their chant going.

Have we shifted to the Wankhede stadium for the second innings? The Korbo Lorbo crowd has gone into a berserk chanting spree. ‘Sachin! Sachin!’ fills the Eden Gardens as the birthday boy walks out with Dwayne Smith!

KKR 159/6  | Overs 20 |  D Das 6* OUT! Manoj TIwary 33 (24)

Malinga fires yorker after yorker! The fourth ball produces a wicket. He looks intence and in no mood to celebrate but Rohit Sharma will be delighted to see the real Malinga back. He welcomes Rajat Bhatia with, surprise surprise, with another full delivery. Bhatia digs it out for a single but Malinga has the last laugh. He cleans up Debabrata Das in the last delivery. Malinga has bowled a phenomenal final over to give just three runs away. Mumbai Indians need 160 to win this tie.

KKR 156/4  | Overs 19 |  Manoj Tiwary 32*, D Das 6*

New man Debabrata Das hits Pollard for a boundary to take his side past the 150-run mark. Pollard does it again! He runs ins but doesn’t bowl. That’s not going to go down well for the Mumbai Indians in the Fair play list. What he does well though, is to keep the boundaries down. He still concedes 10 runs.

KKR 146/4  | Overs 18 |  Manoj Tiwary 28* OUT! Eoin Morgan 31 (25)

Mitchell Johnson strikes to send back Eoin Morgan but Morgan has done well for his 31. He goes back after ruining Johnson’s otherwise splendid spell but Kolkata might struggle to finish this innings on a high.

KKR 133/3  | Overs 17 |  Manoj Tiwary 25*, Eoin Morgan 21*

Morgan and Tiwary  manage four singles from the first five deliveries but Morgan finishes it well as he walks out and plays the ball through deep midwicket for a boundary. A good over goes bad for Malinga in the end. That sums up his form in this year’s IPL.

KKR 125/3  | Overs 16 |  Manoj Tiwary 24*, Eoin Morgan 15*

Manoj Tiwary takes matters into his hands! Yuzvendra Chahal bowls two good deliveries to Morgan but Tiwary hits him for a four and a six off two deliveries. 

KKR 112/3  | Overs 15 |  Manoj Tiwary 12*, Eoin Morgan 15*

Mitchell Johnson comes back for his third over and starts off with four brilliant dot balls. He has been a revelation this year in the IPL. Tiwary steps out to attack on the last ball but can only swat flies. Just one single from the over.

KKR 111/3  | Overs 14 |  Manoj Tiwary 12*, Eoin Morgan 14*

Yuzvender Chahal comes back and Morgan plays another reverse sweep, this time just over the fielder at short third man. 11 runs come from the over.

KKR 102/3  | Overs 13 |  Manoj Tiwary 11*, Eoin Morgan 6*

The aggression has gone down and Rohit Sharma brings back Harbhajan Singh. A future India captain, anybody? Meanwhile, Eoin Morgan is upto his antics again! He plays a reverse sweep over the in-field and takes his team’s total past 100.

KKR 93/3  | Overs 12 |  Manoj Tiwary 8* OUT! Jacques Kallis 37 (38)

Pragyan Ojha strikes again! Jacques Kallis goes! The boundaries were begining to dry up and the pressure got onto Kallis. He hits a ball hard but straight to Rohit Sharma at covers. Eoin Morgan walks in. Can he revive Kolkata’s innings?

KKR 81/2  | Overs 11 | Jacques Kallis 28*, Manoj Tiwary 6*

Yuzvendra Chahal comes back to bowl a good over. The bowlers are doing well to keep the scoring down. Seven runs come from the over.


KKR 81/2  | Overs 10 | Jacques Kallis 28*, Manoj Tiwary 6*

Pragyan Ojha comes back for his third over and Kallis almost gives his wicket away. He plays one in the air towards deep cover and Mitchell Johnson makes his ground but fails to take the ball. Ojha’s reactions suggests Johnson should have held onto that one. The over fetches 7 as Kolkata reach 71/2 at the halfway stage.

KKR 74/2  | Overs 9 | Jacques Kallis 22*, Manoj Tiwary 5*

Bengal Ranji team captain Manoj Tiwary walks out to join Kallis as Rohit Sharma continues to add to the list of bowlers. He throws the ball to leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal who starts well to concede just 6 runs. Mumbai are slowly crawling back into this game.

KKR 68/2  | Overs 8 | Jacques Kallis 19* OUT! Gautam Gambhir 26 (20)

That’s catch number 2 for Harbhajan Singh. Pragyan Ojha frustrates Gambhir and strangles him at the crease before Gambhir loses his cool and throws his wicket away. He looks to play over the top but only manages to give a leading edge to the full delivery and Harbhajan takes a simple catch at covers.

KKR 65/1  | Overs 7 | Gautam Gambhir 25*, Jacques Kallis 19*

Rohit Sharma introduces his fourth bowler in only the seventh over. The big West Indian Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. He concedes just four runs.

KKR 61/1  | Overs 6 | Gautam Gambhir 22*, Jacques Kallis 18*

Gambhir welcomes Pragyan Ojha with a slap through deep midwicket for a four. The Kolkata captain has made his intentions clear thus far. But Ojha bowls well to concede just two runs in the next five deliveries. Kolkata have 61 on the board at the end of the powerplay.

KKR 54/1  | Overs 5 | Gautam Gambhir 16*, Jacques Kallis 17*

Not much can be done when Kallis plays like that! He smacks a juicy short length delivery through point for a four. Malinga does well to concede just two runs in the rest of the over. Kolkata go past 50 in five overs.

KKR 48/1  | Overs 4 | Gautam Gambhir 15*, Jacques Kallis 12*

Mitchell Johnson comes back to concede just two runs. Kolkata won’t mind that. They have seen off another over from the in-form Aussie and are still scoring over 10 runs an over.

KKR 46/1  | Overs 3 | Gautam Gambhir 14*, Jacques Kallis 11*

Rohit Sharma brings Lasith Malinga into the attack and Jacques Kallis takes him apart. He smacks an over pitched delivery through covers and pulls a short delivery behind square to take Kolkata to 46 for one.


KKR 36/1  | Overs 2 | Gautam Gambhir 13*, Jacques Kallis 2*   OUT! Yusuf Pathan 19 (6)

Yusuf Pathan’s blitz doesn’t last long afterall! Mitchell Johson returns to the side and strikes in his first over. Harbhajan Singh takes a simple catch at first slip and has a few words to send Pathan back to the pavilion. Jacques Kallis walks out and watches Gambhir cream an over pitched delivery through cover for four.

KKR 26/0  | Overs 1 | Gautam Gambhir 6* , Yusuf Pathan 19*

Gautam Gambhir walks out with Yusuf Pathan! Rohit Sharma opens the bowling with Harbhajan Singh. Yusuf Pathan starts off with three boundaries and a six — guides the first ball past the first slip fielder, takes advantage of the fielding restrictions and clears the infield with a slog sweep and follows it up with a boundary behind square. He lifts the fourth ball over long on for a maximum with an eye on Gayle’s record. Gambhir also wants a go at it. The first over produces 26 runs. What a start!

The Kolkata Knight Riders host the Mumbai Indians at the Eden Gardens on World Cricket Day the 40th birthday of the batting legend Sachin Tendulkar. While you wait for the toss, read how Tendulkar has fared on his previous birthdays.

The news from the venue is that toss will be done at 2000 hours IST. There is also a *rumour* about Ricky Ponting not playing this game. We will have to wait to confirm or deny that.

The news on Ponting was true, afterall! Rohit Sharma walked joined Gautam Gambhir at the toss.

Kolkata Knight Riders win the toss and elect to bat first.


Kolkata Knight Riders:  Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwary, Eoin Morgan, Debabrata Das (wk), Iqbal Abdulla, Rajat Bhatia, Sachitra Senanayake, Sunil Narine, L Balaji

Mumbai Indians: Dwayne Smith, Sachin Tendulkar, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Rohit Sharma (c), Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Mitchell Johnson, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Yuzvendra Chahal, Lasith Malinga

Good evening and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the 33rd match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

This is Prakash Govindasreenivasan and I will be bringing you over-by-over updates of the match. Both teams come into the game with a loss in their previous fixture. Despite the star-studded line-ups, both sides have failed to live up to the hype so far.

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