IPL 2013 Live cricket score, KXIP vs CSK at Mohali: Punjab crumble after Hussey fall

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Mohali: Apr 10, 2013

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Chennai Super Kings thrashed Kings XI Punjab by 10 wickets to notch their first win of the Indian Premier League (IPL). They started off slow and strolled along till the 15th over in the first gear before Michael Hussey decided to step it up. Chennai got past the line with 16 balls to spare. Hussey and Murali Vijay recorded the highest first-wicket partnership at Mohali in the IPL in the process.

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CSK 139/0 | Overs 17.2 | M Hussey 86*, Vijay 50* (CSK win by 10 wickets)

Michael Hussey finishes things off with a front-foot ondrive for six over mid-wicket before taking a single to long-off to go past Punjab’s total and give Chennai their first win of the tournament.

CSK 132/0 | Overs 17 | M Hussey 79*, Vijay 50*

Michael Hussey has decided enough is enough! First, he punishes a short ball to the deep mid-wicket fence with a pull and then launches Azhar Mahmood over the long-off fence for maximum. Murali Vijay brings up his fifty in the background.

CSK 119/0 | Overs 16 | M Hussey 67*, Vijay 49*

Michael Hussey cracks a fine boundary towards the deep mid-wicket and Murali Vijay lofts R Sathish over the long on boundary as the Super Kings collect 16 runs in the 16th over of the innings. The Super Kings need a further 20 runs from 24 balls.

CSK 103/0 | Overs 15 | M Hussey 59*, Vijay 42*

Michael Hussey and Murali Vijay add six runs to Chennai’s total as they close in on a big win. The Super Kings need a further 36 runs from 30 balls.

CSK 97/0 | Overs 14 | M Hussey 57*, Vijay 38*

Michael Hussey hits the ninth boundary of his knock with a timely sweep off Piyush Chawla, who finishes with economical figures of 4-0-21-0.

CSK 88/0 | Overs 13 | M Hussey 51*, Vijay 35*

Micahel Hussey reaches his 17th T20 career fifty with a pull to the deep square-leg fence off Parvinder Awana. Murali Vijay gets two more boundaries in the over as Chennai finally show signs of picking up.

CSK 74/0 | Overs 12 | M Hussey 46*, Vijay 26*

Just three runs come off Piyush Chawla’s third over as Chennai refuse to shift gears.

CSK 71/0 | Overs 11 | M Hussey 45*, Vijay 24*

Michael Hussey hits a sweetly timed boundary off the first ball of Ryan Harris’s third over. Two more singles are taken in the over. Things have quietened down considerably at Mohali.

CSK 65/0 | Overs 10 | M Hussey 40*, Vijay 23*

The Chennai batsmen take six singles in Piyush Chawla’s second over to reach the halfway stage at 65 for no loss, needing another 74 off the next 60 balls.

CSK 59/0 | Overs 9 | M Hussey 37*, Vijay 20*

Parvinder Awana performs the cardinal sin of giving room to Michael Hussey to flash and the latter obliges by finding the boundary on both occasions.

CSK 46/0 | Overs 8 | M Hussey 26*, Vijay 18*

Michael Hussey gets another life! He sends what should have been an easy return catch to Piyush Chawla’s left, and the leg-spinner fails to latch on. Punjab, not satisfied, give Murali Vijay a life after Adam Gilchrist makes a meal out of a stumping.

CSK 43/0 | Overs 7 | M Hussey 25*, Vijay 16*

Kings XI Punjab have their first breakthrough! Oh wait, no they don’t! Punjab are denied Michael Hussey’s wicket after Ryan Harris’s direct hit from mid-off is deemed not out by the third umpire. It was touch and go, but Hussey’s bat was clearly on the line from two out of the three angles. Lifeline for Hussey, and he’s one you don’t want to give one to.

CSK 36/0 | Overs 5 | M Hussey 22*, Vijay 13*

Mandeep Singh denies Michael Hussey a boundary with a brilliant stop at point. But Hussey gets his way the next ball by holding back on the cut a tad and placing it between gully and point.

CSK 31/0 | Overs 4 | M Hussey 17*, Vijay 13*

Ryan Harris comes in for a second over and Michael Hussey gets a lucky boundary off a bottom edge to make it seven runs from the over. Punjab need a wicket now.

CSK 24/0 | Overs 4 | M Hussey 12*, Vijay 11*

Chennai Super Kings are yet to get off first gear and are strolling along at a leisurely pace. Murali Vijay executes an elegant cover drive for four off the last ball of Azhar Mahmood’s over to notch 10 runs off the over.

CSK 14/0 | Overs 3 | M Hussey 9*, Vijay 4*

Michael Hussey does it gain — ruins a good over from Praveen Kumar with a glorious cover drive for four off the second-last ball.

CSK 9/0 | Overs 2 | M Hussey 5*, Vijay 3*

Ryan Harris comes in to share the new ball and bowls a tidy over as Chennai, in no hurry whatsoever, deal in singles.

CSK 6/0 | Overs 1 | M Hussey 4*, Vijay 1*

Michael Hussey capitalises on a short and wide delivery from Praveen Kumar that was begging to be hit and cut it beautifully for four. A decent over from Praveen apart from the one ball.

PUNJAB Innings

Chennai Super Kings have been bowled out for 138 by the Chennai Super Kings in IPL 6 at the PCA Stadium. MS Dhoni’s team should fancy their chances here. Join us in a bit for the chase!

KXIP 138 | Overs 20 | Awana 1* OUT!

MS Dhoni runs out Praveen Kumar as the batsmen go for a cheeky single. Chennai will be very pleased with their performance after David Hussey took the attack to them in the middle overs.

KXIP 136/9 | Overs 19 | Praveen 2*, Awana 1* OUT!

Chris Morris gets another wicket via the slower one which isn’t picked by Ryan Harris, who goes for the big heave which is caught, and almost spilled, by Dwayne Bravo. Punjab have now lost at least one wicket in each over starting with over no 15 when Hussey fell. What a collapse this has been! Morris finishes with figures of two for 27 in his four.

Will Punjab get to 150?

KXIP 133/8 | Overs 18 | Praveen 0*, Harris 0* OUT!

Rajagopal Sathish (8) goes for the big pull against Dwayne Bravo and finds Chris Morris at deep square-leg. Dhoni seems to have a fielder in all positions! That was wicket no 50 for Bravo in the IPL, and he gets one more in the over as Piyush Chawla (4) skies to Murali Vijay at long-off.

Two runs and as many wickets in that over.

KXIP 131/6 | Overs 17 | Sathish 6*, Chawla 4* OUT!

Chennai Super Kings have been superb so far in the field and Ravichandran Ashwin joins the party by sending Azhar Mahmood (8) back with a diving catch at mid-wicket. First IPL wicket for Chris Morris. Piyush Chawla then shows absolute disdain to Morris with an elegant cover drive for four. Punjab aren’t done yet!

KXIP 122/5 | Overs 16 | Mahmood 4*, Sathish 5* OUT!

Chennai Super Kings have another wicket! Gurkeerat Singh (31) tries to sweep Dwayne Bravo from outside off stump and the top edge flies towards short fine leg where Dirk Nannes takes any easy catch. New batsman Rajagopal Sathish then does well to make room and get the upper cut through to the third-man fence.

KXIP 115/4 | Overs 15 | Gurkeerat 31*, Mahmood 3* OUT!

David Hussey skies Ravichandran Ashwin high after failing to pick the carom ball and is pouched by Dwayne Bravo at long-off. Big wicket for Chennai Super Kings and the possible turning point in the innings. The veteran Azhar Mahmood is the new man in.

KXIP 106/4 | Overs 14 | D Hussey 40*, Gurkeerat 25*

David Hussey gets a late dab through third-man for four before Punjab deal in singles. It’s a clever ploy here from Punjab that should get them past 160.

KXIP 97/3 | Overs 13 | D Hussey 35*, Gurkeerat 22*

Gurkeerat Singh takes the attack to Ravichandran Ashwin this time with a blazing backfoot cover drive for four. Punjab are aiming for a boundary an over, it seems.

KXIP 88/3 | Overs 12 | D Hussey 33*, Gurkeerat 16*

Gurkeerat Singh finally gets into the action with a cracking sweep off Ravindra Jadeja for four. Punjab could use more of his aggression.

KXIP 78/3 | Overs 11 | D Hussey 31*, Gurkeerat 7*

Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack and bowls a tight over. Punjab still have to go through three more Ashwin overs; Dhoni has done well to reserve him till now.

KXIP 72/3 | Overs 10 | D Hussey 30*, Gurkeerat 4*

David Hussey goes for the heave-pull against Dwayne Bravo and gets maximum over wide long-off. Has he let loose here?

KXIP 64/3 | Overs 9 | D Hussey 23*, Gurkeerat 3*

Ravindra Jadeja bowls a tight over, conceding four runs, as we take the first Strategic Timeout of the innings. Punjab wouldn’t be too disappointed with their show; their run-rate is just above six at the moment, but they still have David Hussey at the crease.

KXIP 60/3 | Overs 8 | D Hussey 21*, Gurkeerat 2*

Dwayne Bravo gets a bowl. David Hussey welcomes him with a smashing drive to the extra cover fence. He’s looking dangerous here and also brings up 1000 IPL career runs.

KXIP 50/3 | Overs 7 | D Hussey 13*, Gurkeerat 0* OUT!

Manan Vohra (16) goes for the slog sweep against Ravindra Jadeja and finds the deep mid-wicket fence. He targets the same fence with a whip-pull off the last ball, but only finds the safe hands of Michael Hussey. Vohra was looking good and would be disappointed with himself.

KXIP 43/2 | Overs 6 | Vohra 11*, D Hussey 13*

David Hussey makes ample room for himself against Chris Morris and thrashes him to the cover fence. He goes for the exact same shot the next ball, but mistimes it as it goes straight to Murali Vijay at mid-off. However, the Chennai lad spills an easy chance. Can Hussey make the Super Kings pay?

KXIP 38/2 | Overs 5 | Vohra 11*, D Hussey 8*

David Hissey gets his first boundary with a nicely guided punch wide of mid-off for four in Nannes’ third over.

KXIP 31/2 | Overs 4 | Vohra 11*, D Hussey 1*

IPL debutant Chris Morris comes into the attack. Manan Vohra dispatches a length delivery on middle and flicks it to the mid-wicket fence. He goes for a little more extragavance later in the over as he swings one in the air to the same fence.

KXIP 20/2 | Overs 3 | Vohra 1*, D Hussey 0* OUT!

Michael Hussey (9) takes a blinder at short fine-leg to send the dangerous Adam Glichrist packing, and get this, while being miced up and talking to the commentators! This man never ceases to amaze!  “When you think you’ve caught enough, catch another 50,” says Hussey of his practice regime. Why has he retired from the Australian team, again?

Meanwhile, Mandeep goes for the pull against a short ball and only gets the top edge that goes skying. Dwayne Bravo runs in from mid-wicket and takes a simple catch. Double blow dor Punjab!

KXIP 16/0 | Overs 2 | Mandeep 6*, Gilchrist 9*

Adam Gilchrist gets an outside edge past a vacant third slip for four, before earning four more with a glorious cover drive off young Ankit Rajpoot.

KXIP 5/0 | Overs 1 | Mandeep 5*, Gilchrist 0*

Mandeep Singh welcomes Dirk Nannes to Punjab with a terrific cut-cover shot to the extra-cover fence for four off the first ball. The PCA Stadium is buzzing.

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni has won the toss against Kings XI Punjab and has decided to bowl first. Gilchrist says he would have batted first in any case, so it all worked out well.

Kings XI Punjab are playing the same XI that beat Pune a few days back. Chennai, meanwhile, have brought in South African Chris Morris in place of Ben Laughlin.

It looks like another green top at Mohali. We’ve seen quite a few this IPL.


Kings XI Punjab: Adam Gilchrist (c & wk), Mandeep Singh, David Hussey, Azhar Mahmood, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Manan Vohra, Rajagopal Sathish, Piyush Chawla, Parvinder Awana, Praveen Kumar, Ryan Harris.

Chennai Super Kings: Murali Vijay, Michael Hussey, Suresh Raina, Subramanium Badrinath, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Ravichandran Ashwin, Dirk Nannes, Chris Morris, Ankit Rajpoot.

Hello and Sat Sri Akal to CricketCountry’s live blog of match no 11 of IPL 6 between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings played at the PCA Stadium, Mohali.

This is Jaideep Vaidya and I will be bringing you over-by-over updates of the match. KXIP lie fifth in the IPL points table, although they have just played one game so far. They are playing their first home game of the season and will be looking to start with a win. CSK, who have also played the lone game, are languishing in seventh position after losing to Mumbai Indians in their first game.

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